Posted by Bankole Ogunsanya on February 26, 2022
Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure, You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. You will forever be missed and remembered in our hearts.
God loves you more.
Posted by Lanre Atte on February 25, 2022
You would have been 68 today but joined God a little bit earlier.
I wish that you know we will never forget you, None and no one will ever be able to take your place in our hearts, and we wish you the happiest birthday ever. I am sure the the heavens must definitely be rejoicing for having such a great person like you to be up there with them. We love and miss you Uncle.
Posted by Olasimbo Osunkoya on May 24, 2021
My brother, Boda Bolanle

Boda mi, brother Bolanle! Ahan so soon, so early. Ehn? How do I start to write about you. Just can’t come to terms with it. It is tough to manage but I know you won’t want me to grief but to continue living my best in life. I saw you last on your birthday and we joked, laughed and prayed. Never knew that would be the last time I will see you.

When the phone rang that midnight and it was your wife saying I should pray for you, I didn’t know it will end this way. Sitting down with you in the car praying, not even knowing you had answered the call, was a bad memory.

Brother mi, a prayer warrior,a man of sterling qualities. My very humble brother who always acted out ethically even while others in similar positions did not. Easy to know, cared about people. Boda mi was the “go to” person. He makes every problems easy. He prays and believe it is done. That’s bro bola. His answer to all issues is prayer. My life has been enriched by having you.

Boda mi I really miss you, never knew you would leave so suddenly, you were a good man, you advised and counseled me on life issues. You tried your best in helping people, I am saddened that death took you away, but God said in all things we should give him thanks. Your death not only left a scar in my heart but a void in my life.  Your legacy will stand in my life.

Despite all odds, my brother was my fan and my greatest role model. Life will be different without him, but I am grateful I got to call him my brother. He was the most courageous and resourceful man. I will always remember that special smile,that caring heart, you always gave. You being there for us your sisters,
through good and bad times, no matter what. We will always remember you brother Bolanle.  There will never be another one to replace you in our hearts,
and the love we will always have for you.

Your death has left a memory no one can heal. The good memories remains with me. An intelligent and intellectual man full of Gods wisdom. Brother Bolanle my heart bleeds each time I remember that you are gone, but your loving and caring brotherly role will continue lingering in my humble heart. How I wish I had that “one more”opportunity to see you brother, to hear your voice and to see you smile or even crack a joke. Your memory will not die in me. I wish I expressed how much I loved you when you were here. I wish I could turn back time. You will always remain my dear brother.

As I look back over time I find myself wondering …..Did I remember to thank you enough for all the times you were by my side to help and support in those stormy years? To celebrate my successes? To understand my problems and accept my defeats? If I have forgotten to show my gratitude enough for all the things you did, I am thanking you now. And I hope you knew all along,
how much you meant to me. Farewell Brother mi, I love you!

The Bible says that God will open their eyes, no suffering, sickness, yes not even pain. Those who did good, eternal life they will gain. So....sleep on my brother, sleep tight. 
         Your sister Olasimbo
Posted by Ayodele Olatiregun on May 14, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Sir.

My sojourn at AIICO Pension revolutionized my professional career and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity you gave to me to join AIICO Pension on 1st July 2011, albeit that I worked under your leadership for less than 5 months.
Posted by Kemi Onakoya on May 13, 2021
Uncle Bola,
I am still in shock and my heart is still very heavy at your sudden departure. .
The last time I saw you 5 years ago, is a true example of how selfless and sacrificial you are. You were visiting the UK and mummy informed you I just put to bed. At so short notice, you travelled all the way, a very long journey outside town to attend my baby's naming ceremony. Who knew that would be the last time I'd see you.
During every telephone conversation, you always had a fatherly word of advice and sincere prayers for me and my family.
The fact that I spoke with you few weeks before your departure, when you prayed and prayed for us, makes it so unbelievable and shocking that you are no longer with us.
I will always have fond memories of your loving, reassuring and welcoming smile.
It hurts deeply but I take comfort in knowing that you lived a good life, impacted lives, loved and served God with your life.
You will be greatly missed. Till we meet at Jesus' feet, sleep on dear uncle.
Posted by Lanre Atte on May 13, 2021
Daddy, I have tried so hard to write but everytime with tears. So I am here just to say thank you.
Thank you for when I got posted to the North where I knew absolutely no one and you sent someone from Aiico to come look for me, care for me and work on my redeployment back to Lagos.
Thank you for helping me when my boss made my life miserable because I couldn't meet my target in Collections. My friends benefitted from it and still does till today despite that I left 9 years ago. I could go on but thank you.
Thank you for being a pillar of support to every member of the family. I have read so many attributes that reaffirms that you made an impression on everyone you met.You are an idol and an Icon I strive to replicate and leave the kind of impact that you did. The impact you made in my life will forever be etched in my memory.

We are pained but we move. We move because We must thank God, because God is sovereign,  We move because there is resurrection
We love you, we miss you and above all, God loves you .Rest well Daddy, Sleep in the Lord
Posted by Duro Akindeinde on May 12, 2021
The Lord giveth and He taketh away, glory be to His name. The unquestionable God ; Ka bi O ko si. Though our heart is heavy, deeply wounded by the loss of a dear brother and confidant, we hope in the promise of resurrection when we shall meet again to part no more. Until then, sleep on brother in the bossom of Abraham. We miss you dearly and only God can fill the void you have left in the family but we are comforted by the legacy of lives you have touched and all you lived to accomplish. We will forever remember you. Adieu Brother.
Posted by Rasheed Oshinowo on May 9, 2021
Dear Brother, your early exit from this world came as a shock to me, but God Almighty knows best. Thank you for being so kind and good to me during your lifetime. Rest in peace.
Posted by Osinowo Abiodun Waheed on May 9, 2021
Brother Bola as we call you,an amiable family man,and a perfect gentleman,your role in the Osinowo family will be missed particularly among Ibilade grandchildren, you have made your impact and have gone to rest in the bossom of the lord,rest in peace ----Dr Osinowo Abiodun Waheed
Posted by Eddy Airiohuodion on May 8, 2021
It is with great pain and sorrow that I write my last tribute of respect to my father in the Lord, Rev. Joseph Bolanle Akindeinde – the General Overseer (G.O) of Saviour’s Gospel Ministries. You were a great pastor, mentor, teacher of the gospel and fervent follower of Christ.

In the few years God allowed you to be with us on earth, you touched and changed so many lives you encountered including mine. You gave me the opportunity to serve under your leadership not only as an usher, but your personal armor bearer for over a decade. You were the epitome of Christianity.

Daddy G.O, I know you are in a better place because according to the book of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14, “God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.” I pray that God will give the entire family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Rest in peace daddy G.O until we see again!

Eddy Airiohuodion
Posted by Eguarekhide Longe on May 2, 2021
The date was Monday, 14th November, 2011. I had been tapped to join the organisation. It was a whirlwind sort of recruitment process. As is my wont, I got in promptly at 7.30 a.m. not knowing what to expect. Then not too long after Mr. Bola Akindeinde came in. In a 45 minute briefing he had covered most of the ground that has served me for almost 10 years. No bitterness, no obstruction, no rancour. Gentle and professional to the core. I owe you a depth of gratitude that I try to repay everyday by giving my best to a Company I know we both hold dear. Life holds out no guarantees. The only guarantee is the embrace of the knowledge of the Will of God. Only in that does true stability lie. Having made this pursuit your central focus in your earthly sojourn, glorious will be the path that now opens up for you in that place that is the longing of true human spirits. Adieu Sir. May your further path be truly blessed.
Posted by Ade Odusina on May 1, 2021
Daddy Akindeinde your transition though seemed untimely to us mortal but God's understanding is unsearchable and beyond our comprehension. We are rest assured that you are resting in the bossom of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour.
The Odusina's family shall continue to cherish your unique love, compassion and benevolence towards us. In humility you valued others above yourself and not weary in doing good.
May God Almighty grant your adorable family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Adieu
Posted by Oluwafemi Ogunjimi on April 27, 2021
Daddy; yes, I call you daddy not just because it's a normal thing to refer you as Daddy based on being my mum's elder brother but YOU WERE & ARE INDEED DADDY.

You were a comfort to my mum, a help in times of need; you were a great relief her.

You were an INSPIRATION right from my junior secondary school days; a time I decided my course of study and chose to study accounting based on the inspiration I got via your career life.

Your demise was a great shock and still a shock; you left without a clue about possible departure.

On Sunday, the 14th of March before your demise, I visited you in church with my family to say THANK YOU for recent times and I'm glad I did because I never knew it'll be the last time of seeing you on this side of eternity. I'm also glad you prayed for my daughter as she followed me to receive communion which you served. I cherish the last moments with you DADDY.

I can keep on writing but even an epistle or a whole book won't be adequate to express my tribute to you and gratitude to God for the life you lived.

You served God and helped man with your entire life and as God enabled you.

You are forever missed and though you're gone physically, DADDY BOLA AKINDEINDE; you live on sir. My comfort is that you are with your maker.

Till we meet to part no more, REST on in the bossom of your creator.

Ogunjimi Oluwafemi
Posted by Olufunmilayo Ogunjimi on April 27, 2021
Dear Brother,

You came to this world, you served God with your heart and all you had. Brother mi, as i always call you, you were a caring, loving and adorable brother. You were my confidant, you cared for me till your last breath.

I remember the last time i saw you in church, you gave me a piece of advise as usual. Brother mi, you left this sinful world without saying goodbye to me. O ma se o. You will forever be remembered.

Thanks for the love you showered on my children, they appreciate you always.

Till we meet to part no more.

Sun re o, Akinkanju okunrin, omo si mi si nyo mi si yo tan, omo balogun dodondawa.

Adieu my beloved brother.

Olufunmilayo Ogunjimi
Posted by Olayemi Ogunjimi on April 27, 2021
My Uncle, my father, my mum's brother and confidant. You took the place of a father in my life and that of my siblings, since we lost ours. You helped and provided in every way you could.

Your death came as a shock to us all, just few weeks before my wedding, it was a hole no one could fill.

No one expected it, not one soul. Different emotions rolling in, Disbelief, Anger, Sadness, so many things going through our minds. You were loved, treasured, admired by us.

We are in a stage of healing. The only comfort we have is that you are in a better place.

Rest in perfect Peace uncle..


OLAYEMI KINRIN(nee Ogunjimi)
Posted by Edward Akiode on April 22, 2021
Revd Bola, you will be greatly missed by everyone who had the opportunity to know you, your devotion to God, your way of life, and your endearing simplicity that endeared many to you . With you, what you see is what you get. You were one of the most decent, gentlest and humblest person I have been privileged to know. You were marked out by a life of service, simplicity, poise and gentleness. You carried God everywhere you went, and you represented Him well. You truly loved and believed in people. You were ever ready to pour into people.

I can never forget as someone who newly came into the family, who at the time had just married into the Odunayo / Akindeinde family. You gave me my very first preaching invitation invitation to the church you pastored unto the very end. You looked past my inexperience at the time, you saw the grace of God upon my life, and trusted me with your sacred pulpit to minister to your congregation. You even came to support me and my wife when we started our ministry in England. Even after that, everytime you visited England, you always made time to check on me and my family. Your love was pure and genuine, and you never looked for anything in return. I still treasure your teaching on Evangelism, and I have kept the audio tapes you gave me ever since. I am glad that our paths met, and I am eternally grateful for the impact your shortlived life has had on me and my family. My children could not believe it when your passing was announced. They could remember our last visit to you and your lovely family in the summer of 2019. Your hospitable spirit was impeccable. You will forever be in our hearts. You were there for me and my family when my father passed onto glory in 2019. You invited myself and my family to your home before we left back for England and we were truly received and felt loved by you and your lovely family. Little did we know that that was going to be the last time we would see you on this side of eternity.

Your sudden departure has only affirmed the truth of God's Word: that whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord (Romans 14:8). You achieved what any great father dreamt to achieve and your investments into everyone that came around you was never a waste, because you raised champion children who love God and serve God. For that, your rewards awaits you. 

It's truly a moment of sadness and deep reflection for us all, but we hold on to the Word of grace that admonishes us never to sorrow as people who have no hope, for our hope is in Christ Jesus (1 Thess. 4:13). Let us all be encouraged knowing fully well that God loves us too much to allow us to go through this by ourselves. He is the Comforter of the comfortless; He is the Hope of the hopeless; He is the husband of the widows; He is the Friend of the friendless; He is the God of all grace and comfort. He will be our everlasting hope and joy. He is with us to hold our hands. For underneath us are His everlasting arms and He will carry us until the end.

Revd Bola, Heaven is celebrating you as you have finally laid down your sword at the feet of Christ, after a life of triumphs and conquests you lived in Christ and for Christ. Your love for souls and evangelism was inspirational. I have been most blessed by your quest for soul-winning, you talked it, you lived it, you walked it. Now. a crown of glory awaits you as you have finally joined the cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) and the spirits of just men made perfect (Hebrews 12:23). Revd, I celebrate your life of victory and purity in Christ. May the remembrance of the pure and faithful life you lived in Christ, continue to encourage and inspire us your family and friends to live for Christ in this present world, so we can also finish well, and finish strong in Christ, in the precious Name of Jesus (Amen).

Revd, you have fought a good fight and you have won the race Your legacy of kindness, generosity, purity and total devotion to Christ lives on in our hearts. Rest on in the bossom of the Lord your God. Until we meet to part no more, sleep on, G.O

Tunde Akiode
Posted by Oluwaseun Oyenuga on April 21, 2021
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that i write this tribute to you my dearest Uncle. You were an Uncle in a million, very humble, kind, loving, caring, God fearing and good in your heart and soul.
The significant role you played in my career as a young graduate years back cannot be easily forgotten. Come rain, come shine you were always there to give a helping hand to everyone that come in contact with you.
God saw that you were getting tired, a cure was not to be, so he put His arms around you and whispered come with me, with tearful eyes i watched you fade away. Although i loved you dearly Uncle, i could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes "The Best".
Your impromptu demise came as a huge loss to the entire family. May the Lord comfort and sustain the entire family now and always.
Continue to rest in perfect peace Uncle till resurrection day.
Posted by faith adebanjo on April 20, 2021
Bola, you were such an amazing person. My daughters success story is not complete without you.
You were always willing to help and sacrifice for the success of the people around you.
Your death is still a big shock to me. Though long, straight,big and well positioned trees never stay long in the bush, our Almighty God who knows all the answers to all questions knows why this happened. I thank you for your sacrifices.
May your loving soul rest in peace - Mrs Omolara Adebanjo
Posted by Santof Engineering on April 15, 2021
Dearest in-law,
It was year 2013 that our family and that of our beloved Rev. Bolanle Akindeinde became one. This was as a result of the union between his darling daughter Adeola Akindeinde and our son Olaniyi Adenaiye as husband and wife.
Ever since then, our beloved Rev Bolanle Akindeinde had exhibited uncommon Godly disposition.
His humility, love, compassion and generosity was beyond measure.
A picture of his ever smiling face would always be in our mind which will no doubt be an indelible memory of him in our hearts.
We have certainly lost a gem, but we are comforted that he served God and lived a life full of emulation.
We are consoled that he has gone to a better place where he is reigning with the Lord.
We pray that God will comfort and support our Mummy Pastor (Mrs) Wumi Akindeinde, the children, grand children, family members and the Church of God he left behind.
Adieu, our beloved Rev. Bolanle Akindeinde till we meet on the Resurrection day.
Dele & Alice Adenaiye
Posted by KASUMU Ayodele on April 14, 2021
The very rear and appreciable opportunity I had was your direction and was nurtured to maturity for me without stress.

You are truly with your creator as we know HE gives and takes at the most appropriate period.

The time spent cannot be forgotten by many of us.

Rest in peace Sir.
Posted by Oyekanmi Omolara on April 14, 2021
May his gentle soul RIP, we thank God for a good life spent. You will forever be missed.

Posted by Abigail Okeowo on April 12, 2021
You will be greatly missed by everyone that knows you, a devoted husband and loving father . We take solace in God knowing that a true man of God doesn’t die but sleep to rise our Lord appears . Continue to rest until the day of his appearance
Posted by Olu Akindeinde on April 12, 2021

Dear Bola,
Sleep well on earth
But awake among the Angels
Live in the bosom of Almighty
Whom you have served so well
Sleep well.

Oh life! Oh death! A Sonnet for BOLA
By Olugbenga Akindeinde

Oh life! could you be so weak
to enable death to be so strong
as to force your power to leak
and cut short man’s living long?

Oh life! do you have to make us cry
by allowing death to take away
BOLA as he prayed hard to try
and create for us holy pathway?

Oh death! why deal us a cruel blow
stealing BOLA with your deadly arrow,
pulling your bow hard to flow,
and hurt us to the marrow?
Are you a pretense to salvation
or BOLA’S eternal jubilation?
Posted by EMMANUEL OZIOKO on April 12, 2021
A man with a good heart; May your gentle soul continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord, Farewell as we take solace that your soul is already with our creator,
Adieu a man of integrity.
Posted by Afolake Allison on April 11, 2021

Hmmm Uncle Bola.
I still can't believe it but who are we to question God.

Uncle Bola has always been caring and supportive to all of his family.

I remember in 1976, when I was bearly 8 years old and recuperating from an emergency operation at the Military hospital in Yaba. Uncle Bola was the person who stayed with me in hospital while my parents attended a funeral in Ijebu. We played lots of games together so that l could forget what was going on around me.

Even as an adult, uncle Bola always had this way of making you feel special. He will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace my dear uncle.
Posted by ADEYEMI SANJO on April 10, 2021
Posted by Oludayo Adeoye on April 10, 2021
Remembering a very special uncle.

Words can't describe the shock l felt when l heard of my dear uncle Bola's passing. It still doesn't feel real and I have struggled to write this.

Uncle Bola was kind, dependable, humble, generous and God fearing. He always showed up and was ready to help.

I remember returning to England as a young adult and being under the guardianship of you and auntie in the mid 80's. You showed a genuine interest in my progress and education, always offered me sound advice and a good grounding. I recall opening my very first bank account with you by my side as my guarantor. I was so excited.

You were a shining example of humility and one to emulate.

Uncle Bola, you will be sorely missed, but Almighty God knows best. May you rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Omolara Grace on April 10, 2021
Time may pass and fade away but
memories of you will always stay. Sleep peacefully in the bosom of your maker.
Posted by Babatunde Alaba on April 9, 2021
Dear Uncle/ Spiritual Father
   I thank God for a good life well spent. He was able to impact a lot of soul, he was a good leader to emulate in all ramifications but we can't question God because God makes and takes
   We love you but God loves you more, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ....Amen
Posted by Johnson Wohale on April 7, 2021

it is a reality that what most of the living humanity are enjoying today are the sacrifices of the past hero's. The paced you set in AIICO PENSION MANAGERS as the Pioneer of APML that is built upon by your successors are what most of us are enjoying today.

May your soul rest in the Lord, amen.
Posted by Oluwabunmi onikoyi on April 7, 2021
TRIBUTE TO AN ICON,  God understand the best for us all,we love u all but God wants u in his bossom kingdom.Rest in perfect peace daddy.                 
Posted by Chidera Aneke on April 7, 2021
In God's arms may you gently rest sir.
Posted by Selci Joda on April 7, 2021
I have not met you in person but your leadership qualities as the pioneer MD of AIICO Pensions is one thing that can not be hidden. You signed my appointment letter and I live to see how committed you are towards seeing the best is given to your subordinates.
Am humbled by your leadership style and your humility.
You are greatly missed and we are saddened by your departure but in all, am console because you have gone to be with the Lord.
May the Lord comfort us all and especially your immediate family.
May your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Amen
Posted by Tunde Lamina on April 7, 2021
HE will be forever be remembered.

He Came, He saw and He Excelled.

R.I.P Sir.
Posted by olubukola akindeinde on April 6, 2021
              Dear Brother
You gave no one a last farewell
Not ever said good bye,
You were gone before we knew it
and only God knows why.
A million times we will miss you
A million times we will cry.
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died.
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our heart you hold a place,
no one else can fill
We will meet again someday
I know you are in a better place resting in the lord
I give glory to God for the right part of salvation you have chosen
You served the lord with all that you had
Heaven rejoices now for a job well done in God kingdom

Continue to rest in the lord brother
The crown of glory awaits you
It is well
Posted by Justus Akintelure on April 5, 2021
Daddy , you have created a vacuum for us all which no body could filled, but it's only God almighty who could understand it all it's beyond my imagination. Good night
Posted by Abosede Akintelure on April 5, 2021
Forever in my heart, I will never forget you my humble father in the Lord. I will miss all your prayers that you are praying for me and my family. Daddy will love but God loves you most,we shall meet when the trumpet sound. Good night not good bye. From Akintelure Abosede.
Posted by Omolara Otegbade on April 5, 2021
My Dear Brother, Rev. Bolanle Akindeinde! The news of your demise was a rude shock and I just can't fathom why God had to call you home this early.

I fondly call you daddy because of the fatherly roles you played in my life. Memories of the beautiful moments together and values shared can never be easily erased.

You were a source of inspiration to many and have impacted my life as your baby sister in so many ways. God actually used you to build the prayer champion in me years back during our every Thursday evening prayer meetings. Daddy, your timely interventions, counselling and guidance while growing up sharpened and helped me to always have the right approach to life issues. Each time we see and have opportunities to talk after I got married, you’ll always end our conversations with an advise that by God’s grace has helped me to keep the home front. “Take care of your husband and don’t ever starve him”

You were so passionate about the kingdom business and that motivated you to continue with the ministry our biological father left behind. You gave your all to God and served Him with all He blessed you with up until your last days on earth. Thank you for saying YES to the Lord while on earth. So sweet is your memory though with great mixed feelings as I would have loved to have you much longer on earth but our God is unquestionable and I take solace in the fact that you are in a better place rejoicing with the hosts of heaven.

You will be greatly missed and I trust the Lord will take care of all you left behind; give the church, the entire family, fortitude to bear this huge loss and help us to finish well and strong.

Sleep on beloved brother, till we meet at the feet of Jesus to part no more.
Posted by Dr Labo Osude on April 5, 2021
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Kehinde Osinowo on April 5, 2021
It was a shocking news to learn that you Rev. Bola Akindeinde has passed on to glory.

However, I am comforted by my personal witness of your conversion and resolution of heart to honour the memory of your late biological father by your Bible based worship of God in accordance with the Truth of Jesus. You also determined to carry along the Church that he left behind on that only path to the only true God.

You have fought the good fight of faith and I believe that it is the Master that called you home for your crown of righteousness and glory in Christ.

Adieu, soldier of the gospel.

God will surely keep your wife and children and He will further establish the work He committed in your hands here for an eternal legacy.
In Jesus Name. Amen.
Kike & Kehinde A Osinowo
Posted by Bankole Ogunsanya on April 5, 2021
A person that departs on this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds - through us they live on, for you were more than a Father, Icon and Leader to us and would forever be missed. Rest on in the Lord's blossom.
Trustychild College Ikorodu.
Posted by Oluwabunmi onikoyi on April 5, 2021
it's well ,may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.God understand the best in one's life.
Posted by THOMPSON AGBADU on April 5, 2021
No words can express how important you were to all of us at Trustychild schools. Such a loving father and mentor. You will forever be missed.
Thank God you have fought a good fight and made Victorious in Heaven.
Forever in our hearts.
Trustychild College
Posted by Olusola Adika on April 4, 2021

 Even as our hearts bleed and we mourn his early transition to glory, our consolation is in God's word , which says in Is.57:1

 " The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, non considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come".

We cannot challenge our sovereign God; He knows the best and desires the best for us. We would have loved to continue to share fellowship with you on this side of eternity, but having completed your assignment on earth for God, He needed to call you back to heaven. But we know that we shall meet to part no more. That is why we are not saying good bye to you, but rather good night, because we shall meet to part no more at the Resurrection Morning.
We miss you for now, but only time separates us from you as we shall meet again for everlasting unbroken fellowship with our Maker.
It is not good bye, but good night for now. Good Happy night rest .FROM THE AKINTUNDES.
Posted by Kemmy Sax on April 4, 2021
Few days to your demise, It was all about you, i kept on remembering all that you poured into me, never knew it was a signal tht you were going to leave soon. ....Your message inspired by the holy spirit "That same Jesus" turned into a song which you approved but couldn't wait to listen...Daddy missing you is an live on in my heart! Standing for the truth and not compromising....that path you layed down i will follow! You have a son in me.....
Rest on dear father!!!
Posted by Olubunmi Adedeji-ahove on April 3, 2021

Its with a heavy heart and great sadness that I am writing this today.
My dear Uncle Bola, it is with fond memories that I remember when you came to stay with us in London so many years ago.
You brought so much joy to us British born Nigerian girls. You taught us so much about the Yoruba culture so that it wasn't a complete culture shock when we arrived in Nigeria.
Uncle you reached out to everyone both young and old.
You were a pillar for the family.
When I came for Dads 80th in 2019 you came round for a brief visit to my parents but ended up spending ages as we where having so much fun.
I recall how you and Auntie were joking with each other and I prayed that I and my husband would have such a relationship after so many years of marriage.
Uncle you did well.
You ran your race and you have finished victorious.
Uncle we shall surely miss you but we will take strength in the fact that you loved God and the heavens have gained a beautiful soul.
Goodnight my dearest Uncle.
Rest in peace.

Posted by Funke Ayodele on April 2, 2021
Dear uncle Bola,
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness but with total submission to God that i write this tribute.

You were humble and kind. You had a good heart and soul. 

You gave hope to the hopeless.

I remember like yesterday the first time I saw you, my uncle from Nigeria. To the young girl that i was then, it was as if the gods had come to stay with us. ( you came with Uncle Tunde)

You were cool, calm and collected.

The pain is much, the tears are plenty.

Uncle Bola, farewell into the light of God's Glory and that of your ancestors where there is no pain.

Rest in the power you strongly believed in.
Adieu uncle mi.
Posted by Anuoluwapo Oyenuga-Ojomo on April 2, 2021
My mum's only brother, the past two weeks have been difficult for the entire Osinowo family to bear, I feel a deep wound in my heart. Your middle name was Helper, you helped every cousin,niece and nephew in your capacity. Always present at every family event be it ,your Muslim or xtian cousins, regardless of the distance, you will attend with your wife. When my dad was hospitalized, you visited the hospital severally, prayed with us ,encouraged us, You stood by us during the entire burial process. You were present for every of my landmark event. We love you and we can never forget all your good deeds.

Rest well Uncle.
Posted by Victoria Akiode on April 1, 2021
My dear uncle, our G.O (General Overseer). I have known you to be so caring, thoughtful and a man who loved God. Under your quiet demeanour was a God-fearing, confident, selfless and loving man.

I remember you coming to the room where I was getting ready on my traditional wedding day, you looked at me and sensed that I was full of nerves, your prayers and encouraging words suddenly made me feel calm. You always had a word of admonition for all, sharing the word of God at every opportunity.

My children still remember our last visit to Nigeria, relieving your family's hospitality towards us. We never knew that was the last time we would see you.

Uncle, your passing has shocked us all but I trust that we will meet at the feet of Jesus Christ. You served Him to the end and 'am sure you are with Him beholding His glory.

Ha! This is hard to bear, but we take solace in the fact that we shall all meet again.

Rest well sir. We love you but Christ loves you more.
Posted by Kemmy Sax on April 1, 2021
My father!!!
if you are truly and correctly nutured by a father, naturally,consciously, and unconsciously you begin to speak like him,act like him and think like him.
My beloved father in whose feet I learnt so much about Christ and in the process I began to sing his mind and messages naturally, consciously and unconsciously
Rest on my very own Elijah
Am glad you are heavens gain.
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