Her Life

Peace in the Everafter

Our mother never really had peace here on earth.  She was a very meek woman and did not have much self-esteem.  She was married at 16 and that did not work out. She had a car accident that caused her to have seizures the rest of her life.  She married the 2ND time only to be widowed at age 37.  She was diagnosed in 1989 with emphysema and died in 1996.  There was a good bit of heartache in my mother's short life but there is good news.  She got saved before she died when she finally understood the love of God not the wrath.  So now she walks on streets of gold with plenty of unlabored breathes.  Her only focus is her loving God that will never disappoint her or leave her.  No disease, and she gets to share Jesus with the family that has gone on before her.  She never felt worthy here on earth but none of us are worthy, but the good news is Jesus opens the doors to Heaven and says, "Come in Bonnie, what took you so long?"   So my brother and I said to her on the day her soul left her earthy, broken, fragile body.  Finally Mother," you rest in peace."

Bonnie's life

She was born on Aug. 28, 1941, to W.F. "Fidel" and Ruby Whittington, in Lenoir, N.C.

The third of four siblings, Bonnie had three sisters -- Barbara, Betty and Jean. 

She married as a teenager, to Larry Icenhour, and less than three years later, Bonnie gave birth to a son, Richard Larry, in 1960.

The marriage to Larry didn't last, so she found herself a single mom. She remarried in 1966, just before "Ricky" entered the first grade.

Bonnie met Charles Hendricks in Greenville, S.C. and after a brief courtship, the couple married. Charles worked a variety of jobs before settling into a computer operator job at Rental Uniform Service in Greenville.

In the meantime, while living in Lenoir, Bonnie gave birth to Lisa Carol, in 1968.

Charles' health deteriorated and he was forced to quit working, so Bonnie found herself with a husband at home with two young children.

Charles died in 1979 and with Ricky gone off to college, she found herself a single mom again, as Lisa was just 11 when her dad passed away.

Bonnie's own health deteriorated and she left this world much too soon, on June 24, 1996.

She was devoted to her family and always put others before herself, particularly her children, and she is missed dearly.