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Guidance and Friendship

October 4, 2014

I was fortunate to have been given Brian's guidance and friendship and fond memories of road trips to Seattle and Portland in the old Pontiac with the Formula Ford in tow.  Thank you to his family for the time he spent with me.

Brian's First Race Car

October 4, 2014

Mike here! I remember Dad taking me out to Maple ridge to meet Bob Trickett and see the formula V. It was October 1974, Not only did we discuss racing but also I remember talking about the George Foreman Muhammed Ali fight that had happened around that time.

Memories from Barbara and John Preston

September 7, 2014

Brian and I first met in January 1940. We became lifelong friends. Brian and his family welcomed me to Victoria and contributed greatly to what became our memorable teenage years. Among my many memories of Brian is 

-       going to dancing school organized by his Mother on Saturday nights both wearing St Michaels short pants. 

-       Driving to the Mexican border in 1946 in an old (1922) Hup mobile, having a flat every 100 miles and getting involved ln three accidents(poor brakes} yet returning home safely, 

-       During the eighties spending many weekends cutting down trees together at the Farm near Merville under Sarah’s direction while Sarah  and Barbara worked on the grounds. 

During our working years we lived in different countries and provinces, but we always kept in touch. Brian was a steadfast friend. Always a gentleman, honest, with a great sense of humor and very much a devoted Canadian. Our condolences to Sarah and the family. We all will miss him.

Barbara and John 

Joint Internment Service for brothers John and Brian McLoughlin

July 25, 2014

On Wedensday afternoon, July 23rd, 2014 the McLoughlin family held a graveside service for the internment of the remains of John and Brian McLoughlin. Brian passed away on June 11th, 2014 at the age of 86. John passed twenty days later on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014. Brian was at a care home but John was at his apartment sunbathing on the porch. Since the events were so close together and family had gathered from different places in North Marica it was decided that we would hold a joint internment service.

The graves are at the William Ferriman Salsbury plot in Vancouver at Mountainview Cemetary. 

The service was conducted by Brian's daughter Margo who is an ordained minister having graduated from Harvard Divity school. In addition, those present were Michael McLoughlin with his wife Sue and Sarah McLoughlin, Brian's wife.

From John's side, Libby Urquart, eldest daughter with her husband Don and her son TJ with friend Amy. Also, Cathy Coviello, second daughter, with her son Scotty and daughter Kelsey. Also present was John's son Doug. 

The order of service and readings are posted under Brian's His Life section.  

Brian in the Library at Big Hill

July 12, 2014

At the time of Noni's Wedding we gathered together at Big Hill. This was the last big family gathering of the Pullen clan before big Hill was sold.

Brian waves goodbye!

June 28, 2014

Alders Super 8 Film 1968 - 1973

June 26, 2014

This is a compilation of silent movie clips from family holidays at the alders beach Resort near Merville, BC. The famous phantom matress snatcher clip begins at the 6 minute mark.

Afternoon Tea Clock

June 25, 2014

David and I had visited the Farm a few times. Always enjoy Brian and Sarah's generous hospitalities.

Didn't matter which part of the Island we were in the afternoon, Brian always made sure we stopped everything and headed back to the Farm for tea @ 4:00 sharp. Sarah will be making tea!

Always with wonderful bake goods to go with the tea. The company, the porch and the view were most delightful to enjoy a cup of tea with.

Brian always made sure that there were chores for all to do so we can all work up an appetite for beer, chips and dinner.

The Driving Lessons

June 23, 2014

After babysitting my cousins, Michael and Margo, Uncle Brian would drive me home.

The trip home included driving lessons on how to "heel and toe" shift and "double clutching". Uncle Brian would show me how it was done with precise instructions, then it was my turn to drive and practice the maneuvers. I am sure it was not in the Porsche, perhaps a British Leyland sports car as there was a dealership in the family.

Eventually I had my own sports car and both techniques were applied on numberous street in the city of Vancouver as a teenager. 

Priceless memories.  Thanks U.B. Your still on the race car circuit.......just in a different formula.

Advice to Law Students

June 19, 2014

Comments on and to the Legal profession when I was "Treasurer" ("President" today") in 1984. " Our profession has been the object of criticism over many centuries with the unfortunate result that too often we , ourselves, fail to recognize our contribution to society. It is most important for we lawyers to remember our unique role. If we understand this we will find historic criticism easier to comprehend and will have more confidence in ourselves. It is unnecessary to repeat those well-known quotes from Shakespeare and Dickens to emphasize history's perceptions of the law and lawyers. What is forgotten is that it is of the nature of the lawyers' duties and our adversary system that we become the focus of disfavour. We speak up in Court, in the Legislature, and in Community affairs, frequently on behalf of the unfortunate minority. The majority hear unpleasant messages relayed by our profession so often that some develop an assumption that the lawyer is the cause of their troubles. In business our responsibility is to protect the interests of our clients but unhappily the perception left is often that the transaction would be more easily completed without the lawyers. How often have we heard it said that lawyers make a simple transaction complicated? In litigation, the loser often blames his own lawyer as well as opposing counsel, and the winner is seldom grateful for what he sees as his just desserts. It is thus the nature of our work to be unpopular but no one can suggest ours is not an essential service. Imagine if society did follow Shakespeare's precept to “kill all the lawyers "? Where would this leave society? Where would it leave our Courts? Equality under the law means little or nothing, unless the citizen has the help of those trained to understand the rules. Whether it is completing a business transaction, or acting on behalf of an individual faced with a government bureaucracy, the role of the profession is vital. Can one imagine the heavy hand of government at any level being restrained by the law without the lawyer to draw the line? The lawyer is the only one who can act independently against the state. The balance between the strong and the weak whether in business, litigation, or in the criminal law is kept not by the law alone, but by the law with the assistance of the lawyer? It is our profession as well that provides leadership in community affairs and public service and it is we who give meaning to the phrase "equality under the law". It is the lawyer who has the responsibility to protect the rights of the individual without which our "free" society would not exist. If we have confidence in ourselves and our profession, we will be better able to discharge our responsibility to serve the public well. 

Brian's work closing up the Farm

June 19, 2014

For your info here is our Close Up work in progress without a lot of energy as we are still battleing those colds.
1. On arrival here last Wednesday I mowed the road and the grass  around the house
2. Sarah despite a bad cough raked and picked up the cut grass and started the garden wind up
3. Next we picked up the 5 hoses on the road used to water plants along the road with the trailer after struggling with plastic hoses that refuse to wind up and store in the canoe .
4. Then put Stabil in the pump halfway up the road (needed to take the water after sent that far from the pump at the well corner)
5. After trying to start that pump give up and come down and get the tractor plus boiled water to loosen the plastic pipes and a screw driver.
6 On the way to the pump again stop  and pick up piles of material from the ditches and deposit on the field . Then again try to start the pump since the stabil must be mixed in . Finally aftert the tenth pull Hooray it starts.
7. Next pour hot water on the in and out pipe to the pump and after much struggle pull hte upper one off . This lets all the water in the 
upper tank start to gush out but not on me as I push the pipe towards the ditch. Finally after more struggle get the lower one off so now the Pump is ready to be picked up by riding the tractor bucket over the ditch with water gushing in and leveraging the heavy pump into the bucket , then head down the the shed to remove the spark plug put oil in the cylinder and then wrap pump in plastic bag and lever into 
storage position under the shelf holding the canoe.
8. Now we go to work on the lower pump.  Stabil in , start it up , run for 10 minutes , return and remove the spark -plug put oil in the cylinder replace the plug ,fill the gas tank to the brim ,then open the line to the tank so all the water inthe line sprays out the hose over the well into the bush. Then open the valves on the pump to allow the water to drain out on to me .
Finally spray the motor etc with WD40 and then wrap in a plastic bag .  Then lock the pumphouse and carry all tools back.
9. Then Tractor is loaded with chopped wood and piled in the garage with the rest.
10. Meanwhile Sarah is at work in the house and has phoned our helper Travis to come and do some heavy lifting on Sunday.
11. Next the gutters a. The little shed behind the house b. the garage both sides and the big shed c. Then the front of the house leaving the back until Sunday with Travis helping move the big ladder . I will show him how Sam does it.
12. Saturday to town to get antifreeze for verhicles and for the house toilets and food
13. Now the farm car is washed and Sarah vacuums it while I move the Volvo to the garage and start work on the chainsaws/  Stabil in  , 
start them run for a bit , clean up , sharpen the chains, wrap up in plastic bags , hide behind the canoe.
14. Now the car is put in the shed , the plugs are removed and oil placed in , engine turned over to spread the oil inside the cylinders ,
replace plugs , spray ignition spray on the wires and wd40 on metal, car is locked and covered with the battery on charge.
Next is the mower and tractor , and to start the house and then the water system , bring over the winter doors to install and screw into place all shutters. 

Racing with Paul Newman, the famous actor.

June 19, 2014

Paul Newman. In 1972 Sarah and I attended a Bob Bondurant driving course in Ontario Calif. Another student there was Paul Newman as he like me was about to start his driving career.  We had a race each of us driving a Porsche 914 in the wet.  I was in the lead as we approached a corner but PN began to try to pass on the inside. I seeing him there backed off and the instructor at once stopped the race as we might easily have collided.  Later as I gained racing experience, as I had the line I would not have done that as I would expect him to lift.  He was surprisingly short in stature. Once as Sarah was coming out of the office He said to her Hi! We brought home a  full length poster of him with his blue eyes and put it up in the basement writing the word “Hi!” on it..  Clive Jones, our welsh comic carpenter, while working in the house one day rather spoiled it by sticking a small bit of putty just under PM's nose. Snot.

Making a difference for Canadian Unity one Tow Truck at a time

June 18, 2014

One day (when Separatism was active) driving home from the office I saw a Busters tow truck with  a Mini Van with Quebec plates being hauled away from  a no- parking after 3pm spot.  Realizing this would do little for Canadian Unity I followed the truck to their Lot under the Granville bridge and paid the tow charge. I had to show my licence to do  so and later received a very strongly expressed letter of appreciation. 

From Mike: Brian wrote an 20 page essay on the Future of Canada and the Meech Lake Accord. You can download it here

The Crash

June 18, 2014

Nancy Green. I met Nancy at a firm dinner as she was L&S's client at the time. We compared motor racing and Ski racing. She told me of her experience of being driven around the Edmonton Race track by Bruce Mclaren in a CanAm car. The need for total concentration and the ability to avoid panic reaction to sudden events we both felt was common to each. Sadly Mclaren was killed shortly after that in a testing accident at Goodwood when the wing of his car came loose and he spun into a concrete post there to protect marshalls.

A similiar but not as castrophic event occurred to me testing a RT4 Fomula Atlantic at SIR. It rained at one end of the track and when I arrived there with my foot down the car spun. I was on both clutch and brake so it would travel in a straight line but a Marshall's post was in the way. 

I knew I had done something to my back so I crawled out on to the side pod and lay there. A while later an ambulance arrived and took me to a hospital nearby.. They wouldn't let me out until i had paid for the ride and stretcher. The doctor said I was lucky not to be paralysed and strapped me into a cast.

Meeting Dr. Ferry Porsche

June 18, 2014

In 1979 Sarah and I took a 5 month sabatical and spent 3 months following the F1 circuit in Europe .  We had sent my '73 911 over picking it up in Le Havre after spending the night in a Railway hotel which we observed was used as many other such hotels. We had rented an apartment in Eze sur Mer through the London Times and one day I was washing the Porsche there and a large french car drove up and 2 gentlemen got out , one tall , one short.  

To my great surprise, the short fellow introduced himself as Dr. Ferry Porsche the designer of the Porsche 911! He chatted with me asking me how I enjoyed his car. We took a picture of me with Dr. Porsche and my 911.

Unfortunately, the camera with the picture inside was stolen the very next day from our hotel room. We were unable to recover it. As with many of these once in a lifetime stories such as a golfer's hole in one, or the catch of the biggest fish that got away, we had lost the enduring evidence that proved I had indeed been visted by Dr. Ferry Porsche! Good thing my wife was there to attest to the fact!

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