Bo Keyslay
  • Date of passing: Dec 7, 2012
Let the memory of Bo be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bo Keyslay. We will remember him forever.

From David Goldstein:

Bo Keyslay was my friend.  Bo was your friend.  He was a friend to everyone he met.  People like Bo are usually described as “nice”, as in “Bo is a nice guy”, but Bo was more than nice.  He was “kind”, and real kindness is rare.  His kindness took many forms.  He was caring.  He was concerned about the welfare of others.  He was slow to anger.  He called his mother.  The best measure of Bo is that his kindness inspired kindness in others.

Bo was also a man of uncommon integrity.  Integrity for many people is measured by not lying or cheating more often than we have to.  Bo held himself, and those he worked with, to a higher standard.  For Bo, integrity meant doing your best, it meant being true to yourself, it meant honesty and constancy, but above all it meant not remaining silent in the presence of unfairness or injustice.  Bo’s commitment to integrity inspired integrity in others.

He was a man who often lived at extremes.  When he worked, he worked with intensity and focus.  When he played, he played with the same intensity.  When he was happy, it was hard to imagine him sad.  But when he was sad, I imagine it was hard for him to believe that he would ever be happy. 

As a sweet and gentle soul, his kindness made him more vulnerable to the harsh realities of a world that often surrendered to anger, vindictiveness and greed.  In a world of friends who loved and admired him, sadness was his one and only enemy.  

Bo Keyslay was my friend, and he was my brother, and I loved him for who he was, and for what he taught me: be kind to everyone; demand the best of yourself and others; and don’t forget to call your Mother.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by leah schwarz on 1st March 2017

"My dearest Boaz.
Tomorrow 2nd of March your 61st Birthday. It could be a day of celebration, but you are not here with us for the past five years to celebrate. The pain is there, and memories are so vivid. Time does not heal, I miss  you so, it hurts .I wanted to write you a poem but I can not find words that suit my feelings. So I read all the poems they have sent me, poems of love for you, Boaz it was worth living for!
I  took my big file and start reading some of the letters I have received from around the world, and there I found comfort for a little while.

I have learned about real friendship you had," about love that you shared that brought kindness, humanity, and great hugs!"  how I miss your hugs too!.
Another good friend wrote: "Bo was a better athlete then me, a faster skier and a better golfer by far. and we had such good time and great memories together".

I know you were seeking the key for happiness and success.
You worked hard to find both.

Rest in peace my dearest beloved son on your 61st Birthday.

Your loving Mum"

This tribute was added by leah schwarz on 9th December 2016

"My dearest,
I found more photos from our last cruise, photos that remind me of a whole life we shared, photos that brought to life conversation we had, photos of many happy moments, photos of us growing older, photos that telling me about your life when I was far.
photos and memories that is all what remain.

Rest in peace my dearest Boaz.

Your loving Mum"

This tribute was added by kim francis on 7th December 2016

"Our birthdays were close together and so I remembered you were 60, as I now am, but you will never grow old as the rest of us do, as I am . Your smile remains young, and so do the memories. Thinking of you and more especially your Mum xx"

This tribute was added by leah schwarz on 3rd March 2016

"My Dearest,
How can I write Happy 60th Birthday which was yesterday March 2nd.
How can I celebrate your birthday and you are not with us?
But I did, and I can. I have imagined your 60th birthday, and
how it could be if you were with us. New life in every aspect.
I have celebrated your day with all your friends that written to me from all over, and they all remember the date. There is so much love for you,
No day shall erase you from memory of time.

you are missed and you are in my heart till the end of days.

Happy Birthday my love.


This tribute was added by Marianna Leybovich on 7th December 2015

"You and your mom are on my mind. I wish I knew any way to ease her pain. You are greatly missed. Rest in peace, Boaz."

This tribute was added by kim francis on 7th December 2015

"Missing you still........I thought of you the other day, for no reason you popped into my mind, and you made me smile, as you always did. I just read your mothers tribute and it made me sad, As a mother myself, and of sons, I totally understand her sentiments, but I know you would want to say, please don't feel guilty , even if you were there , the outcome may still have been the same...just possibly delayed. In situations such as this , we all wish we could have saved you, helped, done something, but your Mum most of all.....I feel so sad for her and have such empathy ......I will keep her in my thoughts xx"

This tribute was added by leah schwarz on 7th December 2015

"My dearest Boaz,

No day shall erase you from memory of time.

Today, December 7th 2015, three years since you left us.
They tell me that with time it will be easier. It is so hard, I miss you so much, where ever you are you must feel it.

I live with gilt every day why wasn't I at your side at those hard time, isn't it what mothers do?!

Forgive me my dearest that I did not cross the oceans and be with you.
We came back from the cemetery, your name is engraved in the cold stone, and flowers is all around. We sit and hold hands and speak of you, what if... and we create new life for you if only...

All your friends are in touch. They all write and call and remember.
This morning one of your close friends have written:
"The lights of Hannuka candels remind me of Bo smile"
Their kind words, and the stories they tell me easing the pain.

Another close friend of mine, write this morning: "You must know that you need to make the most of each day before the present becomes past". I am trying my dear friend.

Rest in peace dearest Boaz.

With endless love,


This tribute was added by aarti iyer on 12th February 2015

"I had the fortune of having Bo as my boss for a couple of years. His integrity and work ethic inspired me then and continues to inspire me now. I had the chance to go to London on a business trip in 2004 and he patiently took me around the city and made the trip memorable. I am deeply saddened about his passing."

This tribute was added by Marianna Leybovich on 8th December 2014

"I think of you, Boaz, often, did through the years, though we didn't keep in touch, and always will. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Liora Peleg on 7th December 2014

"You are remembered and missed..."

This tribute was added by kim francis on 7th December 2014

"Some very fond memories of some really happy times, keeping you in my thoughts x Kim"

This tribute was added by Liora Peleg on 11th January 2014

"I am so sad to find out about Boaz passing. We were friends in elementary school and  I will always remember how special he was."

This tribute was added by ronit soracco on 10th January 2014

"I'm so sad to hear that his life ended so prematurely!
His laughter will always stay with me!"

This tribute was added by Carole Levene on 10th December 2013

"The date may change but the pain remains. Shalom x"

This tribute was added by Jamie Ebrom on 8th December 2013

"A year has past and my memory of you is still as vibrant as you were in life. I feel incredibly blessed to have known you, to have been a part of your life even for the short time I did. I see the friends and family you left behind and am not surprised by their tributes - it speaks volumes... you were a remarkable and kind man - a man admired and respected by all. You are safe and I know you are happy.  Bo - quirky, mischevious, charming, considerate to a fault, your generous spirit, compassion.... the world was a better place having had you in it :)   I miss you!!"

This tribute was added by anita rhodes on 7th December 2013

"Boaz is forever in our thoughts We will always have special memories of our great times as part of our family  we all love and miss you May you always rest peacefully"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Doerr on 7th December 2013

"I think of my life now, bisected, into "before December 7, 2012" and "after December 7, 2012".  Everyone who knew him was caught up in the wake of his suicide.  Some of us were severely battered by it, while others of us were merely jostled.  We were all disoriented and it has taken time to adjust.  We move on--yet I live with much of him every day, surrounded by items that we purchased together, a constant gentle reminder to think of him.  Less each day, yet still in my head.  One day he will tell me why I was left with the spectacular horror of that morning, December 7 2012.  Until then, I remember...but move on."

This tribute was added by Scott Wise on 7th December 2013

"At dawn yesterday at ChampionsGate golf course in Florida, as the hot air balloons rose up in the dawn light, I couldn't help but think you were missing out on a great course to play.  Peace be yours, Bo."

This tribute was added by Carolyn Martyn on 30th December 2012

"My dearest Leah, how very devastated i was to learn about your sweet Boaz; my memories are so very clear and sharp,the many great times in Malta and in London and Miami. He was one of lives truly good souls,and like all good souls found the reality of this World too harsh;Rest in peace sweet Bo, knowing you will be deeply missed by so many people whose lives you touched. Shalom my friend."

This tribute was added by anita rhodes on 27th December 2012

"I am so sad that Boaz is no longer with us But he will remain in our hearts forever. Our family new boaz first in Malta then in London..We watched him fly his beloved family nest and make his new life in USA. We are all heartbroken for Raffi and Leah and Michael . May he always rest in peace  Our thoughts are with with you all Love always The entire Rhodes Family  London"

This tribute was added by Ron Farmer on 16th December 2012


Bo Keyslay:

I wonder if some friendships are simply meant to be, preordained somehow. It seems that my meeting Bo was one of those. We met in the early 90’s at a self-help seminar here in Houston back when we were both actively seeking the keys to success and happiness. Do we ever really stop? Bo sat to my right during a break and a casual conversation lead to a twenty-year friendsh"

This tribute was added by Richard Long on 16th December 2012

"I cannot hope to match the eloquence of expression of those preceding me; but we had many adventures and personal trials over  a period of 30 years. What brought him to this choice of a permanent solution to a temporary problem was out of character with the recollection that I treasure; he was exuberant, irrepressible, all in all the time;  he was my other son and I shall miss him."

This tribute was added by Marianna Leybovich on 15th December 2012

"Boaz, If I could only be there for you in your darkest hour!  Your charisma was irresistible, your drive and energy behind your ideas were contagious, your style and manners were impressive, your love for technology - limitless, your lessons in business and life became invaluable to me. You were and will be greatly missed and never forgotten. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Kim Evans on 10th December 2012

"Bo, your passion, commitment to excellence and to team members raised the energy level of our workplace. Your kindness and sense of humor made you a joy to work with, to be with. I am forever blessed by your friendship.

Peace be upon you! KimE"

This tribute was added by Michele Price on 10th December 2012

"Bo your determination and focus will be missed.  You were such a gentleman and I will always remember how you went out of your way  to help me make my meeting when I could hardly walk with my busted ankle.

That kindness and humor you showed me will always be in my heart when I think of you. Michele"

This tribute was added by Scott Wise on 10th December 2012

"I just reconnected with Bo, after several years absence. On Nov. 23, he texted "We need to get together for some quality time. How is your next week?" I was traveling, so set it for Dec. 10. I will forever regret that I didn't move that date up, because even 5 minutes with Bo was always a blessing. I will miss our future golf games, talks and new times with my friend. Rest in peace, Bo"

This tribute was added by Evan Melrose on 10th December 2012

"Bo-  You touched many lives and your smile and laugh will live on with all of us.  I know you are finally at peace.   Safe journey my friend.  You will be missed."

This tribute was added by John Crabb on 10th December 2012

"Bo, a very close friend & business partner of over 25 years. A man of integrity, elegance, compassion, and humility. Clearly one of my absolutely revered and cherished friends in the world.I have so many wonderful memories of Bo. My life was better with Bo in it. I miss him terribly and I know the same is true for the many who love him. I know I do! Rest in peace my dear friend! -John"

This tribute was added by Scott Wagner on 10th December 2012

"Bo has been a dear and loved friend for 13 yrs - Our time together involved playing golf, doing business and enjoying good food as well as great conversations about life. I am sad and hurt  that Bo will no longer be with us on this earth. I know he is at peace now and no longer has to deal with the challenges that faced him but I know we could have worked it out given the chance. Miss you"

This tribute was added by Jamie Ebrom on 10th December 2012

"Oh, Bo - not nearly enough time with you!   Even with as little time as we had you are terribly missed.  You were a good man, and I am blessed to have had even this little amount of time to work with you and get to know you.  .Rest in peace my friend - Jamie"

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