Posted by Bonnie Smith on January 27, 2021
Hi. Scooter  Sorry I am a little late in writing this note to you.  Ten tyears. 
It feels like yesterday   I know you have been “talking “ to your. Dad.  Please. Brian
Encourage him to stay strong and come back to us, his family on earth We need him here with us. Please intercede to. Jesus and. Mary to help him get better through their Divine mercy.( I know you have a way with people. ). I love you so much and I miss you even more.  Please help your. Sister. Becky and continue to protect your two beautiful nieces Brianna and. Gabriella
We talk about you all the time and show them all of our family adventures. They love seeing g and hearing all about their  Uncle. Brian
Love your. Mom
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 24, 2021
Thinking of You.
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 9, 2020
Happy 40th Birthday to you, my precious boy... I realize you are a man in the eyes of everyone but you will always be my SON,my Boy...
This morning we all went to the grave.  Dad. Becky, Dave, Brianna,Gabriella and myself. Hope you heard us sing Happy Birthday loudly (and maybe a little off key LOL)
Your two beautiful nieces sent you up to Heaven their balloons which also contained their drawings. We imagine your arms stretched out wide to catch them. Please know every day you are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for "talking" to me through your cousin Nicky. It may be so happy but I always knew you were not driving that car. I forgive you and miss you so much. Please continue to watch over all of us, especially your Sister and the children. Give our love to Pop Pop, Nana, and Cocoa Puff. There are so many people with you that I miss and love that I know you are in good hands.
Have to run now only in person not in mind. That little Brianna is in a Watermelon eating contest. She takes after you, Fearless and loves her Watermelon LOL Keep flying that little white butterfly (YOU)around us

Posted by michael boyer on August 9, 2020
"I finished my rosary and sobbed openly after enjoying VIDEOS of our time together." "You valued my opinion on so many occasions, something your cousins have rarely done...and I treasure the memories.""We all have regrets and I certainly regret being unable to hold your mother in comfort in 2011." "I have a keepsake in your memory that will be mailed, for sadly our special bond is currently strained." " My own health has been recently challenged but your sister and those that surround me locally are keeping me in their prayers." "The years go by very quickly once you reach the *eighth decade of life, """"but I have never been so happy or felt such an abundance of love. "Uncle Mick implores you to continue your intercession to our Creator to remind me daily of the serenity prayer and forget the past." God bless you , Brian...I "will" one day hold you again....."
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 9, 2020
Happy 40th Birthday to you cousin! So much has changed since you've left us.
My Thoughts are especially with you today.
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 27, 2020
"Always In Memory..."
Posted by Bonnie Smith on January 22, 2020
Hi Brian, my much loved and missed Son.   I feel I need to just write you today even though I do not think of this actual date for your departure from this earth. Yesterday was still so hard for me as the night of January 21 was the last time we talked. I went to the usual spot last night and this year left a plant (Brianna went and got it back this morning LOL and wants to take care of it herself)  I played your favorite song "Danny Boy" , Shed some tears, and said some prayers. Please continue to watch over your family especially your two little nieces Brianna and Gabriella . Oh how you would LOVE them and vice versus!  :-)
Also please don't forget importantly your "little" Sister Becky, she needs you even it is only in spirit. So until we "speak" again realize that you are LOVED and MISSED by many. Say Hello to everyone especially Nana and Pop. Also Give Cocoa a special treat and hug from me. Love always, Your Mom
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 10, 2019
Happy sorry one day late birthday in writing to my son who I miss more and more each day. Went to grave yesterday. Played. “Danny. Boy “for you. Hope you smiled
I like to think that we would have traveled and went to places only you and I would truly be interested in and enjoyed. Dad and. Becky have the same interests but you and. I always Shared that adventure trait  I am trying to go forward seeing and experiencing places. I will feel your presence wherever I travel. Please continue to keep your family safe especially Brianna. Gabriella and Becky
Give my love to everyone especially Cocoa
Love you forever  Mom

Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 10, 2019
Thinking of You today, Thinking of You Always. Happy Birthday cousin.
Posted by Bonnie Smith on January 22, 2019
Hello Brian my son
Eight years now that you are gone, seems like eight days... I put the Candle emblem here since your little sister Becky has went outside in the freezing cold at midnight for two nights now to leave a tealight to let you know you will NEVER be forgotten as if someone like yourself ever could be. Thank God for the memories and there were many wonderful, good and CRAZY memories. When anyone asks how I am doing, I always say "He was a gift I had for 30 years". I mean that Scooter. (Willow, Tucker) Please continue to keep watch over us, especially Becky and your two beautiful nieces Brianna and Gabriella. Help them in life and keep them safe. Hope you got Brianna's Christmas card she left for you. Sometimes it seems strange as she always talks about you. Makes me feel you are near.
Give my love to Pop Pop, Nana and Cocoa Puff and everyone else who was so close to me. Dad and I miss you everyday of our lives. Love you always,Mom
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 9, 2018
Happy Birthday Brian.  Each year seems at times to be getting harder.  Dad ,Becky ,Brianna ,Gabriella and me just went to the grave site. The children sent beautiful balloons up to you. I imagine you catching both of them. I sure hope and pray that you are happy and celebrating your 38th Birthday. We miss you so much  Please continue to watch over us especially Becky and the girls. Give my love to. Nana. And. Pop Pop and my beloved. Cocoa. Puff
I have always been proud of you Scooter xo
Love always.  Your MOM
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 9, 2018
Thinking of you today and always... May Heavenly Birthday Greetings be yours!
Posted by michael boyer on January 23, 2018
".....another year has passed and your "favorite uncle" has begun his "eighth decade" (age70)..on earth. .I continue to pray to you daily and fully recognize how your "spirit" influences my existence and decisions. Thanks for granting our victory as conference champions and I envy the super bowl seats you and the "Bears" will enjoy together!"
   "I remain especially close with your parents and sister, their love and support is a debt I can never repay. Keep answering my prayers and one day, God willing.......we'll be together again....."

                               "UNCLE MICK"
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 10, 2017
Hello my son. Went to the grave today on your birthday. well I guess it was actually yesterday since it is now pass midnight . Talked to you , cried with you and prayed that you are somehow happy. So many people still hurting so bad since you have gone. I try to live my life and see things as I think you would have done. We may have not always agreed but we were the same on so many levels. Lol. I miss you every day with all of my heart  Please take care of especially yourself ,cocoa ,pop pop and nana. Please continue to watch over Brianna and Gabriella and your "little" sister. Becky. They will always need you. I love you "Scooter" always have,always will...Mom
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 9, 2017
Happy Birthday cousin Brian! You are not forgotten. Thinking of you on 'your day' today and Always.
Posted by michael boyer on August 9, 2017
"Your uncle Mickey will especially be remembering you today in sunny Florida and how much you enjoyed your visits with me. I will surely be watching the videos today ....the dolphins jumping beside the boat and your laugh as they did so. .....God bless and keep you, now and forever"
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 22, 2017
I'm sure you must have something to do with helping our beautiful Lake Tahoe get replenished with all of the snow and rain there lately,,, This after '6 LONG YEARS of DROUGHT'. If only the "drought" we have collectively experienced here since your untimely passing could be alleviated so easily. Next time I see Tahoe, I will assuredly think of you and reflect on the happy times we shared there together.

And in the meantime, make the most of those same memories and recollections daily here to keep your presence alive in the hearts and minds of those of us who were fortunate enough to know and love you.
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 9, 2016
Hi Scooter I will always call you by that name as it was our first name together, I had my cup of coffee today in your favorite spot on the deck, I listened to your voice mail several times telling me "I'll be home soon and I love you MOM" just a couple of months before you left us. I keep the many things you either built, colored or bought me telling me the same thing. You were and will always be close to my heart. Your spirit lives on especially in Little Brianna, Boy is she a hand full LOL just like you Miss You Tell Nana and Pop Pop and Cocoa Puff I miss them along with so many others  Happy Birthday to my son Brian who I am so proud of ; for all of the good works you tried to accomplish
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 9, 2016
Happy Birthday cousin. No matter how far "time marches on" you are always close in recollection of memory and in the heart.
Posted by michael boyer on August 9, 2016
".....Thinking of you on your 36th Birthday, August 9th 2016.....keep smiling down on us and continue to daily answer my prayers....."
Posted by michael boyer on January 23, 2016
"....Brian, you remain a constant reminder to all of us, that life is "finite" and each day is to be savored. I "sob" unabashedly when i remember you , and that is more often than you will ever know...(...but perhaps you do!) Continue to bless us and watch over us each day , knowing that i do so for those left behind on Shisler Avenue. God bless you, my nephew.....and the wonderful legacy you left us all......."
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on January 22, 2016
5 years...5 long years! Its so hard to believe that you have been gone that long. Its hard to believe I haven't seen you, hugged you, fought with you (lol), So much has happened in my life and not having you here to share it with has been so difficult! Your second niece will be here in April. I can just imagine how much you would love them and vice versa. Brianna picks up pictures of you as if she knows you so maybe you are visiting her. That night always replays in my mind and I just wish I did things differently. For one I would have never left without you! You would have never walked out that door without me chasing you! ugh all the things that would change if I could turn back time! Well I hope heaven is everything I dream of and that you are having a good time up there with all the special people lost along the way! I miss you terribly! I love you Bri!! Continue to watch over us and keep us safe!! xoxoxo
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 22, 2016
5 years have passed and 'our' hearts and minds are heavy in reflection of the day you departed. Thank You for being one of my biggest 'cheerleaders' and the myriad of 'good times' that perpetuate in my memory. It's true... We reminisce over you. Lots of love to you cousin.
Posted by michael boyer on August 10, 2015
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on August 10, 2015
Hi Bri, I'm sorry that I'm a day late but Happy Birthday. Thanks for making mass short yesterday with no music lol I'm sure you had something to do with that! haha People say they see you in Brianna, she sure does have your energy! That baby never stops! I miss you everyday and it breaks my heart that so much is happening in my life and I can't share it with you. I know your looking down on us and protecting us. Thursday night is Brianna's 1st birthday and Blackthorn will be at Rose Tree park so were going to go. I hope you can make it!! I'll be looking for a sign from you! I love you so much!!
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 9, 2015
Hi Scooter This time I will make it short and sweet. I know you read the long version I wrote before and thought Mom enough is enough. Well I miss you more. Buddy & Stumpy wish you a Happy Birthday. It is almost the time your were born 35 years ago. Thank you for all of the JOY you brought into my life. I have always been proud of you. Brianna LiL B Has your spirit Please give my love to Nana & Pop Pop and special kisses xoxo to Cocoa Puff Please watch over your Lil SIS,BRIANNA and the rest of us Love and miss your 4ever MOM
Posted by Bonnie Smith on August 9, 2015
Hi Brian I just wrote this long long email I am first going to see if this goes through before I try again
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 9, 2015
Happy Birthday to you cousin Brian... You are always thought of and remembered. I cannot believe you would be 35 today! It will be a bittersweet day for us here, keep looking out for us all and your niece Brianna! Love ya.
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 23, 2015
I just came back from San Francisco and thought about our jaunt there almost 8 years ago and how much you enjoyed yourself. Always in memory, rest easy cuz.
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on January 22, 2015
Another year goes by and my heart is as broken as the first day you left us. So much as happened that I wish I could tell you and share with you. You would just love Brianna to pieces. I know you had something to do with her coming early and on your "due date" I felt your presence that day as I was driving into the hospital. I hope you know how much I love you and I'm sorry we were arguing that night but that's what siblings do right?! You know I loved you more then life itself. I took a quiz online "who is the most important person in your life" and my results said your sibling. I get so upset when I think of the years ahead of me and you not being there. I miss and love you so much. Please continue to watch over our family.
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on August 11, 2014
Hi Bri! I know you had to be there at the Phillies game for your birthday. Besides you not being there the day was perfect. Something you would have been crazy about. Besides the obvious "going to the game" Jim Thome was there and they inducted Charlie Manuel into the Hall of Fame. That was Mom's idea to go and to have your name up on the board. I miss you so much! I hate this feeling! With every passing day I miss you more and more. You will never be forgotten. I promise to make sure that your memory will live on forever through me! I was so lucky to have you in my world for 27 years. I love you Big Bro Bri!!
Posted by Daniel Joseph on August 10, 2014
Happy Birthday #34 cuz. Time passes by and life goes on but memories never fade nor will you be forgotten. You are loved and missed always.
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on August 9, 2013
Happy Birthday Big Bro Bri!! Another birthday without you, this really sucks!! But I would never take back the wonderful 27 years that i got to spend with you! I love you so much and miss you terribly!! Please continue to watch over us!!
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 22, 2013
Thinking of you most especially today cuz, Time marches on but the pain of loss does not. Always in my thoughts and never forgotten.
Posted by Jennifer Reed on August 9, 2012
Bri, i can't believe it's been this long without you here... We all still think about the good times we had with you.. We all miss you and love you.. Keep watching over your family and friends.. and we will one day meet again... and have a party in the sky...
Posted by Bonnie Smith on July 16, 2012
Hello Scooter, Willow, Tucker or just MY Son. It has been almost 18 months now and still the pain of losing you feels as severe as the day you left us, sometimes even worse. Miss you with all of my heart which is broken and empty.  I am Giving some loving to Cocoa,Buddy and Stumpy for you. Keep watch over your family. Love Mom
Posted by Daniel Joseph on January 22, 2012
Thinking of you today and every day - I can hardly believe it's already been a year. Rest In Peace cousin.
Posted by suzie leveque on February 16, 2011
love you baby boi and miss you so much :(
Posted by Daniel Joseph on February 9, 2011
Here's hoping that you've found your Tahoe on the other side. Rest In Peace cousin Brian.
Posted by Heather Emery on February 8, 2011
Bri,you were the big brother I never had and you never passed up the oppertunity to remind me of that...I have a lifetime of memories that will never be forgotten. We all love and miss you Bri...
Posted by Kelly Blake on February 7, 2011
I am so sad that you left this earth way too early, but you have such a big and loving family that your memory will most certainly live on forever. They all love you so much! Please watch over them and make sure they get through this peacefully. Rest In Peace Brian
Posted by armi cayamanda on February 7, 2011
Brian leaves a lasting memory once you meet him. His smile brightens up the room, his laugh thunders in your heart. I don't have much memories with Brian. After I got married and had a daughter partying was officially done for me. But i will never forget you Brian "peepee boy" Smith. May You Rest In Peace And God Bless Your Soul.
Posted by Jennifer Daleandro on February 7, 2011
Bri was a loving brother and a wonderful friend to have.. as well as a loving son, This goes out to the family who lost a really great guy... He will always and forever be in are hearts, we all loved and will still love you....
Posted by Rebecca Smith-Wallace on February 4, 2011
On Jan 22, 20011 my life changed forever! Not only did I loss my brother, I lost my best friend, my other half and at times my pain in the butt. My favorite memories in life were shared with him. He pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and live life to the fullest. I always admired his outgoing personality that would light up a room when he entered! I miss & love you so much Bri!!

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