Reception in his house.

Shared by Lawrence Ikuenobe on July 31, 2016

Left to right is Ann, Bishop Osakwe and Ch. Lawrence in the pastors home, Columbus, Georgia. How I was welcomed by the family of which I have become.
Thank God for knowing you. 

Shared by Mary Chukusa on July 27, 2016

Papa as we all call him was my spiritual father in the Lord. Papa, Bishop Osakwe was a true man of God. The news of his death came as a shock to me and my husband pastor Ween Chukusa who he ordained in the year 1999. Bishop Emmanuel Osakwe was a man of God that preaches the undiluted word of God without any compromise. He was a man of God that the word of God was sweet in his mouth and you will want to hear him preach again and again. Papa believes that your first church is your immediate family, and if you fail to pastor your immediate family, you shouldn't hurry to come and preach on the purpit. That was what papa stood for. Papa stood to ensure my marriage works out well when my marriage was in going through crisis.Papa didn't just counselled us in his office, he followed us to our house to ensure we are doing the will of God. I can still remember what he said then" I do not want to pastor people that doesn't have vision for enternity". Papa is a mentor, a preacher, a teacher of the word and an apostle. Then at ICM, there was nothing like Yoruba group, Ibo or Benin. It was one happy family.
Papa was a humble man of God and all his pastors then inrespective of their circular position and wealth were all humble.I love papa so much and i know he made it. May the almighty God give his immediate family and all ICMites to bear this great loss. Papa rest in the bossom of the Lord until we meet on that day. Mrs Mary Chukusa

A Gentleman of God

Shared by Gideon Oladepo on July 14, 2016

I first came in contact with the Revd. Emmanuel Osakwe when he stood-in for the then General Suprintendent of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria - the late Revd. Samuel Odunaike - as an officiating minister at our wedding in December 1983. He actually did the joining of my wife and I. We were from then in close contact till he finally relocated from Nigeria. I later reconnected with him on Facebook. He was a perfect gentleman apparently cut-out for the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. He carried the responsibility of his calling with dignity. Even though we weren't in close touch in his last days, I believe he stood as a good soldier of Christ to the end. May The Lord grant his immediate family and the church he left behind the fortitude to bear the loss. May his work in The Lord continue to live after him. Good night our dear brother. 

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