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Brian was born in Victoria, BC on October 4, 1927. He was educated at St. Michael's School, Oak Bay High, and Victoria College, before entering law school at UBC. Called to the Bar in 1950, he joined the firm, Lawrence, Shaw & McFarlane, later Lang Michener. In 1971 he was appointed Queen's Counsel, and in 1984 he served as Treasurer (President) of the Law Society of British Columbia. A Life Bencher, Brian was known as a tenacious litigator, sometimes referred to by colleagues as "Bulldog McLoughlin." In retirement, he undertook several pro-bono cases, to which he devoted many hours. Justice, integrity, generosity - these were the values he lived by.

Brian had a passion for open wheel motor racing. After taking up the sport in his 40's, he enlisted his teenage son and daughter as pit-crew while his wife Sarah learned film-making in order to record his many successful races that included a Pacific Northwest Championship. Sport journalist Tom Hawthorne has included Brian in a list of late West Coast sports figures with this obituary

A strong believer in community service, Brian served as the first president of the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Association, Governor of York House School, as well as dedicating time to the Council for Canadian Unity, and the BC Safety Council.

A staunch federalist and proud Canadian, Brian had a long time interest in learning French. He supported school programs that encouraged exchanges with students from Quebec and proudly displayed a bumper sticker "My Canada includes Quebec!"

With his wife of 57 years, Brian developed a hazelnut farm on Vancouver Island near Courtenay. This eleven-acre seaside property (no longer a nut farm) has been gifted to the Comox-Strathcona Regional District as the McLoughlin Gardens.

Brian will be remembered for his keen interest in people, his sense of humour, his great love of Canada and his commitment to making the world a better place. His principal reason for joining the legal profession was to "stick up for the little guy!" During his 63 years as a member of the Law Society he upheld the value of lawyers in a free society. "The balance between the strong and the weak is kept not by the law alone, but by the law with the assistance of the lawyer."

He leaves behind his faithful wife Sarah (nee Pullen), favourite son Michael (Sue), devoted daughter Margo and three beloved grand-children - Sam, Ben, and Stephanie Walker (Brandon).

Predeceased by his cousin Sylvia Bendrodt (Eric) whom Brian cared for deeply and his step sister Helen Davidson (Derek).

Survived by his elder brother John* (Ruth) with whom he shared many adventures at home and in business, and his step brother Bill (Barney) with whom he shared the inspiring life of his step father Harry Robinson who was married to his courageous mother Phyllis (nee Salsbury).

A service was held at St. Mary's Anglican Church, 2490 West 37th Avenue on Thursday, July 10th at 3 p.m.

Brian is buried in Mountain View Cemetary in Vancouver, along with his mother Phyllis and his brother John. They are buried at the William F. Salsbury plot. 

*John McLoughlin passed away on July 1st, 2014 - 20 days after Brian passed.

Posted by Mike McLoughlin on February 22, 2021
Sarah McLoughlin, Brian's wife, passed away on February 10th. We have a memorial website for Sarah at Please visit and sign the condolence page there for Sarah. thank you.
Posted by Debra Jensen on October 4, 2020
I was just speaking of Mr. MCL today! So many fond memories of him - Lee and I remain forever grateful for all he did for us as our lawyer (Pro Bono).  The best part was the friendship that we developed with him and Sarah in the following years. Mr. MCL - a true gentleman and friend. 
Posted by sally wait on October 4, 2017
Hi Sarah, This just came up on my computer. My goodness so many years since we were kids. do you remember when you and I drove to Halifax rom Ottawa. We were 16 or 17 and the winters at Stadacona. I live near Sidney 48 years now. Am coming to Vancouver next week the 16 Oct. any chance of getting together? 250-652-2079
Posted by Debra Jensen on June 11, 2017
Sarah, Margo & Michael,

 Lee and I are thinking of you on this 3rd year anniversary of your husband and fathers passing.
Posted by David Avren on June 16, 2016
Character, determination, perseverance, humour, zeal, loyalty, obstinacy, dash, a fighter, honourable, righteous. Brian McLoughlin.

So many points of intersection: Oak Bay, St. Michael's School, law, litigation, Lawrence and Shaw, then the cottage by the sea for a visit or two.

A remarkable man, a memorable man, an honorable man, a good man.

My colleagues and I, all formerly associates at Lawrence and Shaw in the latter stages of his career, remember Brian well and fondly and honour his memory.
Posted by Lucy Pullen on June 11, 2016
Thought of Brian yesterday, while remembering an adventure toward Margo's garden, where I first properly met Brian as an adult. I arrived in Comox unexpectedly, hitch-hiking from the east coast without a penny, and surprised the family who, returning home in the early evening found me walking toward them from the perennials. We had a great three day visit at Foxglove Farm. As a child the nuts of Foxglove Farm of made their way east in Christmas boxes. The bolts were of were to become apparent. With Brian there were rapid, intense question and answer periods and an array of rigorous regimes with varying degrees of transparency. You may not know there is an airport in Campbell River. Brian found a flight through Vancouver to Halifax from there, to my surprise, dropped me off and sent me on my way. That summer marked the start of something, a connection I suppose, that set the tone for twenty years of frank exchanges, said straight out from the brave part of one's heart. Love to you all. Lucy
Posted by Helen McDonald on June 16, 2015
Our family always enjoyed seeing Brian at The Alders on Vancouver Island. We would spend beach time with the children in early years, and in later years, Sarah and Brian often came down to visit. My husband Peter enjoyed many lively political discussions with Brian. He was such an intelligent man with a sense of humour as well. I know he is missed by many.
Helen McDonald
Posted by Jemes D Helmcken on June 12, 2015
Although Brian is no longer physically present, the eight decades of our shared experiences provide indelible memories.
Posted by Debra Jensen on June 11, 2015
Lee and I have been thinking a great deal of Brian lately, remembering how generous he was to us of his time, legal skills and knowledge. He really cared about others, especially "the little guy".
We miss him dearly. 

Debra and Lee Jensen
Posted by Kirsten MacIntyre on June 11, 2015
Thinking of you all Mike, Margot and Sarah... Your dad was a great friend of my dad Tony Bull. Brian will never be forgotten.
Posted by David Ker on December 6, 2014
to Sarah, our condolences, sympathy and love from Lis and David
Posted by Mike McLoughlin on October 4, 2014
Today is Dad's birthday. He would have been 87 years old. I have added two photos to the collection. 1973 headshot. Photo of Sarah's painting of his first racing car - Bob Trickett's formula V.
Posted by Mike McLoughlin on July 25, 2014
Final additions to this website are in the story of the joint internment on July 23rd, 2014. Also, I have added the Order of service and reading for the graveside internment service for brothers John and Brian McLoughlin.
Posted by Gisèle Yasmeen on July 20, 2014
My belated condolences to the McLoughlin family. I enjoyed working with Brian when I was Regional Director of the Canadian Unity Council from October 2001- December 2004. My sympathies and with fond memories...
Posted by Susan Davidson on July 16, 2014
Sarah, Margo, Michael and family,
Thank you for putting together this website and for the moving memorial service last week. The love and support that I received from Brian over the past several years has been much appreciated and will be forever missed.
Much love, Susan (Brian's niece)
Posted by chris harvey on July 14, 2014
Brian had a lively puckish sense of humour that I always enjoyed. He was fun to be with and always came out with something unexpected. Bears in the hazelnut trees notwithstanding, he gave the impression of delighting in a problem because overcoming it gave him a chance to exercise his ingenuity. He and Sarah were very generous. The world will be less without him.
Posted by Paul Ziakin on July 13, 2014
My heart felt condolences to Brians family. Its hard to lose a loved one. Brian was my landlord at the Foul Bay House in Victoria. My wife and I have been renting the suite on the main floor for two years now.
I enjoyed Brians quick wit, and his stubborn refusal to back down. Refreshing in this day of No conflict at any cost.  He was always ready to tussle intellectually and he was Great verbal jouster!  He will be missed.
Posted by Mike McLoughlin on July 11, 2014
I have added the Order of Service and the text of the eulogies presented by Michael and Margo McLoughlin to the His Life section plus the readings by Stephanie Walker (nee McLoughlin) and Sam McLoughlin Thank you to everyone who came to the Memorial service. It was a great comfort to see so many family and friends there.
Posted by Bruce Morrison on July 10, 2014
As a lawyer Brian was both an elegant gentleman and a fierce advocate.
He remained a mentor to me throughout my career as a lawyer following my articles at Lawrence and Shaw.
As a person Brian possessed the qualities of decency, integrity,fairness as well as a special passion for linguistic equality throughout Canada.
I will especially miss our summer visits to the farm at Williams Beach and the joy we experienced together watching Formula 1 Grand Prix races.
Our sincere condolences to Sarah, Mike, Margo
Posted by Debra Jensen on July 10, 2014
My wife, Gudrun, and I are very sad to hear of Brian's passing. He was great company to be with and was able to talk with a great deal of enthusiasm on so many topics. I particularly enjoyed our chats about motor racing as he had once been a driver himself. We send our sympathy and best wishes to Brian's loving family.

David Jensen, London, England
Posted by Debra Jensen on July 10, 2014
We were the fortunate recipients of Brian's (or Mr. McLoughlin as Debra always insisted on calling him) "pro bono" legal work, as we were the "little guy" and he took us under his wing. It was not an easy case and consumed many hours. The odds were stacked against us but Brian, the legal champion he was, would not relent stating "Justice must be done". In the end we succeeded. During that case we began our longtime friendship and he will be forever in our hearts and thoughts.

We last visited Brian several weeks ago at South Granville Park Lodge, meeting his daughter Margo for the first time. Brian was in fine spirits and we shared much laughter and memories.

We will truly miss our annual Christmas get-togethers, where Debra ensured that Brian would be fixed for chocolate for the coming months.

Brian was a true gentleman of the highest order, and it was our privilege to know him over the last two decades. He always spoke most highly of Sarah and his family.

Our sincere condolences to Sarah and the rest of the family. Please know that we, along with others, considered him a great man.

Lee & Debra Jensen, Vancouver, British Columbia
Posted by Bill Robinson on July 9, 2014
Good By to you and brother John
Brother Bill
Posted by Mike McDonald on July 9, 2014
I could always count on an annual conversation with Brian over issues concerning the state of the nation, and his passionate interest in federalism. It's people like Brian, who take an interest in such issues, that are the glue that hold Canada together. A great, longtime friend of our family, our condolences to Sarah, Mike, and Margo and family.
Posted by Bill Robinson on July 9, 2014
Good By Brian
Brother Bill
Posted by r paley on July 6, 2014
My condolences go out to Sarah and family.
I only knew Mr. McLoughlin for a brief 3 or 4 days and I thought to myself he is a interesting character.
Take care.
Posted by Rosalind Dawes on July 4, 2014
I am so sorry to hear that John McLouhgin died too. My sincere condolences, how heart wrenching for you to lose two family members in a matter of weeks.  I remember John coming in to visit Brian many times at Lawrence & Shaw in the 11 years I was there. Sincerely, Rosalind
Posted by Helen DaSilva on July 4, 2014
My condolences to the family. I am sorry for your loss.
Posted by Mike McLoughlin on July 2, 2014
More sad news. Brian's brother John McLoughlin just passed away yesterday in Victoria. Our family shares the sorrow of John's family. Brian and John were very close. It is so sad to lose both of them in the space of three weeks.
Posted by stan stordy on June 28, 2014
Conversations during many afternoon teas and shared anniversary dinners revealed a Brian of honor, integrity and humor. His passionate belief in the place of Quebec in Canada was unshakable. Brian would drive 500 miles in his beloved Porsche to contest a speeding ticket just for the excuse to drive. He often won. Chocolate was his weakness.
He is much missed by Claire an I.
Posted by John Conroy on June 28, 2014
While I have not seen Brian in many years I always had fond memories of my interactions with him as a fine gentleman and inspiration to me then as a young lawyer. RIP Brian.
Posted by P & M Strachan on June 27, 2014
Brian's passing has left a gap in many lives.
For years we were neighbours and door step flyer and "Courier" removers when the McL's went to the "farm" or Hawaii. We enjoyed many a cup of tea, wide ranging exchange of views, and neighbourhood news updates.
Cars too were a shared interest and we made some enjoyable sunny day drives during Brian's recent illness.
Our thoughts and condolences are with Sarah and family.
Pat and Mike
Posted by roger salomon on June 26, 2014
So sorry to hear the news about Brian. He was a great racer and did so much for the sport. He is missed.
Roger Salomon and the members of META
Posted by Peter Jones on June 26, 2014
I remember my first collaboration with Brian - the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Bar Association at Vancouver in 1968. We were members of a four person panel chaired by John Turner. The subject was Quebec and the importance of the French Language to the Canadian Federation. Brian spoke effectively in French for part of his remarks.

I suspected that he had been taking lessons in preparation for the event. . That would be Brian: whatever he decided to do he would commit heart and soul to the project. 

This long ago event established a friendship to complement the kindness and grace of his wife, my cousin, Sarah. 

My wife, Marg Anne, and I will keep in touch with Sarah and the McLoughlin family.
Peter Jones
Posted by NICK ROCHE on June 26, 2014
I am glad my dad was there to look after Brian when he had his appendicitis and I am sure he is now going wheel to wheel with PLN
Posted by Tracey Kennedy on June 26, 2014
Working in the litigation dept. at L&S was always exciting with Brian around. I was a young legal sec and was fascinated by his work and how everyone respected him. When I named my daughter, Briana, he came up to me and said, "Oh, you named your daughter after me, how wonderful" and he laughed and walked away. He was a kind man and I will always remember him. Rest in Peace Mr. McLoughlin.
Posted by Geoffrey Cowper on June 26, 2014
My encounters with Brian were primarily as a young opponent.
He treated me with the same respect (and determined opposition) as he would any senior lawyer. He was always kind to me and interested in how I was making out as a young lawyer.
Posted by Harold Ridgeway on June 26, 2014
Brian, you were the definition of a true partner in the old (and best) professional sense of the word. Thank you.
Posted by janet carter on June 26, 2014
Our condolenses Sarah and family. Many beach memories of Brian, he will me missed, but never forgotten. 
Harley and Janet Carter and family Merville, BC
Posted by s slater on June 26, 2014
Living out in the country, we could always count on tea next door with Brian and Sarah to have lovely greetings and to have usually a chat about politics, books, history, the environment, and even the definition of a word. Brian was enlightening but was always interested in the lives of others as well, no matter what profession.
We hope to visit the fabulous gardens again; a testament to the love of the land and to hard working folks
We send our condolences Sarah
Sheila, Neil, Sophie - now in Edm, AB
Posted by Bill King on June 25, 2014
Brian May you win many races where you are now. You were an inspiration on the track. A dedicated and talented driver.
My sympathy to you Sarah and your family.
Love Bill King.
Posted by john davies on June 25, 2014
Farewell Brian we will miss you. On behalf of SMUS I thank you for your generous support of our Quebec Exchange Program. Countless students of ours traveled to La Belle Province to gain an understanding of the province's role within Canada. All who traveled came home with great memories and supported Brian's view of Canada.
Posted by Troy Vliet on June 25, 2014
I had the pleasure of building a home next door to Brian on Cypress street. He made sure we stayed in line :) We had our differences during construction however we found it within ourselves to shake hands when the project was complete. In the end we found a true common interest in cars. Farewell Brian. I am a better person for having met you.

I am so sorry for your loss Sarah
Troy Van Vliet
Posted by Stewart Enderton on June 25, 2014
My memory of Brian goes back to my articling days - way back in the50s.He was a great guy then and remained so. I worked, in later years, at the firm and my favourite of the firm was Brian.
I was terribly shocked and sad to read that Brian was gone. My deepest condolences to Sarah and the children.
Posted by Wilson Wong on June 25, 2014
I am in shock to hear such a sad news reaching me tonight. I lighted a candle for Brian. I am thinking about Sarah, their children and grandchildren.

I knew Brian on our legal battle with LSI Logic. Brian, David Martin (then representing CP Pension and I were on the Minority Shareholders Committee fighting for our rights. It was a case of David versus Goliath. Many didn't think we stood a chance against a big US corporation. I watched how Brian and David managed the case with admiration. Three years later, we had a settlement for all the minority shareholders. Brian truly is a "bulldog McLoughlin".

My deepest condolences to your family. May memories of Brian live on within us.

Be strong, Sarah!
Posted by Diana Reid on June 23, 2014
Brian was a consummate gentleman who valued integrity , commanded respect and earned trust.

I joined " LASH" in 1980 and my memories of Brian remain vivid, from assisting in timing laps at Westwood to the honour of being taken to lunch at the Vancouver Club by the 'Senior Partner ', long before Ladies could even walk through the front door. We stayed in touch over the years, 20 years on I had the pleasure of taking Brian, as my guest to the Club and then we alternated . And the photographs reminded me that my first car came from MCL Motors, a Fiat Spider, notwithstanding Brian's valiant attempts to persuade me a TR6 would be the wiser choice.

I too offer my most sincere condolences to Sarah and the family, I can only imagine the sense of loss you must feel at this very sad time.

Diana Reid
Posted by elizabeth urquhart on June 23, 2014
Dear Sarah, Michael, Margo and family. Our thoughts are with all of you. Brian has left behind a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Much love, Don and Libby Urquhart (daughter of brother John)
Posted by Diane Cruickshank on June 22, 2014
Sarah, Mike and Margo we are sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Diane and Martin
Posted by Dennis Murray on June 22, 2014
My mentor as a student and fledgling lawyer, such a role model far beyond the practice of law. Brilliant, quietly powerful and immensely kind and fun. His signature on my life is written in indelible ink and his footprint generally amazing. I will continue in times of uncertainty, to ask myself "what would Brian do?" Sarah and family, my deepest sympathy for your loss.
Posted by Silveria Roselli on June 21, 2014
Dear Sarah,

Thinking about you this evening. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Respectfully, Silveria Roselli
Posted by Deborah Sundberg on June 19, 2014
We are so sorry for your loss. Brian was a wonderful person and he will be missed.
Brad, Debbie and Family
(Merville neighbours)
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Posted by Mike McLoughlin on February 22, 2021
Sarah McLoughlin, Brian's wife, passed away on February 10th. We have a memorial website for Sarah at Please visit and sign the condolence page there for Sarah. thank you.
Posted by Debra Jensen on October 4, 2020
I was just speaking of Mr. MCL today! So many fond memories of him - Lee and I remain forever grateful for all he did for us as our lawyer (Pro Bono).  The best part was the friendship that we developed with him and Sarah in the following years. Mr. MCL - a true gentleman and friend. 
Posted by sally wait on October 4, 2017
Hi Sarah, This just came up on my computer. My goodness so many years since we were kids. do you remember when you and I drove to Halifax rom Ottawa. We were 16 or 17 and the winters at Stadacona. I live near Sidney 48 years now. Am coming to Vancouver next week the 16 Oct. any chance of getting together? 250-652-2079
Recent stories

Guidance and Friendship

Shared by Wayne Ayers on October 4, 2014

I was fortunate to have been given Brian's guidance and friendship and fond memories of road trips to Seattle and Portland in the old Pontiac with the Formula Ford in tow.  Thank you to his family for the time he spent with me.

Brian's First Race Car

Shared by Mike McLoughlin on October 4, 2014

Mike here! I remember Dad taking me out to Maple ridge to meet Bob Trickett and see the formula V. It was October 1974, Not only did we discuss racing but also I remember talking about the George Foreman Muhammed Ali fight that had happened around that time.

Memories from Barbara and John Preston

Shared by Mike McLoughlin on September 7, 2014

Brian and I first met in January 1940. We became lifelong friends. Brian and his family welcomed me to Victoria and contributed greatly to what became our memorable teenage years. Among my many memories of Brian is 

-       going to dancing school organized by his Mother on Saturday nights both wearing St Michaels short pants. 

-       Driving to the Mexican border in 1946 in an old (1922) Hup mobile, having a flat every 100 miles and getting involved ln three accidents(poor brakes} yet returning home safely, 

-       During the eighties spending many weekends cutting down trees together at the Farm near Merville under Sarah’s direction while Sarah  and Barbara worked on the grounds. 

During our working years we lived in different countries and provinces, but we always kept in touch. Brian was a steadfast friend. Always a gentleman, honest, with a great sense of humor and very much a devoted Canadian. Our condolences to Sarah and the family. We all will miss him.

Barbara and John