This tribute was added by Rebecca Mcglone on August 25, 2019
I can't believe it has been 15 years. I didn't see Brandon for a long time before he passed away. I still had a vision of a little boy running around the yard on Joyner Hill. Our birthdays are close together and I always think about him around that time.
I think in my heart I will always see that sweet sweet little boy running around the yard and laughing really big . I hope he has peace that he didn't have here on earth . Love you sweetie
This tribute was added by Toyah Dowdy on June 9, 2018
Hi baby boy. I love you so much. I can still smell you like I did when I kissed your head all the way up till you were grown. How I miss your gentleness and kindness. An angel on earth for such a short time. I’m the mom God blessed to raise you till He called you home. I’ll never forget how you kept your friends in check around me. “Hey, that’s my mom!” 
I’ll never forget you. Never quit missing you. Never quit loving you. Never be the same
This tribute was added by Phyllis Pierce on July 8, 2016
I look at your picture daily and think Lord I don't know the reason,but you know.I really didn't know you as well a s I would have liked to because of distance and circumstances,but I loved you and enjoyed so much the times we had together.You were the youngest of only two biological nephews that I have.Such a gentle soul.Always in my thoughts and your sister and brother are always in my prayers along with your mom and dad.At all family gatherings you are sadly missed.But there is another meeting in another place and another time.
This tribute was added by Toyah Dowdy on July 3, 2016
I miss you. Your voice. Your smell. Your humor. Your gentleness and kindness. I'm sad Abby and Fancy didn't get to have the best uncle in the world. Baby with all this said I would never pull you from the peaceful loving arms of God. I'll see you again when the appointed time comes my love boo.
This tribute was added by Rebecca Mcglone on July 3, 2016
I will always remember your big brown eyes and your sweet sweet heart. You always loved to play outside and explore. Your gentle soul is with God, but you left your impression on Earth forever.
This tribute was added by Judy Mauney on July 3, 2016
Never had the chance to meet you but I know a lot about you thru your sister Samantha. Rest with God and we will meet someday. I know you momma and sister miss you and love you.
This tribute was added by Joe N Samantha McCubbins on July 3, 2016
My dearest Brandon Mark Dowdy, my Bubby! This is your sister. You were and always will be my best friend. No one can ever replace you, even though shamefully I've tried. Because there is a big hole in me, and it just can't be filled. I felt connected with you in every way, and can't seem to find that connection again. I can't make sense of you being gone. Everything in my life changed the day you died. I felt like my whole world crumbled down and went away. After I did get blessed and became pregnant with Fancy, she helped me so much! The night I had her, laying in the hospital room, I got a thought that I had forgotten to tell someone I had had her, I picked up my phone to call you, I had forgotten for just a moment that I couldn't tell you. I don't know how, but I really had forgotten. But I quickly realized. I also had pain come flooding in, that I could not believe I couldn't tell you! That my daughter wouldn't get to meet you! How could this be!? But it was reality. So life has went on, but has never been the same. I look at pictures of Fancy and see you all the time. Your chin, your smile. I miss you so much, so so much. I wish I could just please talk to you and hug you again so bad. Smell your Cool Water cologne, I buy Cool Water oil to burn when I can find it at flea markets, cause then my whole house smells like you! I am so happy I got to spend my childhood with my best friend, my bubby. I will see you again someday. I love you. Love you little Sis

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