This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brenda Barker-Schoolcraft, 59 years old, born on March 11, 1957, and passed away on July 20, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Janice Schoolcraft Moore on March 11, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you every second... Xoxo
Posted by Mike Fandry on March 11, 2021
Love and miss you sweetie. I will never forget all the great and funny times we had, I drive by the farm every now and then, it just makes me cry. I love and miss you always HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby.
Posted by Jacob Schoolcraft on July 20, 2020
Hey mom life’s not changed still wish you were here you died on my anniversary w Christina today I payed a lawyer 5000 to divorce her hell of a day you would of made it all good love you miss you terribly
Posted by Jacob Schoolcraft on July 20, 2020
I miss you nothing today has been what it should
Spent several years avoiding the fact that your not here forgot your bdays loved you but at a distance it all happened so fast an you weren’t here I went to Kentucky an had to bring u back hardest thing I’ve ever done nothing to compare
You were all the love and kindness I’ve ever known I’m left with an emptiness I can’t fill you were always there no matter what I did good bad you loved me the same I love you the same miss you so much I will always an forever take to my grave the love and kindness you showed me while you were here I. Love you an miss you I wrote this like three yrs ago went on site today an saw it
Posted by Janice Schoolcraft Moore on March 12, 2020
You are missed beyond words....
Posted by Deena Ellison on March 11, 2019
Happy Birthday in Heaven my friend. I miss you.
Posted by Deena Ellison on July 20, 2018
I miss your smile! We had a sunrise memorial at the beach during my girl trip- Itold them all about you and how your love of the beach started that tradition. I love you my friend! Save me a space next to you on the sandy shores up there!
Posted by Zachary Moore on April 15, 2018
I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, Mamaw. I’m trying my best to make you proud and i hope more than anything that i am. I miss you more than anything and wish you were here but i’d never ask you to come back from where you are now. I know there’s no more pain, no more tears, and no more suffering for you. Until i see you again, just know that you were my heart. Everything i do, i do for you. My guardian angel forever. I love you!
Posted by Jacob Schoolcraft on March 14, 2017
Love you mom
Posted by melissa sons on July 27, 2016
I just found out today from one of my other customers that my dear sweet Brenda has left us and now is in heaven looking over all of the ones she loved.No mater what was going on with her she wanted to know how you were doing .She and I had the best times while having her hair done.My heart is breaking for the loss of her and her family .I'll miss her dearly she was a ray of sunshine.
Posted by Barb Bingham on July 23, 2016
Brenda is my cousin and we all grew up together at my grandparents farm. We all love to go to farm for the day and play and ride horses and play in creek.  MY prayers are with the family and Brenda will be so missed by all.  MIke and Virginia Barker
Posted by Barb Bingham on July 23, 2016
Brenda was the sweetest cousin in the world. . MY first memory was when my parent John and Trudy took me and my two brothers to pick Daisey and Brenda up at the hospital and take them home after Brenda was born. SHe was a beautiful baby and my name sake. I always look forward going to visit at the farm in Roane co. And spending the day with all my cousins. CHarlotte, Sue,Linda,Tommy we had the best time together. Brenda was very talented and she really blessed my family when she sang at my Mothers funeral she sang In the Garden and amazing Grace. NO music just her beautiful voice.  I was so proud of her. We have not keep in touch very much through the years but she was always in my heart and I loved her dearly.  WIll be praying for her precious family and send my love to all.
Posted by Karena Rader on July 23, 2016
My dear sweet friend Jan, my heart aches so bad for you. At the same time my heart is hurting because we lost a truly amazing woman. She was a wonderful friend but she was so much more than that to me, she was a shoulder I cried on when some loser guy would break my heart, she was Maw Maw Brenda to Austin, she had a servants heart...I remember when she (and you) got the trailer ready and cleaned for me so I could bring my new baby home to a clean house, the many manicures and pedicures she gave, the shopping sprees she would take us on, the thousands of meals and desserts she would cook. She was my karaoke partner for years. If anyone, no matter what size they were, was mean or hurtful to one of us...she instantly became our protector and bodyguard. The many many Sundays that we spent in her bed (all 3 of us) watching Lifetime movies all day and all night.
Posted by Janice Schoolcraft-Moore on July 23, 2016
I hope you know how much I love you and how much I want to be just like you.....I know you wouldn't want me to be hurt or upset,trying to remember all good memories. My heart is broken, there is a big part of my heart that will remain empty forever. I know your looking down from Heaven thankful for each person who is giving me, Jake, and Mag comfort. I can see your beautiful smile and how you would enjoy all the kind post and all the pictures that have been posted on FB. You are loved by so many and will be missed by so many. My mind tells me your in a better place, with a new body, and we will see you again, there is no doubt in my mind , but just can't get my heart to understand. Your my Angel now and I know you will always watch over me, Jake, Mag, Zach, Elijah, and Madi....As hard as it is, we are trying to follow your final wishes, I think when we were together July 4th, you were preparing me, by giving me all the details you wanted even tho I didn't want to hear it. Rest in Peace my sweet Angel, sing with the Angels, I will love you forever....
Posted by Marci Wandling on July 22, 2016
Brenda...I always enjoyed the times that we shared singing, laughing, talking, and probably crying too. You were a bright light in an often dark world. I have kept up with you and your precious family throughout the years on Facebook, and enjoyed seeing that beautiful smile. I know you are singing with the angels and I will see you again one day friend. Much love to you and prayers for your family as they deal with this unexpected loss.
Posted by Michelle Ashby on July 22, 2016
A week ago tonight you and I were teammates at cornhole and almost won, but we didn't care because we were together having fun like we always have done. The morning we lost you I tried to do everything to think I was having a nightmare and trying to wake up! You were not only my best friend but my sister!! I got in your car that morning just to smell your sweet perfume and know that not too long you had touched everything I was. You have been there for me these past years when I was at my lowest. You are such an amazing beautiful woman and will forever be missed. I'm so glad that you were part of my life and forever will be my special angel. We will help watch over Mike because we are "Hollar family" and that's what we do. Dance with the angels and sing your beautiful voice out too God! I love you and have missed you every minute since you have been gone and forever will. Until we see each other again. I will always look up to the sky and know you are watching over me. I LOVE YOU my sweet friend, sister, and my new angel! Love Michelle "your nurse"
Posted by Mike Fandry on July 22, 2016
My love of my life has left me,please look over me like you have for the past 7 years.i will water your flowers and take care of everything you started here on the farm. So many wonderful times and plans for the future.i hurt so bad Brenda I want you back my love.please give me a hint once and a while your there thinking of me. I tried to bring you back but you just would not respond,GOD already had you. Just know baby I loved you more then life itself,I owe you mine xoxoxxxooooooxxxxxx
Posted by Dave Armentrout on July 22, 2016
I have known Brenda since high school and I will always remember her desire to sing for the Lord! Blessing to her and her family! Dave
Posted by Sue Collins on July 22, 2016
I am so sad to hear this. Brenda had a beautiful voice. I loved hearing her sing. Prayers for Janice, Jacob and Maggie.
Posted by Terry Lemarier on July 21, 2016
Will miss my long time friend..R.I.P in HEAVEN..
Posted by Deena Ellison on July 21, 2016
My friend.
Seems like yesterday we were sharing secrets, giving advise and learning from each, love, happily ever after...we spoke of hopes, fears, dreams, faith...over the years I don't think there was a topic we didn't discuss...but all of those conversations did not prepared me for the loss of you. A final goodbye was not part of our late night slumber party chats. I will miss your beautiful smile. It has been awhile since we danced, sang and laughed until the wee hours of the morning, I have missed you so much and now I will miss you forever. Fly high sweet friend...heaven just welcomed a sweet sassy angel who can out sing them all. I love you forever and always. Dee
Posted by Barbara Legg on July 21, 2016
She always had a beautiful smile and voice
Posted by Donna Ferguson on July 21, 2016
Brenda will be missed so much. She was a very special friend. Beautiful inside and out. Always took the time to see how I was and always said she loved me. I love you too beautiful lady. Prayers for Mike and all the family.
Posted by Christina Jett on July 21, 2016
I am so so sad to hear of this. Always a sweet Lady, who will be missed by many. I'm so sorry Janice, Jacob, and Maggie. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you all.
Posted by Joey Acker on July 21, 2016
Such a beautiful Lady! Always smiling! I will truly miss you!
Prayers for Mike and your family! God Love you! Keep singing!
Posted by Wanda Sheets on July 21, 2016
Wonderful person! I will miss your warm, understanding smile. Went to school with her, lived on the same road, went to church with her! Enjoyed her singing in church and the Christian fellowship we shared! Great friend! Enjoy Heaven my friend! Was just recently to reconnect on Facebook.
Posted by Kathryn Carpenter on July 21, 2016
I remember her singing at Remer Gospel Chruch. She had a Beautiful Voice. R.I.P.
Posted by Helen lightle on July 21, 2016
Fly high ole friend..... Until we meet ya!
Posted by Lynda Perry on July 21, 2016
R.I.P. dear friend. I know you will be smiling down on us because that smile just doesn't leave your beautiful face.
Posted by myrna couch on July 21, 2016
Everyone from K & C Bar will truly miss this great and wonderful lady.
We know you will be singing in heaven. When I get there I will bring the karaoke machine with me.
Posted by Alma Burgess Bellamy on July 21, 2016
Brenda was always smiles she will be greatly missed Mike and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Posted by Janice Schoolcraft Moore on March 11, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you every second... Xoxo
Posted by Mike Fandry on March 11, 2021
Love and miss you sweetie. I will never forget all the great and funny times we had, I drive by the farm every now and then, it just makes me cry. I love and miss you always HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby.
Posted by Jacob Schoolcraft on July 20, 2020
Hey mom life’s not changed still wish you were here you died on my anniversary w Christina today I payed a lawyer 5000 to divorce her hell of a day you would of made it all good love you miss you terribly
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Christmas Party

Shared by Janice Schoolcraft-Moore on July 29, 2016

Several years ago, the company I worked for had a Christmas party at the civic center and each employee could bring one guest. There was no decision or thinking for me, I knew I wanted to treat my mom, my best friend to a nice evening .......We got all dressed up, left her apartment all excited. What we forgot was I had given my brother Jake, my Moms apartment door key off my ring earlier that day. Because I was driving, my Mom didn't take her wasn't until after we left the Christmas party we realized we were locked out......we tried to sleep in the car but it wasn't working. I ended up calling my Dad and we went to Gabe to sleep and finally got a hold of my brother to come and let Mom in the next morning...we had a blast that night anyway and made a memory I will never one else had their mom as their date for the company Christmas Party. I love You Mom...

A cheerleader in heaven

Shared by carol noel on July 23, 2016
I remember at whs Brenda was a varsity cheerleader.Her spirit,smile,and enthusiasm was contagious.I was 5 years her junior and I thought I want to be pretty as Brenda when I am a senior! Shout out Brenda rip
Shared by Brenda (Phillips) Shine on July 22, 2016

Reconnecting after years and years.  Nothing changed.... My Brenda was as beautiful and full of life as she ever was.  I will miss you so!  We started as friend before first grade and all through grade school were practically inseparable... oh the stories and fun times we made together.  She ended up marrying my next door neighbor Billy and have three beautiiful children.  Sweetest Soul ever.  Singing with the Angels with your beautiful voice like no other can.  Rest in Peace Beautiful Sister!  Brenda (Phillips) Shine