Posted by Patricia Davis on August 26, 2016
Thank you for sharing this Memorial with your many friends. Wish I had known Blake.
Posted by Selene Zander on July 29, 2016
Dear Blake,

Thanks for always being a loving and supportive uncle. I have great memories from my childhood that come flooding back when I look at all these old photos from the 80s and 90s, of Lance and Elizabeth, Robin, me, May, and my parents, Guy, and Rainy. I have more recent memories of you encouraging me to go to grad school, follow my dreams, and have faith in my own abilities despite some of the mental health challenges that plague us all. If we had been contemporaries, I know we would have enjoyed cycling around France and eating gourmet meals at the end of each day. As it is, I'm comforted by the fact that you lived life to the fullest. I'm also glad that you got to meet Max and sad that you didn't meet your new great-nephew Sam. You will be missed! 


Jesse/Selene and family
Posted by Holly Downing on July 27, 2016
I have been reaching out to some old, dear friends of my brother Blake, and people respond with wonderful memories and thoughtful sympathy. I particularly like this one from our next-door-neighbor in growing up in Menlo Park, the big brother of our very good friend, Cam Mudd:


Some may view a person's life through the filters of propriety and
morality and judge it as sad or a failure. But all the people of all
the world's faiths down through the ages agree that the one and only
purpose of our lives is to love; to love each other in spite of all
the powerful forces that seek to prevent us.

I remember sometime back Blake's daughter called Cam for advice on
what she should or could do to help her father who was going through a
particularly difficult time. Cam called me because she knew I had
experienced the same sorts of things he was going through. I can't
remember what I advised but the thing that struck me and that stood
out as Cam described the conversation she'd had was how much Blake's
daughter loved him in spite of the upsetting circumstances. And I
could tell from our conversation yesterday how much you love your
brother in spite of the circumstances.

Love can't happen in a vacuum. It takes two or more for love to
happen. Your love for Blake and his daughter's love for him are living
proof that he loved and how much he loved you both is evident in that
he did so even while powerful forces sought to prevent him.

Blake lived a victorious life because he succeeded at the one and only
thing that matters in this world. Any failures are failures in ways
that don't matter and in the end and are blotted out by the memory of
his love for you both and others he cared about.

Good one Blake. I pray God I can do as well.

Posted by Heidi Wong on July 26, 2016
Dear Blake,
I met Holly when we were 5 and you were her big 7 year old brother. I'm happy that I had lunch with you this last April after not having spent time with you for many years. I was impressed with your genuineness, kindness, gentleness and humility. Thank you, too, for your wise thoughts about investment. You said that you were happy and so looking forward to the approaching arrival of Lance's sweet little one. You spoke proudly and lovingly of your children, 
Much Love to you, your children, and your precious grandbaby,
Posted by Vince Chi Shuen Lee on July 25, 2016
Blake, you are a great friend, a mentor, and family to me. You always cared about my life and career ever since we met in 2011. Wish you all the best on a different journey. You will be remembered by all of us.

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