Train Hard, Finish Strong!!!
  • 18 years old
  • Born on October 20, 1992 .
  • Passed away on June 8, 2011 in Victorville, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brenyn Nickell 18 years old , born on October 20, 1992 and passed away on June 8, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shelley Perez on 20th October 2018
I love you forever...I'll miss you for always... My Boo you'll always be. XO, Auntie Shelley
Posted by Shelley Perez on 20th October 2017
My Special Boo...25 years ago, our family was blessed with your precious little face. We cherished EVERY Moment we had with you. 18 years of your smile, sense of humor and strength just wasn't enough. Now, we need you to instill that strength into your little brother, Evan. Thank you for keeping him safe in Heaven before sending him here. I LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Posted by Jennifer Carrillo on 8th June 2017
Has it really been 6 years? It seems like it was yesterday. You, Grandma Bobbye and Grandpa Manny are so missed and thought of everyday. Even though our family has grown, it will still never be the same since you all have left. I would of given everything and anything to have you here. You had such an impact on our lives and taught us so much. Your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor and good looks will always be with me. I hope you and Grandma and Grandpa and Denisha are all together sharing stories and laughing. My heart will forever be missing a piece, but the memories will always be. I love you, I miss you and until we meet in peace. Auntie Jenny xoxo
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 24th October 2016
I love u Miss u Simple
Posted by Shelley Perez on 20th October 2016
Happy Birthday, Brenyn...You would have been 24 years old today. I wish I could hug you, kiss you and tell you how proud you made me. Instead, I'm left with the happy memories. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I MISS YOU MORE EVERYDAY. XOXOXOXO!!! Auntie Shelley
Posted by Gary Collier on 20th October 2016
Happy Birthday Brenyn. Remembering you today as I just lost my brother on Friday and a friend yesterday . I miss you ....much love!
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 8th June 2016
1825 days countless hours minutes seconds not one of those goes by without it being agonizing devastating and crushing without you every single waking moment words can never ever describe or explain how much I miss you need you want you how much I love you and ache for you it doesn't get easier 5 years later and I thought I'd be farther along and grieving and yet it just feels like just seconds ago I lost you I don't know when it will ever change for me but I know I must continue and wake every day I have your sister and I have your niece and I have me I know you'll be with me sitting on my shoulder when I'm at my pinning ceremony and when I'm walking that stage accepting my Nursing degree few weeks and I'm done I love you son I miss you and now I hear your voice always saying I got this Mom but I don't got this son I miss you I need you I love you so very very much and that's one thing no one can ever ever take away from you was that you are mine I am yours and together or ever bound together.. Three kisses XXX MUWAH..Ironheart
Posted by Shelley Perez on 8th June 2016
My Boo...I miss you so much. I'm so grateful for the last moments we had together, celebrating your 18th birthday. I'll never forget the conversation we had or the hug we shared. I was in the room the day you were born but never thought you'd go to heaven first. These past 5 Years have reminded me how truly precious life is. You will FOREVER be MY Boo. I love you !!
Posted by Jennifer Carrillo on 8th June 2016
Brenyn, although it's been 5 years, it seems like it was yesterday you left us. The pain is still there. The emptiness is still there. We miss you so much and wish you were here experiencing with us all the many things we have going on in our lives. We think about you all the time and miss you so much. You now have Grandma Bobbye with you and I'm sure you are loving it! Just know our lives will never be the same without you, they haven't been since you left. Theres always going to be that gaping hole in our hearts, but our love for you will never fade or stop. I love you Brenyn and will keep you in my heart for my lifetime.
Posted by Gary Collier on 8th June 2016
I guess it really doesn't get any easier as time goes on. I still miss your compassionate charm and quiet strength. You were a good boy Brenyn! You are enjoying heaven now. I love you.
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 8th June 2015
Son,, I love you with all my soul and every breath..
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 20th October 2014
I love u My Son
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 9th June 2014
My Forever Ironheart..No words I ache daily..I love u and Your niece is amazing. . I know u are gonna be a rockin Uncle..Sister is an awesome mommy..My every breath my every heart beat for You and Emm and Aryanna..I ache for u r hugs your smell your voice your laugh your love simple all of u..Please come home soon..I wish I could go with u but my life has to continue here for your sister needs me as well as my grandbaby..Don't think for one second I Don't Want to be with you or I don't think of u..I love u Son 3 kisses muwah..
Posted by Gary Collier on 9th June 2014
Another year and my heart still hurts. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you, but you are with your savior now.
Posted by Jackie Maraven on 28th December 2013
Brenyn, You were the first to call me Grandma Jackie and Papa Dan, we cherish that in our heart, You lived with us off and on and we went on vacations together and had great times. Both me and Papa Dan are honored to have had you call us Grandma and papa. We will always love you. and your mom and sister, Miss you so Brenyn
Posted by Jennifer Carrillo on 20th October 2012
20 years ago today my sister gave birth to you my handsome nephew. I wish u were here to celebrate ur life with us. We love and miss u so much,Brenyn. Not a day passes without u being in my thoughts. Happy Birthday,Ironheart! Love,Auntie Jenny XOXO
Posted by Gary Collier on 20th October 2012
Miss you much boy! I can really say anything that matters, but you were an amazing person that many will cherrish the gift you left to this world! You now shine brightly as a star.
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 20th October 2012
Son your golden day is here my sweet baby 20 you are...i miss u like crazy and love u oh so heart never skips missing u. I need and want to be with u so much but Emmy needs me do understand i would join u in a heartbeat... i love u 3 kisses....XXX HAPPPPPY 20TH SON...LOVE AND TRULY DEVOTED TO U ....MOMMY...
Posted by Wendy Juarez on 10th June 2012
Brenyn, everyones Iron Heart, we all miss you so much! its such a shame that at such a young age you had to go but our beautiful Lord needs strong people such as yourself to watch everyone over <3 i love you brenyn and always know that i am always thinking of you and praying for you and your family (: i love you
Posted by David Buschhorn on 7th June 2012
I met Brenyn when he was about 7-8 years old. He was easily the most polite kid I'd ever met. He was courteous, confident and seemed totally at ease, meeting a new person. He didn't smile like it was a habit, like so many of us do. He smiled like some part of him was genuinely happy to see you. :)
Posted by Noelle Campbell on 7th June 2012
Brenyn. I love you with all my heart and miss you so very much. Getting to know you in youth group will always be one of my favorite memories. You were the sweetest, funniest, kindest boy I've ever met. I miss you every day, and I still kick myself for not making it to your funeral. I'm so sorry. I wish I could have gotten to know you better, but I am so blessed to have known you. <3
Posted by Jennifer Carrillo on 7th June 2012
A year ago our lives changed forever. Brenyn, the pain of you being gone from us is a pain like no other. You always had a way of making us laugh like the time we were at the hospital with gpa Manny taking pictures, and the snowball fights at Xmas. I wish we could of had more days like those.My mind will always think of u, my heart will always miss u, and my soul will love u forever. XOXO
Posted by Turtle'Run Maldonado on 7th June 2012
Hey love , I misssssssssd you bunches ! I really do . & at times o wish I could just walk up to heaven & bring you back but I know I can't so every day I pray that I Will see you again <3 & when I do I'm going to hug you & never let go ! I miss you friend & I Will see you soon
Posted by Monique Herrera on 7th June 2012
Brenyn,my memories of u always since when I met u as a younger boy to recent becoming a young man will always be warm with your huge smile,laugh and loving and kind spirit.Its been a year since u have left for your spiritual journey,my heart feels heavy,tears start to fall during the thought of u.In all we do since that day you have left,We will honor u always.Never forgotten angel.Miss u.
Posted by Allyson Nickell on 7th June 2012
Gary as i sit here sobbing my heart and eyes out as i read and listen to what you have created i say Thank u thank u< just another memory too have of Brenyn and i am stuck in joy and pain watching and reading this and this song as i say again thank u ... Brenyn Mommies IronHeart forever Train Hard & Finish Strong XXX 3 kisses always ..
Posted by Gary Collier on 22nd May 2012
Brenyn was an amazing MMA fighter! He had so many freinds and people who adored him. His mother Allyson, gave hime a light in his eyes that shined bright with love and compassion. I was blessed to have ever had the opportunity to have shared time with him. I miss you Brenyn.

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