Let the memory of Bob be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our friend and colleague, Bob Miniger . We will remember him forever for how much he loved Balchem and how those in Balchem loved him in return.

Posted by Denis Sangulin on 19th March 2019
Bob was a believer and he believed in me. Bob, thank you for the opportunity to have not only worked with you, but to have welcomed me into the Balchem family with open arms. I will always remember our fireside chats, same as my son will always remember playing horse shoes with you at our company picnic. With your passing, we lost a “good guy”, but in my heart a dear friend you will always be.
Posted by William Sweet on 9th March 2019
Bob trusted me. He cared about me. He wanted me to win.
Posted by Matt Houston on 2nd March 2019
Bob Miniger was sunshine to me. He just made everything brighter. He made everything sort of fun, unless, I guess, if you were being fired. Of course, I kept in touch with Bob post-Balchem employment, because you just gravitated to Bob once you knew him. To me, the world is a little less bright now. Here’s one of my favorite “Bob” memories and I have a lot of them. I was working at Balchem for about a year, so I guess it was winter 2006. It was a Friday (I don’t remember the actual date). Dino and Frank were out of the office. Bob and I were the only “management team” members in NH. It was snowing very hard and the forecast was for more snow. People were inquiring with me (because they knew I was a softy and surmised that I likely wanted to go home too) whether Balchem was going to close NH and send everyone home because of the weather. I’m sure all the old timers remember Dino’s penchant regarding “snow and office closings.” Yet, at this stage in my Balchem career, I was a legend in my own mind, and even though I probably knew I was not not far from being in Dino’s dog house for some reason or another, I somehow decided that it was a good idea to go over to Bob’s office and ask him, “Bob, should we close and send every one home because of the snow?” He replied, “I don’t know,” and without hesitating, picked up his phone and dialed a number. I didn’t know who he was calling, but I figured it was Dino. Dino answered and Bob said the following, “hi Dino...Matt is in my office and he wants to close the office and send everyone home.” I could not believe he said it like he did. My eyes jumped out of my head and I threw my hands at the ceiling in silent protest. The entire time he was looking at me and smiling, while he was listening to Dino. The conversation was short. He hung up and said to me, “nope, we’re not closing and Dino wants to see you first thing Monday morning.” “Bob! You suck. Couldn’t you think think of any other way to say it to him,” I whined. Bob said something like, “sure, but none of the other ways were as fun as that....” On Monday, there I was, firmly residing in Dino’s doghouse. Perhaps I could have been mad at Bob, but I wasn’t. I thought it was as funny as Bob did and it turned out to be a cherished memory. I will miss him. So many good memories....
Posted by STEVEN BESS on 28th February 2019
Bob really was one of a kind. I remember no matter how crowded the room, Bob would find a way to talk to each person and make them feel welcome. One thing I remember Bob saying to me when I started the role as Plant Manager was the he believed in me. I'm not sure he ever knew how much confidence that gave me. I never wanted to let Bob down. When I started training for my Ironman, Bob was there with advice and encouragement. He sent me training material and offered helpful hints. When I completed the Ironman, Bob was one of the first people I let know afterwards. I pray for comfort for his family.
Posted by Kristine Lukasik on 28th February 2019
Bob had an attentive, invested way of interacting with people, and had a special interest in helping people connect with others. His legacy will be the stronger working relationships we share as co-workers. We are mourning his loss *together*. Bob had a can-do/will-do attitude that was inspiring. If there was a light bulb to change or a drain to unclog in the office, Bob would manage to complete the task without mussing his impeccable shirt and tie. It also can't go without mention that Bob also had some epic dance moves, as those of us who attended company holiday parties in the 2000's can attest. He was truly the "life of the party", and we will all think fondly of him next time we hear the "Electric Slide". Peggy - you've been as much a part of Balchem as Bob was. I hope you find comfort in the memories shared here. Emily and Greg - your Dad loved to share stories with all of us about your accomplishments, world travels, etc. You made him so proud as his children, and as professionals.
Posted by Jonathan Griffin on 27th February 2019
Bob was a wonderfully passionate soul who will be deeply missed. I send my deepest sympathies to Peggy and his entire family. There are few people who can energize a room and 'light it up' with such humor, compassion, and that infectious smile. I can still picture him walking(quickly) the halls here in New Hampton....saying hello to everyone (by first name!), tracking down the leaks in the roof...... and offering hilarious anecdotes on the business of the day. No one could tell a story like Bob. Every trip to his office for our 'fireside chats' was filled with great fun and creative thinking about the future. His original ideas for marketing choline, his passion for developing people (the ANH farm team!), and that crazy story about the candidate who saw the 'Woodchuck' out his window, will be some of the fondest memories for me. In my 8 years at Balchem, Bob is one who exemplifies the Balchem spirit more than anyone else. I will miss you, friend.
Posted by Bill Backus on 27th February 2019
Bob interviewed me when I first started at Balchem, and I immediately found him to be someone who you could have an easy discussion with regarding any topic. He always had such a positive attitude and made you laugh at least once a day. Bob was just a wonderful person who will be missed greatly. My heartfelt condolences to Peggy, Emily, and Greg.
Posted by Carol Struble on 26th February 2019
Lyn & I are so saddened to hear if Bobs passing, what a wonderful man he was. Always a smile on his face and a positive word for everyone he came in contact with. We will remember him always with a smile in our hearts. Gone, but never forgotten Lyn & Carol
Posted by Jody Wilcox on 26th February 2019
My heart breaks at the tragic loss of such a wonderful man. I had the pleasure of working with Bob for the last 15 years of his Balchem career and I count myself blessed to have had that opportunity. He had such a passion for life and for people. When I was going through personal family tragedies and then acting as caregiver to my mom, he always took the time to ask how things were going or to lend words of wisdom and encouragement. He would always share his own “mom” stories, and in doing so, his good nature and humor would always end up bringing a smile to my face, even in those dark days. He genuinely cared, and it made such a difference to me just knowing that. I can think back on so many other great memories of Bob – one of my favorites was the time my husband performed his magic show at one of our company picnics. He chose Bob to participate in his “Lie Detector” trick. As you can imagine, it was hysterical and Bob played right along being the good sport that he was. It was also great to watch Bob in action as the life of the party on the dance floor at our yearly Christmas parties. And who could forget his abilities playing softball at the yearly company picnics, keeping right up with the much younger players, or even giving them a run for their money! His zest for life and all the incredible goals he achieved - and was still working to achieve post-retirement, continue to inspire me. Speaking with him a few times by phone just a couple of months ago in order to write our Capsule newsletter article about the 2nd Ironman he completed in September 2018, it was so evident he was living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it. I’m so glad I had that chance to speak with him again, and to hear firsthand he was living his dream and still pushing himself and others to believe that nothing is impossible. For sure the world was a much better place with Bob in it, but our loss is truly Heaven’s gain. He will never be forgotten. When the world loses a person who shined as much light as Bob did . . . we all should be inspired to try a little harder to help make up for that void. That would be the greatest thing we could do to honor his memory and to pay tribute to the incredible man that he was. My heartfelt prayers to Peggy, Emily, Greg and all of Bob’s extended family. May you find some comfort in knowing his spirit will live on in all of us until we meet again!
Posted by Andrew Higgins on 26th February 2019
Bob was always of great support to me, starting from the interviewing process before I was first hired and even after his retirement. He was a tremendous mentor and champion to me, personally and professionally. His tireless and infectious enthusiasm of life was always appreciated. He will be missed terribly. Our profound condolences to his entire family.
Posted by Derrick Burney on 25th February 2019
I’ll miss you Bob Miniger All my experiences with Bob were positive. He motivated me from the beginning 4 years ago, to achieve what I thought was not possible to accomplish. Bob's ability to increase your perception of yourself and other’s around you, was professionally exceptional. He was like a Pastor who would lower himself, to lift up the others around him. For example, God use him to motivate me on a book I wrote. This book was called "After the Cross", which was just a rough draft. I gave Bob a copy of my book to look over. As the typical Bob, he looked passed all the typographical errors and stated, “I knew you would achieve something Great. I always believed in you”. “Hey, Bob, but what about the improper sentence structure?” Even though, Bob was at the top of the corporate chain. He would humble himself to let you know you were just as important to the company. He would look pass all your imperfection's and see the Greatness in you and then pull that out of you. When most people only look at your imperfections, Bob looks at your potential. I talked with others about Bob and they all had the same things to say about him. They stated, “He could pull the best out of all those around him”. I’m going to miss Bob Very Much! His, final words to me when he was leaving St. Louis were, “Keep in Touch”. “I will, until I see you again, may God’s Love comfort your family.” Sincerely Derrick Burney
Posted by Heather Wright on 25th February 2019
My first memory of Bob was the interview I had with him 11 years ago. From the start he was warm and welcoming, and even shared a very personal experience with me, which showed me his willingness to be open and genuine with everyone, even strangers. The two things that impressed me most about Bob were 1) how he knew everyone's name, no matter if their title was Vice President or temporary filing clerk and 2) his great hair! I'm sure that Bob is busy making new friends up in Heaven, learning their names and encouraging them to run their first marathon, get their degree, apply for that promotion or otherwise be the best they can be. Bob touched many lives and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Randy Viscomi on 24th February 2019
I was deeply saddened by the news of Bob's passing. I will always remember Bob's smile and happy greeting of Doctor Viscomi whenever i saw him. I had the pleasure of spending a full day with Bob when he first started with Balchem, I took him to see a few of the ARC customers and we had a ball. Deb and I have Bob and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Bob will be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Janine Sarbak on 24th February 2019
Rest in peace sweet Bob, your infectious personality and smile will not be forgotten.
Posted by John Bedell on 22nd February 2019
Bob had the rare ability to put anyone at ease and to show that he genuinely cared about their wellbeing and success. Fun-loving, forthright, engaging, and often irreverent, he was certainly one-of a kind. I’m better off for having known him, and I’m grateful for his thoughtful counsel as well as the crazy antics and fun stories that I’ll always remember. Thanks for all that you did, Bob.
Posted by Karen Candies on 22nd February 2019
When I first met Bob coming through the doors of the Bridgeton office, he immediately let me know who he was before I could ask him "May I help you." It was an immediate friendship. It did not matter who was around, Bob would always greet me with a big hug and he had a way of making everyone feel important. Bob always asked how one of my grandson's was doing because he knew he had Type 1 Diabetes. He wanted to know if my grandson was doing everything he was supposed to be doing. I was devastated and heart broken to learn of Bob's passing so I can only imagine how his family must feel. Bob was the same whenever you saw him. I will truly miss his kind heart and genuine spirit for these are qualities we should all live by. His family truly has my deepest sympathy.
Posted by Gary Williams on 22nd February 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting Bob through the Balchem acquisition of SensoryEffects. I immediately recognized that there was no stranger to Bob. He was open with everyone he encountered and made the integration process enjoyable for all. One thing I will never forget is how he helped me and encouraged me to pursue my Bachelor's Degree to which I am still working on today. This change in my path has already opened doors for me in my career and will allow me to grow further as I progress. I will forever be thankful for this. Bob will be remembered by many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time of mourning.
Posted by Elizabeth Reim on 22nd February 2019
I met Bob this past year in Bridgeton, MO. I recognized his vibrant personality and love for people and life immediately. We sparked an immediate friendship and talked for so long. We talked about our love for working out (and more) and we were planning to run the KT Trail on one of his next visits. Bob did have a way of engaging people and making them feel special... he certainly did that for me when he spoke of how happy he was that Balchem had hired me (a sensory scientist from DuPont) and was glad to have my talent here. A very special person he was and looks like he lived an extraordinary life! May he rest in peace. My prayers to Bob's family during this time.
Posted by Gideon Oenga on 22nd February 2019
I got to know Bob when I first joined Balchem in 2006. It's solemn, sad and hard to take in the news about his passing. For the ever enthusiastic Bob! I personally felt his charismatic charm, encouragement, coaching, and his ability to help break down the "would be impossible", possible. He was a down-to-earth, wonderful, and true caring person in words and in deed! My and wife and I pray that God help his family to stay strong and be encouraged that Bob's soul is resting in eternal peace.
Posted by Gerritjan Van Der Ven on 22nd February 2019
Bob, thanks for teaching you're mantra "do you care about me, do you want to win" (or something along these lines).....yes you're sportsmen experience is right teaming up one can overcome any hurdle. Thanks for teaming up & transmitting the power of your enthusiasm!
Posted by Renee' McComb on 21st February 2019
Words cannot express how devastated and heartbroken I am about Bob's passing. He was my mentor, boss and friend who I will miss dearly. Bob always had a way of making everyone feel important and he was my biggest cheerleader. He was so caring, genuine and was always the "life of the party"! There are too many fun memories to recall, but one thing I always knew was that if I had to pick my kids up from daycare and leave the office by 5, never go in Bob's office after 4:30pm because he would talk my ear off with his many stories and I'd be there for hours! :) Oh how I do miss that, though! We also shared a common love of Michael Jackson music, so every time an MJ song comes on I'll be dancing and singing, thinking of Bob. Bob always made a lasting impression on everyone he interacted with and is so very loved and missed! Peggy, Emily and Greg - my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!
Posted by Lisa Bauer on 21st February 2019
I met Bob for the first time on my first day of work at Balchem. He made it a point to welcome me enthusiastically and warmly which made me feel great about my choice to join Balchem. Each and every time I saw Bob after that first day, I experienced the same enthusiasm and warmth. I was so heartbroken to hear about Bob's passing and know there is a huge void for all that knew him, especially his beloved family and friends. He was loved by many and will never be forgotten.
Posted by James Morris on 21st February 2019
Such an untimely departure for such a spirited individual. May his soul find a resting place as benevolent as he.

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