Get on in here, let the big bear get his paws on ya
  • 29 years old
  • Born on May 26, 1982 .
  • Passed away on December 26, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dear friend, Brandon Krebs, 29, born on May 26, 1982 and passed away on December 26, 2011.

Someone like Brandon doesn't go swiftly into the night. He's remembered forever in the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to be considered his friend. He was big hearted and kind to anyone he met. I suggest we use this site to remember him with stories, pictures, and even videos if you have them.

I will never forget his bright, cheery smiles nor his big, loving hugs that were filled with enough warmth to melt even the coldest winter day.

Yes, even in Delta.

As Brandon was fond of saying, "Get on in here, let the big bear get his paws on ya".

Posted by Katrina Vecchiarelli on December 26, 2018
7 years. It's been 7 years. It feels like yesterday that we where all together....doing what we do (most likely being hellains)...but we where together. I can not count how many times I would reach for my phone to try to call you cuz I knew you would know the answer to whatever the situation was at the time just to be so very upset once I remembered that there is no calling you. I know your number by heart 378-8995. You where such a MAJOR part of all of our lives and I know we all miss you. I miss you more and more each day. I love you Brandon.
Posted by Gabriel Brannan on January 8, 2012
Brandon no kidding you were and still are my favorite guy! Love ya forever and will miss you like nobody else! I'll never forget the times I had hangin out with YOU and would give anything to have you back! If everything goes well in life Ill see you again buddy!
Posted by Marilyn Rodriguez on January 4, 2012
Though I didn't know you that well, I dispatched you numerous times. I will remember the big smile and great sense of humor. My condolences to your family.
Posted by Tonya DeLong on January 3, 2012
I didn't get to know you as well as I wish I had, but there was one moment years ago when you helped a stranger out for no reason at all, except that it was a kind thing to do and you had a big heart. Thank you Brandon, for being a wonderful person and one that I feel honored to have met.
Posted by Jessica Smith on January 3, 2012
I have so many memories with you I could never pick just one to share. you are such an amazing guy! ill miss your big heart, your kind smile and forgiving nature. Ill try to keep the karma you gave me rolling, and pass a little of you onto everyone i meet. I can barely imagine not seeing you. I hope your looking down on us and that you keep smiling.
Posted by Patrick Hanlan on January 3, 2012
Love and miss you Krebs. We had some awesome times roadtrippin in the motorhome with Pete as the driver/mechanic in '09. You were there with me in Talkeetna when I met Raquel. That was one of the best summers Ive had and you there were with me for most of it, if you werent there it wouldve never been the same. Im sorry I pressured you into driving to Seward when you were sick. God Bless
Posted by Stormie Mitchell on January 2, 2012
You were part of the family-the many nights you stayed and hanged out with Josh. Your grandmother always knew where to find you safe and sound. Now you are with her and she doesn't have to worry about you any more. You were a special soul and person. Kind and gently are the two words that always come to mind about you and will be remembered as such. God Bless you and keep you!
Posted by Ann Mills on January 1, 2012
Brandon I am so sorry!!! Your will be missed but never forgotten. You brought so much happiness to soooo many people. I hope that you have found peace in your world. Please watch over your family and friends as they need your angel wings wrapped around them right now!! I will miss your smile!!
Posted by Jolie McCulloch on December 31, 2011
Hey kiddo, I knew you through my brother and his must of been an amazing guy,..the last few days i have only heard how much you made everyone smile, and how no one has ever heard a bad word about you, if only you knew how much you were have taught me so much, just by being you...RIP kid! c u on the other side...and would force feed you a cracker any day...
Posted by Danny Zollman on December 31, 2011
You were one of those people that I thought could accomplish whatever you set your mind to (Friend, Dj, etc..) You Inspired me! I have alot of good memories with you, and have always considered you to be one of my closest friends. I wish I could have spent more time with you, and I miss you. I only ask that you scope out this last great party so that I will know what to do when I get there
Posted by Matt Graffia on December 31, 2011
Brandon you were a true friend! Always new what to say to make me laugh.
I will always remember you for being a big hearted person and the most positive person i think i new. love ya man see ya soon.
Posted by Nickole Porter on December 31, 2011
I have so many memories as a kid with you at Nanna's house, hours of fort making, hide n seek and cleaning up the den! We use to always get in trouble for throwing stuff down the laundry shoot...and by we I mean Dawn and I...and by stuff...yeah..that was you! We lost touch over the years but family bonds are forever. I am proud to have been a part of your life. U will be 4ever missed
Posted by Deborah Snyder on December 31, 2011
Brandon..big smile...friendly...Special...I remember how proud you were of your new car after a season with Forestry. You left an impression on my heart that feels pain at your passing. Prayers are with family and close friends.
Posted by Nicole Marchuk on December 30, 2011
It breaks my heart to know that you are no longer here. I am going to miss you, and the wonderful person I knew. Love you dude.
Posted by Teresa Trainor on December 30, 2011
It breaks my heart to know that someone who was known for being so happy, kind-hearted, and loved by all who met him could have been hurting so always could turn any frown upside down! You are and will be missed.
Posted by Kevin Harker on December 30, 2011
How do I feel ? there aren't any words that explain the ache I have in every cell of my body and soul, your everywhere I look! but I also take comfort in knowing that no-one has made a bigger splash on this earth than YOU! and your ripple will go on forever and ever. your body may be gone ( I'll miss it ) but your not going anywhere! you'll always BE. as my dear Kevin
Posted by Breena Weller on December 30, 2011
Brandon, it's been a while since I saw you last but I will always remember all the good times and you making everyone laugh and smile. Floating down the clearwater with our tiny rafts and one for the beer of course. I always had a great time with you. Love and miss you forever!
Posted by Ashley Reuting-Thompson on December 30, 2011
Brandon, I'll never forget ur smile, kind words and big heart. You will b missed by many but never forgotten! Love ya krebsy!! I'll never forget all the many memories we all made down in good ol delta... Glad I got to spend some of the best yrs of my life with u in it!! Missin u more and more!! Forever in my heart!! See ya on the other side krebsy!
Posted by Cory Scott on December 30, 2011
I was shocked when I heard you were gone. You will be missed more than words can say. I can't believe you wont be there when I get back to work...............things just won't be the same.  :(
Posted by Amber McFarland on December 30, 2011
I miss you Brandon. You always made me and everybody else smile. You were the first to hold my newborn Bubba 4 years ago and the first to call and make sure he was ok after his accident on November 7th. You will Always be with us. We love you!!!!
Posted by Eileen Herman on December 30, 2011
Brandon - I always enjoyed catching up with you on what was happening in your life. Seeing you was a bright spot. You will be missed by so many people and I am glad to have known you.
Posted by Jennifer Smith-Crusberg on December 30, 2011
Brandon, I cant remember a gathering of friends in high school that you weren't there for. You always had a smile on your face and time to catch up with whomever you ran into that day. I never heard you say an unkind word about anyone, you were just that kind of person:) I am so happy I was fortunate enough to see just a few weeks ago and get that hug! You will be greatly misssed.
Posted by Amber McFarland on December 30, 2011
This is actually from Bobby McFarland just using Amber's Page. I may have lost my memory last year but everytime I saw you, you always had a big smile on your face and always happy. I wish I knew you were hurting we would have been there to help. We love and Miss You Bro. Bobby
Posted by Lacey Hanlan on December 30, 2011
Big bro you'll be missed forever :) I'll never forget your heart touching talks:) I'll never forget you always saying "sexy time" to everyone you met at artic man.
Posted by Jennifer Hecimovich on December 30, 2011
Brandon, you were truly an amazing friend to everyone who knew you. I will never forget all the laughter and good times. Did you see my beach ball? It was this big!!! lol... always a new joke or saying to make everyone smile. You will be so missed. Love you!
Posted by Kayla Weller on December 30, 2011
"Drove up to Hillside Mannor sometime after 2 AM and talked a little while about the year"
This song has always reminded me of you and it will forever. About how we used to belt it out and make up the words when we were too tipsy to sing the right ones
A long December...Brandon it's been a while since I've seen you and I will miss you so much :(
Posted by Kayelayn Dale on December 30, 2011
Brandon, no one will forget the happiness you brought to a room full of people or the excitement you would bring when you would show up at a party. I'm sorry for the time I accidentally backed over the volleyball net you set up at the gravel pits, and how I thought it was a cat when you screamed "nooo! " and every time I use the word "plethora" I will think of you. Miss and love you
Posted by Erin Shefflette on December 30, 2011
You will me missed. Especially the way you could make ANYONE smile no matter how they were feeling.
Posted by Amber Atwell on December 29, 2011
Brandon we will miss you more then you'll ever know! You were the most kind hearted person. You always knew how to put a smile on everyones face. Wont be the same without you! Love ya and miss you BK!
Posted by Celyse Weller on December 29, 2011
You always played "Love Today" by Mika for me!! Put a smile on my face every time... Just like everything else you did and said! I miss you.
Cheers to the most positive person I knew!
Posted by Katie Dabney on December 29, 2011
"Brandon, you were not only one of my favorite people, but a brother to me, and a son to my parents. Words cannot express what not having you around anymore means to me.. You know how much we love you!!! Love your cupkate
Posted by Nelson Harker on December 29, 2011
I get a really sad felling thinking about all the great time we had, and knowing that your not here on earth with us anymore, but I get a really good felling knowing that we will one day be chilling again in heaven. I love you brother.

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