Life is not a dress rehearsal.
  • 82 years old
  • Born on January 3, 1930 in Throckmorton County, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on November 4, 2012 in Redlands, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Billie, our mother and grandmother. She was a true force of nature, and she will be greatly missed. We will hold her in our hearts always. 

A celebration of Billie's life will be held on December 2, 2012, 2:00 PM at Clock Auditorium, Redlands Senior High School, in Redlands, CA.

Posted by John Abbott on 3rd January 2019
Another year passes and the memories grow more vivid....Love to all.
Posted by John Abbott on 5th November 2018
ALWAYS in my HEART & MIND.....I smile whenever I think of Billie & Jim. THANKS dear friends! John Abbott
Posted by John Abbott on 3rd January 2018
Loving my memories of such dear friends & mentors! Billie & Jim. Love & Peace. John Abbott
Posted by Fede Preston Rodriguez on 4th November 2017
Just reading through again and remembering. I finally took the time to peruse the site. If you haven't yet, I strongly suggest you click on stories and read what Peter Corey wrote. It sums up Billie (as if anyone could EVER sum up Billie) beautifully. What an amazing example of love personified she was.
Posted by Letitia Abbott on 6th November 2016
I have a photo of Billie and Jim holding my son Jack in their arms on my frig a day doesn't go by that I don't think of both of them, they are truly missed
Posted by Pamela Moore on 4th January 2016
Thank you, Billie for being such a blessing in my life and for sharing your love with me.
Posted by Jamie Daniel on 3rd January 2016
"Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on. Cherished memories will never fade, because one loved is gone. Those we love can never be, more than a thought apart, for as long as there is a memory, they live within our heart." Not a day goes by that life reminds me of you...what a role model you were for me, and for so many...the love does indeed live on.
Posted by Darbi Johnson on 5th November 2015
Still miss both of them today!!!! Loved spending time with Aunt Billie and Uncle Jim, both in CA and we they came to visit in TX
Posted by John Abbott on 5th November 2015
The years pass, but not the fresh memories of a dear friend and teacher...Love to both Jim and Billie in our hearts. Love and strength to Jamie, Bart and ALL the family. John Abbott
Posted by Jess Jimenez on 4th November 2015
What can I say but thank you for your knowledge and giving alot to me
Posted by Fede Preston Rodriguez on 4th November 2014
What keeps coming back to me is the ability Billie had to make us all feel like we were one of her favorites. We can all take a lesson in that and try to do the same for others. Especially in the drama world, it is easy to get caught up in the all about me attitude. Thank you Jamie and Bart for sharing your Mom when it could have been all about you. P.S. The name is Mrs. Daniel! NO S! Not Daniels!There is only ONE O.L.D.
Posted by Jess Jimenez on 15th March 2014
Dear Lady. you will never know what you gave me. I have danced all over the world. But will never forget you. Thank You and I love you
Posted by Pamela Moore on 3rd January 2014
Happy Birthday Billie! You are always alive in my heart.
Posted by John Abbott on 4th November 2013
Always a smile when I imagine my friend and teacher Ms. Billie! My memories are always fresh and still alive as I remember. Love to Jamie, Bart and all the family.... John Abbott in AZ
Posted by Letitia Abbott on 4th November 2013
The class of 68 is holding its 45th this coming weekend and there will be lots of us who will be thinking about Ms. D and missing her. Tish
Posted by Anthony Newfield on 9th April 2013
Billie was a huge influence on me. Not only a great acting teacher--still at it, I remember things she taught me years ago--she also taught us how to be good, responsible human beings. The Taming of the Shrew taught us so many life lessons--working together for the greater good, helping one another, etc. I think of her and thank her constantly. We were lucky to have crossed paths with her.
Posted by Peter Juran on 30th December 2012
All these years later, when I hear the voice of my conscience, it's the voice of OLadyD. I'm lucky, my conscience is challenging, with high expectations, but loving and forgiving. "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" - Clarence Oddbody, It's a Wonderful Life
Posted by Nancy Huffaker on 27th December 2012
Thank you for everything - from the beginnings in your classroom - to my daily life today - I find strength, determination, courage, and love in your memory.
Posted by Peter Celano on 19th December 2012
Not only was Ol' Lady D a terrific teacher, counselor, and mentor, she was also a dear friend. When times became tough after high school and into my college years, she and Jim took me into their home for several weeks, making me a member of the family in every way. I have remembered their kindness and support for nearly 30 years and am ever indebted to their generosity. Thank you, Billie!
Posted by Kathi Duncan on 8th December 2012
Billie Daniel had a profound and permanent effect on my life. I ended up majoring in drama in college, but found my calling as a teacher instead. When I married in 1993, Billie graciously opened her home to me for my wedding reception. What an amazing woman, mentor, role model...I love you, Ole Lady D! You will be remembered forever in my heart.
Posted by Carla Luevano Becerril on 6th December 2012
Mrs. Daniels was a wonderful teacher. I was fortunae to have he as a teacher my sophmore year. Rest in peace. What an honor it was to know such a wonderful lady.
Posted by Lynette Rice on 5th December 2012
Mrs. D made me love the stage, but I am so grateful for her brutally honest words, having dissuaded me and many others NOT to pursue an acting career unless "we wanted to starve." Only the strong of heart soldiered on, and because of it we have grads like actor James LeGros to honor her legacy. But in my dreams, I'm still performing at Clock, longing to please the 'ol girl. I hope I did.
Posted by Gregg Schroeder on 3rd December 2012
The above remembrances make me smile the way I did when I heard Mrs. D. laugh - that laugh that erased the embarrassment of forgotten lines or badly delivered play reports. I'm proud to be one of Billie's graduates from the School of Life and awed by the example she set. It would be wonderful to give just a little to someone, of what she gave to so many. Much love to you, O.L.D.
Posted by Paul Hodson on 3rd December 2012
A truly wonderful memorial today and Jefferson Walling, you nailed it ! Mrs D loved it I am sure...
Posted by Jeff Perkins on 2nd December 2012
Bet all those other angels are getting whipped into shape quickly now that Mrs. D is on the set! Someday we'll all rejoin the cast (with her directing, no doubt - even God knows when He needs to delegate!). Jeff Perkins - RHS class of '78 (O.L.D. class of forever).
Posted by Sharon Rieger Tipple on 1st December 2012
I am blessed to be Billie’s "other daughter." The Daniels moved across the street when I was 3 years old & their daughter Jamie was 2. Billie helped me learn right from wrong, celebrated my successes, comforted me when I was hurting & always made me feel loved. I am extremely thankful to have so many precious memories of my other mother. They're a treasure that I will always carry with me.
Posted by Charlotte Carpenter Lewis on 29th November 2012
Mrs. D was an amazing woman, teacher, mentor, director, surrogate parent and dear friend. Outside of my family, she was the biggest influence in my life. I owe much of who I am and what I do to her. Tough, but fair, there was never any doubt she cared deeply about all her students. Her legacy will live on. Bless you, Mrs. D.
Posted by Lou Ann McLean on 28th November 2012
I feel so fortunate to be one of the thousands of kids who found a second home at Clock (and a third home on Poppy Road) - I carry Billie and Jim in my heart always.
Posted by Craig Rieger on 27th November 2012
I was lucky, the Daniel's lived across the street from me when I was born. They were my second family, a positive presence, always there. As my #2 Mom, Billie bandaged my wounds, and comforted my soul. I hear her now, telling me "everything is going to be okay", and of course, she is right. I choose not to miss Billie, by keeping her with me everyday--a positive presence always there.
Posted by Jeff Walling on 27th November 2012
Mentor. Encourager. Director. Surrogate Parent. Fierce Demander of Excellence. Mrs. D was all that and more! I look forward to gathering with the many who will remember her in the hallowed halls of Clock Auditorium on Sunday. How totally appropriate! I just hope I don't forget my lines! God bless you Mrs. D. You truly blessed all of us!
Posted by Fede Preston Rodriguez on 27th November 2012
A tribute worthy of "Mom D" won't fit here, but anyone who was fortunate enough to have been taught, counseled, directed and/or mentored by her knows what it was to be loved and appreciated for who you are. She could find a gift in those most found hopeless, and often changed moths to butterflies ( even in the eyes of the moth)! Thanks mom, for everything.
Posted by Diana Kiuttu on 22nd November 2012
Mrs. D was always there for me, no matter what! If I needed a hug, a smile, support--she was always there. We all knew she supported us, loved us and wanted us to be the best we could be. My love of theatre was awakened by Billie D. She gave me the opportunity to perform and taught me many things that I still remember! She was the best! I love her, thank her and miss her so much!
Posted by Wendy Colbert Whitley on 20th November 2012
Mrs. D gave me so many gifts during my high school years. The drama department was a second home, where everyone was valued. Her standards were high; you grew as an individual when you pushed to achieve them. She gave me an appreciation and respect for the theater and instilled in me a lifelong love of it. I cherish that time. Much love to her family...she will always be in my heart!
Posted by Reason Jacome on 20th November 2012
I so much love her....what a wonderful woman ...whom always gave her love.....God bless
Posted by Larry Deckel on 18th November 2012
392 characters can't do justice to how important Mrs. D. ("lady") was to me. No other teacher has had as profound an impact on my life. She taught me more than 'drama' (which became a career for me). She taught me character, commitment, manners and integrity. She set standards I still strive to achieve. She cared about us as people not just students. She will be forever dear in my memory.
Posted by Robin Sinni on 17th November 2012
I was in 5th grade visiting her with my dad. She had a long ponytail and I remember being mesmerized and in awe of her. She told me she would see me in drama in a few years. Many years after drama, she graced me with her presence at my wedding. I was touched by her as a child, a RHS student, and adult. Other than my parents, she is the most influential person in my life. All my love OLD!
Posted by Earlene & Bob Clinton on 15th November 2012
Billie and Jim have been friends for more years that I can count. Losing Jim was such a loss to us and now Billie---words cannot express how much she will be missed. The Christmas parties in their home each year will always be a time that will remain special in our memory banks. She was a grand lady.
Posted by Darbi Johnson on 15th November 2012
Dear Aunt Billie, I always looked forward to your visits to TX and ours to CA. You were a great teacher, not only at work but with your family also. I remember how you helped me with a couple of school projects while you were visiting on your vacation and you didn't mind at all. You always had faith in me and encouraged me to do anything I wanted. You will be greatly missed! lots of love
Posted by Rodger Stein on 14th November 2012
Two semesters, less than 10 months and Lady D changed the course of a life. I can only hope that this was not always a one way exchange. Thank you Lady D... We will all be auditioning for you again.
Posted by Karen Daniel on 14th November 2012
I previously wrote about coffee in Billie's kitchen and the mismatched mugs. I was at an art fair last weekend and saw some mugs very similar to what she used, and I almost bought them. What a treat to know how she felt every one fit in, like the mismatched mugs.
Posted by Cherry Redwine on 13th November 2012
To my Dear Aunt: I called her my Auntie "Mame" because she was always so much fun. She always believed in me and taught me that I could do anything! Her hugs made me feel so special. Soar with the Eagles as you so deserve. I love you forever and you shall always remain in my heart! God love you!
Posted by Cherry Redwine on 13th November 2012
To my Dearest Aunt. I called her my "Auntie Mame" because she was so much fun! She made me feel Special and that I could conquer the world. She believed in me and supported me and loved me. Her hugs just pulled you into her heart. God love you "Auntie" and may you soar with the Eagles to those great heights that you deserve! We miss you and love you forever!
Posted by Ted Daniel on 12th November 2012
Lovely, lively, Billie, my dear, dear aunt. In my thirties,she picked me up when I was distraught and got me back into the swim of life, treating me like close family. I will never forget her. She went hunting with Jim one time and shot an elk without having to leave the jeep. "What's so tough about that?" she is reported to have said. She was a very forgiving soul and had a sweet heart.
Posted by Tom Reeder on 12th November 2012
David mentioned "That Look", and I was on the receiving end of that more than once. On the other hand, one of life's rewards was saying something that made Billie laugh. I still hear it, all these years later -- what a wonderful, lively, musical laugh she had.
Posted by Cheryl Butler on 12th November 2012
I love you Billie, O Lady D! I feel blessed to have known you over the past 40 years. I will never forget all of your hard work & dedicated years of service given towards our RHS BSU students & programs. Thank you for believing that all students have the ability to succeed with support & guidance. You will be forever missed. Cheryl & Clarence Butler & Family
Posted by Gayle Haider on 11th November 2012
Mrs. D was my teacher for all three years I went to Redlands High School. She did so much more than teach drama; she gave me a lifelong appreciation for performing arts and literature. She challenged every one of us to venture out of our comfort zones, and encouraged us to aim high in life, no matter what we did. She has left behind countless souls who have been blessed by knowing her.
Posted by Denise Yoder Jadeid on 11th November 2012
Ms. D was such an important part of my life that it would take a book to write down all the memories I hold dear. She made me feel like I was the most important person in her life as she did with everyone she taught. When I speak of Redlands High School, I speak of drama class with Billie Daniel. She will hold the legacy of being the most important teacher, friend and confident of my life.
Posted by Karen Daniel on 10th November 2012
Billie and Jim were my husband's Aunt and Uncle. We shared many times over coffee in the kitchen, drinking out of various cups, and the warm fireplace glowing and the warm lights in this warm kitchen. It was magic. Billie was an amazing hostess, and so genereous with her time. We will miss her greatly.
Posted by Letitia Abbott on 10th November 2012
I never had a class with Mrs. D, but my brother did and she became a very dear friend. My visits to Redlands always included a stay at her home where my son and I were always welcomed. She touched so many of us in so many different ways. She was more than a mother, grandmother, teacher and friend. She will be missed by many.
Posted by John Abbott on 10th November 2012
Smiling through our tears we remember a grand person and special friend! Billie taught from the heart and led by example. She helped us to "think" and take action. From my important high school days till now, at 61, she helps me grow and inspires me still! I'm blessed with her friendship & memory! Love to her family & thanks Terri

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