Posted by David Usoro on May 19, 2022
We miss you Aunty blessing .
Keep protecting and looking out for us from above and say hi to my dad.

Love you forever ❤️❤️
Posted by Esta Iyire on February 21, 2022
Hey Mom,

Very typical of you! Found out you were born in February after celebrating you in August all these years 
Two birthdays in one year!
Only you knows how you came up with August 23rd.
We think about you everyday and miss you here a lot! So thankful for having you in our lives
Posted by Salvation Udoinyang on August 21, 2021
Mummy, as I fondly called you (because you played that role in my life), I couldn't bring myself to actually believe that you were gone.

I got this link for a long time but just couldn't bring myself to write this tribute hoping that this wasn't a reality.

It's indeed true that the earth is filled with treasures and you have joined.

It's indeed sad and am still very deeply pained by your demise. One of the important things you teased me about, you are not here to bring that joy and light that your touch add to things.

Even as I write this, flashes of our time together flows through my mind.

My deepest consolation is that you are in a better place where we will all meet someday.

Adieu mom.............
Posted by Debbie Akaka on August 21, 2021
To my beautiful auntie

The sweetest and happiest soul I knew. I’ll never forget your laugh, warmth and how much you loved watching Judge Judy! My beautiful auntie. I’ll miss seeing you and hearing your voice. I love you so much Auntie Blessing. Rest peacefully ❤️
Posted by Peace Osmond on July 6, 2021
Its taken me soo long to come to terms with your death. My heart truly bleeds each time I think about you mom. You were not just a random stranger, you were my mom. How are you the one I am writing this about? How do I start to accept that you are no more... Cant you just wake up and tell me this is one of your many jokes? Oh dear momma, this one hurts. This one cuts so deep. I am sorry but I know this isnt goodbye. My bible tells me that you are only sleeping and on the resurrection morning, you will rise again. I love you mom.
Posted by Ekom Nnah on June 11, 2021
Dearest mummy,
It still very hard to admit that you're no more. I really wish to come back home and meet, because I can't imagine the house without your presence. Mummy, you have left a very big gap in the family that no one else can ever fill. We never wish to lose you now.
Our only consolation is that you know Christ. Your memories will ever live on!

I truly miss you mum!

Posted by Rhoda Akaka on June 9, 2021
Auntie what a beautiful soul you were. Such a wonderful laugh, personality, and a warm and loving spirit. I miss you ❤
Posted by EMMANUEL Nicholas on June 6, 2021
Dear God,
An Angel has returned to heaven and a mission has been completed on earth successfully, a good seed was sown and it's branches yielded good fruits. Bless and keep it's offspring. Amen #RIPhazelgracemama
Posted by Jayne Agunu on June 6, 2021
Mummy Iyire,

It’s hard to believe you are no more here. You always had a smile for everyone. The memories of my childhood are incomplete without you.
I always felt welcomed in your home.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first, you saw me and felt such compassion for me. You gave me a hug and said something along the lines of “ chai, my daughter, you are progressing, well done”.

You were present at each of my children’s dedications. You always rejoiced with those who were rejoicing.

It’s difficult to accept I will never see your face on this side anymore.

Keep resting in the bosom of Abraham.

Till we meet again.
Posted by Janelle Ikeh on June 6, 2021
Dearest Esther, I pray the Holy Spirit strengthen and comfort you and your family in Jesus' name, Amen!
Please stay strong..
Sending you love and hugs.
Posted by Sharon Nnabara on June 5, 2021
Dearest Esther, I cannot imagine how you and your family are feeling at this time. I pray for God's comfort and covering for your family. She will forever be missed indeed. Farewell sweet mother .....
Posted by Jemima Itang on June 5, 2021
Aunty Blessing was the funniest most loving aunty. We will miss your visits home and the laughter that you brought everywhere with you. Love you lots! ♥️
Posted by Chuks Ezike on June 4, 2021
Mrs Iyire was pleasant. In my encounter with her, she walked in a room with me and my friend in her daughters store and instead of wondering who we were, she immediately smiled and said my friend looked like her son. I immediately realized it was her way of saying ‘nice to meet you’.

It was nice to meet you too Mrs Iyire. Thank you for spreading love and walking this earth with meekness, poise and grace. Thank you for passing on that legacy to your daughter, your family and everyone that lived through you.

Thank you.
Posted by Mbonne E. on June 4, 2021
Praying for Gods comfort for you Esther and the entire family in this difficult time.

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting your mom but I remember stories you shared about her. How she accommodated people, her warmth and also the fun captions you had when you would put her pictures up. Esther, I know you loved your mom very much, but remember that God loves her more.

May Gods comfort and incredible love embrace you and your entire family.

My deepest condolences and may her soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Prisca Ekperikpe on June 4, 2021
No words can describe the feeling when I realize that you are no more. It hits differently Mummy. No one can really understand the pain of going through life without a sweet soul like you.
Most times it feels like it was yesterday, and other times it feels like it’s been hundreds of years since I last saw your warm and bubbly face.
You taught me love, patience and endurance. You taught me how to cook and and keep the house clean, I can literally boast of my excellent culinary skills now because of you Mum. You praised me whenever I did good and pointed out my mistakes to learn from. Mum, your death hits me so hard, I get lost in thoughts. I still hear your voice in my head Mum.

I know you are in a better place looking down on us and nodding your head in approval. You’ll always be in our hearts forever. I love you mummy! Keep resting till we meet on the glorious morning.
Posted by Answer Iyire on June 4, 2021
I wonder why death decided to take you so soon from us but we can't questioned God because he alone knows everything, good night till we meet again.
Love you so much and I will always miss you.

Ibori love you
Posted by Gift Wiche on June 4, 2021
Mummy ever graceful and loving even when she didn’t know who me from Adam . I am still shocked this is real but am happy your in a better place watching and protecting us.
We love you and we would miss you .
Posted by Sparkle Mgs on June 4, 2021
Words are not enough to express how much you will be missed Mom to all. But one thing is certain you lived a life what emulating. Continue to Rest well. We all miss you.
Posted by Nneka Racheal on June 4, 2021
To know you is to love you. You were so free and easy to relate with, have never met anyone who doesn't like you, Never. Thank you for all the laughs, advise, food and care. Thank you Soo much for always treating me more like a daughter than a worker. You were always praying for Hazel Grace styles to flourish and it did. You always wanted the best for everyone around you. Ma'am you raised amazing children and they will all live up to make you PROUD. Mummy Hazel I miss you
Posted by Faith abraham on June 4, 2021
I still can't believe that you're gone.I could vividly remember the role you played in our life and my mom's life especially,You were more than a mother to my mom. I miss you more than ever. We love and miss you. And I cannot wait until we meet again and get to be with Jesus forever.
Posted by Kadosh House on June 4, 2021
I have never called any other person Mummy in my life but it came out Easy because of the way You treated everyone Equally
You were an example of a woman with a large heart to have accommodated plethora of Young men and woman.
You truly had a Midas Touch because Everyone that passed through your Loving care ends up becoming Great and a force to reckon with.

I will love you across time and space and Memories of you will linger in my heart for as long as the earth remains...
As forever as the Sun....So will my love remain
Until we meet face to face...I will miss you in the flesh.
Your Son
Samuel Dixon
Posted by Blessing Ibok on June 3, 2021
Words fail me to say or type at this time. If I knew you’ll be gone so soon, I would have hugged you so tight, cracked jokes and laughed till dawn when I saw you in England in 2018. The thought that you’re no longer here with us is surreal. I need someone to wake me up!! I don’t even know where to start or how to end, but I do know that you were a GREAT woman and I will TRULY miss you . My childhood stories are not complete without you . Rest in the bosom of our Lord, Aunty and may our good Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear this loss. It’s a loss here but a great gain in heaven
Posted by Kevwe Ibekwe on June 3, 2021
Mommy never knew me from Adam. All I was to her in 2015 was "Esther's friend who needed a place to stay". Mommy welcomed me into her home and treated me like her own child. Not just me, but every person her children brought home and introduced as a friend. My parents still wonder how she could love a stranger so easily. I will continue to celebrate her beautiful legacy and I am forever grateful to God for giving me a chance in life to cross her part. Mommy was a good and selfless mother and will forever be missed. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest well Mommy. You lived a beautiful life and you left us all with good memories.
Posted by Bona Solomon on June 3, 2021
We love you so so much Aunty B! Thank you for the memories, the laughter, the kindness, thank you for the love.

You will be fondly remembered in our hearts.

Posted by Racheal Ogunleke on June 3, 2021
Mummy your life is an inspiration to me, no amount of words can reveal how wonderful you were to me because you never made me feel like a stranger around you. You are wonderful, you have such a great heart, your love, care and kindness towards me can never be erased. I know no amount of cry can bring you back, my heart is full with so much grieve as I pen this down.
Keep resting in bosom of the lord.
Your memory will forever linger in my heart
Posted by Victor Christopher on June 3, 2021
You were such a loving and caring woman. While i was growing up,you were fond of calling me "my husband ". It's sad to know you're no more...

No one would ever fill the vacuum you've left in our heart,Ma'am.
Rest on till we meet again.
Posted by Gloria Eze on June 3, 2021
Dearest Esta,

Your mom was such a delightful person and I can never forget her funny jokes. She always made me laugh.

She was an amazing mom with a lovely and kind heart and I feel privileged to have known her. I know you will miss her deeply Esta. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Temitope Odunsi on June 3, 2021
It’s so hard to process the fact you are no more on this verge of Jordan. I still remember your smiles and how you make me feel welcome when ever you see me. Thanks for being such a kind hearted, humble and down-to-earth being. You would be greatly missed. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. We love you.
Posted by Yemi ibims on June 3, 2021
I remember every single memory of you.
The way you show so much love, selflessness and humility every single time. So hard working and always wanting the best for everyone. A mother to all with so much life and love to give.

We would surely miss you mummy. I promise Esta would make you proud. I promise Ma.

Rest In Peace Mummy ❤❤❤❤
All of us go make you proud.
We love you.
You go just they smile were you they.
Posted by David Usoro on June 3, 2021
Thanks for all the love, joy and laughter
Beautiful memories.
I love you forever aunty B ❤️

Posted by Shadrach Ojemire on June 3, 2021
Dear Mother,

I only had the chance to meet you in your lovely daughter Esther.
I saw your kindness,
I saw your Grace,
I saw your authenticity,
I saw your love for God and people,
I saw your devotion to the kingdom of God and passion to make a difference.

More so, I heard endless stories of how consistently amazing you're, lavishly generous and unflinchingly loyal to God, family and friends.
No wonder you're so deeply missed!

Apparently, your legacy is boldly written in the hearts of many & also on the sands of time.

My heartfelt Prayer is that the Precious Holy Spirit would heal and comfort the many hearts broken by your passing.

Rest on Ma'am,
See you on the blissful resurrection morning.
Oodles of Love Always,
Posted by Happy Ibok on June 3, 2021
You were a very rare gem, a special woman, mother, friend, aunt, sister. Most importantly you were like a second mother to me. I can hear your loud laughter everytime I think of you, how you fondly say “nwah you’re a dark skinned beautiful girl” everytime you saw me. My fondest memory of you was you picking me up from primary school, bringing me to your house and feeding me cause my mom couldn’t make it cause if her tight work schedule. You were special to me, when I heard this news my heart broke, I went back to our picture we took 2018 in London and I looked at that beautiful smile knowing I’d never see it again. I miss you sooo much, I’d never hear you call me beautiful or tell me how I’d be the next best thing. I know heaven has its reason so I wouldn’t question it. Rest in Peace love you forever and a day more.

My deepest condolences to the Iyires. 
Posted by Emmanuel Ibok on June 3, 2021
Safe travels, ma! My memory of you is of a cheerful soul, always smiling with a warm personality.

I remember you convincing my parents to let me have sleep overs at yours. And you took me in like your son.

Thank you for your love and kindness. 

I'm sure your star will shine down on us.
Posted by Toluwaleye Odunsi on June 3, 2021
Thankful for your life ma.
Rest in the bosom of Abraham.
Posted by Richard Chukwuka on June 3, 2021
Dearest Esther,

If we had the power to give life, am sure I wouldnt be writing this today. This is indeed sad and painful but I believe in God and his ability to know exactly why things happen. You are not alone because she lives in you and would continue to live on as long as her memory is in the hearts of her friends and family. Am sorry for the pain this might cause but.
Posted by Prince Olufemi Odukoya on June 2, 2021
Dear Esta,
Those we love are never more than a thought away; as long as there is a memory, they live on in our hearts forever. Every memory of your Mom should bring back how selfless she was, how kind she was and how special she will continue to be. Her amazing heart may have stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives will continue to live on in the lives of those that she loved! When you remember her, smile because she is in a better place. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us, always in our hearts and in our memories...
Please accept my heartfelt condolences!

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