Shared by Rick Woodland on March 24, 2019

Woke at 4am this morning thinking about and remembering Brad.   Had no idea this was the day 5 years ago that he left this world to start a new adventure.  I know your just fine Brad and look forward to seeing you again one day.   Please give my dog Max a big hug, some vanilla ice cream and toss a football with him. Max just passed over this week and I miss him but I know you will love him so keep an eye out for Max until I make the trip over.  love ya Brad.

Shared by Jesse Schneeman on April 7, 2014

Brad and I became friends freshman year in high school when he sat in front of me in homeroom. I'll never forget the great times hanging out on Shady lane with all of the Barton Run boys listening to VH and loving life.


I will miss you bro!!!


Shared by Rick Woodland on March 26, 2014


I missed more then half of Brads life here. I met him in the summer of 1977 or 78 when he was 3 or 4. He was new in Barton Run and he was ridding on Mr. Bakers shoulders.  The three of us introduced ourselves and gathered watching the construction the Barton Run community swimming pool. Over the next 14-15 years he and his family and his friends were always a big part of my life and were in-fact an extended family for me. There were far too many memories to pin one down here. Brad was usually quiet, thoughtful and caring but always positive and smiling during that first half of his life, he was, “full of life”.  I moved 5000 miles to Hawaii in 1991 when Brad was 17, I didn’t really look back and lost touch being immediately immersed in my new life. This was of course before the social media age. I will always remember Brad as a boy from that first half of his life, the half of his life that turned out to be the carefree and pain free and medical procedure free half of his life. I reconnected with Brad starting in 2006 mostly through Social media and through phone conversations. I met with Brad once in that time but have remained separated by miles ever since. Brad was no longer that skinny quiet boy,  but I could tell that he was still thoughtful and smiling and full of life and he had clearly grown through adversity as many of us do.

So now there will again be a period of separation only this time it will be for all of us. Brad is the one who has moved away this time.  Brad has gone home to be with his, and our creator and there will be no obvious social media connections for us to stay in touch with him, this is what will be so hard!   Rest assured this is a temporary condition as everything here is,  we will all meet again soon!  One day it will be our turn to walk through Gods other door and Brad will be there to introduce us and to tell us all about his new adventures. We are all eternal indestructible spirits, we will all shed our broken worn out earthly bodies one day but we will all continue on forever.   I am convinced of this through experience and study.  We should Celebrate the fact that Brad is indestructible and that we will all meet him again.

NY Trip

Shared by Ryan Reeber on March 26, 2014

I remember when we (Chirs, Monte, and i) were taking my brother and Brad to NY (Red Rock West) and I remember Brad saying "We are goin to NY, gotta go shopping!). LOL.. I said time and time again thats not a good idea, and he didnt listen. Went out and spent like $150 on a new outfit. We get there and within 1 hour his brand new sweater was ripped off and drinks all splashed on his new pants. Couple other things probably not a good idea mentioning on here (which those that were there know) lol.. Man the memories keep coming.

Church RD House

Shared by Ryan Reeber on March 26, 2014

When we lived together on Church with my brother Eric. There were many nights of a great time. Some i cant mention here haha! But always had a great time.

Down the Shore

Shared by Ryan Reeber on March 26, 2014

We all were down the shore for the day (believe it was OD) but we were accross from the bar from one another and he started flicking small shot glasses at us jumping around...

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