his Life
   Papa Bona graduated from Baham High school and obtained his Bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Linguistics from the University of Yaounde, Cameroon.  He went on to teach languages at several high schools throughout Cameroon, including English, French and Spanish. He had a passion for learning and teaching languages which he pursued throughout his entire life. He taught English to young Cameroonians aspiring to study abroad. He taught young Cameroonians “Ghomala” (our local dialects) with the purpose of keeping this endangered dialect alive. 
Once he immigrated to the United States, his passion for languages turned into his bread and butter as he served as a Spanish-English medical interpreter in various health care and legal systems. In addition to languages, he loved the Bamileke cultures and traditions. He guest-starred on Cameroonian talk shows preaching the need to promote and maintain our sacred tradition. He exhibited Cameroonian art and fashion at various African events and wore it with pride and love. Papa Bona was also passionate about Cameroon politics, and fought hard for the legitimate practice of democracy and freedom of speech in Cameroon as evidenced by his activism in various organizations.
Papa Bona is survived by his wife, Mary Ouabo and four children: Cosme, Thibaut, Dr. Brigitte and Dr. Tatiana Ouabo; three grandchildren, Brice, Jonathan and Michael; several brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins. He is predeceased by his father, Ouokam; mother, Guiadem and sister, Jeanne in heaven.
Remembering Bonaventure Ouabo:

Tonton Bona, as he was fondly called, was someone who embraced life to the fullest. Despite French being his first international language, he was also fluent in English and Spanish. He was deeply admired for his intellect, charm and charisma. His magnetic personality opened doors for him, and great opportunities in life. He loved life: his personal, social and professional connections were not only broad, but deeper in every sense of the word. He loved and lived life to the fullest.

His favorite pastime was horticulture, African cultures and arts collection.

May his Soul Rest In Peace!