Let the memory of brian be with us forever
  • 70 years old
  • Born on August 1, 1931 .
  • Passed away on December 16, 2001 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, brian hunter 70 years old , born on August 1, 1931 and passed away on December 16, 2001. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 16th December 2018
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 1st August 2018
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 16th December 2017
Posted by Susan Collins on 16th December 2016
Love and miss you loads dad ❤❤GBNF xxxxx
Posted by Sandra Boyle on 16th December 2016
Hi Brian can't believe its been that long .will see you soon take care lots of love from Sandra and Ran xc
Posted by Lesley Hunter on 2nd August 2016
Love and miss you loads Dad xxxxx
Posted by Catherine Mcinally on 1st August 2016
Happy Birthday uncle Brian will never forget the way you made us laugh thank you love you
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 1st August 2016
Posted by Susan Collins on 1st August 2016
Happy 85th Birthday dad, love you loads, GBNF xxx
Posted by Sandra Boyle on 1st August 2016
Can't believe it's been that long Brian ,still so sadly missed loved forever xx
Posted by Susan Collins on 16th December 2015
14 years ago today you were sadly taken from us dad. We all think about and talk about you loads. Gone but NEVER forgotten. Love you dad R.I.P. xxx
Posted by Susan Collins on 1st August 2015
Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven. You would be AICHTY 4 today looool. Miss you loads and wish you could see our kids all grown up and had been able to meet your beautiful great granddaughters Olivia, Victoria and Amy you would love them so much ❤. Goin out for dinks with mum n les........Love you always ❤ susan xxx
Posted by Heather Collins on 1st August 2015
Cant believe thats another year passed, missing you only seems to get worse as the years pass by but i still remember u as clear as anythin and and ur cracking sense of humour♥ love and miss you loads granda! Gone but NEVER forgotten ♥♥♥ xxx
Posted by Catherine Hunter on 16th December 2014
another year brian cant believe its that long since I saw you it still hurts and now you have three great grand daughters you would have been so proud as I am so love and miss you xx
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 16th December 2014
Posted by Sandra Boyle on 16th December 2014
Sadly missed but not forgotten xx
Posted by Jamie Collins on 16th December 2013
It's hard to believe 12 years have passed since you were taken from us, I have lived more than half my life since then and I still remember all of the fun we had staying with you and gran as kids. Playing out in the back garden of earlspark, having my own room under the stairs aka 'Jamie's wee house', 'McDonuts', leaning on the table and deliberately falling off to make us laugh, and of course 'Granda Clause' was one of the best things about Christmas as a child! You were a role model to all your grandchildren and were more than any of us could have asked for in a grandfather. Gone but not forgotten. RIP. Love Jamie xxx
Posted by Heather Collins on 16th December 2013
Cant believe its been so long since grandas passing! Still remember him like it was yesterday, how i always used to stand on his feet and dance to lady in red when i was a wee girl and how he would have me and my friends in stitches when he would put his arm on the arm rest of the couch then make it slip off and say "did u move that" lol! I remember aswell he would always call me his wee pal! We all used to love at christmas when he would dress up like santa but we could never understand how he would never be there when santa arrived and would always jst miss him, even wen we realised it was him he would still insist on doing it lol! Wish u could be here to meet my beautiful wee neice and my neice/nephew who is on their way but we will always share our memories of u with them! Will never forget you granda and will love u always xxxxx
Posted by Lauren Maguire on 16th December 2013
I cant believe how long it has been since you were taken from us, really wish you could be here to see us all grown up. Im truly blessed to have had 'the hulk' as my granda and to have all the funny and amazing memories you have left me with. Love you forever granda, i hope to make you proud! Xxxx
Posted by Susan Collins on 14th December 2013
Would like to say a huge thank you for all your lovely comments, means a lot to my mum. Had tears in my eyes reading all your touching and funny messages.......Suz i nearly wet maself laughing at yours, u obviously remember him very well McGinty haha. Thanx again to you all, really touching to hear other peoples memories of our dad. Gone but never forgotten dad, hope youv got a good seat at the bar up there with all of our good friends and family who were taken too soon. Love you forever dad ❤ xxx
Posted by Suzann Smith on 14th December 2013
Brian was such a great guy, so friendly to everyone he met, would talk to anyone - and usually did, always interested in how you were doing (nosey actually!!) he loved a wee party and loved to see everyone enjoying themselves. Loved having a wee tan as well - always remember him sitting at the back door - with it closed - but because the sun was shining through, thinking he was still getting a suntan!! my son Robbie used to call him Mr Frosty because of his white hair, lovely memories of Brian but the one that will always stick in my mind is that he never called me Suzann, he called me McGINTY, cheers Brian, hope your having a wee drink with my dad xxx
Posted by June Brady on 12th December 2013
I only met your dad a couple of times but thought he's was just great...like all of you. I will never forget you guys all singing "the northern lights" at the end of his funeral...so touching . You are a loving caring family and it's a pleasure to know you all.xxx
Posted by Sandra Boyle on 12th December 2013
He left us quietly His thoughts unknown But left us a memory We are proud to own So treasure him lord In your garden of rest For when on earth He was one of the best x
Posted by Daryl Collins on 12th December 2013
Loads of memories, too many to write down in here! Always remember him keeping me a seat next next to him in the house. Always doing the hulk, ripping his shirt off and chasing the car down the road whenever we left. Loads of holidays away, mainly to Crail where I have many happy childhood memories. Remember some of my first football games being with him as well, glad his Aberdeen side never rubbed off on me haha! Really wish he could've seen us all grow up and met Olivia. He was taken from us too early, but he will always be remembered. Love you Granda xx
Posted by Stephen Boyle on 12th December 2013
My uncle Brian, the one man I can always thank for my first and last try of Snuff. CHEERS
Posted by Lesley Hunter on 11th December 2013
Miss and love you more each day dad xxxx
Posted by Joan Craig on 10th December 2013
My Lovely Uncle Brian so many Stories to tell but one I love so much Cath and I used to meet you off the Train when you and Grandad Finished Work At the end of the Burn at Grans You Picked us up under your Arms and ran Right up to the House Will Never Forget that !!!! Love you so much !!! Hope You . Grandad . and My Dad are Having a Dram a Big One !!! Miss You All So Much !!!! XXXXX
Posted by Catherine Hunter on 10th December 2013
sadly missed by all the family but will toast you on Monday you are remembered with so much love rip love xx
Posted by Catherine Hunter on 10th December 2013
miss and love you brian wish you could see the kids all grown up and you being a great granda love you x
Posted by Susan Collins on 10th December 2013
Its almost 12 years since my dad was taken from us and we all still feel the pain of our loss. He was an amazing dad to me n Lesley, husband to my mum Cathy and granda to Daryl, Ryan, Jamie, Lauren and Heather belle. So sad that he never got to meet their lovely partners, Sade, Fiona, Ker, Steven and Hammy. His biggest wish was to buy all the grandkids their 1st "legal" drink in the pub, really sad that he wasn't there to do that. He would be sooo proud of our kids and would make him really happy to see them all doing so well for themselves. He would be over the moon having a beautiful wee Great granddaughter Olivia and her wee cousin due in March. Love you forever dad and the kids will ALWAYS remember the happy times had with you and mum. Gone but NEVER forgotten in our hearts, R.I.P dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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