Posted by Sheron Drake on September 3, 2019
I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since we saw those beautiful blue eyes and infectious smile. We love you so much Brady. Always will remember the precious gifts of love you constantly gave us. You helped us see the hand of God I’m everyday life. You are so loved. Rest In Peace sweet boy❤️. Drakes love you!!!
Posted by Robert Steed on November 22, 2016
Happy Birthday Brady. Your in my thoughts.
Posted by Lori Thompson on November 22, 2016
Today you would be 25. I love you and miss you. You are always in my heart. Happy Birthday sweet boy I look forward to the day we can embace again and I can kiss your face and hear that laugh.... love eternally MoM
Posted by jimmy wilson on November 22, 2015
I learned about Brady through the Thursdays Hero program and though I never met him, he truly has been an inspiration to me. I've always believed there were certain elect spirits and their families, that chose before they were born, to accept certain challenges for the benefit of those around them in their own progression. To teach and inspire of service, humility, gratitude, perspective and especially to have your priorities straight. So thank you Brady, for your example, inspiration and motivation to me to be better each day. Brady has done that for many people. Rest in peace Brady, I will always admire your will, fight, courage and attitude.
Posted by Robert Steed on September 3, 2015
Still in our thoughts. Your example lives on.
Posted by Robert Steed on September 3, 2014
Brady, you are still in my thoughts. I am a stranger to your family, but I am one of your biggest fans outside that sphere. You continue to be remembered since I saw you in the production of See the Good in Brady Thompson. You are a great example of what goodness is about.
Posted by Darrell thompson on February 16, 2014
My Buddah Man! Nearly 3 1/2 years later and there isn't a day that you don't cross my mind. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear, but you are still today my driving influence to be a better person.
Posted by Robert Steed on November 22, 2013
Happy Birthday Brady. You are always an example of courage to me and many others. You motivate me everyday. I keep a picture of you in my wallet to remind me to live life to the fullest. Death Be Not Proud. The goodness death thought it had taken from us remains with us through Brady's spirit and example.
Posted by Sheron Drake on September 3, 2013
Thinking of your sweet family today. You are greatly missed. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. Thank you for impacting my life! Love you Brady!
Posted by Sheron Drake on November 22, 2012
Happy Birthday! We all miss you so much! This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for the sweet influence you have had in my life and the lives of my family. I dearly love you my precious friend. I am praying for your family that are probably struggling today without you.
Posted by paula patterson on October 24, 2012
Hi...I watch your son story on the BYU station..I was touched by how courageous your son was. I cried...even after 12 years since his passing he is still touching live and mine is one. I will never complain again about how I feel..or hurt. Thank you for sharing your son with me and the rest of the world. God bless the Thompson.
Posted by Robert Steed on August 17, 2012
We have an autistic boy who is new to our scout troop. He struggles with many things but desperately wants to fit in. It has not been easy. Some boys tease him or get upset with him when he does something they do not like. I decided to use Brady's video to teach the boys about love and tolerance and acceptance. Brady is still teaching us by his example. He is the greatest!
Posted by Robert Steed on May 31, 2012
May 31m 2012. After watching a short video on Brady's life, I find myself, a grown man, sobbing uncontrollably. I have suffered with depression for many months now and something about Brady resonated in me a need to live a life of greater contentment and joy. This special young man gave me something by his example and smile. Thank you.... Thank you!!!
Posted by Chris Thompson on September 8, 2010
I just wanted you to know that I was only joking whenever I teased you about giving me the Chicken Pox six weeks before Uncle Marv and I got married. It was a bond I enjoyed having with you and it makes for a great story...
I wasn't joking, however, when I used to tell you that I wanted your eyelashes and dimples. We miss you already, handsome boy!
Posted by austin thompson on September 5, 2010
The thing i like about brady is he was a fighter and he wanted to live and he is happy all the time he makes people laugh and smile i am sad that he is gone but he has a special place in my heart i love you brady
Posted by Sheron Drake on September 5, 2010
That smile, the giggle, squeals of sheer joy, that "Brady dance" are completely etched into my heart. You had the power to light up whatever room you were in. The power to make people want to be be a better person and the power to inspire, lift up and comfort those around you. To know you and be a part of your life was one of my greatest honors.

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