Let the memory of my Boo never be forgotten
  • 54 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1961 in Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on December 20, 2015 in California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Boo Gahan 54 years old , born on February 9, 1961 and passed away on December 20, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Cathy Marie on April 14, 2019
Boo I love you ❤️ I miss you so much baby. I saw a photo of the fields of poppies today and thought of you. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I know you are ok, but sad for the hell you went through here. Peace sweetheart.
Posted by Cathy Marie on November 8, 2018
Boo, missing you so much.......you were my every day....missing you doesn’t get easier. Wanting to hear your loving voice. Woke up at 3am thinking of you....hope I see you when I fall back asleep
Posted by Cathy Marie on February 9, 2018
It’s your Birthday Boo....I miss you and wish I could sit next to you and hold your hand and catch up....I have so much to tell you...I want to hear your boice... you saying “hi boo” and laughing about all the silly things that made us laugh.....I miss you sweet baby. I know you are better there then here but I miss you every single day. I love you boo. Send me a sign baby
Posted by Cathy Marie on December 21, 2017
I miss you boo......it doesn’t get easier. I’m glad you are no longer suffering. I wish you could give me a sign baby....
Posted by Cathy Marie on September 6, 2017
You are never far from my thoughts Boo, I miss you. I'm so sorry you were so ill. It hurts my heart how you suffered. God knew you were tired and heartbroken and took you home. I love you ❤️
Posted by Cathy Marie on September 6, 2017
Boo? Do you hear me still? Are you near me? Please give me a sign baby ☎️
Posted by Cathy Marie on June 4, 2017
It doesn't get easier baby. I miss you every day. Wondering if I will ever be able to be happy again. I love and miss you so much! Hope you haven't left me. I listened to your voice a few days ago...some were poems some were messages for me and things you have written for me. Hearing you say my name made me miss you so bad. I can't seem to pull myself together and out of this funk. If you can Boo give me a sign and a shove....I feel stuck and lost. I love you boo. ❤️ Boo
Posted by Cathy Marie on May 20, 2017
Missing you so much today Boo.......I heard a Neil Young song yesterday and you've been on my mind since. I even dreamed about you.....so bittersweet baby.....I miss your voice...I miss your sense of humor.....I miss your love letters.....I miss your songs....I miss hearing you say....."Hi Boooo"......my heart aches today. I know you are good and with your love....I'm just so sorry that you had to go this alone. It broke my heart that I couldn't save you. I love you Boo...I hope you are still near me.....it physically hurts right now.
Posted by Cathy Marie on April 1, 2017
Yesterday I asked you to hold my hand and ride into work listening to the radio....i miss you so much boo! I hope you can still feel me baby. It feels like it's been too long....it feels like yesterday.....I ❤ you!
Posted by Cathy Marie on February 9, 2017
I love you Boo.....Happy Birthday baby....I miss you all the time. I know you are lovrd and safe where you are now. Thank you for loving me and looking after me. xoxo Boo
Posted by Cathy Marie on January 5, 2017
Miss you baby......dreampt about you last night. In my dream I'm searching for you....hope you are peaceful now sweet baby. I still have things to do before i sleep.
Posted by Cathy Marie on December 21, 2016
Hi Boo, yesterday was a rough day for us..I miss you baby. I emailed Lori and she said it was a melancholy day and that she prays for you still. Your family love you Boo.....I do too. My life isn't the same without you, but I know you are with your loved ones in heaven and you are peaceful. I dream about you frequently...I hope you aren't mad at me. Christmas is almost here and I'm missing both you and my Dad. I hope you know each other. I love you boo....don't leave me.....I need you still. I love you. Boo
Posted by Cathy Marie on December 21, 2016
Love you sweet baby........<3
Posted by Cathy Marie on May 29, 2016
You've been on my mind a lot today............
Posted by Cathy Marie on May 14, 2016
Been having dreams about you boo....I miss you while I sleep too I guess. Nothing is the same without you. You are the first person I want to tell every thing to. I hate remembering you aren't here to talk to. It doesn't stop me though.....I hope you hear me boo. I listen for you all the time. I love you, cathy
Posted by Cathy Marie on May 7, 2016
Needed a place to come to. To talk to you and grieve you. You were so much a part of me that I feel lost without you. I am trying to do what you would want me to do. I want you to be proud of me boo. I miss you so much.
Posted by Cathy Marie on May 6, 2016
I miss you every day Boo. I'm so sorry baby that I couldn't be there with you. I hope you know how much I love you. You suffered so and the only thing that gets me through is knowing you are peaceful now. A piece of my heart went with you Boo.....I will never be the same. I miss hearing your voice...hearing you say "Hi Boo"....I play it over and over in my head never wanting to forget your voice. I hope you weren't scared. I know God held you and saw you through and into the arms of your loved ones. The last time we spoke you told me how much I gave you hope......you gave me the same boo. Thank you for being my best friend. I'm sorry for the way you suffered. The loss of your true love and the crappy hand you were dealt. I would have done anything to save you. I'm sorry I couldn't. Rest in peace sweet baby.

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