This memorial website was created in memory of our father, Bob Kraning, born on April 7, 1933 and graduated to Glory on April 5, 2020 - 86 on earth, 87 in heaven.

For many Dad was a wonderful story teller.  For others he was a pastor and a leader.  Through 50 plus years of ministry - youth found Christ, marriages were strengthened, families grew closer, and churches were healed and restored after being broken and scattered. He was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and a genuinely good man... and he was our Dad. Dad to his 2 boys Kent and Kevin, dad to his daughters-in-love, Robin and Shelley, Grandpa to 9 and Great-grandpa to 9 more.  He loved us all unconditionally and prayed for us by name every day.  But above all else, he loved our mom with all his heart.  He was her only love, a faithful friend and her life partner for over 60 years.

We KNOW he is in heaven with Jesus whom he unashamedly proclaimed and loved, but we still dearly and deeply miss him.

We know who he was to us, but we would love to know what he meant to you.  Please use the section below or the "stories" tab above to share your thoughts and memories and upload photos if you wish.  Thanks in advance for your many prayers and the encouragement to our family through your words.
Posted by Kim Noble on June 30, 2021
We have to agree with so many others comments. I loved my time at Forest Home under Bob's leadership and felt blessed by having him as a mentor. Bob married Kim and I in 1982 and he counseled us a few times in the short amount of time between engagement and wedding, 4 months. Kim and I felt blessed that Bob trusted and believed in us and our commitment to marriage. He and Carol were great example in so many ways. Bob also communicated clearly that Forest Home was a ministry to the guests and staff alike. Praying for God's comfort and peace for Carol and all the Kraning family. David and Kim Noble
Posted by taryn derke on June 10, 2021
I met Bob as a 15 year old on my first visit to Forest Home when my dad came on staff. He made me feel a part of FH from the very beginning as I came "up the hill" to work on weekends and later summer staff. I was on the high school trip to Catalina with "Broad" Terry Broad, and remember Bob calling out to her and us all laughing. Bob loved Jesus and he loved his faith and had fun living it. How great to experience that as a teenager in someone you looked up to. He had a great laugh, a big smile and was a wonderful leader. I remember him telling us at camp his favorite verse "At Parbar westward four at the causeway and two at the parbar" 1 chronicles 26:18 KJV in Hormel Hall with all four verses of How Great Thou Art right behind him. Bob, you made me laugh, and smile too and be happy I was making a commitment to the God of the universe who could laugh and smile too. Though I lost touch with FH in 1974, I'm sure you finished well and I'm blessed to have these impressionable years of my life touched by you. See you someday soon. (Carol I remember your wonderful kindness and smile too and Kent, football at YHS I think-how great that you have impacted so many thru your ministry too) Taryn (Olson) Derke
Posted by Wayne Robbins on July 21, 2020
I was astounded when I heard of Bob's passing. I served under Bob as an intern at Forest Home in the early 80's along with Ted Limpic, Todd Alexander, Dave Noble and others. In 2010 Bob graciously came to speak at Morningstar Church in Salem, Oregon and helped us transform our Men's Program from a few to a few hundred. He always had an encouraging word and it was a blast for me to sit next to him on his return flight to southern California. I'm saddened.
Posted by Mark Foulk on July 17, 2020
I remember Bob fondly from years of men and family retreats at Forest Home. I particularly remember sharing a big burden I carried with him and his words of wisdom that helped to free me from it. I still remember that year with one of my most prized possessions - a Forest Home blue coffee cup that says ‘Home Improvement - Forest Home Family Camp ‘94’. Thank you Bob. Sincere Blessings and condolences to the family.
Posted by Linda Valadez on June 28, 2020
I was a teenager in a children's home in Los Angeles who attended a church that sent us to Forest Home twice a year. God used Bob Kraning to reach me through his gifted speaking and also his warm loving presence. Thank you Kraning family for being a home base for him so that he could reach into the lives of so many people and be used by God.
Posted by Bruce Bauer on June 8, 2020
Hi Carol. I just discovered about Bob online. I am saddened and sorry to hear about him but I rejoice in his huge love for Jesus Christ. Bob was a friend and mentor to me at EV Free Fullerton in the 90s and we worked together on many volunteer community works and construction projects. He also encouraged me in teaching the Bible which helped lead to an 18 year adult Bible teaching stint at Grace Chapel in Lancaster, CA. I am retired now from UPS and my wife Karen and I now live in Granbury, TX near Lake Granbury. May God's comfort and blessing be rich and full to you and your family in the coming months. Cordially, Bruce Bauer
Posted by Renee-Steve McClaugherty on May 31, 2020
We are filled with so many wonderful memories of Bob and Carol. Bob married us in January of 1973. We had both been on summer staff and been blessed by Bob’s ministry at Forest Home. We went on to live in Forest Falls and Steve was on staff until 1989 when we moved to Oregon. Bob was directing the ministry of Forest Home all the years we were there. To us, Bob was the heart and soul of Forest Home. Forest Home thrived under his leadership. We remember his love for the Lord, his clear teaching of God’s Word and the integrity of his life. Bob always had time for people and he treated all the staff with great respect. He reminded the staff regularly of how important each person was to the overall ministry of Forest Home. Bob and Carol spent hours each Sunday evening greeting those who were arriving for Family Camp. They have both been such wonderful examples of how to do ministry.

Bob and Carol also led a couples Bible study for those of us who lived in the canyon. Their marriage has been a great encouragement and model for us over the years. They came to our church in Oregon and spoke at a conference. Bob also came to Cannon Beach a number of times as a guest speaker. We traveled there to see him several times and shared a meal with him and enjoyed a long walk on the beach together. …So many good memories.

Although we are deeply saddened by his departure, we know there is a great celebration in Heaven. Bob finished well.
Posted by Sheila LeCompte on May 19, 2020
What a deeply sad thing to have to say goodby for now to such a man as Bob Kraning. He was a gift to campers for sure, saving marriages, encouraging ministries, guiding services at Forest Home. Certainly a gift, but he was a treasure to staff members and their families. It wasn't easy doing the work of Forest Home, but when Bob was around there was serious fun. He knew the mission and made sure everyone else did too, but he could make you fall over laughing at just the silliness of circumstances. A man of God , a man of good cheer. I envy Don being there with you. We miss you here and cherish your memory always, Bob.
Posted by Sandy Stone on May 7, 2020
As I took my early morning walk today, I began to hum “Good morning Lord, it’s great to see the sun again!”, and once more I was in Hormel with Bob leading us in worship.  I feel so blessed to have shared Forest Home with the Kranings and so many others. Treasured memories of love and faith in action. 
Posted by Diana Wickman on May 1, 2020
Growing up with Kevin, I had the pleasure of playing out in the open fields behind the Kraning home and swimming in their pool (even though we had a pool as well). I remember walking down the clay tile hallway in my young, wet feet when Mrs. Kraning would call out that she had popsicles for us. I remember Mr. Kraning's voice, usually coming from the living room, and always asking something like, "how are you, sweetie?" 

Growing up neighbors of the Kranings was a blessing. 

I didn't stick around too long after graduating in '83 - I joined the Coast Guard, which found me far away from home... But Bob and I shared the same birthday, and without fail, for years and years, we'd message each other and wish each other Happy Birthday. 

I missed our Birthday message to each other this year Bob... I will miss it every year, but on my birthday, I will so be thinking of you... 
Posted by Kathy Lawrence on April 29, 2020
Carol, having you and Bob speak at Pine Cove was such a blessing and Bob was so easy to work with on the scheduling. The campers loved the time and personal attention that you both gave them. Thank you for your service to the Lord and for impacting many marriages over the years. 
Posted by Scot Myhr on April 29, 2020
Bob (and Carol) had a positive influence in our lives during a challenging time. 

It's now easy to look back and see how that challenging time was used by God to strengthen us. We're thankful to God for Bob and Carol's part.
Posted by Carla Osberg on April 29, 2020
Hi Carol (again). I just wanted to leave my phone number in case you would ever want to call. We live in Corona. I'm not even sure you would remember me but I wanted to be available if you feel like talking. We just lost our 16 year old grandson in January. Carla (Shulman) Osberg - 714-270-0246
Posted by Dennis Keating on April 28, 2020
Bob was and continues to be the model of a Christian man for me to emulate: genuine and heart-felt in faith; dedicated and serving in marriage; loving and principled in parenting; kind and interested in people; biblical and personal in teaching; effective and strategic in leading; transparent and real in emotions; fun and lighthearted in life; faithful and true to the end. Thank You Lord Jesus for Bob! What a gift of grace to me/us all. 
Posted by Erik Bell on April 28, 2020
I will never forget how Bob belted out "How Great Thou Art" in Hormel Hall.  You could tell that he believed and lived every word! Such a passion for our Lord.
Posted by Nikki Nielsen on April 27, 2020
Philippians 1:21-25
“For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Now if I live on in the flesh this means fruitful work for me; and I don’t know which one to choose. I am torn between the two. I long to depart and be with Christ—which is far better—but to remain in the flesh is more necessary for your sake. Since I am persuaded of this, I know that I will remain and continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith....”

When Bob was alive he did so much fruitful work. He not only preached the gospel but lived it out too! He remained faithful and continued with us for our progress and joy in the faith.

He was kind and caring. He was supportive and encouraging. He was my cheerleader. He was happy and had joy that was contagious. Plus, he smelled like coffee and aftershave, well, that’s how I remember it anyway.

To the Kraning family I say thank you for sharing your beloved husband and dad with the world—with me. I am thankful. I am a better human because I knew him.
Posted by Lynn Schoolmeesters on April 27, 2020
Bob Kraining had a huge influence on changing the direction of our family growing up (Tom Warner’s from Mn). He pointed us to Jesus. He had a huge impact on helping us start Northern Pines. He will be greatly missed. He was a faithful servant. Carol and family you are in our prayers.
Posted by Sandy Stone on April 25, 2020
We had the joy and privilege of raising our family at Forest Home, beginning in 1976 as frequent campers, and continuing into the mid-1990s when we spoke at Junior High Winteramas, ran the CCA program (all weekend programs), and participated in many a Willing Workers Weekend. There isn’t enough room to list all the memories we made, blessings we received, or friendships we formed, for the list is endless.  Bob is certainly at the top as I can still close my eyes and see him in the dining room, feel his warm hugs, and hear him leading us in praise and worship in Hormel. I still sing “Good Morning Lord” as I take my early morning walks, and remember his teachings.  Bob was the consummate teacher, and amazing friend to all who knew him.  One favorite memory was when our son Adam was about 3 years old, Bob called him to the microphone in the dining room and coached him to say “Good Morning, and welcome to Hume Lake”!!  What celebration there was in Heaven as he was welcomed home. Countless lives were blessed, and led to the Lord, through Bob Kraning’s ministry and his life’s example. How blessed I am today to have been one of these people. 
Posted by John Coulombe on April 25, 2020
Bob Kraning and I came to EvFree to join the pastoral staff at the same time. I had known Bob in the late 60's from our youth pastor days when we would gather at Forest Home to figure out how to reach youth in the church with the gospel...and those were good days.

Working together in the late 80's was fun, challenging and meaningful...and Bob was one of the reasons why those were great days. We learned much from him as we became brothers, friends, confidants, mentors and colleagues, learning, stretching, encouraging and shedding tears when something would touch Bob emotionally. Then there was the other side where we all would laugh together as Bob would break out into laughter uncontrollably at his own stories, with the usual BK gestures that were uniquely part of his wonderful persona. And we loved his stories…but also knew them so well that we could tell them ourselves...except when
Bob would tell them they got bigger and better with time!

I already miss Bob...we all miss him greatly because he shared his life with us deeply. Carol, our prayers go out to you as you adjust to your best friend being gone...for awhile.
Let's hear it for the resurrection!
Posted by Lorraine Reaume on April 24, 2020
Well, this is quite a coincidence. Just now, while "Quarantined" in our second home, I was putting back a Bible I'd had out and noticed my little New Testament from high school. It had some papers sticking out so I grabbed it to take a peek. In it were lots of notes and the Forest Home College Briefing week schedule headlined by by Bob Kraning, 1972. And I thought, "Bob Kraning. I wonder where he is!" And I found this page. He was wonderful. I had such a crush on him. In fact, in one of the cabins, carved into the wall of a top bunk, it states, "I LOVE BOB KRANING"! That would have been '68 or '69. (By 1972 I hope I was a little more grounded!) I want you to know that this old granny still has such very fond memories of that man. What a speaker!! When he invited people up to accept the Lord, the kids just lined up. (Thursdays, right? Maybe Wednesdays.) He must have been an absolutely wonderful father and Grandpa. My heart will be smiling all day, not because he's passed, of course. I'll be smiling remembering him and reading all these little notes in my Bible. You all must miss him so. I know that when all this virus nonsense ends and you are able to celebrate him, you will end with a rousing chorus of How Great Thou Art!! Love to you!!
Posted by Penny Mihály on April 24, 2020
Being on Forest Home's summer staff at The Ranch in 1966 was a life-changer, and Bob was a big part of that. His sense of humor was surpassed only by his love for the Lord and his powerful way of sharing his genuine faith. I recently digitized years and years of slides and set aside the ones from that summer, with memories of him, Wayne and Marcy, Ed, Sandi, Paula, and Stan. Well-done, thou good and faithful servant..
Posted by Mark Zeek on April 24, 2020
Dear Kraning family,
I was so privileged to know Bob for all of the years of working together at Forest Home. He truly demonstrated being a brilliant teacher of the Word and leading the ministry of Forest Home for many years. One of the things he impressed me with was how he cared for and loved the staff. He showed me personally that every person mattered and that every person was important. He set an example that I have tried to follow as a leader at Forest Home. I will always value the friendship I shared with Bob and his family.
We will meet again!
Posted by Carol Bennett on April 23, 2020
My heart is saddened to hear of Bobs passing . My husband and I grew so much as a couple during the years he was the director at Forest Home . I still sing Good morning Lord on my way to work and I see Bob leading it . I loved the praise and worship time he would start us with in the mornings at camp . I loved how his head bobbed when he talked . I still remember sermons he gave the first night of camp to get us ready for camp . We loved the years when he and Rick Hicks led together . Such fun between them . My husband and I looked up to him and are thankful God blessed us through his life . I weep at the passing of this great and faithful man .
Posted by Michael Hale on April 23, 2020
On March 8, 1980. at a single's conference at Forest Hime Christian Conference Center, being led by Ben Patterson, I proposed to my best friend and the love of my life (Nancy Gail Anderson) at Hidden Falls, during an afternoon break. 

We were married on December 27, 1980, and during the summers of 1981 and 1982, my wife and I served at Forest Home as Summer Staff Advisors.
Something had gone wrong during our time of service, I can't even remember what it was, but we were called in to see Bob in his office. That was the first and the last time i ever remember being reprimanded and walking out of the room feeling better than I did when I had entered. Bob had a way about him.

My mom (Charlene Hale) went to be with the Lord on December 19, 2016. She had worked at Forest Home for a few years, and in 1982 Bob officiated her wedding at Lake Mears Chapel, when she married Keith Osborn.

In 1986 my Ordination Ceremony was held at Lake Mears Chapel, Lots of memories over the years, many blessings that included Bob Kraning. 
Bob was a natural people person, a servant of the Lord, a skilled administrator, and a pretty good preacher. 
I know Bob and my mom are both enjoying their new home. 
Posted by Tolu Peters on April 23, 2020
Dear Carol and Family;
"A good name is better than fine perfume and the day of death is better than the day of birth." Ecc.7:1
We were so sorry to hear about Bob's passing from this life as we know it. We know that we will see him again in the presence of JESUS. We pray that the void he has left will be filled with the good times shared with Bob while he was here on earth. Bob was a very kind and loving man. He was a team of one with Carol. May GOD comfort you, Carol, and family with HIS love, peace and with everything that you need during this difficult time. We praise GOD for promoting Bob on into HIS presence.
Our love and prayers,
Tolu and Bunmi Peters
Psalm 116:15
Posted by BILL CRAWFORD on April 23, 2020
I have so many memories of Bob and he was a major influence in setting the course of my life in ministry. As a High School student I was on the aisle seat up front in Hormel Hall when Bob spoke on the Holy Spirit and listed 7 characteristics. That was a life changing night for me. Bob lead a staff foot washing/communion service for summer staff that was a first experience and very powerful. I still remember his meditation from John 13. It meant so much to our family that Bob and Carol came to my mom's memorial service a while back. You know how they say you love some people and respect other people? I loved and respected Bob and he made major spiritual deposits in my life as a teen and college student.
Posted by Judith Kerns on April 23, 2020
Dear Carol; your and your love Continue to share the message of Gods promise. Together we were nurses @ Placentia Linda . Together we had the privilege to pray which we then shared with our patients. Then I further enjoyed your Unselfish ministry at my favorite place , Forest Home. As I reflect on Bob I can hear the words of our Lord” well done good and faithful servant”. I am so thankful to Forest Home for sending this to me so that I can remind you how much you are loved and appreciated. As I carry our professional torch I am reminded of Gods plan for us all and to press on sharing His word and promises. In Him . Judy Kerns
Posted by Don Kojis on April 23, 2020
My wife Maureen & son Daniel along with Dr. Jerry Tisi & his family attended a Family Week @ Forest Home in 1975. Bob & Carol Kraning welcomed us & we were inspired to start our own Camp near San Diego. 42 years later Whispering Winds Catholic Camp & Conference Center is thriving on 161 beautiful acres in the forested mountains of Julian, CA. See our website at:   Thank you God & Bob & Carol Kraning
Posted by L. Earle Graham on April 23, 2020
No summer was complete while our sons were growing up without our week at Family Camp. Seeing Bob (and Carol) at those times was always such a light in the experience of camp. Especially his energy at family activities such as the Wednesday, "Lake day". Those memories will forever be indelibly etched in our minds and remembered by our entire family. Bob made the evening camp fire such a spiritual time to be together with my wife, other believers and of course, with God. Well done, Bob! 
Posted by Gene Heyer on April 23, 2020
I became a follower of Christ at Forest Home Family Camp in 1981. We spent nearly every year in the 1980's at Family Camp and the memories of Bob & Carol and many, many of the staff are still highlights of our marriage and walk with the Lord! RIP and see you soon, In His Grip!
Posted by Marcie Hays on April 23, 2020
Bob along with his wife Carol were our inspiration for a Godly marriage as we were privileged to get to know them at Forest Home Family Camp. He was so personable, always ready with his wonderful smile of encouragement. He brought so much enthusiasm and reverence as we worshipped together. Thank you for sharing your dad (&husband) with us. We were a young family retreating to Forest Home every summer to refresh ourselves in the Lord. Bob’s leadership gave us so many fabulous memories of vacationing in the Glory of the Lord that permeates Forest Home.
Posted by David Carlson on April 23, 2020
Bob Kraning was the face of Forest Home Family camp. He would welcome families with joyful hugs and laughter. He had a gift of drawing people into the family of God and pointing them to Christ. He had a huge impact for Christ at Forest Home. Thank you, Bob, for your impact in my life and my family!
Posted by Evelyn Lee on April 23, 2020
Bob had the gift of making everyone feel special and welcome. The many years we spent at family camp was so special. And I had the gift of hearing him and Kent when they spoke together at that special Thanksgiving week years ago. The heavens are aloud with Hosannas and we praise God with him. Special prayers to Carol and the rest of the family.
Evelyn Lee
Posted by Kory Kraning on April 23, 2020
Grandpa, I am so thankful for your life, your ministry and your legacy. Thank you for leading your family by example and loving us so well.

I love you. See you soon.
Posted by Carla Osberg on April 23, 2020
Hi Carol,
This brings back all the memories from Youth for Christ in L.A. where I met you and Bob when I worked in the office there as I was going to Biola. I stayed with you for a week when Bob was out of town at one time. My husband and I did see Bob at Forest Home also while we were working with Lakewood First Baptist Church in the high school department. I've thought about you through the years at different times. Wish we would have stayed in touch. He was such a blessing to all of us. He certainly honored God throughout his life.
Posted by Diane Reilly on April 23, 2020
Forest Home was our "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" for years with our four young children - and Bob Kraning was our spiritual father, friend, and mentor.
We came home each year from a special week better equipped to walk as a Christian family. Bob taught us how to have family devotions and we followed his example by having our time together at breakfast since evenings didn't work. It was life changing and our four children and 16 grandkids are all following Bob's teaching and example. We honor and miss this man of God!
Posted by Beth Gonzalez on April 20, 2020
I first heard Bob as a camper at Forest Home in the 70s. His chapel time teaching poured godly lessons into my life. Many years later our paths crossed again as he was the interim pastor at Kindred Community Church following the death of our pastor. I am so thankful for the ministry he and Carol had there. Your husband and father have left an eternal legacy here. 
Posted by Charlie Petrilla on April 20, 2020
My wife and I have heard Bob at 3 different churches over many years. His messages were always wonderful and inspirational.
Posted by James Robbins on April 19, 2020
Bob was my first cousin (our Mothers were sisters) but in fact we have always been "almost brothers" and over the many years that have passed since he moved west, we stayed in touch and we always described each other as almost my brother. Our parents were all teachers, principals, and superintendents while our Grandpa Carper (Pappy) was a farmer. We spent a lot of our time with Pap working for him and harassing him and learning from him. Oh, what a great time that was! and what stories there are to tell. We learned our values not only from the great parents with whom we were both blessed, but also from the steady, solid and faithful folks in the community and our little church. Our faith and our values were nurtured in that small Church of the Brethren congregation. Bob's "gift of gab" was obvious in those early years but we had no idea of the extent to which he would grow in his faith and develop that talent into the outstanding ministry he had. He will be missed not only by the California family and friends, but also by his four Carper cousins in Indiana and the many folks here followed his career and remember him with affection.
Posted by Ken Kish on April 19, 2020
Carol, Kent, Kevin, family, and friends. I haven’t seen Bob in a few years but I’ll always remember his smile, his preaching, and his comfort over Kindred Community Church. I think he might remain the most fatherly pastor I’ve ever sat under. Although none of us are good he was a good man; as good as we get this side of glory. God bless you all.
Posted by Kevin Kraning on April 18, 2020
As you read this you probably reference dad as “Bob & Carol”. It was always “Bob & Carol”. They were a dynamic duo for sure. This morning I felt moved to leave a tribute for just Carol (Mom). Whether she was leading and teaching with Dad, or in the front row listening to him speak, she was always his biggest fan. Over this past year what mom did to care for Dad as a personal care giver was nothing short of amazing. True love lived out for 63 years!
We love you Mom!
Posted by Nancy Traver on April 17, 2020
Bob filled in after Swindoll left and for the next 6 months of preaching at FEFC it was so powerful to us that we did not miss Swindoll. Even after working long hours many times for my job, I would never doze with Bob preaching, he held me for every word. Whereas sometimes I did with Swindoll and others!

Even our daughter visiting from Texas, after hearing Bob preach would ask "Does he always make you cry?" She was so moved! We miss you Bob! Jerry and Nancy Traver
Posted by Inez Slick on April 17, 2020
Bob was a wonderful example to all who were acquainted with him. He always had a welcoming spirit and positive outlook. Bob & Carol were a great team. Harold and I remember when they were the featured speakers at the Joint Heirs Christmas party. Bob spoke and Carol did an oral recitation of the Christmas Story. What a blessing to all! We know that Bob helped many people to come to know and grow in Jesus. We look forward to seeing him again someday.
Posted by Terry Jepson on April 17, 2020
"Hey Broad" shouted Bob in the town of Catalina, bringing shocked expressions on the faces of a group of older women, who did not know he was calling me, Terry Broad (my maiden name)! We laughed about that for years - he called to a 16 yr old who was discovering her living faith in her Lord Jesus Christ. Bob guided me immediately to the Word of God in my discipleship, committing to memory many verses, committing to live a life of 'reckless faith' in service for our Lord. Seven summers on staff at Forest Home, and a trip to the Holy Land with Bob and Carol, began a life long friendship. Bob 'buried' me in baptism at Lake Mears, and then married me to my love, Dain. Bob and Carol modeled godly marriage, parenting and grand-parenting practical principles. Most of all, Bob loved Jesus and for that I will be eternally grateful. 
Posted by Douglas Briggs on April 17, 2020
Bob and Carol came to Asia in 2001 to encourage a group of Christians who were working together in an NGO in a poor, challenging area. My family was part of that gathering who benefited from Bob’s teaching and kindness as he and Carol spent time with many of us individually. Bob seemed to take a special interest in my family, but he was the type of man who made everyone feel that way.

Our interaction in Asia was brief but meaningful and enjoyable. What I did not expect was that at the end of that summer, we would end up going through California on the way back to Asia from brief furlough in the states after 9/11 and staying with the Kranings for a week (our first visit to California).

Spending a week with Bob and Carol was very refreshing and memorable. They treated us like we were their family though they barely knew us. My kids were young and I am sure they still remember how Bob dropped everything to show us around the area. For me, the most enjoyable part of the trip was just spending time in their house. I developed a deep affection for Bob who was such a loving man who obviously loved Christ and loved people (loved his sons!).

I remember in the middle of the week (while my family and I were at Disneyland for the day) Bob had a root canal so we returned that evening for dinner with Bob obviously in a lot of pain. He did not let it faze him as he asked my kids about the day and stayed up watching “ER” because Carol liked the show. And then the next day he took us down to the coast for a special breakfast and ride in his boat.

All this to say, Bob no doubt was a gifted speaker and teacher who ministered to many people in California and all over the world, but what set him apart is that he ministered one on one in such a loving, self sacrificing way. He made time for people and demonstrated the love of Christ in a very personal way. Gracious, forgiving and overwhelmingly positive is how I remember Bob.

I distinctly remember wanting to be more like him.
Posted by Nancy Morser on April 15, 2020
I met Bob in the summer of 1962 at Acorn Lodge during a leadership camp for Long Beach-Orange County Youth for Christ. I will never be the same. Hearing Bob laugh was a real experience, especially when he literally fell off of his chair during skit at another camp. Hearing him tell the crucifixion story changed how I think about what Jesus did for me. His example through the years since, in the way he demonstrated God's love, his love for Carol and his family and how we should live our lives is unparalleled. Our loss is Heaven's gain.
Posted by Chris Neal on April 15, 2020
We met Bob and Carol in the summer of '77. We have to say that Bob (along with Stanley Collins) helped us grow into Christians proud of "Leave Kingdom Footprints". When Bob said "Chris, can I talk with you" one summer, I thought I was being called into the principal's office. Bob asked me if I would considering being a member of the FH Board of Directors. What a humbling experience. In 1999 I was the first woman elected to the Board. Over the 43 year we have known Bob and Carol, we have spent many fun times, flying to vacation spots, "shooting" the Deceutes River in a raft, (see picture) owning a sailboard with them. Bob was the best partner, he loved to clean the boat.  In these later years we met for breakfast once a year at Schooner or Later at Alamitos Bay, but it was like we'd never been apart. He will be truly missed.
Posted by Rosemary De Cuir on April 15, 2020
Seems apropos that Bob went to glory as a result of his heart being tired - i like to think that he literally and figuratively sacrificially poured all of his love for God and humankind into his dynamic ministry.

I will always be grateful to Bob for his wonderful steadying influence on an uncertain congregation saddened by Chuck Swindoll''s departure. I was brand new to Fullerton Free, having searched for years for just the right church and delighted to have found a place where I could learn, grow and serve. I was so disappointed to realize that Chuck was exiting, and wondered if I should remain (one quarter of the church left). However, the Lord reminded me that the Body is comprised of many parts. Bob Kraning spoke the following Sunday and his energetic, purposeful preaching reinforced this understanding.

Bob''s obvious zest for serving Jesus was infectious. He continued to enthusiastically teach and shepherd - with Carol, whom he clearly adored - and brought a sense of purposefulness to any endeavor. Devoid of pretension of any sort, Bob nonetheless exuded an easy confidence and sense of leadership - a role model for countless people, myself included.

I read the online eulogy for Bob, chronicling all his ministry efforts and life accomplishments - the many he's led to Christ, marriages and relationships he's helped restored, a strong, loving family - what finer legacy could a person leave? Bob Kraning was a true disciple in every way one can be. Well done...enter into your reward, my friend and brother!

Love and prayers to the Kraning family - you must be so proud of Bob. May Jesus comfort you as you relinquish your beloved to His safekeeping.
Posted by Laura Seymour Taylor on April 15, 2020
Bob was a genuine person, not only in his faith but with his life and love for Carol. I always enjoyed talking with him. He was great at making you feel like you were the center of his attention when you spoke with him. His preaching was definitely a gift as he would draw you into his message of God's love for you and salvation. Carol and Bob were a great married team! It was evident in their serving together and the way they communicated with each other and looked at each other. Bob, you will be greatly missed! "Well done thy good and faithful servant!" <3
Posted by Susan DeMaggio on April 15, 2020
One of the great joys of my life was joining EV Free choir and singing with Carol under Howie's direction, worshipping in the choir loft behind Chuck and then Bob during his interim, and ringing handbells with Carol under Marilyn's leadership. The most joyful memories were events with Bob, Paul, Howie, and Chuck, laughing together.  I had gone thru a stressful time, was single with 3 teens, and the joy they brought me reminded WHOSE i was, a child of the King, and helped heal my wounded soul!  I loved all 4 of those wonderful leaders and the lovely ladies they were married to!  I feel blessed that i could know them all. Carol, my prayers now are with you as you miss this wonderful man, remembering how blessed i have been to know you both.
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Posted by Kim Noble on June 30, 2021
We have to agree with so many others comments. I loved my time at Forest Home under Bob's leadership and felt blessed by having him as a mentor. Bob married Kim and I in 1982 and he counseled us a few times in the short amount of time between engagement and wedding, 4 months. Kim and I felt blessed that Bob trusted and believed in us and our commitment to marriage. He and Carol were great example in so many ways. Bob also communicated clearly that Forest Home was a ministry to the guests and staff alike. Praying for God's comfort and peace for Carol and all the Kraning family. David and Kim Noble
Posted by taryn derke on June 10, 2021
I met Bob as a 15 year old on my first visit to Forest Home when my dad came on staff. He made me feel a part of FH from the very beginning as I came "up the hill" to work on weekends and later summer staff. I was on the high school trip to Catalina with "Broad" Terry Broad, and remember Bob calling out to her and us all laughing. Bob loved Jesus and he loved his faith and had fun living it. How great to experience that as a teenager in someone you looked up to. He had a great laugh, a big smile and was a wonderful leader. I remember him telling us at camp his favorite verse "At Parbar westward four at the causeway and two at the parbar" 1 chronicles 26:18 KJV in Hormel Hall with all four verses of How Great Thou Art right behind him. Bob, you made me laugh, and smile too and be happy I was making a commitment to the God of the universe who could laugh and smile too. Though I lost touch with FH in 1974, I'm sure you finished well and I'm blessed to have these impressionable years of my life touched by you. See you someday soon. (Carol I remember your wonderful kindness and smile too and Kent, football at YHS I think-how great that you have impacted so many thru your ministry too) Taryn (Olson) Derke
Posted by Wayne Robbins on July 21, 2020
I was astounded when I heard of Bob's passing. I served under Bob as an intern at Forest Home in the early 80's along with Ted Limpic, Todd Alexander, Dave Noble and others. In 2010 Bob graciously came to speak at Morningstar Church in Salem, Oregon and helped us transform our Men's Program from a few to a few hundred. He always had an encouraging word and it was a blast for me to sit next to him on his return flight to southern California. I'm saddened.
his Life

Unforgettable - Nat King Cole 1951

Bob Kraning was born in 1933 and grew up near Howe, Indiana.  He was the only child of Robert and Arlene Kraning.  His mother was a teacher and his father was the Principal and basketball coach of the local high school. In High School Bob served in student government and played basketball.  He graduated with a class of 9 students in 1951.

After graduation Bob enrolled at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, graduating in 1955. After college, Bob was called into ministry with Youth For Christ in Kansas City, MO.

Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis 1957

In Kansas City, Bob fell in love with and married the prettiest girl in town, Carol Van Sandt. In 1957 they headed west to work with Youth for Christ (YFC) in Los Angeles. Bob’s office was in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip! Bob ran YFC clubs for 21 schools in the San Fernando Valley.

In 1959 their 1st born, Kent, arrived in Los Angeles.  Then Roy McKeown offered dad an opportunity to start YFC in Utah.  With Kent and Carol in tow, in 1961 Bob headed for Salt Lake City, to begin ministry there. Bob found it was much harder to generate enthusiasm for clubs in Salt Lake so they decided to bring in prominent sports figures to speak and also show Billy Graham films - this generated new energy and enthusiasm.  He also worked hard to unify the Christian pastors throughout the city.

I Will Follow Him - Little Peggy March 1963

In 1963 The Three Kranings returned to California, this time to minister in the Long Beach-Orange County YFC program. Bob and one other YFC club director trained leaders and oversaw campus YFC programs in dozens of high schools from Corona Del Mar to Torrance and everything in between, including an "outlier" club in Victorville. He and the Executive Director, Jerry Klippert, also put on a YFC Rally every Saturday night, alternating between Long Beach and OC. To help, Bob mentored two young guys right out of high school who had been in the YFC program as student leaders: Avery Powers and Paul Sailhamer.

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Hot Night At The Avalon Casino...

Shared by Paul Sailhamer on June 3, 2020
I did several Catalina sails with Bob over the years. Once, it was just the two of us in his smaller, earlier boat. We tied up in the Avalon Harbor and got a shore boat ride to the dock. After dinner, which was not easy to find since this was sometime between Labor Day and Memorial Day and guests on the island were few and far between, we decided to take in a movie at the big, HUGE, theater in the old Casino Building (see photo). When we got inside we discovered we were the only customers for the movie in a theater that held between 2,000 and 2,500 or more in those days! I remember Bob quipping,"Do you suppose we can find 2 seats together!" What a crazy night. I have no idea what the movie was but we could comment freely out loud and talk back to the screen in this huge room. Whenever I see a photo of the Avalon Casino I always recall that unique night 50 years ago or so.

Happy Birthday Letter to The Reverend Bob Kraning ... April 7, 2020

Shared by Roger Kemp on May 19, 2020
Several days before his birthday, I wrote a personal greeting to Bob (below) ... hoping to have one more occasion to thank him for his investment in our lives.  He passed away before the letter arrived.  Though he never read my comments, I'm guessing that his home in glory is filling the gap.  Bob is having a very good day today.  Roger K

Dear Bob:

Lori and I wish to add our personal greetings on this milestone day.  Happy Birthday, my friend!  You are loved!  In the early 70’s, Fullerton Free Church faithfully sent its youth groups to winter and summer camps at Forest Home.  Seems impossible that it’s been fifty years ago that I entered Hormel Hall to hear luminaries like The Rice Kryspies, Dave Hopkins, Sonny Salsbury, Ted Limpic, Gary Richmond, and the Random Sample.  And how can I ever forget the venerable Stanley Collins shocking me and my high school buddies with his inimitable message, “Temptation is Not a Sin!”  But nothing compared to the repartee you shared with Paul Sailhamer at the piano as your sidekick.  Man, you guys always brought the house down!   In 1973, I learned that my family was moving from Southern California to Boston.  My world was ending.  I was 16 years old and convinced that I would never see my friends, Forest Home, nor the church I loved ever again.  Just before we moved, and while attending high school camp at Forest Home, I sought you out for counsel.  You agreed to meet with me in the Clubhouse after the evening session.  You bought us both ice cream sundaes and we sat at one of those old pine tables while you patiently listened to me pour my sorry heart out.  I don’t really remember what you said, I just remember that you cared.  Well, turns out that our stint in New England was just two years long.  Fast forward to 1988 when you arrived at Fullerton Free Church as our latest big league acquisition on the all-star staff.  Lori and I had volunteered to lead the New Community class.  Somehow, I stirred up the courage to ask you and Carol to join our effort.  Shockingly, you both agreed to teach and mentor a bunch of young married couples … and the rest is history.  It’s impossible to adequately express the impact you had on New Community, and in particular, the Kemp family.  Immediately, you became a role model for Lori and me.  You poured your lives into us, unselfishly attending all of our socials and events.  You taught our class every Sunday morning.  And we will also cherish the memory of all the golf rounds we played, the multiple excursions on the Kraning yacht back and forth to Catalina, the men’s steak fry, the Kings hockey games, the couples retreats, and your personal care for each one of our little kids … who all revere the Kranings as exceptional. Bob, even though the years and miles have created a distance between our families, we continue to follow much of what you taught us through word and deed.  You remain on our very short list of couples-we-wanna-be-like when we grow up!  May God continue to have His hand on your life, and may this next year be among the best ever.   We love you more than you can possibly know!  Roger


Shared by Paul Sailhamer on April 28, 2020
Bob Kraning and I have shared some great places and spaces on this old planet since we first met at ACORN LODGE up in Wrightwood 58 years ago. Bob was the new YFC director for Long Beach and Orange County and I was a senior in high school and a leader in the YFC club at my school, Millikan HS, Long Beach. Acorn Lodge is up in the mountains near Mt Baldy. I had never been there before or since, and neither had Bob. In 2005 Sue and I and Bob and Carol drove up To Acorn Lodge to remember how the Lord brought our lives together in that place so many years previously.

Since 1963, Bob and I have ministered together in the San Fernando Valley, Forest Home, Fullerton, a variety of camps and conference centers, special events in other countries as well as on the high seas . . . but that ended two weeks ago. Bob went to glory!

I was going into my senior year of high school and Bob and Carol had moved to Cypress to begin working with Youth for Christ in Long Beach and Orange County when I first met them. In 1964, Bob left Long Beach/OC for the Valley. I was crushed. I loved working with Bob and learning so much everyday. Suddenly it seemed over! Then Bob called and said he and Carol would like me to move with them to the Valley YFC ministry staff, live for a year in their home and go to college at Northridge? YES!

In 1969 Bob left the Valley and moved his growing family to Yucaipa to become a significant part of the Forest Home ministry team. I hated to lose Bob from the Valley. Even though my attention was now focused on church youth ministry, Bob and I still collaborated on many things and I had continued to learn from him as always. I came to realize that Bob’s move to Forest Home became my own entree into the incredible world of Christian Camping. I would later work with Bob at Forest Home, serve on their board and most significantly, meet Sue there!

In 1999 I left the pastoral team at Fullerton to help start The Servants Trust. That meant “leaving” my daily relationship with the rest of the grand ministry team at our church, and Bob who was now a senior member of that team. The joys of serving with Bob at the Fullerton church were abundant. However since the Kranings and the Sailhamers lived only a few miles apart in North Orange County we continued to enjoy the best of several worlds. In fact, our two sons got to know the Bob Kraning I had known and treasured for so many years.

Then, March 5, 2020, the Lord called Bob home! Over the years as Bob faced heart attacks and other health challenges I often asked myself, “What would it be like living in this world without Bob Kraning; would I want to live in such a world?” With Sue’s help, God’s grace and our grandchildren, we’re starting to answer that question using so much that we have learned from Bob and Carol. Part of that is the friends and the fellowship we value in the Joint Heirs, our adult fellowship group. The Kranings were always great “church folk” in the best sense of that term, as are their families. We want to make sure that part of their message continues to be heard and seen, communicated and demonstrated!

Bach is gone! But his world and his music still has a huge influence on ours. Bunyan is gone, but millions of pilgrims still find him a great help to their own spiritual progress. Bob is gone to glory, but his kind of living and sharing the gospel continue to direct my path.