I started this website to keep Bria's memory alive.  We only got to enjoy her for 5months and 4 days but she touched so many lives. I will be eventually adding some home videos on here. My purpose of this is for people to share whatever memories they have of her, or just light a candle and make a comment whenever you are thinking of her. Ben and I want help in remembering any detail of her life and hope you all share! Thankyou!!

Posted by Lori Zubke on December 27, 2010
Hi sweet little Bria. I hope your Christmas in heaven with our Lord was amazing. I miss you so much. You are always on my mind and will be in my heart forever. Love you baby girl.
Posted by Staci Allmaras on December 25, 2010
Merry Christmas Bria! Going to spend Christmas with your family.... Hugs and Kisses!
Posted by Heather Jackson on December 25, 2010
Merry Christmas baby Bria! We love you very much. Miss you baby...
auntie Heather
Posted by Lisa Dykema on December 24, 2010
Merry Christmas baby girl! Our hearts are with you in heaven. Love mom and dad
Posted by Lisa Dykema on November 30, 2010
Life seems to move on but my heart will always be broken. I miss you so much Bria.
Posted by Lori Zubke on November 30, 2010
Good morning Bria. I miss you so much! The Christmas season is here, wish you were too. I know you and our heavenly Father are watching over us ~ especially your family. Love you lots little angel ~~~~ hugs and kisses!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on September 26, 2010
My heart has been broken for 15months now. I miss you more than anyone will ever know.
Posted by Staci Allmaras on September 16, 2010
Good morning little one! THanking you each day for your wonderful family...THere's not a moment you are not thought about and loved...keep watching over us Angel! Hugs...
Posted by Lisa Dykema on September 15, 2010
Thinking about you this morning. I just wrote up a little note for the paper thanking everyone about walking with us on June 26. You continue to make me proud Bria. I miss you....Love mommy
Posted by Heather Jackson on September 15, 2010
I love you baby Bria. I miss you so much.
Love Nevaeh
Posted by Jamie Groth on June 16, 2010
Bria, your parents are amazing. I think of them often and am in awe of their inspiring dedication, committment, and strength to honor you! What an amazing angel God has in you...Aaron, Jamie, Kenzie
Posted by Staci Allmaras on June 15, 2010
And your mom and dad are going to do great! They have worked very hard for this event and are doing it all to honor you Bria! I know you will be cheering them on all the way! We will all be beside the
Posted by Lisa Dykema on June 14, 2010
I miss you sunshine. This coming weekend, 1yr ago, was the best weekend of my life. I got to show you my hometown Duluth. So now dad and mom are going there again and running for you...we miss you!!
Posted by Staci Allmaras on June 1, 2010
Hi baby girl!! I've been thinking about you today and then your song just came on the radio. Mom said the butterfly house came today. Your family will enjoy that so much. Love you!
Posted by Heather Jackson on May 17, 2010
Hello baby Bria. I miss you soo much. I wish I could hug and kiss you again. Thinking of you everyday. Love you.
Auntie Heather
Posted by Lisa Dykema on May 9, 2010
Its mothers day today, my first one without you, I wish you were here to kiss me with your sisters. I love you!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on April 21, 2010
Mommy needs to hold you, I miss you!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on March 24, 2010
Really missing you this morning. I am uploading some videos of you to share with everyone. The sun is out today...I love you baby
Posted by Staci Allmaras on February 22, 2010
Good Morning Baby Girl! Listening to some new music mom gave me - We love you... Taters was kissing your picture again last night! :) You and your family are so very special to us... Luv you Angel!
Posted by Lynda VanDenEinde on January 23, 2010
Happy 1st birthday Bria.
You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
Jerry and Lynda
Posted by Lisa Dykema on January 22, 2010
You hold a part of my heart today and always Bria. Happy 1st Birthday baby girl. I love you. ~Mommy
Posted by Lori Zubke on January 22, 2010
Good morning beautiful little angel Bria. Happy 1st birthday honey. I remember all the fun we had together ~ it always makes me smile ~ you are so precious! Love you forever, Lori
Posted by Lisa Dykema on January 7, 2010
Angels called your name so gently, That only you could hear.

No one heard the footsteps, Of angels drawing near.

Softly from the shadows There came a gentle call,

You closed your eyes and went to sleep, And quietly left us all...
Posted by linda best on January 1, 2010
Posted by Lisa Dykema on December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas baby girl,
I am missing you terribly but I have this feeling of peace within me. Thank you, I can feel you around us today. Love mom, dad and your big sisters.
Posted by Lisa Dykema on December 25, 2009
I miss you....
Posted by Staci Allmaras on December 22, 2009
I caught your song again last night on the radio. I think of it as your way to say hi to everyone and let us know you are an angel looking over everyone! Merry Christmas Sweetheart!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on December 22, 2009
Happy 11 month birthday today baby. ~mom
Posted by Lori Zubke on December 22, 2009
Hi beautiful little Bria! Happy 11 month birthday little angel. I think of you all the time. I hope you are happy in heaven with your family, and Jesus~celebrating His birthday. Love you forever, Lori
Posted by Lisa Dykema on November 23, 2009
Your stone went up today Bria. Its beautiful. I have been thinking about you all day and how active you would be at 10months now....
My heart aches for you.
Love mommy.
Posted by Staci Allmaras on November 19, 2009
Just turned my radio on and heard your song Bria. We think of you often. 
Mom and I found a new "relaxing" place! It's got to be an extension of many people miss and love you!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on October 27, 2009
Good morning baby,
Your sister and I are going to the library today in hopes of having a good day. I promise not to be so sad today. I love you sunshine. PS the sun is actually out today!
Posted by Staci Allmaras on October 27, 2009
Sweet baby Bria, you will forever be in my heart as my friendship with your mom and family grows. We will take great care of them. I can't wait to meet you one day sweet angel...
Posted by Lisa Dykema on October 26, 2009
Bria, you got your angel wings 4 months ago today. I cant wait to see you again sunshine. Mommy loves you!
Posted by Lori Zubke on October 16, 2009
Good morning beautiful baby girl. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.I miss you so much.
I will love you forever.
Posted by Jamie Groth on October 12, 2009
Precious Baby Bria,
You have a special name that we had at one time planned on naming our daughter. God Bless you always! Contiuing to think of you and your family!
Posted by Jessica Dean on October 8, 2009
Baby Bria, I spent time looking at your pictures and Jack and I watched your beautiful video. Jack laughed and smiled as he watched you! Thinking of your cute face and your wonderful family! Love you!
Posted by Lisa Dykema on October 7, 2009
Good morning baby girl,
Had a rough night last night, miss you so much it kills me. But we have such wonderful family and friends that are looking out for us, so dont you worry about us! Love mommy
Posted by Dana Blade on October 7, 2009
Hey Bria, just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking of you and your mommy and daddy.I met them finally and goodness, you look like daddy don't you. Hugs to you sweet baby Bria.
Posted by Cheryl Rossi on October 2, 2009
In memory of a beautiful, very loved, little girl.
Posted by Lisa Dykema on October 1, 2009
My little angel,
I miss you so much. I would give anything to hold you and smell you again. We will be thinking of you Saturday as me, dad, Amarah, Ella walk for you in the Walk to Remember.
Posted by Dana Blade on October 1, 2009
Bria, I will do everything I can to help your mommy through this time, she misses you so. Look for Joshua and give him a hug for his mommy, k! I can't wait to meet you some day and see Joshua agian.
Posted by TODD & CHARMAIN HUBERTY on September 25, 2009
Posted by Gina Schanhaar on September 11, 2009
We miss you little Bria! We feel so blessed to have you as part of our lives. You will forever be in our hearts! We love you forever. 
Love Chad and Gina
Posted by Kristi Fikse on September 10, 2009
Hello Angel Bria. You are greatly missed, but left a wonderful impression on the world.
Posted by Lynda VanDenEinde on September 1, 2009
Bria, you were here such a short time, but touched so many hearts. You will truly be missed.
Jerry & Lynda
Posted by Stephanie Johnson on August 28, 2009
We love you baby Bria!We think about you often and miss you so much.We wish we could have spent more time with you, but look forward to seeing you again someday in heaven.Love,Trent,Steph, Trey&Tyra
Posted by Deb Dykema on August 21, 2009
Your Papa & I miss you so much! Not a minute goes by that you are not in my thoughts. I just wish we'd had more time with you because we had so many things we wanted to show you & do with you.
Posted by Rhea HAUSKEN on August 20, 2009
Thank you Bria.
Posted by Mari Damhof on August 20, 2009
To Bria, our precious little Godchild. You were here such a short time, but you touched our hearts in ways you'll never know. Until we see you again, you'll be safe in the arms of Jesus.
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Recent Tributes
Posted by deb dykema on January 22, 2021
It’s your birthday today Bria! It’s hard to imagine that it’s 12 years since the day you were born. I can still remember everything about that day & how excited we all were. What a beautiful, precious baby girl and I’m so happy that we were able to be there to meet you.
We miss you & love you so much . Happy Birthday!
Posted by Stacy Little on June 26, 2020
Oh dear one. As I have watched my new little Grandie grow my heart has ached for you in your loss. It had been 28 years since I had 'had' a baby. Watching Liv, every movement, smile, laugh....I have cried so many tears thinking of your loss. Please know you are always in my heart and my prayers. I love you, friend. <3
Posted by Stacy Little on June 26, 2016
Praying and sending love to each of you today. <3
Recent stories
Shared by Lisa Dykema on June 26, 2012

Got an email today from a special person that lives in Walker. It is her 15 year old sons birthday today. I wanted to share how Bria has touched this young mans heart. I am going to copy her email on here because the way she says it is just beautiful:
 Hello beautiful - just wanted to share a quick story about my teenager who I honestly believe doesnt listen or care about anything. I call him this morning to sing & harass him and ask what he was doing today- he said his usual, so i asked what usual was. He said remember that baby that died on my birthday- i always catch a butterfly, give it a kiss & set it free to fly to heaven. He melted my heart. Always say a prayer for you- take care today!!
This email is what got me through my day today. I thought about it the entire day. I will carry this with me for the rest of my life. What a beautiful heart this young man has....

When I first met you

Shared by Katie Benjamin on November 29, 2011

The first time I met you...I was in basketball with your big sister Amarah and your Mother brought you and Ella to watch and when we were done Amarah Introuduced me to you, I remember tuching your little fingers and Saying how cute you are, I know you are still watching over us just in a different place, We all miss your cute smiles that could make everyone feel better when they were feeling down.

We All miss you Bria

Katie Benjamin


Shared by Lisa Dykema on September 26, 2010

Hidden in the clouds,

Above the wavy sea,

There is a place called Heaven,

And its calling out to me

I really hate to leave you,

All alone and so upset,

But I know you really love me,

And that you wont forget.

My time with you's been short,

But I don't want you to be sad,

celebrate the memories,

And all the good times we had.

Butterflies surround me,

Coloured pink with streaks of gold,

And all the other kids here,

Say that we'll never get old.

So when you're feeling down,

And you miss me more than ever,

Remember that I'm happy,

And that I'll be with you forever.

-Maya Hayden Evans