Branden giving Kaiser a bath
Branden E. Parker
  • 37 years old
  • Date of birth: May 7, 1976
  • Place of birth:
    Voorhees, New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 22, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    South Jordan, Utah, United States
As difficult as it is to lose Branden at such an early age, we are comforted that he found his life's passion in his brief 37 years.

The memories of Branden's family and friends are here, to know and remember him forever.
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SCHOLARSHIP FUND in lieu of flowers

Branden's last job was flying the Lear 60 jet belonging to James Clarke Industries. Branden's last visitor was Mr. Clarke, his wife and their three children. He brought numerous gifts and announced that he had started an Aviation Science Scholarship in Branden's name at Utah Valley University.
In lieu of flowers, Branden's family will appreciate a donation to the Aviation Science Scholarship.

In lieu of flowers

Send check made payable to Utah Valley University Foundation.
On the check's Memo line write, "In Memory of Branden E. Parker" and mail to...

Utah Valley University Foundation
Branden E. Parker Endowed Scholarship in Aviation Sciences
800 West University Parkway, MS 111
Orem, UT 84058

Friday, May 9, 2014, 6:30 PM
Stillwaters Presbyterian Church
643 Coatesville Road (Route 841)
West Grove, PA 19348

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Gretchen Moore on 7th May 2015

"As his Aunt, my first fond memories of Branden are when he was eight years old. He was very beautiful and busy boy.  He was living on the East Coast and I was on the West.  Unfortunately, many of his young years past without us being together.  I do know that he loved sports and was very good at them.  His real passion was flying.  This passion really pleased his Grandfather.  They spent many happy times together talking about airplanes and flying.  My memories of Branden bring joy to my heart.  His welcoming, friendly and caring nature made it easy to be around him.  Your  cheerful smile will always live in my heart.

Until we meet again
Love and Miss You
Aunt Gretchen"

This tribute was added by Michelle Tague on 9th May 2014

"Branden and I met when he worked at Sprinturf and I worked in the suite next to theirs.  We became fast friends, laughing and carrying on daily.  I feel very lucky to have had him as a good friend even for a short while. It's times like this that I wish I were a writer so that my words didn't sound so jumbled. Branden was one of a kind. He made me laugh every time we were together. The light he brought to everyone was so bright and full of love and fun. Watching him play with my kids, my dog (frito feet), he and my husband enjoying ribbing me about whatever silly thing I said or did, me pretending to be offended.  The hours we spent talking about life over maker's mark.. how excited but afraid he was of pursuing flying, funny stories of him coaching little league, yard work with "D&P" ... We might not have talked in the last few years but the time we were close will be cherished by me forever. It's so unfair that someone so brilliant left us so young."

This tribute was added by Paul Parker on 24th April 2014

"Branden only made it to Canada to visit once, about three years ago  with Corinne and Dale and Paige coming from all over the world. (thx C for organizing)  Short and sweet but great memories of hiking, biking, and rafting during our left coast rendezvous. Only once in Tahoe as well I believe, about 20 years previous with his mom.  Fond memories of flying them around the lake and the Sierra's, he and  I up front and both doing the flying.  Laughing hysterically while doing lazy 8's etc. oblivious to poor Pattie in the back clutching a sick bag.  I never got to fly with  my oldest nephew  but I'm  very thankful that he got to fly with me.  A jet pilot training for a not only lived your dream Branden, you lived my dream as well."

This tribute was added by matt schifano on 17th April 2014

"Branden was a "one of a kind" person.  Him being honest, genuine, loving, caring, ect... are just a few of the traits that we all know about Branden.  I was one of his younger cousins and because of that I had a very different and unique relationship with him.  It is difficult to explain, but let me put it this way... Branden played the trombone, I played the trombone... Branden played soccer, I played soccer... Branden played baseball, I played baseball... Branden was extremely competitive when it came to playing any kind of sports, so was I.  None of these things just happened by chance.  You see... I looked up to Branden so much.  He was a role model for me to follow.  We had that special kind of "brotherly" relationship but without the sibling arguments to go along with it.  To put it in one word... it was awesome!  He inspired me in so many different ways, even when it came to following dreams.  To that point, let me take you back to 2005/2006.  It was a day that Branden was in NYC for business and there we both were sitting in a coffee shop in Time Square and he told me he was thinking about leaving Corporate America to follow his passion for flying.  I little time passed after that get together we had and you all know what happened with Branden and the decision he made to go through aviation school.  Well, can you take a guess at what I did in 2006... that's right, you guessed it, I left Corporate America behind to follow my passion for golf.  You see, Branden was right by my side for all of these decisions and I because of him and the characteristic traits that I learned from him, I know that for the rest of my life Branden will continue to be by my side.  He will be missed dearly, but I am a better person for having him as my older cousin and I know he will always be smiling down on me with those big dimples!"

This tribute was added by howard warren on 15th April 2014

"When I think of all of the interactions that I have experienced with Branden over the course of thirty seven years, a sense of calm and warmth wash over me and a smile emerges on my face. This is a calm of familiarity, one that is so easy to describe. While relaxing in the living room and talking or watching him compete on any one of his many fields of glory, watching the Eagles together on TV or sitting at the same table sharing a meal, there is that sense of ease. Hanging out with my sweet nephew was never a laborious task. And even when Branden withdrew into his own thoughts, there was never an awkward silence, only the calm and warmth of his presence.
Like so many of us who breathe a familiar scent that brings us back to a distant memory; the smell of the leather of a well worn baseball glove, the aroma of a Philly Cheese Steak hoagie being unwrapped from it's take-out wrapper or the bulgoki frying atop the hibachi, we associate these sensory memories with people and events from our past. I too am transformed to those moments, moments I have shared with Branden. But I also have other sensorial memories. These are tactile memories that bring me close to Branden every day. When I remove my shoes after a long day and slip my feet into my slippers, I am reminded of the comfort, that state of mind when I was with Branden. When I put on that soft T-shirt, threadbare and torn that I am not allowed to wear outside the house, the sweat pants that I lounge around in on winter nights, my favorite chair that conforms to my contours or when I slip the baseball glove onto my hand when the leather is soft and warm from the sun; these are the times when Branden moves from my subconscious to my consciousness. Branden is always with me and watching over us all.
When you feel most comfortable in your life, rest assured, Branden is around."

This tribute was added by RUTH SCHIFANO on 14th April 2014

"One day, out of the “blue”, I got a call from Branden-he was flying into Page Field in Fort Myers the next day and wanted  to come visit his Aunt Ruthie and me in Port Charlotte.  While having supper and all evening long, the topic of discussion was about Branden’s love of flying.  With a gleam in his eyes and a grin on his face, he kept us entertained with stories about his flying adventures, telling us about many of his most interesting trips, etc. The next morning, before leaving for the airport, he asked if we would like to come see his “office”.  We jumped at the chance to do so, and he gave us the grand tour of the jet, inside and out.  Branden was one of the few people I’ve known whose job was not a job-he probably would have done it without pay, for it truly was his passion in life!  Uncle Lou"

This tribute was added by RUTH SCHIFANO on 14th April 2014

"Sweet Branden-that’s how one of my best friends would always refer to him-and that’s what I remember whenever I think about my nephew.  As a child, he was often the one who “went along” with the plans the others would make whenever the five cousins got together.  (Who would, after all, want to cross his big sister, Corinne, or cousin, Theresa, if they had their minds set on doing something?)  As an adult,  Branden was often the one holding or entertaining one of his cousins’ children, thus avoiding opinionated discussions the rest of us were engaging in.  He often needed to be coaxed into being part of one of the family’s hotly contested pinochle tournaments or controversial Trivial Pursuit games.  Going along with the flow of things-that was our sweet Branden.  
BUT we saw a different Branden when he became passionate about flying.  The longest conversation I ever had with him took place in Washington, the weekend of my father’s and his grandfather’s memorial service.  He and I had decided to walk to the Viet Nam Memorial and  it took us a LOT longer than either of us had expected.  Yet the time went by so quickly as he was sharing with me about his newly found love of ALL things having to do with aviation-it was truly amazing how much he had already learned and absorbed through his many late nights on the computer or watching the Aviation Channel.  As he continued to follow his dream, it was obvious that he was one of the lucky ones, for he truly loved his chosen profession!
Sweet Branden-we all miss you dearly and we are so grateful to have had you in our lives!  Aunt Ruthie"

This tribute was added by Jane Warren on 14th April 2014

"Every Christmas back in the 70's and 80's, Branden and his cousins exchanged Christmas ornaments following the Parker tradition.  Whereas the ornaments that his father exchanged with Uncle Paul, Aunt Ruth and Aunt Jane were usually glass orbs, these cousins often exchanged figural ornaments.  Last year, Uncle Howie and Aunt Jane were organizing Chap's ornaments.  We started to notice that there was a theme based on which cousin gave what ornaments.  Of course there were some baseball ornaments, the sport they all shared.  But Branden also played soccer, so there were several soccer player figurines that Chap received.  There was also an Eagle's helmet.  I guess Branden was hoping to share the love of his Phily football team with his cousin.  But as we looked at the collection what really surprised us, was how many different airplace ornaments Chap had received.  None of us realized it back in those years, but obviously Branden had that love of flying even as a child.  Each Christmas as those ornaments get hung on the Warren trees, we will all especialy cherish viewing those airplanes and remembering Branden's love of soaring high in the sky."

This tribute was added by Nancy Butler on 13th April 2014

"From Paige and Lane's Aunt, Dale's Step Aunt:
I met Branden only once, many years ago at Paige and Dale's.  My brief memory is of a handsome, vibrant, full of youth, hope and dreams, bright beyond bright, young man, in love with his family, his dog and the dream of flying.
But even though it was an only once meeting, Branden is vivid in my mind through the words of Dale and Paige every time we spoke, full of wonderful excitement at his accomplishments, fun times with him and of their close, close relationship, obviously love for the son and his sister.  Their words let me know him intimately over the years as if I actually knew him well.  I love Paige, Dale, their family, Lane and Jim
deeply, I share their loss and grief but am happy Branden lived his dream and wish them peace.   Aunt Nancy"

This tribute was added by Lane Randall on 29th March 2014

"From Lane who wears many Parker hats...
Branden's & Corinne's Step-Aunt of 23 years,
Paige's Sister and Dale's Sister-in-law

Devoted—to his parents and feeling their love for him. Warm and Loving—to friends, his older sister, his aunts, uncles, cousins and their children. Passionate—for flying, as high as he dreamed. Bright—his smile, personality and intellect. Handsome—I watched him grow from "cute." That is the Branden I knew and will remember. Like everyone, my brain will not grasp his being gone.

Developing this Memorial website brings me closer to knowing him but regretting not knowing him more. This effort brings a sense of usefulness and the opportunity to feel the importance of honoring Branden.

This Website Administrator"

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