In loving memory of Roberta 'Bobbie' Stimson
  • 75 years old
  • Born on September 22, 1936 in Nebraska, United States.
  • Passed away on April 26, 2012 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Roberta 'Bobbie' Stimson. Bobbie was born Roberta Joan Miller on September 22, 1936. She passed away on April 26, 2012 at the age of 75.

She will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

Posted by Mary Fuhrer on 22nd September 2018
Hello Cousins-Still think about your mom often and miss her. Hugs to all! Mary
Posted by Bonnie Wheeler on 27th April 2017
Dear Randy, Donna, MaryJo, and Dear Bert... I can't believe how time flies it's already 5 years since our Sweet Bobbie has been gone. I know you all miss her, and I do too. I'm glad we keep in touch thru Facebook, It's wonderful to see all your children. Your Mom would be so very proud of all of you. God Bless to all.
Posted by Donna Breen on 26th April 2017
Sitting here with Bert, thinking of Mom today - 5 years she has been gone from our lives. Mom, if you are listening, your first grandchild Danny got engaged last week to a beautiful young woman you would love! Her name is Jourdan, and she is a teacher for special needs kids. Danny also got his contractors license and has his own Electrical business now. They are very happy! Travis moved back from Seattle, and is doing great too. Mary and I and our girlfriends leave for Cancun in 2 weeks. I spend every Sat morning with Papa, and Mary does on Sundays. Papa misses you and thinks about you all the time. You married the most wonderful Man, mom! All our love to you
Posted by Mary Fuhrer on 26th April 2016
So glad you guys keep this memorial site going.....what a wonderful thing. I love remembering your mom each year and her beautiful smile. She was a very favorite auntie to us Portland nieces! Such a gracious, loving, and wonderful person. I still miss her, of course and always will even though I didn't get to see her as much in my adulthood. Randy, Donna, and Mary Jo- thinking of you all today with love from Mary (your Portland cousin)
Posted by Mary Stockton on 28th April 2014
Thinking about my mom all weekend and knowing she was looking down on Donna and I. We were lining her kitchen shelves and unpacking kitchen boxes in Donna's new house. I'm sure she was not only proud of Donna for buying her new place but also of how close we are, how well she taught us,how we work together and most of all how much fun we have while doing it! Miss you mom!
Posted by Donna Breen on 27th November 2013
Miss you Mom! Randy, Mary, Claire, Jack, Bert, Danny, Travis and myself all went to San Clemete for dinner at the Fisherman - your favorite restaurant last month, and we spread your ashes inside of a heart drawn in the sand on the beach. The waves slowly took you away. It was wonderful, and beautiful! After dinner we all went to Lake Mission Viejo and lit sky lanterns and watched them float off into the heavens. I am staying with Papa now, and Danny lives here in town too. Travis is moving down soon, so we will all be together. We are spending Christmas at Mary's and Papa and I set up your Nativity Scene this weekend. We love and miss you soooo much. Thinking of you all the time. Love your Daughter, Donna
Posted by Bonnie Wheeler on 30th September 2013
Happy Birthday to my dear friend Bobbie, I was thinking of you on your birthday, I was in Carmel, the sand was so white and soft, the waves splashing, the dogs running, couples were holding hands, Memories, that's what we have, forever friends...!!!
Posted by Bonnie Wheeler on 3rd May 2013
I'm so glad to have received this beautiful tribute to my dearest friend, Bobbie. I was in Paris,April 26th, the moon was full and I know she was watching... I'm so very thankful to have had Bobbie in my life. Take care dear children, she is in a better place. We just miss her.
Posted by Bonnie Wheeler on 3rd May 2013
Thank you for the beautiful tribute, my dearest friend Bobbie. I'm so glad to have had her in my life. April 26, 2013, I was in Paris, the moon was full and I was looking at the Eiffel tower twinkling and I knew Bobbie was with me. Take care dear children
Posted by Stacy Watkins on 26th April 2013
To Bobbies family. Remember you all on the one year anniversary of the passing of your mom and wife. The years will continue to roll by but I know you will continue to miss Bobbie as all will. With time passing the hurting eases but truly never will go away. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Mary Stockton on 26th April 2013
Looking at the pictures again this morning on the anniversary of my mom's passing brings me to tears. She was so beautiful. We all miss her!
Posted by Mary Stockton on 24th September 2012
In honor of mom's birthday Saturday Bert and I went to one of her favorite restaurants "The Fisherman" in San Clemente for dinner. We toasted Mom with a glass of Chardonnay and watched the sun set from the pier. I hope she was watching from above and knows she is thought of often...
Posted by Bonnie Wheeler on 22nd September 2012
Dear Bert,Randy,Donna, MaryJo and grandchildren, This is a lovely tribute to my dear friend Bobbie. I've missed her so, it brings tears to my heart that she's not hear to talk to. Randy you've done a beautiful job with this memorial. God Bless all of you, Memories.
Posted by Victoria Ramirez on 22nd September 2012
Dear Bobby, I love you and miss you so much! Remember the good times we had and the good food we shared! I know you are in a better place and one day we will be together! Received all my love, Vicky
Posted by Stacy Watkins on 14th May 2012
Bert, Randy, Donna and Maryjo.. sending my heartfelt sympathy to you all during the loss of your mother and wife. Seems like just yesterday that we were all hanging out and growing up together. I remember many summers spent at your house BBQ'ing in the back yard and swimming in the pool. Your mom will forever be missed. Love to you all, Stacy (Threlfall) Watkins
Posted by Susan Foster on 11th May 2012
I loved your mom. To me, she was the image of what a "perfect" mom should be. She was so sweet and kind, she was a great cook, and kept a beautiful home. What I remember most was she was always smiling and cheerful, and she was a beautiful, classy woman. I also admired the love that she and Bert had for each other. They always seemed like two newlyweds. She will be missed so much.
Posted by Harmony Myrtle on 10th May 2012
What a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. I enjoyed the pictures and stories very much. What a full and wonderfull life. I see the love she passed down to her children being passed down to their children. There is no greater legacy!
Posted by Kelly Logsdon on 10th May 2012
This tribute is beautiful just like your mom. We can only imagine what you and your family are going through. As friends & neighbors weI had the luxury of seeing Bobbie when she visited. She always had a sparkle in her eye and contagious smile. We know she is watching you all from the stars above and giving you strength. Let's get together to celebrate her life. Love, The Logsdon Family
Posted by Mary Stockton on 7th May 2012
My tribute to my mom was too long so I posted it in the story section.

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