Brandon's story

Where to begin... 

You born on New Year's Day and was born with a head full of blonde hair, weighing in at 7 lbs. & 18" long. You topped off at 5'3" as a man.

As a child you were honery! Lol. You were always picking on your little brother, Jake. You could pick on him or pick fights with him but heaven forbid if anybody else did! You were his protector as well. I guess you came by it naturally... Your older sister, Amber & older brother, Leon (Fuzz) wer always picking on you & Jake. You stayed honery! You loved to play football as a child. Always had some kind of ball on your hands. You loved riding mama's horse, Blackjack & had lots of friends.

As you grew into the man that you became... You were kind, caring & very loving. You had such a BIG heart! And loved your family immensely! You loved playing video games with Anthony & was teaching him how to play football. And Amaya... Well she was just your little princess. You loved playing frisbee golf with Kristin, your brothers, family & friends & liked playing pool.

You fell in love twice in your life. The secondlady, Kristin, a wonderful woman who had a son, Anthony & a daughter, Amaya, forever stole your heart. You both, through many trials & tribulations that you bothovercame through years of being together & loving each other through thick & thin.

You were so in love with Kristin that you finally asked her to marry you & she of course said yes much to our delight! You had been raising her two children as your own & you & Kristin were planning on giving them a baby brother or sister after you two were married. You were Anthony's & Amaya's Daddy after all.

But unfortunately your wedding & the birth of a child of your own wasn't in the cards. For the Lord called you home just 2 months before you were to be married.

We all were devasted to say the least. You were taken from us way too soon. At the mere age of 27 years young.

You are forever in our hearts & dearly loved & missed. Thank you so much for sending us so many rainbows to let us know that you with us & thinking about often.

Mama loves & misses you very much!