• 83 years old
  • Born on December 18, 1935 in Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on December 31, 2018 in Africa, Kenya.

Some people leave an indelible mark. It’s the things they say; it’s the way they always take the time to listen and look you in the eye; it’s the way they remember your favorite pie, your birthday, your story; it’s the way they know just when you need a hug; it’s the way they help you without being asked; it’s the way they pray for you.  That was our beloved B. She touched so many lives…maybe she touched you. We welcome you to share your “B Tribute or Story” so we can all enjoy and remember a life well spent.

A memorial service is to be held on March 9, 2019 11am at Vanguard University’s Needham Chapel, 55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Reception following.

Posted by Katherine Geers on July 15, 2019
I remember the first day I met B at SCC during Freshman orientation. We immediately clicked, and she became one of my "kindred spirits." Her bravery in the face of unimaginable pain, her integrity, love, compassion, and acceptance of others, as well as her sense of humor, are just a few of her gifts and talents that I admired and loved. B was one of the few people that I felt comfortable sharing the deepest most important parts of my soul, which centered around our mutual love for our Lord, Jesus. While I know we all miss her, I look forward to the day when I will be able to see her again in heaven. 
With love and sympathy,
Posted by Sherry Segrist on April 1, 2019
I was blessed to have been able to work the PRICE Estate Sale. So many beautiful memories and mementos of a Jesus-filled life dedicated to others. My husband and I were able to purchase the PRICE dinner table: 2 leaves, 10 chairs. Daily, as I sit there with my coffee, I am reminded of how much counsel was given at that table, how many lives were changed, the friendships formed, families healed, how many testimonies were made there and how many people accepted Jesus as their Savior. THE TABLE is a daily reminder of B's life and witness for her Savior.
Posted by BETTY HITTENBERGER on March 11, 2019
Betty was a very special person. She was always happy, always smiling. It was so good to be around her. She was in charge of the chapel when Bud and I got married in 1961...it cost us $10 to rent the chapel. Years later, we stayed in their cabin in the mountains..such a rare treat. I will always remember this wonderful couple, radiant for Jesus!
Posted by Brenda English on March 10, 2019
Betty was a sweet Christian woman who loved And Lived Her Christian testimony!
Posted by Debbie Healy on March 9, 2019
“Memory Marks”
One of my favorite pieces of wisdom from Bea was that when “things happen” to furniture or our things due to accidents that what is left are “memory marks”. She would share about different marks on her piano or tables, all memories of family and friends. It was a piece of wisdom I have lived by and shared often, especially with those with children. In fact, I just shared this with a friend in the last week who in her recent move to follow the call of God on her life, had some damage done to furniture. It was always a reminder that people are always more important than things and that God can truly bring good out of everything.
Though I was at Vanguard (SCC) at the time Bea & Art were there, it wasn’t until later when Doug and I were in ministry that Doug started to go up to the Cabin for personal retreats. We would go up for times together and loved our long talks where they would share so many stories. So many! So good! There was a lot of laughter and some tears. I was always in awe of Bea’s strength - pain never beat her, she was never a victim, she only used it as fuel to go deeper with God and to love and encourage others that they too could trust God to bring good out of even the darkest times.
When we had our kids we would travel up to the cabin for little vacations and Art and Bea (Pop and Granny) always treated them like their own grandkids. They loved being there and were always more excited when they knew Art and Bea were going to be there. I still remember the first “Tea” she had prepared for Caitlyn, our oldest daughter, and a little neighbor girl, with hat and gloves and all. I’m not sure they really liked the tea, but they loved the dress up.
We had the honor of being asked if we wanted to buy their beloved cabin when they felt the call to leave the mountains. It was our honor and privilege to do so. They knew we would carry on their tradition of ministry and God’s love for them. We saw many encounter God’s love during our stewardship of that blessed place. We were so excited for their move and for her to fulfill the dream of going to Africa.
Bea has left many “memory marks” (positive) on our hearts that have helped to shape us so beautifully. Thank you Bea for loving so well!
Debbie Healy
Posted by Linda Parker on March 8, 2019
Aunt B was a distant relative of mine. When I left my home in Arizona and attended SCC/Vanguard, she and Uncle Art took care of me in many ways. It was in their home on campus that my husband officially proposed to me. Aunt B gave us the most wonderful wedding reception you can imagine. To this day, whenever I show hospitality, I draw on the things I saw modeled in the Price home. I even continue to use the famous cookbook which she gave to all newlyweds. By the way, Aunt B was the first person on campus to have a personal computer!
Posted by Verlie Benline on March 7, 2019
My sister, Betty Price, B to me and my other 2 sisters are amazing siblings. From the beginning we were taught to love one another. B was the oldest and was almost 9 when I was born. She had a beautiful smile and had a small space between her two front teeth. Her smile lit up her whole face. I attended SCC and worked in the Business Office and B was my Boss. It was a great experience for me and later I left SCC and finished my schooling with a Business Administration degree. I remember B and Art throwing me a surprise graduation party. I was totally surprised, even to the concert by the Blessed Assurance Band after dinner. B was front and center in my life after my Mother passed away. She made sure I had a place to live when my Dad decided to move back to Texas and rented the Costa Mesa house to 3 college boys. She just said you will live with us and share a room with Cheryl. During my stay with the Prices Cheryl and I bonded and became kindred spirits and still are to this day. Family bonds run deep in our family and I am so thankful for B. She was a wonderful sister, friend, example, and Loved the Lord, served Him and others. Rest now Sister, your ran a good race.
Posted by Andrea Ridlon on March 7, 2019
When I joined the Price family, I was very nervous about meeting the legendary Granny whom I had heard so much about and was already in awe of what an incredible person she was. When I did meet her, all of my worries melted away when she gave me a hug that only grammas can give. I felt immediately accepted by her. Not once did she ever say or do anything to make me feel like an inadequate partner for her grandson and she gave me a lot of advice about relationships-how just being humble and respectful will benefit all involved. When she became a great grandmother, I again benefitted from her wisdom. I learned that dishes can wait, the dusting can be put off, and to cherish the short time I had with my babies. She taught me to trust my intuitions, to be the best mother I could be without worrying about other peoples opinions, and she always respected my decisions as a parent. I am a better person because of her. One of my favorite memories includes her holding her first born great grandchild and rocking for hours, shutting out any outside intrusions so she and Zoe could have their time together. She treasured her family and friends, no matter what she was there for you-even when she was battling her own health issues. I will always hold my love and memories of her beautiful soul in my heart.
Posted by Dixie Auringer on March 5, 2019
My Sister Betty, BB or B was more than a sister to me, she was a second Mother. I am the born 6th of 7 children of Sam Budge and was very lucky to have been born into a Christian family. I cannot remember a time when BB didn’t have the exact words for me through my life. Always there for me, my husband Lou and my three children. When my Sister Verlie (Bur) was born, BB gathered my Sister Sylvia (Essie) and me onto her bicycle and peddled us to the neighbor’s house and ask them if they wanted any girls that there were too many at her house? Betty was a very good student, then followed my Sister Essie who was even better, and of course me following them wasn’t an easy path. I ended up having their teachers and the expectances were set very high. BTW, I even had Art Price (Pop) 1st grade teacher as well, just my luck.  However, I changed it up by being the only athletic out of seven Budge children which help me in the long run to distance myself from their excellences.  Don’t get me wrong I was an honor roll student but BB was not only an honor roll student but a stand out in Home Economics and Band.  BB learned how to cook, sew played several instruments including the piano and mastered them all. I loved my Sister BB so very much and she will be extremely missed by me.
Posted by Joseph Saggio on March 2, 2019
WIthout a doubt Betty was one of the greatest encouragers I ever met! When I was a graduate student at Vanguard many years ago she and Art helped financially at a very generous amount and helped to find other sources of funding so that I could complete debt free. Betty and Art loved the SCC/Vanguard students like a bonus set of parents and untold numbers of us are mourning her loss but rejoicing that another saint has gone home to glory! She will be missed, but never forgotten!
  Joseph J. Saggio, Ed.D.
Posted by Doug Ridlon on March 2, 2019
Granny would sit me on her lap (until I was well past the size and age one would consider it appropriate or even possible), smooth my hair and ask, "How is my Number One Grandson?" 
 To eavesdroppers it was obvious that I was number one because I was the eldest. To me it wasn't so clear.
 From the time I was making memories, I remember there being lots of older kids around calling Granny Granny. These were "The College Kids" - an ever growing horde of young people, pulled by life, away from their families for the first time. Who could blame them for being drawn to the warmth and kindness that virtually flowed out of the house sitting in the middle of their campus? Who wouldn't adopt Granny and Pop as their own if given the chance?
  So I got a gaggle of older "cousins", a wonderful gift for an oldest child. Then I got a sister... then a cousin... then a brother... then a cousin... and naturally I remained the Number One Grandson. 
 It was a silly title... that made me feel like the most important person in the world.
 That was Granny's best talent; whether you were Pop or a stranger in line at Stater Bros, a college freshman just trying to find your path or a grandkid on her lap in the rocking chair, she knew how to make you feel as though you were her priority, that you were the bee's knees, and, of course, that you were the Number One You.
Posted by on February 26, 2019
B was a loving, motherly role model while I was a student at SCC/Vanguard. Her love for her husband and the college students was an inspiration to me. I spent many nights in the Price house, spent many hours studying there and typing papers, making life long friends, and gleaned from the many hours of wisdom that B poured out on us all. I have many great memories at the Price cabin too. I will always be grateful for the indelible imprint that B made on my life and heart. -Teresa (TC) Strong Jepsen
Posted by Darlis Sailors on February 25, 2019
Betty was such a loving person and so willing to help others. She helped Rick and I by hosting our families at a luncheon on graduation day at Southern California College (now Vanguard University). Rick and I were only acquaintances, then. But we got married that fall and Betty helped make our wedding reception a success. My mom lived in AZ and could not be involved in all the necessary planning. Another beautiful memory is of Betty and Art helping us host Rick's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Not only was Betty's generous Texas hospitality in her own home a real pleasure, but her Christian values and the way she shared Jesus' love was most encouraging. Both Rick and I were blessed to have her as a longtime friend. Darlis Sailors
Posted by Adelle Danson on February 25, 2019
Granny was the best grandmother an only granddaughter could have. She taught me so much about manners, kindness, hospitality, and choosing a right partner in life. I will always remember my summers at SCC/Vanguard with Granny and Pop which included Anne of Green Gables books, chips and salsa, peach cobbler, many friendly college kid faces, late night talks and more. Our family trips to the Price Cabin were filled with laughter, adventure, Chi Chi and Wendell videos, music, rook, and delicious food. I love you Granny and continue to pass all your wisdom on to my family.
Posted by Cheryl Freese on February 25, 2019
From Art Price: B and I loved each other very much. She was a very faithful and helpful wife. She was a very supportive marriage partner. We got along very well. Because we respected each other, we never argued, fussed or quarreled. She was the ideal wife and partner. 
From Cheryl (Cheer) Freese: In my eyes, Mom was famous! She seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew her. She loved everyone and everyone seemed to love her. I’ve never met a friendlier person than B Price. Hospitality flowed freely from her heart. Mom was genuine. She wasn’t the type to talk behind your back. If she had something to say, she would just say it! I think she got that from Grandpa Budge. She was a woman of integrity who lived a principled life and she loved and served God without pretense. As her daughter, I never saw her fall apart or get frustrated, except with my brother Arty and me (LOL). With that southern charm she handled whatever came her way. I heard her say many times, “Can’t never could do anything”! I could not have asked for a better mom… I loved her so much and I miss her so much but the last year had become very difficult for her and I know now that she is exactly where she wanted to be… “sheltered in the arms of God”.

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