A memorial will be held in memory of our loved one, Billy Jay Hinton at 1:00pm on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 470 Camino San Clemente, San Clemente CA 92672.

We will remember him forever.

A reception will follow for friends and family at Jim & Myriam Hinton's Home at 2905 Estribo, San Clemente, CA.

Posted by Amy Micka on September 8, 2011
I never knew you, but I knew your son Daniel. We know you are in heaven now, I send my my deepest sympathiy for those you left behind.
Posted by Eva Allen on September 8, 2011
I find comfort in knowing there is one more angel in heaven watching over us. Rest in peace my dear sweet cousin.
Posted by Enid Roehrner on September 8, 2011
We will miss you, Jay, always so pleasant,always so helpful. We have fond memories, and, Eva, you are one of the very best mothers in the world. Take comfort in your gathered family. We will light a candle that we will send out on the Atlantic today. With love, Richard and Enid
Posted by Mary Kovach Kingston on September 8, 2011
Jay, may you rest peacefully knowing you were loved in this life and in the Eternal Life. God bless you and your family and loved ones. May all be comforted by the treasured memories shared with you. I have lit a candle in my travels through Chicago at the Notre Dame grotto.
Posted by Eva Hinton on September 7, 2011
This memorial website was created in loving memory of Billy Jay Hinton, 53, born on September 27, 1957 and passed away on September 4, 2011.
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Posted by Jean Carter on September 28, 2019
I wish I could go on that walk with you that you always did from mom’s house down to the beach. It would be such a pleasure to talk to you and hear your voice and see that smile❤️ I miss you Jay. I feel your spirit and thank you for that. I know you’re watching out for us.
Posted by Eva Hinton on September 5, 2019
Seems so long now that you have gone. So many changes in your family. We have grown so much. You now have new great nieces and nephews , you have a daughter-in-law. Your gran son Devan is almost through high school. Every one misses you and loves you! I love you and know you are watching over us. ❤️
Posted by Eva Hinton on September 27, 2018
Today would have been your birthday, I am sure you are a star looking down on the family you loved. I miss you more every year.
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Your grandson.

Shared by Eva Hinton on September 4, 2018

July 2018 your grandson Devan Hinton visited from Georgia when the baseball season was over there.   You would be proud of him, he loves sports and does very good in school. He resembles you. I love you and miss you. 

Shared by Jean Carter on May 13, 2013
Lynda, Thank you for posting this picture! This is the way I remember Jay the most...surrounded by beautiful women! When we lived together I would come home from work all greasy and dirty from working as a welder and there would be Jay surrounded by beautiful blondes, laughing, talking and listening to music. When we went to Cancun together Jay met one beatiful girl after another! He had a genuineness about him, a way of making friends with men and women. He drew people to him. I miss him. When he talked to me he really cared about me and I could feel his love. Miss you Jay:(
Shared by Samantha Rodriguez on May 12, 2013
I have only heard the most amazing stories about you. I have spent hours listening to Dan talk about you with love and admiration. It hurts to see how much he misses you. I have heard stories of how you would let him skip school to go to baseball games or go to work with you. He tells me how funny you were and how hard you worked to make him happy. I can't help but listen to the stories and the way he describes you and think that I am looking at a man who fits every one of those descriptions. You're son is perfect, you would be so proud. He works so hard to achieve every single goal he sets for himself. I can't help but thank you for this perfect man who treats me like a queen. I wish I could look you in the eyes and say thank you for his kindness, his gentle ways, and his loving heart. He takes my breath away and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't amaze me over and over again with his sweet gestures. He is a perfect gentleman all the time. I have you to thank for that. I also have you to promise this to. I promise ill never hurt him and I'll always be there for him. I want him to be happy and safe. I wish I could express my gratitude and repay you for the amazing gift you've given me in your son. I pray every day you are happy with his choice in me. Que en paz decantse mi amigo, y gracias. With love.