Let the memory of Bing be with us forever
  • 79 years old
  • Born on June 3, 1934 in Malang, Indonesia.
  • Passed away on June 3, 2013 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States.

My beloved father left us on his 79th birthday, June 3, 2013.  We shall have the comfort to know that he is forever in peace and that he'll forever live in our hearts. There are too many stories to tell and to fit into this limited space. He was a person who liked to write journals and take down thought provoking expressions or quotations that he read and liked from various media.  I believe they became the mottos that led his life.  I found two quotations from his journal that perfectly portray his life and the life he lived.  They are:

"Free your heart from hatred 
Free your heart from worry
Live simply
Give more
Expect less" 

"If you'd like to know how wealthy you are when you die, don't count how much money you have, but count how many friends you have made and how many people will remember you." 

The most important lesson he taught me in life is to value friendship and the happiness of family over anything material.  Family and friends meant the whole world to him.  I'd like to invite you all to share a few words as tributes to my father. 

Ying Lam  

Posted by Ying Li on 5th June 2015
Posted by Jeannette Dashjian on 24th December 2014
I was introduced to Bing Lin and Zhiling Yang at a Christmas Party and so it began. We started talking at this party and talk came around to Tai Ji. I was already practicing the Yang 89 form and Bing and Zhiling said they where doing the Yang 24 and other forms at Fresno State University. Before the conversation was over they invited me to join them at the university. I liked these people they where very nice. So I told some of my Tai Ji friends about Bing and Zhilings' classes. Bing was doing forms that we wanted to learn. Four of us joined the spring class. We enjoyed ourselves so much we continued studying with Bing and Zhiling. This went on for years starting in 1990s with Tai Ji Sword 32 Movements ,then Sword 42 Movements,on to Wu Dang Sword, Wu Open Hand form, Wu Sword form and on and on. We had a Golden time through the Falls and Springs of these special years. When Bing went home to China he would practice with Tai Ji Masters and come back to Fresno State University an teach us what he had learned back home. We sometimes got to practice with Bing at the apartment complex he lived at. The tennis courts on Saturdays at 7 am in the morning. At that time in the morning we would joke that it was the Tai Ji courts. He was so generous with his talents as a teacher and his time as a happy kind Tai Ji player. We played together in the Tai Ji practice. He got some of us to take Chinese Calligraphy to improve our Tai Ji and it did. We had Calligraphy with Bing and Zhiling and that to was special but not like the Tai Ji. When I see anyone of the people that did Tai Ji at that time we agree it was special and Golden something that is hard to explain why it was so special. There came a time Bing after discussing it with Zhiling, asked me if I would consider teaching Tai Ji. I thought about it for a month or so and then told him I would like to do that. He said to me "Good Practice More" and walked then walked off. Bing the kind, generous soul helped me when I told him I wanted to compete in Tai Ji. He gave of his time and talents and I came home with Medals in Tai Ji. Two First places, two Second places in California State competitions and a very hard won Third place at Multiple states competition with Zhilings lucky sword. There were times we all had diners together, a few trips to our beautiful Foothill. When I would ask Bing if he and Zhiling could come to a social event he would say "I have to talk to Zhiling she is in charge of the Social Calendar". There was talk of his family that he loved and always looked forward to seeing. You could tell he missed them. When Bing would come back to his Fresno home and we would see each other he would ask me "Jeannette are you well? Yes I am. Are you still practicing Tai Ji? Yes I am. and are you still teaching? Yes Bing I am." I have happiness in my heart partly because of Bing Lin. Best wishes to all his family. Jeannette Dashjian Fresno, California USA
Posted by Robert Powell on 3rd June 2014
You inspired me with your compassion, soft spoken wisdom and humor. I am richer because of you. "B and B, the good life" makes me smile. Brownie and Haddy send you hugs.
Posted by Hua Li on 3rd June 2014
Dear Lin Lao Shi, It's your birthday again. Wish you have a lovely cheesecake in the Heaven. I miss you.
Posted by Chi Zhang on 3rd June 2014
林老师: 今天是您的一周年忌日,希望您在天堂里快乐、平安!想念您!
Posted by Jian Rongrong on 18th November 2013
Posted by Ying Li on 19th June 2013
Posted by Chi Zhang on 19th June 2013

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