Your smile, laughter, love, and compassion for life will forever be a part of our memories.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on February 18, 1954 in Flint, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on November 9, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

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Though you may be gone, you will never be forgotten. 

Bonnie Wheeler peacefully passed November 9th, 2012 in her Phoenix, Arizona residence at the young age of 58.There are so many common words and phrases I could use to try and explain who Bonnie Wheeler was, like; Loving, compassionate, A Terrific Mother and Grandmother, A Wonderful Poet, Lover of animals, a giver, A true humanitarian and So many more…. But these words and Phrases are used so commonly in the world that it’s hard to hold Bonnie Wheeler in the same category as so many when she truly was, A ONE OF A KIND PERSON.  I don’t believe there will ever really be any known words to truly explain who she was and how she felt. I will let her try to explain who she was and how she felt through her own words, through her poems.



Quietly I sit here before a mirror,
A stranger she looks back at me.
Is this what my life has become?
For in this mirror, this is what I see.

A woman grown tired and old,
Her hair slowly turning gray.
No more a child,
Her body now grown.
As I sit here looking into the mirror,
What I see is a lonely woman,
A woman all alone. 

Never any time just for her,
Always taking care of others,
No one ever taking care of her,
This is the image staring back at me. 

As my life slowly passes me by,
I guess it's too late now,
No reason to cry.

Now as I sit here,
This image sadly staring back at me,
A tired lonely woman is all that I see.

By Bonnie L. Wheeler 

A Child With No Name

I was born a child, a child with no name
I have feelings just like you,
But what am I supposed to do?
I am thought of as no one.
I don't know where I come from,
No family tree for me.
I am just a stranger, a stranger for all to see.
What happens when I die?
What will become of me?
A child with no name,
A child shouldn't be.
You ask me why I'm so bitter,
A child with no name,
I was just an accident and shouldn't be to blame.
I was born this child, a child with no name.

By Bonnie L. Wheeler

Through My Eyes

Through my eyes,
I see a mirror image,
An image staring back at me.

I see eyes drawn and tired,
From age and worry,
Never a time to rest,
Always in a hurry.

I see life as it has passed me by,
As years of hardship,
Have made me cry.

I see hunger and pain,
Darkness through the rain,
A life of emptiness with little to gain.
I see laughter as children play,
remembering a childhood,
As though it were yesterday.

I see a future full of promise,
A future for our young,
A future full of love,
Without hate and crime,
A future... that will truly take time.

Through my eyes I see all of this,
As time goes on,
A time of bliss.

By Bonnie L. Wheeler


Silent Cries

I sit alone,
Huddled under a tree,

Wondering why this has happened to me.
I am haunted by memories,
Of pain and shame,
Knowing there's only one person to blame.
The sorrow I feel is nothing but real,
I'm afraid my life will never heal.
The misery I've known has now been shown,
In eyes grown tired and sad,
I don't understand,
Was I really so bad?
Silent cries I have lived with all of my life,
No one to care, no one to see,
No one knows what this has done to me.
Sometimes I feel like there is no hope,
With a life like this,
How can I cope?
The silent cries I hold within,
When will the healing ever begin?

By Bonnie L. Wheeler




Even through many obstacles in her life, Bonnie was able to overcome them and live what was only a short life but a much lived one.



Daughter~ Sheri Durkin & Son-In-Law~ Thomas Durkin Jr.


Daylin Renee Durkin, Zachary Thomas Durkin, Livia Ann Durkin, Emmalee Elliott  Durkin, & Rosalie Lou Durkin (More to come 


Fiancé ~ Robert Randall


Naomi Hawley


Sisters ~ Dawn Whitney & Tamela Carl

Brothers ~ Walter Hawley, Floyd Hawley Jr, Michael Hawley, Steven Hawley, & Ronald Hawley 

As well as: 13 Nephews,  4 Nieces, 9 Great Nephews, 11 Great Nieces, & 1 Great-Great Niece

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Posted by Dawn Whitney on 18th February 2018
Happy birthday to my beautiful sister I miss you so much are forever in my ❤ You dance like you've never danced before sis Hugs and kisses to all our loved ones in heaven Happy Birthday Bonnie Gone But Never Forgotten
Posted by Dawn Whitney on 10th November 2017
We love and miss you so much Bonnie I can't believe it's been 5 years You are always in my thoughts and my heart FOREVER LOVED FOREVER MISSED GIVE LIZ AND RICHARD HUGS FROM US I LOVE YOU SIS AND ALWAYS KNOW I GOT YOU DOWN HERE
Posted by Robert Randall on 17th May 2017
i still love you bonnie. i miss you more and more each day. i blame myself for your dying. i am sad lonely and depressed all the time now. hope to see you in heaven soon. cant go on living this way much longer
Posted by Robert Randall on 9th November 2016
imiss you so much. i wish i could have have died in your place. i remember the good times and all the times we shared.i should have married you. you wereand still is the greatest friend and lover i ever had. love, robert
Posted by Robert Randall on 18th February 2016
i love you still bonnie, i miss you so much.i remember all the happy times we had together,now you arean angel, and i am left all alone.hope to see you soon. robert
Posted by Robert Randall on 9th November 2015
i still love you with all my heart. i miss you so much.hope to see you in heaven love, robert
Posted by Livia Durkin on 9th November 2015
Granny.. its almost been four years since the day you passed away.. god if only I could see you right now... I hope you're in heaven with everyone else... all of us here are doing great.. but I still miss you ... you. Were the best grandma anyone could ever ask for, I know I post here a lot but I just wish you were still alive... Papa is gone too.. if he's there with you tell him I love him and I love you too SO much.. I wish I still had grand parents.
Posted by Dawn Whitney on 9th November 2015
I miss you so much sis.. I miss our little talks You'll be very happy to know Tammy and I are talking again.. I miss you Liz and Richard so very much.. You're always in my thoughts sis... You're such a beautiful soul... I wish I could've talked to you one last time... I need my sister now more than ever... I love and miss you so much... Please give Richard and Liz a big hug for me.. I wish I could understand why god took y'all from us way to soon...... R.I.P.MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER GONE FROM THIS WORLD WAY TO SOON FOREVER IN MY HEART
Posted by Robert Randall on 10th September 2015
Posted by Livia Durkin on 25th March 2015
It's been a whole three years without you and i still remember the last time i saw you... everytime i go on here i have to hold back tears you were and still are the best grandma anyone could ever ask for... I wish i could've been with you more before you pasted... if you were here right now i'd hug you and probably never let go.. I love you granny you will be forever missed <3
Posted by Robert Randall on 9th December 2014
I miss you bonnie and will always think of you love robert
Posted by Kevin Hawley on 22nd August 2014
I never thought I would miss you more. But when I see those pictures it puts tears in my eyes. I love you so much. It breaks my heart that your gone. You will be truly missed aunt Bonnie. You gave me a lot of memories when I was little and I'll always cherish them. I know where you went and can't wait yo see you there. I love you so much and thank you for everything you did for me. As these tears fall. Not cause I'm sad. But heart broking. I hope you know how much you meant to me and part of my life.
Posted by Dawn Whitney on 5th January 2013
Hey Sis,been thinking alot about You... I really Miss talking to You,How was Your Christmas & New Years with Richard and Liz? Tell Them We Love & Miss them I know that You're in a better place,No Evil,no pain... I just wanted to say I Love You SiS,I wish I could've seen You One last time ...Love You SiS..Forever & Alway's
Posted by Livia Durkin on 3rd January 2013
Granny, I miss you but your still in my heart and I cry every time i see this website.I wish you were here so i could give you a big hug and never let go and i wish i could spend the night at your house and never leave your sight. I know you said you never wanted us to cry alot but i just miss you so much. I love you granny.
Posted by Zachary Durkin on 3rd January 2013
You were the best grandma in the world. You were kind and never said no to anything we needed help with. Sadly your not here to see how we are doing or so I can hug you and never let go. But your still here in my heart and you will never leave. Hopefully your in a better place without any pain or worries I love you granny, and I know you would say the same.
Posted by Sheri Durkin on 3rd January 2013
Hi Momma, well we made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's without you and it was rough. We Love & Miss you so much! It's hard not being able to talk to you in person but I know you are reading this and that helps ease the pain a little. I also wanted to tell you, " I told you so", the world didn't come to an end on 12-21-12 & we haven't encountered any zombies yet....LOL!
Posted by Anita M Wheeler on 4th December 2012
We are so sorry for your loss. Its always hard to loose the ones we love But they would want us to keep liveing our lives.its never goodbyetheir just on another journey they will always be in our hearts and the memories well always one can ever take that from us.we are so lucky to be blessed .RIP Bonny
Posted by Tamela Carl on 2nd December 2012
Bonnie I love you more than words can describe. You have always and will always be my favorite, you was always there for me as a child and adult. I told you things that i only felt comfortable telling you and you always made me feel better. I just want to tell you thank you for being the best sister in the world, and best aunt to my kids. We miss you and love you always.
Posted by Heather Bell on 1st December 2012
I will remember Bonnie as being a very loving cousin...I never had the opportunity to get to know her very well, but I wish I would have because I talked to her online a few times and she was very understanding and always offered great advice....Love you Bonnie and you will be missed by many, may you always rest in peace!
Posted by Naomi Hawley on 1st December 2012
Posted by Dawn Whitney on 1st December 2012
I am so blessed & Proud to have called You My Sister,We had some good times together Sis,...I'm just so sad that We couldn't say a proper goodbye to You...You was always there for everybody,no matter the situation,You will be dearly missed My Sister gone but never forgotten I Love You Forever and always
Posted by Doug Hawley on 1st December 2012
In Loving Memory of my dear sweet sister, you have always been there for all of us no matter what the problem may have been, you could always bring a smile to anyones face when they were down, i remember when you taught me to do plastic canvas over 30 years ago and i still hang my NOEL up every year that you helped me make you will be sadly missed and always loved, love doug and david
Posted by Karen Bettis Bell on 1st December 2012
Ill always remember Bonnie as one of my favorite cousins and is going to be sadly missed but never forgotten anytime IWas feeling down Bonnie was there to cheer me up I love you Bonnie rip I remember when we was kids we was always together then as adults we sorta went our own way but Bonnie was always in my heart and I just got back talking to her and now shes gone but not forgotten
Posted by Sheri Durkin on 1st December 2012
In Loving Honor of Your Name and Being, I have made this website to forever remember you Momma. You are now and forever will be missed by ALL who loved you. I was unable to say goodbye as you were taken from me without a whisper of a notion so I want to say here in hopes where ever you may be that I Love You Momma and Truly Hope You Are At Peace. Until we are together again I say Goodbye.

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