Let the memory of Brad be with us forever
  • 39 years old
  • Born on May 21, 1974 .
  • Passed away on March 24, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brad Rogers 39 years old , born on May 21, 1974 and passed away on March 24, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Janet Rogers on 24th March 2018
I miss you more with every passing day. I love you. Mom
Posted by Dane Anderson on 21st May 2017
Happy Birthday Brad. Thinking about you............ Dane
Posted by Dane Anderson on 10th April 2017
Yo Brink! Just thinking of you buddy. As always.... Miss you and love you dude. We all do. Dane.....
Posted by Ryan Reeber on 24th March 2017
3 years already!! Damn... I still hear these songs and instantly think of you. Miss you brother.
Posted by Lamont Barney on 21st May 2016
Happy Birthday old pal!
Posted by Ryan Reeber on 21st May 2016
Happy Birthday brother. Still thinking about you!
Posted by Tracey Parker on 24th March 2016
Forever missed
Posted by Dane Anderson on 21st May 2015
Happy 41st Birthday Brad. Love and miss you buddy.... Always. Dane
Posted by Dane Anderson on 24th March 2015
Brad, has it been a year already!?!? WOW, I miss you like it was March 25th of 2014. You are always in my heart, my soul and my thoughts buddy, forever and a day. Hope your "DREAMS" are everything you ever wanted. God bless you Brad, we love you bro!!!!
Posted by Courtney Pelletier Kavouk... on 27th May 2014
Thinking of you always..... Until we meet again dear friend. xoxo
Posted by Carol Schmitt on 21st May 2014
Brad, thinking of u on your 40th birthday. May u rest in peace. I will always remember u. With love, Carol
Posted by Tracey Parker on 12th May 2014
I have known brad for many years as many of you do. He was a trip. I'm sorry you lost the battle but now your free my dear friend. I'm sorry you got involved with "her" and wished I would have been able to.stop you. Live free....
Posted by Lamont Barney on 31st March 2014
No more pain buddy. No more misery. You will never be forgotten Brad. Thank you for being my friend.
Posted by Susan Danson on 28th March 2014
I've spent the last few days remembering all I could about every memory I have of Brad, and every one I have has left me with such joy. From elementary school to High School to immediately following Sandy to as recently as a few weeks ago. There is not one memory that doesn't leave me with a happy thought. Brad was such a positive light and now even as an Angel his brightness shines and continues to bring joy. Till we meet again my friend, thank you for the lessons you have taught and the light you continue to shine on us all!
Posted by Melissa Catuogno on 28th March 2014
Brad, I can't believe you are gone. Great buddies since our wee days at Beeler, then you were stuck behind me 4 years in high school home room- always there to listen with a smile or make a joke when my teen drama became too much. I am grateful that after many years we reconnected- and loved sharing stories with you and catching up. I know its been a tough few years since Hurricane Sandy knocked on your door and the knowledge that you are now pain free and at peace will carry us all through these dark days. Prayers with you and your family. Heaven has gained angel- but something tells me you're up there having some fun! Maybe fishing or a shopping- free- for- all at Target?? Much love to you.
Posted by Maddie Galarza on 28th March 2014
I was so saddened by this news! I have so many great memories! You will be missed by so many! Rest in peace!
Posted by Ryan Lippincott on 27th March 2014
I have so many great memories of my childhood with Brad. We knew each other since 2nd grade. We fished, played,camped, and explored every chance we got in Barton Run and beyond. He and BJ we the best companions a kid could ever ask for. BJ is right Brad always caught the biggest fish. Thanks Rebecca and BJ for the great memories of Brad you shared. We are all going to miss you brother, thanks for all the amazing adventures. I will always remember you.
Posted by Roe Navek on 27th March 2014
Brad....we went thru all our years of school together from elementary to high.... after graduation we lost touch until Facebook where we reconnected.... The love we shared for the beach water and serenity of the ocean will always remain in my heart... I loved our talks and sharing our struggles thru the loss of our waterfront properties... Your kind messages were always appreciated.... May you enjoy your beautiful view from above at the wonderful water you so loved... Be pain free and live on my friend you will so be missed ❤️
Posted by Mark Caruso on 26th March 2014
Brad was an interesting character his whole life. I was best friends with his brother Dorian and spent many days and nights at their house in Barton Run. I remember spending more time in Brads room then Dorians. He was such an individual , his taste in music ,art ,women was truly unique. I actually copied some of his decorating ideas. He wasn't afraid to be himself. He used to make tapes for us to listen to as we cruised in our mustangs. He was truly a selfless individual and will be missed.
Posted by Dillon Webb on 26th March 2014
You loved water and fishing you will be missed
Posted by Mike Pepe on 26th March 2014
I remember the days when we would hang out at Seth's house in Barton run. We became friends during the confusing years of our youth. The days of hanging out at Seth Hancock's house, listening to good music, and partying was the priority of the day. You will be greatly missed by all the souls you have touched during your time on earth, peace!
Posted by Allen Bandrowsky on 26th March 2014
There are no words. I lost my best friend and brother. He inspired me to be the best I could.
Posted by Barbara Korkowski on 26th March 2014
Brad you will be missed so much. I enjoyed talking with you and your sense of humor even through tough times. You will always be remembered and loved. Rest in peace till we meet again.
Posted by Christian Robinson on 26th March 2014
Brad I will miss the year we shared together as lab partners in chemistry. Your infectious smile and your blazing red hair and your love for hockey and life made our friendship great. By the way I should have followed you to hide in the swamp at that woods party in Barton Run that got busted. We lost touch through the years but I'm so glad we R's connected. You were and are a great person that touched many people. RIP bro. You always will be remembered and missed. Love you man!
Posted by Dane Anderson on 26th March 2014
Yo Bradley Brink!!! Too soon there buddy, way too soon. BUT, the most important thing here is that Brad is at peace, no pain, no worries. I have known Brad as long as I have known myself, my memories with the Rogers goes back as far as my brain can process memory. I cannot imagine life without him, and will miss Brad everyday until we meet again. God bless you buddy, may you enjoy your new found pain free peace in heaven. Love you Bro.....................
Posted by Rick Woodland on 26th March 2014
I'm expecting to see you at the next adventure, I just wish you would have waited up or would have let me go first.
Posted by Rebecca Gallagher on 26th March 2014
I remember sitting in the dirt playing with sticks and bugs. That is how young we were when we became friends. We used to explore all the trails from Lippincotts back yard to the horse farm. You and Ryan taught me how to eat crab right on the front porch. Mostly I remember games like jail break and kickball. You lived to fish and go out on the lake. The Barton Run. It was like our own Mississippi and we all were little Huck Finns and Tom Sawyers. We all grew up and it was so good to see you and reconnect again over the last few years. I will greatly miss our talks and your smile. Go in Peace and watch over us now and again. Love Rebecca
Posted by Dawn Chiusano on 26th March 2014
Brad I am glad you are finally free from pain - you are going to be greatly missed - you had a big heart and a kind soul. The Earth is going to miss you but Heaven is going to have another angel <3
Posted by Jen Pierce on 26th March 2014
May you rest in peace now. You were a very special person and will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you for all the wonderful memories!
Posted by Michelle Shepherd Condra on 26th March 2014
Rest in peace fellow Crohnie, prayers to your family and friends.
Posted by Debbie Fruggiero on 26th March 2014
So sad your gone to soon. Rest in piece you'll be missed forever. Glad your free of pain.
Posted by Jayme Reed on 26th March 2014
I considered Brad one of my best friends. There was no one on earth I enjoyed talking to more than Brad. He was the real deal. I didn't have the pleasure of really knowing him in high school, we connected in 2001 and were instantly close. When he was first diagnosed with this horrible disease, he kept things quiet and never wanted to talk about all of the shitty things he had to deal with. However, in the past few years, he took acceptance of crohn's and began to help others who were going through the same hard times. I was so proud of him and how hard he fought. We shared a lot of fun times and a lot of hard times....as friends, as roommates, as a couple, he was even my handyman for awhile when he lived with me (and boy did he suck at it) and even forced me to listen to PM Dawn!! I will love him forever and will he will always hold a piece of my heart...that no one will ever replace! I love you Brad...I know the angels aren't the ones leading you, I am certain that you are leading them! xoxoxoxo Rest in peace my true friend...you were one of a kind.
Posted by Holly Lynn on 26th March 2014
Spread those wings Bradley! You will always hold a special place in my heart! I love you! ❤️
Posted by Bj WeBb on 26th March 2014
Buddy, make sure you find the water up. You will be missed
Posted by Bj WeBb on 26th March 2014
As stated before brad loved the water if it had to do with water he was there. I sit back and remember when Brad, lippy and I would wake up at 4:30am and hit the Barton run lake before school. Then rush to hit the bus. We were always fishing that lake. I remember we walked acrossed the lower dam in to the wood to get to this small clearing that we never fished before. Well Brad caught the biggest bass I have ever seen. The smile on his face from ear to ear. Then he wanted to get this mounted so we took it to my uncle to have it mounted. Well long story short my uncles freezer died and the fish had to go in the trash. Please don't get me started on the Barton run crew Bon fires, camping trips, woods parties and cops. Well know madder what we did if Brad was there it was always fun .
Posted by Kristiana Bertino on 26th March 2014
I moved to Chicago my senior year in high school. he called me every night to wish me sweet dreams because he knew how nervous and scary it was at a new school. just one of the billion memories rushing through my brain...I love you buddy, have since I was a kid and will until forever. know you are with me everyday, living on in my heart and through my memories.
Posted by Cheryl DeCola on 26th March 2014
Miss you already friend ♥♥
Posted by Ryan Reeber on 26th March 2014
Brad was a man that loved the water, and loved adventure. I thought this landscape captured both..

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