Shared by Eva Hinton on September 3, 2020
this is your grandson Devan he is a senior in high school he is a great student and loves baseball. He’s looking  forward To playing in college. You would be very proud of him. I know I am. I miss and love you so much

Your grandson.

Shared by Eva Hinton on September 4, 2018

July 2018 your grandson Devan Hinton visited from Georgia when the baseball season was over there.   You would be proud of him, he loves sports and does very good in school. He resembles you. I love you and miss you. 

Shared by Jean Carter on May 13, 2013
Lynda, Thank you for posting this picture! This is the way I remember Jay the most...surrounded by beautiful women! When we lived together I would come home from work all greasy and dirty from working as a welder and there would be Jay surrounded by beautiful blondes, laughing, talking and listening to music. When we went to Cancun together Jay met one beatiful girl after another! He had a genuineness about him, a way of making friends with men and women. He drew people to him. I miss him. When he talked to me he really cared about me and I could feel his love. Miss you Jay:(
Shared by Samantha Rodriguez on May 12, 2013
I have only heard the most amazing stories about you. I have spent hours listening to Dan talk about you with love and admiration. It hurts to see how much he misses you. I have heard stories of how you would let him skip school to go to baseball games or go to work with you. He tells me how funny you were and how hard you worked to make him happy. I can't help but listen to the stories and the way he describes you and think that I am looking at a man who fits every one of those descriptions. You're son is perfect, you would be so proud. He works so hard to achieve every single goal he sets for himself. I can't help but thank you for this perfect man who treats me like a queen. I wish I could look you in the eyes and say thank you for his kindness, his gentle ways, and his loving heart. He takes my breath away and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't amaze me over and over again with his sweet gestures. He is a perfect gentleman all the time. I have you to thank for that. I also have you to promise this to. I promise ill never hurt him and I'll always be there for him. I want him to be happy and safe. I wish I could express my gratitude and repay you for the amazing gift you've given me in your son. I pray every day you are happy with his choice in me. Que en paz decantse mi amigo, y gracias. With love.
Shared by Eva Hinton on May 12, 2013

I remember when you and your cousin Rickey Strange played chess when we lived in El Toro Officers quarters  housing at the top of the hill. You and Daniel always liked to play chess together. Great Days!! I love and miss you!! Thinking about you today, Mothers day.

I miss you Jay!

Shared by Eva Hinton on November 6, 2011

We had some good times together. I wish you were here! We could make a grocery shopping list together- go shopping and cook something you loved. I love and miss you every moment of the day. Mom 

In the Hospital

Shared by Gretchen K on September 17, 2011

Jay and I spent all of last January together. During that time, I developed chills and tremors while trying to drive on the freeway to see my family. I pulled over immediately and called Jay. He approached a total stranger for help, and came to rescue me. He nursed me so tenderly while I was sick, waiting on me hand and foot, never leaving my side.

In February, the symptoms worsened and I ended up in the hospital for an operation. Jay stayed in my tiny cubicle with me the entire day...we just talked and held each other for hours, me with an IV in my hand. The nurses were so taken with his sweet cheerfulness and humor. We all joked together. We put our heads together on the pillow and took this picture.

I only wish I could have been with you, Jay, during your hospital stay. I didn't realize how serious it was for you...I couldn't get there in time. Yo tu quiero, my I miss you!

The Love of my Life

Shared by Gretchen K on September 13, 2011

I met Jay last December, right before Christmas. We fell in love immediately and he stayed with me in my vacation beach condo for a month. It was the happiest month of both our lives.

To experience this kind of intense passion and dedication to each other at our ages--in our 50's---is something I never expected to happen. I never have, and never expect to have again--the total love, intensity and passion I experienced with Jay. He was the most cheerful, upbeat, fun person I have ever had the privilege to know. He changed my life, made me see life he did. Always positive: "Everything is good!" was his motto. His attitude towards life was one of gratefulness, appreciation, happiness...always on the bright side of whatever was happening.

He said: "I will love you for the rest of my life...en toda mi vida, mi amor..." and so he did.

I cannot believe you are gone, my beloved. We planned to be together..."be patient" you said. A mere few months went by, and now you are gone.

I love you so much, Jay. I hope you can feel it, as we said to each other: "We will never say good-bye..."


A Mother's Journey

Shared by Kathryn Murrel on September 9, 2011

It has been my honor to love Jamie and her family for over 25 years.  I remember Jay as being such a source of fun, laugher and light.  I will never forget his presence on this earth. 

This is one of the text messages I sent Eva and Jamie after speaking to them on their drive down to be with Jay at the hospital. Sent September 3, 2011 at 9:20 PM:

"If as Mothers we are fortunate to bring souls into this world and God lays at our table their passage to the next place, let us pray we have the strength to say to our sons or daughters: 'It is alright, my love .. go in peace, and I will follow.  You will not disappoint me.'  Peace be with us all.  And God bless you.

Sending you love and light, to Eva and the girls"

I will never forget the love and strength your family has shown Billy Jay.


Kathryn Murrel

I miss you Jay

Shared by Jamie Jolly on September 8, 2011

My heart breaks.....I miss you already!

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