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Shared by Lori Thompson on August 28, 2011

our last family photo 

Shared by Lori Thompson on August 28, 2011

Brady filming the byu documentary 

Had to accomplish EVERYTHING

Shared by Lori Thompson on August 28, 2011

 Brady made sure all was accomplished before he passed away.  He finished filming with BYU tv the documentary about him.  He went and lead the pledge of alligence for the Make a Wish Ducky Derby (with help because the night before he had over 30 grand mals). He had to fulfill all.  He went hunting for deer with his dad.  He went to his brothers school to meet his teachers and say Hi to his favorite Principle.  He let his mom feed him 6 pieces of pizza and watched Harry Potter #2.  He had Graduated from seminary, had earned his Eagle.  He made sure he told his brothers he love them with words or with that gorgeous smile of his.  He gave all he had.  He is the perfect example of pure love for others.  His smile said all. The  lacking vocabulary words didn't get in the way of what he wanted to say.  He is missed still.  His example to the others his age will help them through their lives with how they were able to serve him.  He was kind.  I miss you Brady but I know you are finally accomplishing the things that your body made it impossible to do.  I know you are running and being the missionary you dreams to be... love mom

My Hair cut

Shared by Julie Simons on September 6, 2010

I have many memories of Brady but  the one that  is burnt in my mind is a simple little encounter I had with him.  One year for my Grandma Simons' birthday (Brady's Great Grandma)  we went to Olive Garden to celebrate her birthday.  I happened  to sit  across the table from Brady, who was three almost 4 at the time.  I really wasn't having the greatest day.  I sat down and Brady says to me, "Julie I really like your haircut"  with the biggest smile on his face.  I don't know any three year olds who would notice if you got your hair cut but he did.  Nobody else at the party noticed I had gotten my hair cut.  He made my day.  I know it is a little thing but 15 years later I can see that beautiful smile and the cute little way he spoke to me.  What a doll.  Love you Brady.  Lori, Darrell, Jordan, luke, and are amazing people and I am so glad you are my family.


Chunk of Cheese

Shared by Sheron Drake on September 4, 2010

My son Jared's favorite memory of Brady was when he came to our house with a huge block of cheese he was chewing on like a candy bar. Joel made him laugh and he accidentally spit chewed up cheese all over the place. He thought that was so hilarious he kept doing it over and over until it was absolutely everywhere in my front room, hallway and kitchen. It took me days to clean it up. My boys still die laughing every time we bring it up.

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