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more time

Shared by taylor esman on November 29, 2016

I only knew u for 8 years but throw those 8 years we laugh and played I just wish we still had u because it is.hard going threw things when all u want to make it better is a hug from your grandma friends talk about all the fun they have with there grandma and it makes me have memories of the best times we had from the day we made the spider project and the polar bear project to the days I needed help with homework my battery is at one percent so im going to use it for u I love u grandma I wish u were here to met the new amazing people in our life love u forever

my wonderful granma

Shared by bailey thurman on March 28, 2012

granma i love u so much i wish you were here i did my staar test today i wish could tell you in person about even if you were in the dang  hospital and its alredy been almost a year i cant beleive it at all if you were here there wouldnt be ights here all i want for my birthday is you with us no presents at all just you but it wont happen just no that i love my granma always................................................................................................................................................and i miss you so much

Shared by carolyn pruitt on November 22, 2011

gosh it was so long ago that we met.  we was in high school.  we got to be freinds and then we was just like sisters.  we even lived together for awhile along with sonny you both were like my sister and brother.  we had some great times.  i will always miss you and love you.  you was one of a kind;  love you carolyn pruitt



Shared by Millie Esman on November 15, 2011

Mom was a comedian she could make you laugh so hard you would pee your pants. We laughed about silly things mostly but one that I am reminded of everyday is the time we were at Walmart and I saw a car that had in loving memory of jesse or something to that effect. I said I am going to have my car just like that when you die mom. She said well thats great and all but how is Jessie going to remind you of me. Well now mom all of those remind me of you... I love you so much.

Another story is when I was in labor with Bay and we had to wait in the hospital until the next morning because he was breech so you and I settled in for the night. After we fell asleep the nurse came in and woke me and said could you please wake your mom her snoring is disturbing everyone on the floor. I woke you and then we laughed and laughed because your snoring was atrocious. I love you mom...

Strays that she loved as her own

Shared by Rebecca Davis on November 15, 2011

My mom loved everyone she took all of our friends in as her own and loved them as her own...had birthdays for them went to there weddings or court dates she was there always for them...Melinda,Beth,Jennifer ,Tj,Justin,Sam,Shonda,Bobby,Brandy,Kelly,Lindsay and Charles to name a few she loved everyone and would help you over and over again no matter what you said did or was she still was there .

the world is ripped off kids are ripped off because they wont have her influence her hugs her big brains and ideas ..everyone is missing out now

I LOVE YOU MOM ..I WAS SO LUCKY YOU WAS MY MOM ..i am so lucky you are my mom

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