Let the memory of our Father; "The Best Dad Ever," be with us always.
  • 69 years old
  • Born on December 19, 1919 in McCarr, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on October 29, 1989 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of my Father; a loved one of many.

Bill Williams, 69, born on December 19, 1919 and passed away on October 29, 1989.

I will remember him forever.

I hope that this site will allow all of my siblings, and all others that knew and loved our Father, to not only create a stronger bond with and between each other, but give us a place to honor him; as sister Sandra said, "The Best Dad Ever," and to keep those memories in our hearts and minds.

I ask that you all to please share your Memories, Stories, Photos, and any Favorite Music/Videos of Dad.

God Bless us all,

Paul D. Williams
Son - Kentucky

Posted by Paul D Williams on 19th December 2018
- Today Is your birthday. I don't think I will ever forget this day, Dad. I sure wish we could enjoy them together again, but that would be selfish on my part as you are enjoying being with the Holy Father. It is Almost Christmas as well, so I'll stop and check on you during Christmas Eve Night Dad. Love you.
Posted by Tom Williams on 19th December 2018
Daddy I miss you so much during this time of year. It's Thanksgiving your birthday and right behind is Christmas. Wishing you we're here to get out in GOD'S country with me. I haven't been hunting much since you' ve been gone. I think of you when I'm fishing quite a Lott and when I'm by the old property visiting Tequila Rose's grave site. I planted her under the old oak tree at the end of your garden. I'm going to plant some wild black eye susies, your favorite flower. Well your cemetery site looks great, however they'll soon be closing that cemetery. Seems there running out of grave sites. Well be sure to say hello to momma for me and I love and miss her too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY ON YOUR 99TH, LOVE YOU YOUR SON THOMAS LEE WILLIAMS.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 29th October 2018
... To My Dad ... A Father's touch, a Dad's kiss, A grieving son, The Dad I will always miss. An empty house, and empty chair, A Father's love, no longer there. A broken heart, a tear-filled eye, Another soul in the sky. The times we shared, The laughs we had, Things I miss when I think of my Dad ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Dad, Sometimes I wish for you to come back, but i don't want you to suffer again. Twenty-Nine years now since you went home to be with your Lord, but I know you are with me and I will always Love and miss you with all my heart. Until we meet again
Posted by Paul D Williams on 17th June 2018
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day, Dad. You are still thought of often and I Love and Miss you more each day. Rest easy with the Lord and save a place for me. Love ya',
Posted by Paul D Williams on 15th March 2018
God Bless you, Daddy. Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know I love you.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 19th December 2017
Death may have taken you from me. But it does not know that it has actually brought us closer to each other. Thanks for listening to me at night, daddy. Daddy, I will not immortalize you in the stars since they fade away. I will not remember you with a poem for it will soon be forgotten one day. I will just keep you safe here in my heart so you are with me each and every Day. I miss you Dad, Happy Birthday!
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 31st October 2017
Dad: I love ya and miss ya! Think about you often. Thank you for all that you taught me. I often remember what "SECRETS" you shared for the survival of ANYONE in the years to come; just wanted you to know............... it's has worked well in my favor! Thank you and God Bless "ALL THE FUN THAT YOU ARE HAVING"! Love ya, Sammy Grant Williams
Posted by Paul D Williams on 29th October 2017
28 Years ago today Dear Dad, Today's the anniversary of the day you went away, and for a time it felt as though my life had ended too. But loss has taught me many things and now I face each day with hope and happy memories to help me on my way. And though I’m full of sadness that you're no longer her, your influence still guides me and I still feel you near. What we shared will never die, it lives within my heart, bringing strength and comfort while we are apart. Love and Miss, you Dad, more and more each day.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 14th June 2017
- Dad.... Remembering you is easy, I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away. Love you Dad, God Bless.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 31st December 2016
- Good Morning Dad; I just visited Mom's memorial, so naturally I check in with you as well. It's New Year's Eve Dad - Love and miss you so much, Every time I visit you here, I find myself thinking back to the visits that I was able to make between duty stations from the east coast to going overseas and back; I would always find a way to drive around the Gulf Coast and stop in Waveland, even if it was time only to drive us down to Burger King or one of the many local Restaurants there to enjoy a meal together. New Year Starts 2017 in this world in the morning. I was speaking with Mom also and explaining how I take things pretty literally nowadays, and was sharing some thoughts with her and I'm thinking that since New Year's Day falls on Sunday; "The Lord's Day", Hopefully this is an omen of good things to come back to this world - the Man above surely knows that this country needs his loving touch again, so maybe this is the year that he restores this world to something with a little sanity for all. ---------------- Neither The Best Books Nor The Best Teachers Could Have Taught Me What You Did. Dad I Look Forward Excitedly To Start One More Year Alongside My Biggest Source of Inspiration – You. Wishing Happy New Year to "The Best Dad Ever," in this world. Love and miss you Dad, Paul
Posted by Charles Williams on 1st November 2016
Well Dad it has been 27 years since you, left this world and went to heaven to be with our Lord. We think of you often. Rest in peace. Love Buddy & Carol
Posted by Paul D Williams on 19th June 2016
Just checking on you today Dad; it is Father's Day. I've talked to or communicated with my kids today and still I have a space in my heart that is empty without being able to sit and talk with you. Remember to save me a place there with you and Mom; I don't know when, but whenever that is, I'll be ready. God's speed Dad, I love and miss you.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 24th December 2015
"Wishing you a wonderful and Merry Christmas Dad; I know it will be a Great one for you there with the Heavenly Father and all our other Family Members. Sure wish you and Mom were able to at least visit for Christmas - Lord knows that I miss you so much. Dear Lord, keep blessing this wonderful Father."
Posted by Paul D Williams on 30th October 2015
Dad, tomorrow marks 26 years since you left, and to tell you the truth, it has not gotten any easier, as everyone has told me; it hurts as much today as it did when we laid you to rest. I love and miss you Dad more and more each day; and I'll never forget you. Here is a Poem for you Dad PS... I'm also adding some photos that your Grandson, Lil' Billy took yesterday when he visited you. You would be very proud of him Dad, he has really become a great Grandson for you. I try and stay in touch with him as often as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------- As My Tear Softly Falls And he puts his boat in the water for the last time A tear will fall for the last time I wipe the tears from my face with your old shirt for the last time I cry about the last time I said goodbye to you More than oceans separate us More than continents themselves But in my heart you will remain Along with everything you taught me Memories seep from my veins Vivid pictures of you lay softly in the back of my mind But you now rest in the arms of the angels Every day I wish you were here to hold me in your arms And comfort me through every obstacle in life And such a thought brings me weeping on my knees And every day I picture you I remember you And every day I struggle with the reality that you're gone And with that struggle I make it threw another day Everything happens for a reason Yours was to build me up And no one can ever tear me down You taught me all you could in your short time with me And now my only job is to remember and never forget Rain is nothing but tears to me Tears from a man who wasn't good at sharing his emotions Although going on without you upsets me Everything reminds me I'm not afraid to cry I pretend to be ok everyday And it's always hard to deal with the pain of losing you And force that smile when it just won't come. The wake comes off the bow The anchor is reeled in Another tear softly falls for him. © Breton Delayne White Published on November 2008
Posted by Paul D Williams on 7th September 2015
I wanted to always make sure that I come back here on those days that were always special to you and me Dad; a little hard on me today, I've been reminiscing way too much and I'm sort of down and feeling low, so I am borrowing the following poem that I found that I feel conveys my feelings of a son to his Father. Love and miss you so much Dad; God Bless you always ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In Memory Of My Dad If I could write a story It would be the greatest ever told Of a kind and loving father Who had a heart of gold, I could write a million pages But still be unable to say Just how much I love and miss him Every single day I will remember all he taught me I'm hurt but won't be sad Because he'll send me down the answers And he'll always be MY DAD ©Leah Hendrie
Posted by Paul D Williams on 17th June 2015
It is now three days before Father's Day, Dad. I will probably be on the road that Sunday, so I'll leave this message now; I love and miss you so much; I wish you were still here to sit and talk with on the "Front Porch". I really miss those talks. On these special days the memories come flooding in ten fold - God, I do miss you so. Here is a small piece I found on the network that I thought you would enjoy: " By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong. " ~ Charles Wadworth God Bless,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 11th June 2015
Father's Day is quickly approaching Dad; so I wanted to get in here and say a few words and leave a little verse. Love and miss you Dad; God, How I miss you. -------------------------------------- "A Dad is for life... ........................... not just for Fathers Day!"
Posted by Paul D Williams on 24th March 2015
"Call your Mom, call your Dad. If you're lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call 'em. Don't text; Don't email; Call them on the phone. Tell 'em you love 'em, and thank them, and listen to them for a long as they want to talk to you. Thank you, Mom and Dad." J.K. Simmons
Posted by Paul D Williams on 8th March 2015
Just a note to keep my love strong for you Dad - God Bless you; I miss you so much. ------------------------- What is a Dad A dad is someone who Wants to catch you before you fall But instead picks you up, Brushes you off, And lets you try again. A dad is someone who Wants to keep you from making mistakes But instead lets you find your own way, Even though his heart breaks in silence When you get hurt. A dad is someone who Holds you when you cry, Scolds you when you break the rules, Shines with pride when you succeed, And has faith in you even when you fail...
Posted by Paul D Williams on 1st January 2015
Dear Dad; It is now New Year's Day - 2015, and I'm really looking forward to this one. Been a real trek getting here, but I made it; but I wish that you were still with us so that I could enjoy it with you. Sure do miss you on these very special days Dad. I know that you are now safe in the Lord's house and have all your Family around you; but it still hurts down here since you had to leave. God Bless you Dad, I'll check back in with you again soon. Love you,
Posted by Tom Williams on 19th December 2014
Happy 94th Birthday Daddy. I miss you so much and always remember our Christmas together with all the family. I know you and Mom along with the rest of our family in heaven will enjoy this Christmas with each other. I pray for each and every member of our clan everyday and especially on Sunday's at church. Love and missing Mom to. Be sure to tell her I love her and miss her as well and that I wish her a Merry Christmas. I'll be seeing you today after I meet up with my lovely wife, Debbie. Some how I feel much better after I fight through the tears as I write you and all our family members this note of remembrance. Your Son Thomas Lee Williams
Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th November 2014
Well Dad, it's Thanksgiving today, and I just wanted to stop and check in with you - I know you are OK, because of being with the Lord brings those kind of perks, but you know that as well. Just wanted to say hello, and that I'm thinking of you today. God Bless, I'll check back in with you during Christmas. Love and miss you Daddy,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 11th November 2014
Well, Dad - it's Veterans Day 2014. Just wanted to stop and pay my respects to a Great Dad, and Fellow Warrior. Lord knows you are so missed down here. Sure wish we could talk for a bit. Love ya' Dad - please keep a bench seat warm for me; I'll see you in a little while.
Posted by Tom Williams on 30th October 2014
It's been along 29 years Daddy since you went to be with JESUS . I miss you so much. Every time I go by the old house I think of all the good times we shared together. I still fly old glory as I said I would, and promise I will always Fly her for you no matter where I live. I frequent most of the military services at the Biloxi Cementery and check on you. It's so hard to be their with my kids and grand kids, they want to know about you and when I tell them something about you it becomes very hard for me to complete my stories of you. But they know who you are and how proud I am of you. I miss you Daddy so very much. By now you and MOM have reunited with each other. I always enjoyed our Christmas when we all were at home together. I love you Daddy enjoy in the presence of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and guide me from the heavens above, that I use my time wisely and live a christian way of life.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 29th October 2014
Well Dad; it's now been 25 years today, that we lost you - God knows, you are missed. I've always thought that Halloween Eve was a strange time of the month to go, but in reality I guess it's just another day. Anyway, just want to stop and say hello and to let you know that I always hold a place in my heart for those I love; Yes Sir, you had ALL my attention today. I check back in tomorrow when I'm up and write more. Love ya' Dad,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 9th September 2014
Hey Dad, I know it's been awhile - just trying to stay busy so my mind doesn't wander too much. We lost one of your Grand Nephews Last week on the 7th of Sept. 2014; and sent him home to be with his Lord yesterday. This was one of Aunt Maggie's Grandson's. Maggie's last surviving daughter, Dollie's baby boy. Please make him feel welcome. I met him last year when I went to Huntsville, AL for a family reunion with Maggie's family. Talk about welcoming someone; they all opened their hearts to me, and I them. I really got close to them, as I find the family attraction was our connection to Aunt Maggie. They are some great people. Dollie's son, Derek Andrew Akers just 36 years old - a real loss. He was a great person. We discussed computers during a lot of time at the reunion. Very technical minded person and a great cousin. Just wanted to stop by Dad and say hello, and to let you know that Derek is joining you. God Bless and I'll stop again. Love and miss,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 10th August 2014
Dad Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, Missing you is the Heartache that never goes away. Love you Dad, Your loving son,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 16th June 2014
Well Dad, Here it is Father's Day, 2104 - I sure do miss you, and wishing I were able to give you a big Father's Day hug. God Bless Dad, I check back in with you later. Love and miss,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 11th June 2014
Well Dad - we saw Mom off on Monday 9th of June 2014. She passed about 4:45 am on the 4th. It really hurt me so much to see her go; but she was tired and needed to go home. I ask that you please watch over each other until the rest of us can join you both in the Lord's house. I love you both so much, - God Bless
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 22nd December 2013
Dear Dad: Ryan and I wish you a Merry Christmas! "Lord, I have too much to do, but it's all important. So I thank you that you helped me understand the meaning of having two loving parents in my life. Please help me to set priorities so that I don't feel lost in the pace and the pressure of life. Please give me the wisdom and energy to accomplish what's necessary without wasting time or effort. And, Dear Lord, help me make the best use of my day, remembering that time is a precious gift . . . . which has been given by you." Dad, if you are still listening. . . . I echo what my brother, Paul has said about what He hopes this site will allow: I think what He wanted was that all of the siblings, and all others that knew and loved you, to not only create a stronger bond with and between each other, but also give us a place to honor YOU and to keep those memories in our hearts and minds. Your Grandson, Ryan Grant Williams has pleasant memories of visiting his GranPa in Mississippi. He has many pictures that reflect the good times WE ALL had together. I thank you for that and will always remember the good times. God Bless Dad, and again, your Grandson, Ryan and your Son, Sammy wish you a very Merry Christmas! Let's talk again next year.
Posted by Buddy Williams on 21st December 2013
Dad, The 19th was your birthday, I can not believe it has been 24 years since you left us. Love and miss you Buddy & Carol
Posted by Paul D Williams on 19th December 2013
Today is your Birthday "Daddy" - you are 94 years and with the Heavenly Father. I think of you often, and still remember the trips I would plan through Waveland, MS. (Shoreline Park), to stop and see you as I traveled from and too Duty Stations throughout the South East. No matter what time of Day I pulled up to your Front Gate, you would be wearing your summer straw fishing hat, and have a huge smile on your face; and most times, a cigar "just for the taste," as you would say. I found your Sisters Maggie and Dixie, and have spoke to many of their family members; even made a trip to Huntsville Alabama to meet most of Maggie's family - her daughter Dollie Ann, and all of Dollies’ Kids and family; and her other daughter Geraldine's Family at a wonderful Family Get together at Maggie's Grandson, Bruce's House. A Great Group of family they are. Great Times had with this branch of the family. Maggie was taken back home and placed to rest next to her husband Harrison. Resting just 50 feet above your Mom and Dad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope to next make a trip back home and visit with Dixie's children that are left. I have recently spoke with her last two children: Mack Irvin Blankenship 1942 - Living out in Superior, MT (Trip Pending) Nellie Blankenship 1947 - Still living in Williamson, WV (Trip Pending) The rest of Dixie's children are all gone, but I know where they are resting, and will try and plan a visit soon I hope. James Blankenship (Passaic, Morris, New Jersey) 1926 – 1960 America Ellen Blankenship (Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC) 1931 – 2003 Charlie Blankenship, Jr. (Goody, KY) 1936 – 1983 Juanita Blankenship (Detroit, Michigan) 1939 – 2011 ----------------------------------------------- Many memories flooding in right now - so I'll just say; "Happy Birthday Daddy" - Love and miss you so much, sure wish I could give you a Hug. PS... Just wanted you to know that I'm still looking for the rest of your family - the only one left to find is Uncle Russell. God Bless and I'll check back again later.
Posted by Paul D Williams on 29th October 2013
Dad; It has now been 24 long years since the Lord called you home. I miss you more as each year passes. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Love you Dad,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 26th July 2013
Dad, I miss you more and more every day life continues without you in it. You were the "Best Dad, Ever." I miss our talks whenever I was able to visit you while traveling from one duty station to another. Love and miss you dearly - God Bless

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