Her Life

Mommys letter to Bria

This is the letter I wrote for Bria to be read by Pastor Mark at her funeral:

My baby girl,

This is one of many letters I am going to be writing to you. In this letter I am not going to write how sad I am or how empty and broken my heart is....I am going to thank you for being in my life. I truly believe you were an angel sent from god. We were ALL so blessed to have you and to be able to love you. Thank you. Your smile, your giggles, the way your eyes lit up when you looked at us and those dimples; who will ever forget those dimples, they are memories I will hold in my heart forever. Your beautiful chin, your dads chin and you even had my shoulder dimples, you were such equal parts of your dad and I.

Your sisters loved you so much! They just loved being your big sister. I just loved watching the 3 of you together. Such happy memories that I will hold forever. I will always hold you in my arms. I know you are safe and in the arms of our loved ones, your papa and great grandparents. Let papa Jerry hold you tight always, because I can feel it when he does. It comforts me to know there were all waiting for you in heaven. Baby, its so hard to say goodbye to you, I cant seem to find the right words to end this letter. So lets not say goodbye OK? I will always be looking out for you no matter how far apart we are. Thank you for letting me be your mommy. I love you my itty bit, my sunshine, Love you forever my angel, momma