Shared by Liz Burleson on 26th January 2019

Dad had a pacemaker line added I think...sometime in May or June (2018) or something like that? It was taking forever, which made me nervous. That was the worst bit about being 1300 miles away was the waiting.

He finally came out of surgery, and I later found out that his surgery took so long because his heart was bigger than they'd expected and they had to consult Youtube for how to place the third wire. I thought this was hilarious and he did, too. He loved seeing how technology has evolved and all it can do.

My Laughing Buddha

Shared by Mitzi Murray on 13th January 2019

I met Brad online in 2005.... Craigslist to be clear...  he sent me a goofy picture, i was trying to figure out who i was... we chatted online for a few days. one day i said i had lost 'connectivity" and when we got connected again, he said he knew he loved me because i knew what that word meant and used it properly.   

I fell in love with him, when after dating a few times, he gave me a breath freshener thing that was supposed to melt on my tongue but the taste was so horrid (to me) and it was burning my tongue so we stood there, in line for the movies, in the middle of the afternoon, on a tuesday, and i stuck out my tongue and he licked it off... thankfully that was NOT our first kiss. i told him i fell in love with him for that... but truly it was his eyes.. his big brown eyes and loving heart that attracted me most.

Truly i think we were both 42 years young and both were lost, our previous lives and dreams had not worked out and we were wandering in our perspective lives until we wandered into each others lives.  He says i gave him life and i said he saved mine.  He allowed me to heal from some longstanding painful issue and to accept that i was disabled by my pain... and i was able to take the steps needed to start healing...  I gave him unconditional love and showed him how it felt to be loved just for being himself.  

That was our relationship.. i was his crazy cat lady and he was my Brad..

I do not know what the rest of my life holds but i know it is certainly better for knowing and loving Bradley

Girl Scout Cookies

Shared by Mitzi Murray on 22nd January 2019

Every time Brad went into a place that was selling Girl Scout Cookies, he had to stop and buy them.   He almost always could not pass up other kids selling things but GSC he just could not.. because his beloved daughter Liz sold them as a child and he had such fond memories of helping her sell cookies and the guilt that he prodded so many other dads inot buying cookies that he felt he had to buy them forever! Truth be known, he loved the cookies.... and they reminded him of his kids.

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