Posted by Joshua Clore on November 29, 2011
All the special times we had. "STAP IT JOSH", "STOOOYAAPPPPPP". I can still feel the last bruise he gave me, dude was strong. He'll forever be remembered. I know everyone says this, but he really did give the best hugs. RIP, I loved you man. Farewell.
Posted by Ryan Hill on November 29, 2011
This following is from Lindsay: 'Brendon: I just can't believe this happened. Everyone please never do your taxes while using the bathroom again. We not only lost a great actor but a friend as well...but the show must go on. Please warn your friends and family about the dangers of doing your taxes on the toilet because I never want this terrible thing to happen to anyone ever again.'
Posted by Quintin Bowen on November 29, 2011
I wasn't even around when he passed. It's regrettable that I never got to hear his voice one last time...Or that laugh.
Posted by David White on November 29, 2011
I will miss him so much he went so young. I will miss him as they say ashes to ashes and dust to dust but no use in crying over spilled milk so everybody let's party send out the invitation and the party candles. So let him go out with a bang.
Posted by Caitlin Jones on November 29, 2011
oh dear :(, how could you leave us so soon. it seem like yesterday i heard caaaiiitttlllliiinnn help! is that true?! are they lying?! stop! and so much more. or hearing you claim you dont hit girls and then getting hit in the arm the way you do, always twice in a row. I can still hear your laugh. you will be dearly missed.
Posted by Seth Johnson on November 29, 2011
Brandon, you're the best friend i could ever have. Your fatness gmh because i will always look at you and think "dang, i'm skinny." Thanks you Brandon for boosting my self esteem. i'll miss you buddy boy
Posted by Ryan Hill on November 28, 2011
Why did he have to die so young?! I guess he is happy now, up in heaven, adjusting to the (true) Mormon religion. Rest in peace my friend, may your memory live on....
Posted by Miya Kodama on November 28, 2011
I can't do this. I can't do this. I miss him so much. His face... Oh, god... I can't do this I have to go puke and cry in a toilet.

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