Her Life

The most generous young woman.

Bree Ann was the most generous,big hearted,and happy spirited young lady I have ever seen. If times were tough for a friend or family she always put her diffrences,as well as her own needs beside herself to help those she loved, as well as those less fortunate. She was a happy person even in her darkest times. Bree has given us an angel, her seventh try to concieve we are finally blessed with little Stephen JR. I was so proud, she was such a wonderful mother as we all knew she deserved to be so much. He was her whole heart and soul. Before little Stephen was born she wanted so much to be a mother,so she did all she could for her baby sister the best she could do to help me as a good daugher should have done. She always put her sister above everything and was willing to walk across the moon to help her siblings with everything from school work,to a shoulder to cry on. As for myself the astonding joy and proudness a parent could ever feel for theyre child was matched when it came to my Bree. As for hobbys she enjoyed being just a normal happy, silly,fun spirited young woman. I watched her go from her first smile,to her first boyfriend,then finally to her first child, there should have been so many more first for us to share together but we know that god has a plan for her as well as for us at this challenging time of sorrow. Bree Ann was taken from us entirely too soon, but as her mother the greatest joy I can have at this time is to know that I can stand before anyone and say with every ounce of me that I am the proudest mother of my children including my sweet BB.


Now, a very heartfealt letter from a big brother who has lost his first baby sister.


You were my first little sister, and the love I have for you is indescriable. I am going to miss you and miss not being able to see you with your baby {Stephen}.You have been taken too soon, but I know God has a plan for you,and I will see you again. There are so many memories from when we were kids that I have been thinking about, some good as well as some bad. I have been thinking about the last time I seen you,and I gave you a hung and kiss. You were so happy to see me and I was happy to see you. I am sorry that I have not been a better brother to you. I should have been there more for you. You know your Bro is not a man of many words, and I am so sorry that I cannot express my feelings and the love I have for you better. I love you BB.

Love always your big brother,