Brad with Banjo, c 2008
Brad Wallace
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 3, 1954
  • Date of passing: Aug 9, 2013
Brad, your memory lives on inside all of us...

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dear friend, Brad Wallace, who was born on July 3, 1954 and passed away on August 9, 2013. We created this online site to encourage Brad's family, friends, and colleagues to share their tributes, memories, stories, and photographs. It will create a permanent testament to what Brad meant to so many people. Please visit often and feel free to share!

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Claudia Martin Goldberg on 11th August 2017

"Brad, my birthday many tears these many days for so many things...but so much love, too. I do think of you on our birthday!! And I send love....and light and blessings...say hello to my friends up there with you...I know you being with God is beautiful. Until we meet again, my dear...."

This tribute was added by Dan Reed on 26th July 2017

"Working on vocal music arrangements in the studio and playing past songs we did together.  Miss you buddy!  
I especially miss sharing our inside jokes that only we would know.  I would like to redo my favorite BW song "Kleenex Carnation" that we recorded many ears ago as a tribute to you.  Not sure when I will find time, but will attempt when the mood strikes!
My birthday is coming up and I will be thinking of you each and every birthday on August 9th.
Seeing you in the future!  (You will probably need to lower a rope for me and haul me up and explain that we like to record together ☺)"

This tribute was added by George Ulrich on 3rd July 2017

"Brad, Happy Birthday my friend  in heaven!  Family and friends and music  were our biggest things on earth we did together, and we did share faith together in an honest and real way in that we genuinely shared our lives and our outlook on God as we understood him. And you and I did get to golf.   I think of you when I'm enjoying golf.  
I'm still developing music material we started on together and worked on together to a certain stage  - some unfinished collaborations with you -adding a piano phrase here or a sung verse there,working on a harmony. I have these partial recordings listed, orgnized and catalogued.  It would be a delight to work with your famous "Brad notebook" .With our dear mutual friends we could possibly bring a new "Brad Song" or a more refined version of a Brad Song to fruition. Somehow, I think Brad would help us. All in due time, I guess. I do miss Brad, my dear, special, honest and true friend.  I know we all share the joy Brad has added to our lives. He was energetic, talented and kind.  A great friend."

This tribute was added by Scott Wallace on 9th August 2016

"Missing you today, little brother. You would have loved to see your little girl graduate the other day; she looked so happy and pretty!"

This tribute was added by Carol Burke on 5th July 2016

"Thank you to all the Wallaces for attending my Dad's memorial.  It was good to see you all.  Missing Brad as always during his birthday month...  We'd like to get everyone together for a cousins reunion sometime this fall, it's been too long and I know my Mom would love it, as would we.  So let's start thinking about a date and time that works for everyone and whether we want to go to a park or one of our houses.  Love you guys,

Cousin Carol Burke"

This tribute was added by Emily Ulrich on 3rd July 2016

I miss you.  I cannot hear a banjo without thinking of you.  Such a beautiful spirit and soul.  Hopefully you are writing songs and playing piano or banjo.  Spent some time with Ann, she still loves you and all others pale in comparison.

This tribute was added by Claudia Martin Goldberg on 3rd July 2016

"Brad, dear---my birthday twin!  Thinking of you and sending love and light....remembering times in MYF and the Explorer Scouts---what a crackup we were, right?  And Gene....your brother Scott...we were quite a fun bunch. Well...keep on playing and singing and we will catch up one of these days.  Love and light and blessings!!!"

This tribute was added by Claudia Martin Goldberg on 9th August 2015

"Brad, my dear....I am glad this site has reminded me that today is the anniversary of your passing---I thought of you on my BIrthday---you being my Birthday Twin!  I hold you in prayer and love on this day and always!  Keep on playing that music!"

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 3rd July 2015

"Brad thinking of you on your Birthday. Still missing you."

This tribute was added by Claudia Martin Goldberg on 11th August 2014

"Brad---we were friends in high school---and now, reading the lovely comments, I am sorry we weren't connected all these years.  I do remember your infectious joy, the the wonderful fun of much went on there that was important. The music---"touring" with our group singing "Jesus Christ Superstar." Overnights at the church(!) Endless volleyball games, backpacking with the Explorer Scouts---and how you pressed them to have the bylaws changed to admit girls!
I will hold you in prayer and know that God holds you always---thank you for the time of friendship we did have...until we meet again, Brad, I send love and blessings....and now that I am reminded that you are a July 3rd birthday, too, I will keep you with my birthday celebration!!"

This tribute was added by Terry Harrison on 10th August 2014

"Brad, I have missed you this past year. I think of you every time I play the songs we used to play. You can never be replaced, but we will keep on keeping on!"

This tribute was added by Lawrence Fortney on 9th August 2014

"Brad was a great friend,a good person and is a  example for me to remember to follow every day.He was kind to people and always trying to help others, We'll pick again Brad!"

This tribute was added by Wendy Wallace on 2nd August 2014

"Brad, today I donated 60 mystery novels to the Sun City Friends of the Library.  I hope other people with enjoy them as much as you and I did!  I love you and I miss you every day.
p.s.  The library is on Bradley Street!"

This tribute was added by Carol Burke on 10th July 2014

"Happy Birthday Cuz!  I miss you but know that you are picking away in heaven's blue grass band and having a blast doing it!  I gave $60 dollars to our church missionary fund in honor of you, thanks for being the fantastic person that you are....  I'll be in the front row at your concert when I get up there, see you then,


Cousin Carol Burke"

This tribute was added by George Ulrich on 5th July 2014

"I wrote and recorded a song that maybe speaks for itself.  It's posted as a new song here - Ode to the Five String Banjo.  I left the count in at the start in case Brad or any of our friends might want to play along.  Here's to the Five String Banjo!  From George"

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 5th July 2014

"Happy Birthday Brad!!!  60 dollars donated to The Unity Center San Diego where your Celebration of Life was held to help fund the replacement of audio visual equipment."

This tribute was added by Lawrence Fortney on 4th July 2014

"Well Brad, We missed you at Taylor's wedding. We picked some tunes at the pool and needed you on banjo and those lovely tenor vocals of yours. I'll play 60 banjo tunes for you, but none will be as beautiful as yours. I miss you pal, love Lawrence"

This tribute was added by Roger Harrison on 4th July 2014

"Every time we hear High Strung I think of Brad. What a great guy and musician. You will always be missed from Florida."

This tribute was added by Mark Sullivan on 4th July 2014

"In honor of Brad's 60th birthday, Karen and I will donate 60 minutes of volunteer work at Urban Angels in downtown San Diego. Peace and love to all of Brad's family and friends. Brad-- you are missed."

This tribute was added by Jill Wallace Lavia on 4th July 2014

"I listened to my brother's music for 60 minutes. It was refreshing. You just can't beat the "Lima Bean Blues" bro'!"

This tribute was added by Bret Danzl on 3rd July 2014

"I want to tell you, Mr. Wallace, Happy 60th Birthday! I will never forget you, but I will remember you when I see my old photos and elementary school yearbooks that I will put all photos on my Facebook soon. Also Mr. Wallace always joked me when I was young. I miss him very much. I hope you and your family will be okay."

This tribute was added by Laura Wallace on 3rd July 2014

"To honor my Dad's 60th...$60 tip on a $15 meal to a kind, hard-working waitress at an airport restaurant. Brought a smile to my face to know that my dad is still spreading kindness and making our world a brighter place."

This tribute was added by Scott Wallace on 3rd July 2014

"I have donated 60 minutes of counseling in Brad's honor.
Love and miss you little brother."

This tribute was added by tyler harrison on 3rd July 2014

"I played 60 minutes of golf with friends and family in Ireland! I remembered Brad loved playing golf and even had a hole in one! Sadly, no hole in one this round for me, but hopefully I can achieve it one day and Brad will pop into mind immediately. We miss you Brad! Thanks for looking over us.
Tyler Harrison"

This tribute was added by George Ulrich on 3rd July 2014

"I am giving a 60 minute presentation to my colleagues on ocular manifestations of diabetes.  I do this every year and I mention my dear friend Brad in the talk. He certainly did enriched my life.  I miss you, Brad."

This tribute was added by Dan Reed on 30th June 2014

"I uploaded for his 60th B'day, "60 minute Man".  I miss you a lot... but comforting remembering your laugh…it brings a smile to me.
In Gods love until we meet and play again."

This tribute was added by Debbie Wilt on 27th June 2014

"In memory of Brad I will donate 60.00
to the animal shelter."

This tribute was added by zakea adams on 27th June 2014

"I will contribute $60.00 to aid for women , a organization that helps women receive free mamograms"

This tribute was added by Wendy Wallace on 24th June 2014

"Today I donated $60 in your memory to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.  I miss you every day."

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 22nd June 2014

"Brad, I shared 60 min of walking and talking with a neighbor who recently lost her husband. Thank you for teaching me that conversations even small ones can have a big impact.  Miss you

This tribute was added by Mona Aossey on 12th June 2014

"Dear Brad - I am thinking of you. I am donating 60 minutes of my time Saturday morning with the Road Runners club of NYC to help the disabled work out in Central Park. Love you, Cousin Mona"

This tribute was added by Terry Harrison on 11th June 2014

"60: $60 donated as a memorial to Brad to the American Diabetes Association."

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 11th June 2014

"60 minutes of picking up trash at Bay Park in San Diego"

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 11th June 2014

"60 items of clothing donated to Goodwill"

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 11th June 2014

"60 cents change donated to Ronald McDonald Charities"

This tribute was added by Terry&Paula Harrison on 5th June 2014

"Let's celebrate Brad!
In honor of Brad's 60th birthday, July 3, 2014. I invite you to "give 60."
Let's see if we can get 60 people to give 60 minutes of their time, talent, or treasure in any way that honors Brad. Then share your gift of 60 on this site."

This tribute was added by Laurie Berger on 15th September 2013

"Brad, I can't believe how much you look like your dad in the picture above. I love the memories of our families getting together after church in the 1960s.  I have missed seeing your mom, dad and now will miss hearing about you. I look forward to talking with you in Heaven with our Lord Jesus in the future. God bless your families with peace and comfort until then. Much love, Laurie Smith"

This tribute was added by Terry Harrison on 8th September 2013

"I've given a lot of thought to what made Brad such a special person. I listened to the wonderful testimonials at the memorial. I realize that Brad's great gift was to bring out the best in each of us, with every interaction. With Brad, I felt like I could play better, sing better, tell better stories, be more engaging. It's a gift we can all give to others, keeping Brad's memory alive."

This tribute was added by Julie Donnelly on 8th September 2013

""I miss you Brad.  You were the best listener.  You never missed a line. You were so aware of little nuances.  Your integrity  and basic goodness is what most of us strive to be, but can't arrive at. I loved our summer family trips! So many fabulous times and memories.  I have them to treasure for a lifetime.  You were truly a giant.""

This tribute was added by Wade Wilhelm on 7th September 2013

"Brad's favorite prayer was the Prayer of St Francis.  We share his love for St. Francis' beautiful reminder in what it means to live a Christian life.  Brad not only loved this prayer, but he also lived the prayer.  We miss Brad as a wonderful neighbor.  We are so glad that Ann and family will continue as our neighbors.  The Wilhelms, your lucky neighbors"

This tribute was added by andrea woody on 7th September 2013

"To my beloved Uncle, I will miss you. But I know your in a better place. I loved that you fed my romantic spirit, I went to school and told everyone about our family constillation "W" in the sky..... Can't recall the whole story but it was wonderful and made my family and I special! So I loved it, believed it,and lived it! You where right we are a wonderful family, so glad to be in it!"

This tribute was added by Susy Smith on 6th September 2013

"A cherished childhood memory: Church "family camp" near Arroyo Grande... We four children, Brad & Scott Wallace & my sister, Carol, & I were hiking in the beautiful hills. Brad & Scott taught us, "I Love the Mountains", and the 4 of us sang it in a round, as we hiked & laughed & sang.  This song is for you, Brad. You live forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Carol Burke on 5th September 2013

"Dear Brad, cousin, brother and friend, what fun we had growing up together!  You were always funny, happy and a joy to be with!  I know you were a fantastic teacher, brilliant musician, wonderful husband and father but to me you were just someone fun to hang out with thru-out my whole life.  The light in your eyes and your hilarious observations of life made you one of my favorite people!"

This tribute was added by Karen Arvin on 4th September 2013

"Brad, our neighbor and friend…so welcoming to us and to our children.  The first one to buy a lemonade at Claire's stand, the first to come by and chat about roses.  Your legacy lives on in your wonderful wife, children and extended family.  Peace to you."

This tribute was added by Andy Pape on 4th September 2013

"We had so much fun playing together in the HBHS band, taking over the percussion section, and just generally having a good time and annoying Doug Scott, our conductor and teacher. In the many years after that, we saw each other a number of times, and even though years might have passed, it seemed as if it had been 10 minutes ago. I will truly miss your loving and including nature."

This tribute was added by Cindy Cook Erickson on 4th September 2013

"Brad, I have known you my whole life and have to confess when I was little I had a little crush on you! As my big, "cool" cousin I always thought you were so special! All those times we talked you into playing "Burt Parks" for our Miss America pageants, were really special! We will miss your Eagle Scout stories and tales of danger! Love you and miss you so much!"

This tribute was added by Loral Standish on 31st August 2013

"Oh those memories of listening to "High Strung" and sharing all those laughs!
Brad's smile could light up a room and his optimism was contagious. He was one of those rare individuals that effortlessly made you at ease and his kindness always amazed.
Peace to you Brad and to you also Ann. xo."

This tribute was added by Michael Dunham on 31st August 2013

"Mr. Wallace was my first teacher.  His teaching method seemed ahead of its time. One of my fondest memories was watching him sign from the Danny books. He told stories in such a vivid and imaginative way.  Because of him, I love to read. I am grateful that he was a part of my life. Rest easy, Mr. Wallace."

This tribute was added by Bobbye Dieckmann on 28th August 2013

"Our family lived on the cul-de-sac and my 2 girls Jessica and Lauren grew up with Laura and Tristan.  Laura and Lauren were inseparable and our families were fast friends.  We had many parties, cook-outs and music always playing with Brad and Terry always singing song after song.  Brad's smile never left his face. Brad you will be missed but I know you have the banjo going in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Tom Kelly on 26th August 2013

"Thank you Brad for your kindness, warmth, positive outlook on life and
your sense of humor. No matter if it was a round of golf, a dinner out with our Anns or a holiday get together, being with you was always upbeat and refreshing. I miss you very much and know that your spirit will always be with me."

This tribute was added by Jeannie Stratis on 26th August 2013

"Thank you Brad for the many years working together at Rolling Hills Elementry. I enjoyed being your interpreter for so many wonderful kids. You were an amazing teacher. Your love for them shined through every day. I loved our crazy Field Trips every summer as I always got to push Brett I. His wheelchair. LOL. YOu will be so missed. Rest in Peace in God's Glory. Jeannie"

This tribute was added by Luke Ulrich on 26th August 2013

"Brad, I remember how much my Dad loved playing music with you and the rest of High Strung. You were a great musician and you brought great joy to our lives. My family and I will truly miss your presence and your kind spirit."

This tribute was added by George Ulrich on 23rd August 2013

"Brad was a man of great character and one of my best friends ever.  What mattered to him were things like family, honesty, humor and living life. He was very courageous. He was a wonderful and multi-faceted musician and one of the best guys ever to play music with. On the golf course he was a great companion and sportsman. Brad was someone you wanted to be like. I loved him and I miss him."

This tribute was added by Angelo Canico Ricasata on 22nd August 2013

"In the words of Edith Wharton, "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."  If I could paraphrase it, Mr. Wallace would be the sun.  He gave his students and myself happiness and comfort, with his warm personality.  Just as the sun continues to burn for a long time, so will his spirit and influence live on. You will be missed dearly."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Jasinski on 22nd August 2013

"Mr. Wallace was hands down the best teacher I have ever had. He taught me so much about life and he was like a second Dad to me. He always had such a fun approach when it comes to learning and he was always there for all of his students, including myself. He made a huge impact in my life, in a wonderful way. Mr. Wallace, You were such a wonderful person, and may you rest in peace, always."

This tribute was added by Karim Cherif on 14th August 2013

"When Brad married my cousin (sister), Ann, he became an immediate member of our family and an instant friend/brother to me.  I don't think I've ever known someone who embodied so many incredible qualities, that most people strive for, but never quite reach.  I will miss him always, but so love that his legacy lives on through his beautiful children, Tristan and Laura."

This tribute was added by Emily Ulrich on 13th August 2013

"Brad, you are truly one of the best people I have known in my life.  Your sunny disposition and happy outlook never failed to cheer everyone around you.  You area great dad and loving husband.  As a story teller you never failed to bring the house down with one of your funny stories. There will be a hole in the hearts of all who loved you."

This tribute was added by Rob Wright on 13th August 2013

"I never knew a better man.  Truly, the good die young.  I hope someone can play my rendition of Old Fashion Fellow at the celebration.  I will be in Penticton B. C. at a Jazz Festival and I promise to play his song for a new audience."

This tribute was added by Dan Reed on 13th August 2013

"So much fun we had our whole lives!!  My best buddy since 10th grade.  
Playing, recording music and skits, band mates in High School,  solving the  universe mysteries although we never could tackle the hardest mystery....women!   (This is something Brad would say)...We all love his humor, and always positive.  It was so nice to have him our lives!"

This tribute was added by Carol Smith Beilstein on 13th August 2013

"I didn't have the opportunity to get to know Brad well as an adult, but I feel the childhood background through church we shared, created a wonderful bond between the siblings of our two families.  We've shared the passing of each of our parents and continued to feel that bond. Brad will be missed...."

This tribute was added by karl luber on 12th August 2013

"To have had the privilege of sharing time with Brad was to know what it's like to be in the presence of an evolved, joyful soul.  We were lucky to have that.  As I walked through the farmer's market today, I heard a band playing "The Weight" and the bass line came...and I found tears in my eyes.  We'll miss you brother Brad, but you will always be here in so many hearts and songs."

This tribute was added by Terry Harrison on 12th August 2013

"Brad was one of the best friends I've had in my life. He was one of my music soul mates. He was one of the strongest, most insightful people I've ever known. He understood what is important and what is not. He was a child of God in the most real way. His faith and goodness showed in the way he lived. His influence will last the rest of my own life, and, in that way, he will live forevever."

This tribute was added by Lawrence Fortney on 11th August 2013

"I miss you Brad. We played a lot of music together and had a lot of fun. You were always a better banjo player than me and sang better too, I loved you, your music and your friendship. I treasured getting to be in "High Strung" from time to time with you. You were truly a kind, gentle and loving soul. Love, your good friend and fellow banjo player, Lawrence  P.S. We'll pick again together"

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