Younger Years

Shared by Debra Gooch on 3rd November 2014

I was very effected at the news that Bobbi had died.  Memories came back.  I have shared some photos in hopes that it might mean something to Starla.  I hope these can comfort and not create any unwanted feelings. I am the sister of Kevin Gooch, Starla and Bobbi's step grandpa (biological granddaughters of Joann Huddleston Weaver Gooch). They lived with them after leaving Tracy (biological mother) and before Joe died leaving them to John and Tina.  I am happy to know they have been loved and cared for all these years.  Added are photos of a Christmas, dressup, playing the park with Kevin and Joe's sons Kurtiss and Kyle.  We did a skit for St. Patrick's Day at an elementary school class.  There is one photo of Starla as a baby with Tracy.  And various others.  It was such a difficult time for all of us and I know the girls remember the harshness but I hope they can also remember some good times when they were small.  We still love you Starla and hope your life is full of joy and satisfaction and that you carry on with strength and the vibrance of Bobbi's spirit.  Thanks for letting me share. God bless.  Debbie


Blood is just DNA

Shared by Tracy Whitlock on 24th July 2014

I don't believe Blood is what makes us family.  To me, family are the ones we surround ourselves with that we love, respect and value.  They say blood is thicker than water but don't we need water to live? Our bodies carry more water than blood I think somthing like 60% water to 12% blood. What I am trying to say is that Bobbi and I didn't share the same DNA, but she will always be family and i am feeling a little dehydrated without her.
I feel so blessed to have watched her grow into such a beautiful woman.  I loved the way she was so close to my girls and was a good influence.  She would have burping wars with Annabelle and Elizabeth, burping songs or the alphabet.  She tried to teach Annabelle and Elizabeth how to fart on command. HA! She loved Sock Monkeys and candy.  Bobbi was so loving, kind, funny, and such a care-free spirit.  Bobbi would always make sure to give every animal she came accross attention and care.  She loved to scare me with spiders and although I HATE spiders with a passion, I will miss her taunting me.  
I don't think I had enough time with Bobbi, none of us really did she was taken from us too soon.

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