Let the memory of Blake be with us forever - NEVER HESITATE -
  • 25 years old
  • Born on November 18, 1984 in Homestead, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on November 8, 2010 in Key Largo, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Blake Sobeck 25 years old , born on November 18, 1984 and passed away on November 8, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 8, 2019
Today is 9 years since you’ve been gone. I’m in Dublin Ireland and I had a sign that I’m going to share when I get home. I miss you and love you so much! I can’t wait to see you again! The world just isn’t the same :(
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 18, 2018
Happy 34th Birthday Blake! This is your 8th Birthday in Heaven and it makes me sad :( I know your life in Heaven is so much better, with nothing but happiness and that makes me happy for you. It has been really hard for those who are still here missing you every day. I love you and I thank God for the years he gave me with you, but I can’t wait to see you again! Until then, please watch over us!
Posted by Samantha Wyant on November 18, 2018
Happy birthday Blake. You will always be loved and missed
Posted by Judith Foxworth on November 8, 2018
Blake, eight years have passed since you left us...so often it seems like yesterday. I know I will be with you again and that is what keeps me going now. I hope and I pray nightly that you know how much I have always loved you and how much I always will. I see signs in the Heavens and that brings me peace until the time I will join you up there in that wonderful place where there is no sadness, sickness or sorrow..............I ♥ you........Nanu
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 18, 2017
Happy 33rd Birthday Blake!! I wonder what you would be doing today. Would you be married, would you be traveling, what would you be doing with your career? You never got the chance to continue your life and make those choices. But, I know you are in Heaven and nothing can be better than that!! We will celebrate a day that truly changed my life when you were born! You were a beautiful baby and you grew up to be a handsome man!! Thank you for choosing me as your mom, I have been honored! I love you to the moon and back and I miss you more than words can say! :( Have a wonderful celebration in Heaven with friends and family there! Till I see you again, I will hold you in my heart, love you always, and think about you everyday!! Love you my angel!! ~ Love Mom
Posted by Ashley Young on November 9, 2017
I have missed you so much these last 7 Years. I can’t believe how time has just flown by. This time of year is always hard, pretty much for everyone you came into contact with. You were an amazing person and life of the party. I definitely felt your presence these last few days. I miss you and love you❤️ Thank you for being the best guardian angel!
Posted by Mary Hocker on November 9, 2017
Blake I feel I know you.
I speak to you often and am very glad that I get to do a small thing for your Mom.
Posted by Jolene Harbridge on November 8, 2017
I Will "NEVER HESITATE" when I'm Remembering You; when I'm Loving You; when I'm Hugging You From My Heart to your Heavenly Heart!!! ALWAYS TILL WE MEET AGAIN BLAKEY!!!! I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!!!!
Posted by Dixie Krauss on November 8, 2017
So many laughs, so many memories. Can't believe you've been gone so long. You brought so much joy to everyone around you, it was fun growing up with you by my side. So many other have joined you in your eternal life now; I know you guys are kicking it just like we love to do. Still, we miss you!!! Continue to watch over us all and keep us safe. Love you, Blake!
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 8, 2017
Today is 7 years since you have been gone. It has been the hardest years of my life! I love and miss you and my heart is forever broken :(
Posted by Jenny MacGeorge (Medlin) on November 8, 2017
I can't believe it's been 7 years since I made the most regretful decision of my life, to take a spur of the moment road trip, ultimately costing your life and changing mine and so many other's life's forever.  It's been a very long up hill battle for me since that day but I've made it through sometimes on the mere thought of you and knowing that you didn't get a second chance that day but I did. So when I wanted to give up on learning to walk again or kicking bad habits that developed because of my injuries, among so many other struggles, I told myself to get my ass up and take advantage of the blessing of life I was given!! Thank you for your friendship and for staying with me in spirit that night and always. I believe in guardian angels because of you. You are forever in my thoughts ❤
Posted by Jon Schaffer on November 8, 2017
Miss you brother...
Posted by Judith Foxworth on November 18, 2016
Posted by Marshel Butterfield on January 3, 2016
Blake, sorry I never got to meet you cuz! You sound like a pretty cool guy! But of course you had to be, because we are a pretty cool family! Looking forward to meeting you one day in heaven!
Posted by Margot Pereboom on January 3, 2016
Blake in all the time I have known you , you were always smiling, loving and happy. You and Smokey were quite a team. I know your spirit stays nearby to help so many who miss you greatly. We all have felt your sweet guidance and treasure you forever.
Much Love,
Posted by Carol Scofield on November 8, 2015
Dear Blake, it doesn't seem possible you have been gone so long....seems like yesterday you were sitting on my patio holding Rylee and making her smile./ You will forever be her guardian angel. We still read the books you gave her for her birthday and I remind her you are watching over her .I miss your beautiful smile and the laughter you always brought with you. I think of you when I look up at the sky and know you are in heaven saying "Roll Tide" I am so grateful you were in my life if only for a short time.....love and miss you....Grecky
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 19, 2014
Happy Happy 30th Birthday Blakey!! What a milestone!! I know Heaven is celebrating this day .. wish I could hug you and tell you how very much I love you! When I go to stores I find myself looking for things for you!! Always thinking of you and always missing you every day!! All my love! ~ Mom
Posted by Judith Foxworth on November 18, 2014
Happy Birthday Blake! I love you more than words can say....you are always on my mind and in my heart! I know you will meet me at that light one day in the future and lead me to our wonderful home in Heaven! What a day of rejoicing that will be! My love and a big hug for you on this most important day.....My special Angel's Birthday!
Posted by Josh Johnson on November 9, 2014
Heyy bubba..I just wanna thank u for looking over me n my family everyday..ur the most amazing guardian angel anyone could ever possibly ask for! I kno we talk all the time but I dunno if I ever thank u enough. I wish everyday that u were still hear w us, but I kno God chose u for a reason n what u do for all of us everyday is far more important than any other plan we couldve come up w..I love u n miss u soo much blake. Keep doin what ur doin..xo.
Posted by Julie Sobeck on November 8, 2014
Blake it has been 4 long years without you! I know you have been with us and I have seen the signs you have sent! Others tell me about your signs as well!! We all miss you terribly but I know you are in Heaven without any worries!! I will see you there one day! Please keep watching over us and always know how thankful I am that you are my son! You were truly a gift from God but he was ready to have you back. I love you always and forever until my last breath
Posted by Judith Foxworth on November 8, 2013
Although it has been three years today Blake, it seems like yesterday to me. You will remain in my heart until I meet you again in that awesome place called Heaven. You still visit, of this I have no doubt but I look forward to being with you for eternity. I love you, forever!  Nanu
Posted by Louise Dittmer on September 7, 2013
Hi Blake, Your Mom Julie is such a blessed and wonderful friend.
She holds your strength and courage in her heart. Thank you for sharing your inner strength, kindness and compassion . Always Blessings ♥, never losses .
Love and Light to you and your beautiful family ♥♥ Louise
Posted by Julie Sobeck on April 13, 2013
One night I dreamt of Blake and right before he disappeared I asked him what Heaven was like. He said, "It is incredible!" .. I have held onto this ever since! I know he is loving Heaven and he is with our other loved ones who have crossed over. We love you and miss you always Blake!! xoxo .. Mom
Posted by Carol Scofield on April 13, 2013
Blake, it would be impossible to tell you how much you meant to our family... I'm grateful you always knew how much we loved you..We miss you & think of you everday  We thank God for the time we shared with you,  we miss your hugs & smiles...Love
Posted by Samantha Wyant on August 9, 2012
I am thankful that I knew Blake from a young boy and watched him grow into the beautiful man he became. My heart aches for his mother and family every day. He is now an angel that watches over his family. Blake, you are a treasure.
Posted by Julie Sobeck on December 29, 2011
Blake you were my firstborn child and I loved you more than life itself! I always knew God had big plans for you and you knew it too .. you told me. I know you are now our guardian angel and I can feel you with me everyday! I love you and miss you more than words can express!! .. Love, Mom
Posted by Judith Foxworth on December 29, 2011
Blake, you will forever be loved with all my heart...death can never change that or take the memories of you from me. Your smile lives on in
my mind. My feeling is that you have many lives in you but not that of an old man. You seemed to know this as well. See you in Heaven baby!

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