The Good Geek
  • 55 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1963 in Salem, Oregon, United States.
  • Passed away on September 12, 2018 in Portland, Oregon, United States.

This page is created to celebrate the memory of Brad Burleson and to give him a forever spot in the world.  Brad was a father and a son and a partner and friend, loved beyond all measure.  He was a good man with a big generous heart... he also died because his heart was literally too big, the juxtaposition of being a loving, generous man with an heart of gold, suffering from congestive heart failure.  Brad was 55 years young, gone way too soon and will be missed forever by his children, Liz, Jenny and Thomas, his mom Cheryl and his beloved Mitzi, his aunts and many friends and family.

Brad had a helpful spirit and he would help anyone and everything.  Almost anyone who asked for help, he did his best for help.  The last five years of his life, Brad spent helping his Mom and he also loved helping rescue and fostering kittens. The last two years of his life he helped save and raise over 20 kittens! 

Brad was born in Salem Oregon, only child of Buddy and Cheryl Burleson on January 25th, 1963 at 4:16 am and weighed 6.6, 19" long.. he came into the world in the usual way.

Brads childhood was uneventful, he was a Cub Scout and his mom was a den mother so they participated in that until he was in high school.  Brad was a member of the Search and Rescue as a teen.  

When he was around 8 years old his parents bought the house that he lived in for most of his life and after his father died, Brad and Mitzi moved back to Salem to help out his Mom. The plan was to get the house in good shape, move Mom into a retirement home and move back to Portland but within a year Brad had his first heart attack and we never got the house cleaned up or moved away.  

Buddy and Cheryl loved to collect things, so Brad also had a love of collecting things, Brad loved model trains and small intricate army models. 

Brad when to Richmond Elementary, Parrish Jr High and North Salem High School and almost graduating with a computer science major from OHS but took a great job in Dallas, Oregon, feeling it would further his career to start with the State.

Brad worked for many years with ADP, moving on to work with a computer software company JBase, owned by his friend, heading up the Tech support on the west coast. He worked for this company until its end, finishing up working in an office at home.  The last job he had, ironically was for the state, thru a temp agency, until he was no longer able to work.  

Brad married Tammy during college and after 5 years of marriage starting having kids, first was Elizabeth and a few years later Jennifer and Thomas were born. He loved his kids with all his heart... this much was clear.  By the time he fully realized his marriage was not going to work  Thomas was 5, his daughters were getting older and he was so miserable he was willing to suffer or 6 months living in his car so his kids could continue to live the way they were...until he could figure things out. 

in 2005 Brad met Mitzi and we lived in Portland until 2007,  moving back to Salem to help his Mom, where we stayed until Brad died.

Brad was a Hamm Radio operator, KF7FER was his call sign.  He also loved to collect 1/35 size models and N scale Trains.  He also loved to program computers and created a Leo Tracker to help configure and fly high altitude balloons.  

Brad was a very good son, taking care of his mom until he was too sick to do so and he loved his all his children and did his best to have good relationships with his kids. He was my best friend and confidante. 

Posted by Candace Stiers on February 15, 2019
You were a good man Brad and I wished that you had more time on earth. But I know that you are with God and your dad and grandma and uncle Steve. Will see you someday in the ever after (heaven)We love you and miss you and miss having you here. Love Aunt Candy and Uncle Allan.
Posted by Tammie Fogg on February 9, 2019
A though I haven't seen you for years every time I think of you , it brings a smile to my face !! Wish I got to hang with you a few more times . I am very grateful for the times I shared with you and Mitzi ! thank you for being who you were ,it made a lot of my days happier with you being there. You were a good soul and I know I will miss you !!
Posted by Liz Burleson on January 27, 2019
When you come back to life via necromancy, we're going to have to have a conversation about the fact your laptop password was jenny and not me.
Your favorite daughter (RIGHT?)
Posted by Cheryl Burleson on January 27, 2019
Posted by Cheryl Burleson on January 25, 2019
you are sorely missed Love yourmom
Posted by Mitzi Murray on January 25, 2019
Happy 56 Birthday, Love
Posted by Mitzi Murray on January 13, 2019
I miss you every day, Love....  thank you for sharing your life with me, for your lessons and for your love.

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