Our last brief visit at the airport 2011

Brandon had taken a new job and had to travel to Florida for training. He asked his employer if his flight could travel through Charlotte, North Carolina to visit with us during his layover. I was able to meet him on his flight back home. He looked so good. I asked him about his new job. He said it was going good. I asked him about living in California and he said he loved it. He really missed his family and friends and was wanting to plan a trip to Ohio this summer. We talked about getting together and just visiting and letting our kids play. His flight to California was 6 hours, he was already so tired and now he would have to change time zones. I can still see him walking down the jetway. I told the flight crew to take good care of my little (6 foot) nephew. They assured me they would. He told me later that the guy next to him fell asleep on the plane and spilled his apple juice all over him and he sat in sticky clothes for that long tiring flight. Since his flight in to Charlotte was delayed, we didn't really get much time to visit, but I will forever treasure that last small bit of time we had together. We texted back and forth a few times after that and then he was gone. He looked so good. It still is so hard to believe.

from Aunt Cheryl