Posted by William Unferth on January 23, 2019
I think I first met Bob in 1984 when he and Debbie were with the West Coast operation for Bossard. We really did not work together that long, but over the years we had some stories to tell. I thought I knew a lot of people in the Industry, but Bob had me beat, and he could sell. Sorry to hear of his passing but with the girls running the business, Bob knows that it is in good hands and the Lehman legacy will continue.
Posted by Mort Jensen on January 18, 2019
I was greatly saddened to learn of Bob's passing and my sympathies go out to Joyce and the family. I was lucky enough to be hired by Bob as his eastern sales manager while living in New York and traveled up and down the east coast and into Canada. I learned how well known and respected Bob was by many people in the industry. Perhaps Bob's biggest strength was his knowledge of and relationship with so any people in the industry. He realized the importance of distribution and of selling to distributors only. With the creation of WAFD and his joint venture with Leo Coar, Link Magazine was created. He had an amazing memory, a lot of foresight and will be remembered by most of us as a giant in the industry.
Posted by Frank Gaeta on January 9, 2019
My sincerest condolences to Joyce and family in the loss of a very special person. You were very fortunate to have known and be called a friend of Bob Lehman. He was very patriotic, wise, generous and always willing to help his friends.
When Bob was running Bell Fasteners, my partner and I started a company in K.C and needed some merchandise credit we drove to New Jersey and met with Dermott Rogers and Bill Hackett who also became wonderful friends of mine who worked for Bob Lehman, and agreed to give us a $ 500. line of credit. That was our start up of our company. The second experience some years later was at a golf outing with the NFDA
and I not much of a golfer, Bob Lehman told me I could not play golf in dress shoes, so he went into the Pro Shop and bought me my first pair of golf shoes. That was Bob. I am sure there were many stories such as mine.
Bob touched on many lives in a very positive way. He will be missed!!!!
Posted by Ray Bristow on January 9, 2019
I just learned of Bob's passing and I am saddened. I have known Bob for over 45 years. We had the pleasure of working together on the original board of directors for WAFD and attended many Nucor Fastener Sales meetings throughout the years. Bob was a giant in the fastener industry and always had his pulse on whatever issues were happening as well as the people involved. He also was the ultimate salesman as we all know. One of my fondest memories of Bob was attending a fastener meeting in Idaho. Bob and Leo Coar flew into Portland and drove over with me. On the way they wanted to make sales calls with me on some of my customers. I remember between Bob and Leo it was hard for my customers to even get a word in. They kept insisting that they needed an order before we could leave. They both loved to sell and were so good at it. Bob will be missed by everyone. My condolences to his wonderful family and may he rest in peace.
Posted by Rosa Hearn on January 8, 2019
I was 18 years old when I first met Bob. I was a receptionist at Bolt Products. Bob was the first salesman/supplier I ever met. Like clockwork he would visit us every month and every month he greeted me with a smile. It was such a pleasure to be able to speak with him, absorb his style and learn from a great salesman. Bob will be missed and I am so grateful that I am able to say " I knew Bob". Big hugs to the family. 
Posted by Karen Ardizone on January 7, 2019
My heart is saddened by the loss of Bob Lehman. I first met him in 1976 when he hired me to work beside him as the office manager in So. Ca for AFCOM. Built on mutual respect, our relationship grew over the years, and never ended. I could tell many stories but most of all I wanted to share that he not only was my boss, but like a big brother, he mentored me, scolded me at times, but was always an advocate and believed in me to pursue this crazy fastener industry over many years. An icon in our industry, he leaves a beautiful legacy - a loving devoted wife and three precious daughters to carry on. I will forever be grateful for his loving heart. Well done, good and faithful servant.
Posted by Mike Civita on January 4, 2019
I am very sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I have known him and his family for over 40 years. i was a novice in the fastener industry in 1977 and Bob helped me along for 20 yrs. at M & M Fasteners. We had many a great golf game together as well as memorable WAFD trips. Great times at Pebble Beach Too!! My condolences to Bonnie, Deb, Tracy and Kelly. He was one of the Best!
Posted by Kim Scott on January 4, 2019
I am saddened by the lost of Bob. He was a true gentleman, and industry leader. He took me under his wing and I’ve been a part of the business ever since. While many thought his methods were old fashioned, but sharing a meal and making a deal was sealed with a handshake. He instilled that you are only as good as your word, and ran his organization with those

morals and values. 
When I was hired for the position of Northern California sales, it was customary that the current sales person take you in the accounts, make the introduction, and “hand you over” to the distributor. Bob made a couple of trips to the Bay Area to complete the switch. An easy task, or should have been. Here I am trying to make an impression of my new employer, who has been in the industry forever, and Bob had his itinerary of which he did not share with me. Just a little nervous, as I was doing the driving and had no idea where we were going. Cautiously I am driving, and still asking, are we going North or South on the 880? He would be telling a story, and saying, “don’t worry, I will let you know when to turn”......oh boy! Those last minute, Hollywood turns surely left him with an impression.....or a bump on the noggin. I soon learned to drive in the right lane no matter where we went, as my navigator only gave me the signal to turn when I was on the exit. When we finished our calls, and I dropped him at the airport, he turns to me and says, “does your husband know that you don’t know your right from your left?” I will forever be learning my right from my left, and missing those words of wisdom....
Posted by Donald Olander on January 4, 2019
It was with a heavy heart that I found out about Bob' passing. He was an icon in the fastener industry. When I first met Bob, and found out he was born in Chicago, and he discovered that I was also born in Chicago, we established a lasting bond. Bob will be missed by a multiple number of fastener distribution and manufacturing owners and employees. I will miss his smile and his warm personality. Our prayers and condolences for Bob's family and close friends. Sincerely, Don and Sue Olander, Penn Valley, CA 95946
Posted by Marty Nolan on January 4, 2019
Very sorry for your loss. A great man and a great family. As the “son of” another long time Fastener Rep I feel a connection to the Lehman sisters who I’m sure have made their father very proud. Sending a prayer and I will be rooting for you as you continue to carry on a great legacy!
Posted by Savina Gonzalez on January 3, 2019
I'll always remember the time Bob and Joyce came to Reno. Joyce and John went gambling and Bob and I went to the bar! I'm glad I got to know him and the family. So sorry for your loss.
Posted by Mike McGuire on January 3, 2019
I first meet Bob when he was working with Bell Fasteners in the early 60s. We became immediate friends and that is when we started to built a lifelong personal and business relationship. Bob was the BEST salesman ever in the fastener industry, he set the standard, he wrote the book if you will. Every time he made a call it was a fun and learning experience! But more important was the time we spent together on the golf course, at an NFDA meeting, just visiting, having dinner and the best the 19th hole after we shared a few jokes and laughs and then just "Talked Shop" and solved all the problems of the fastener business. A little unknown story, for nearly three decades when I was putting together the annual Fastener Hall of Fame Awards selection Bob was the first person I called. Bob had more to do with the selection than anybody he knew everybody! A highlight for both of us was when we were inducted into the Fastener HOF together in 1994. It was a special time. Bob was a innovator with PWS and did a tremendous job with his daughters Deb, Traci and Kelly. 
Boy, I could go on and on, but Bob rest in peace in the arms of our Lord and save me a seat at the table to "Talk Shop"
Love ya', your ole' bud Magoo
Posted by LARRY MALONE on January 3, 2019
Posted by Rochelle Minton on January 3, 2019
I was very lucky to work with Bob and
see his smile when he walk in the office.
His presences will be truly missed.
Posted by Roy Harper on January 3, 2019
Mr. Bob Lehman has been a great friend to Pell Mell for all and more, of my 40 years here. I am saddened to hear of his passing.
A close friend of Melvin and the company, he made it a point to address me whenever he saw me in Los Angeles as a truck driver and as I moved up in the industry.
He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable at meetings, dinners, golf outings and parties I've attended over the years.
A genuine and kind heart that can never be replaced, he is truly a great man and will be missed by many.
My heart, my prayers and my condolences goes out to his wonderful family.
Posted by Mark Jojola on January 3, 2019
Bob is the the true to life George Bailey (IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE) his life has touched so many.If it was not for Bob some 33 years ago i would have gone off into the insurance business.He talked me out out it and helped me negotiate a better deal which eventually worked out. i decided to stay and have been here for 38 years and i have never regretted the decision Bob helped me make. Bob was my friend and i miss him.
Posted by Sara Mallo on January 3, 2019
I was deeply moved and saddened to hear the news of Bob's passing. He has a special place in my heart as he helped and advised me years ago when I needed some support and guidance. He was a prince of a man and created a wonderful company and legacy to be remembered. 
Sara Mallo
Posted by John Marshall on January 2, 2019
I am so saddened to hear the news of Bob's passing. Bob was a wonderful husband, father and businessman. Even though we are a small company, he always treated us as if we were his biggest customer. Our heart and prayers go out to the Lehman family. John and Mary Jayne Marshall (Keystone Bolt & Supply Co.)
Posted by Sherie P. on January 2, 2019
I knew Bob since I was 18 years old. That's a long time to know a person let alone such a giant in this business. My early fond memories were when you would visit Foremost Scotty and Neal Thompson always around or on your birthday. You would proudly announce to us how old you were to us young ones. Bob was a friend and a mentor to me as I made it through my fastener career and then to eventually open my own company. You were there for me to offer advice and guidance. Bob was a great man who dearly loved his family. Bob your smile and presence will be missed by many.
Sherie Phillips

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