Learning to walk.

Shared by Marian Brown on March 8, 2013

When your born, I wanted to take you for a walk in your pram but Dad said I would have to prove to him I could walk without falling [you know what i was like ] So I marched up & down Riverside to prove my point .After doing 10 lengths of the street. I made my way back into the house with a huge big grin only to fall in the door. So I did not get to take you out. Miss you so much. xXx


Old Shep

Shared by Mary Clancy on July 19, 2012

Billy do you remember when I used to play Old shep(by elvis) and let my friends stand outside the door to listens to you crying, what a cruel sister I am. Love and miss you more each day xxxxxxxx. I also remember getting up at 2.45am on Christmas day to come and pick you up at the dreadnought in Bathgate only a sister could do that. And all the drunken nights that we had in Edinburgh. Wished I could do all that again.xxxxx 

school bus

Shared by Donna McMurray Main on January 8, 2012

Ask anyone who suffered the school coach about the times billy and davie Archer sat on the bumper when the driver wouldn't let them on for being cheeky! no mobiles in those days, driver eventually gave in and let them on!

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