That we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us. Helen Keller
  • 34 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1980 in Riverside, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 11, 2014 in Redlands, California, United States.

Please help us remember Brian William Glassco, a beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend who was taken from the world too soon. 

He passed away peacefully in his sleep. He leaves behind a loving family, including his wife Christina and two young children, Cora (age 3) and Will (age 2). 

Many friends and members of the Redlands community have shown an outpouring of love and fond memories of Brian. We hope this page creates a space to share stories, photos and memories of the wonderful person he was. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  

A memorial will be held at Weaver Mortuary in Beaumont, CA on Sunday, December 21 at 4:30 p.m. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Redlands, CA on Monday, December 22 at 10:00 a.m. A reception will follow at the Redlands Elks Club, followed by the burial at Mountain View Cemetery in Beaumont, CA.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, a fund has been established to support the college education of Will and Cora. Brian was a lifelong learner and avid reader, and would love to see the community's support of his family in this way.


Posted by Ann Glassco on 11th December 2018
Our love for Brian will never cease--he is in our hearts and souls forever
Posted by Sean Patrick on 11th March 2018
Good times sharing memories about Brian tonight with the family. We miss you brother.
Posted by Ann Glassco on 11th December 2017
3 years and it seems like yesterday. Thanks to everyone for keeping his memory alive--we will never tire of hearing stories of things he did or said. Love to all
Posted by Ann Glassco on 8th November 2017
Brian would have been 37 years old yesterday--we all went to the cemetery to celebrate his birthday. Brad and I were talking about what a perfect day would have been for Brian--starting with golf at sunrise-a big family breakfast--bowling, a Lakers game where they win, a poker game and time with family and friends. the memories made us smile and cry.
Posted by Sean Patrick on 7th November 2017
Happy Birthday Brian. We love and miss you brother. To this day, I see little things throughout my day that remind Heather and I of the good times we shared with you and your family. You are missed and never forgotten.
Posted by Sean Patrick on 7th November 2017
Went bowling with the family yesterday. That was one of my favorite things to do with Brian. Even though he was always do good and blew me away, we always had a great time. State Farm bowling shoes and all. Brian, you would have been proud. Bowled a 168 for my final game. That would have been a little competition for you brother.
Posted by Sean Patrick on 7th November 2016
Happy Birthday Brian. You are missed brother.
Posted by Ann Glassco on 7th November 2016
A heartfelt thank you to everyone that left messages for Brad and I today. We have been reflecting on all of the Blessings Brian's life brought to our family-not the least being all of the wonderful people who would never have been a part of our lives if it were not for him.
Posted by Ann Glassco on 11th December 2015
A year has passed and the pain of Brian's passing is as strong today as it was then. We are grateful to all who have left messages on this site, by e-mail or in person. It is our hope that, not only does it comfort us but that the stories that are shared will give his children a sense of who their father was, how much he was loved and the impact he had on so many lives. Thank you.
Posted by Ann Glassco on 9th November 2015
Happy Birthday Brian from your family! After visiting the cemetery on your birthday, we celebrated your life by going miniature golf with Cora, Will, Christina, Alicia, Carlos and Elizabeth. We miss you terribly and will love you always. Mom
Posted by Jack Timmel on 8th November 2015
Brian their is not a day that goes buy that I do not think about and all the good times I had with you and your family. I hope that you have met up with gr. Granfpa and your Grand Dad. You are truly missed.
Posted by Sean Patrick on 7th November 2015
Happy birthday Brian. We all miss you very much. I remember those weekly calls and intellectual conversations on what ever topic might arise for that week. You were always a great friend and there when people needed you. I hope today, which will be hard for many people close to you, remember the great things you did, and the awesome person you were. I will celebrate the time you had with us here, and not morn your passing. I'm sure that's what you would have wanted. Cheers!!!
Posted by Randy Genung on 27th January 2015
I was very sorry to hear that we had lost Brian. It was truly an honor to have been Brian's varsity basketball coach at Redlands High School. He was an amazing competitor. The one play that stands out in my mind was a game at Rialto Hight School. We needed to win to get into the CIF playoffs. It all came down to a play of hustle. Eric Siess missed a possible game winning 3pt. shot and Brian fought off a couple of Rialto players to grab the rebound. He then (with his basketball sense) found Jacob Avila open for a three, got him the ball and Jacob hit the winning shot to pus us into the playoffs. It was a typical Brin Glassco play. Brian was also the Captain of our team and his leadership was exceptional. Brian will be missed by all. Our prayers continue to go out to the Glassco family, his wife and children and all his close friends. God Bless you all. Coach Randy Genung and family.
Posted by Patrick McCarty on 13th January 2015
Eulogy by Patrick McCarty: "I can honestly say that outside of my immediate family, no individual has had such a big impact on the person who stands before you. Brian was my classmate since kindergarten, my teammate, my peer. We shared a love of all things nerdy; Star Wars, video games, trading baseball cards. We shared our music (and made some); We shared our love of being Irish but more than this, I looked up to him. I tried to emulate him. I never said it to him but it was obvious that I envied him. I envied his intelligence, his confidence and his wonderfully off-beat sense of humor that was sometimes a little rough. I envied how effortlessly he seemed to excel at whatever he did. He was one of those people who’s just obnoxiously good at everything. Teach him any game and he would eventually beat you at it. You probably know he was the varsity basketball captain, all-star in baseball, a lights out bowler... just a relentless competitor and by the way, he didn't get enough credit for this one: maybe the best ping pong player I've ever met. I always thought that one day I would beat him. I was kidding myself. Being the shy kid that I was, it was such a blessing to have a friend like Brian. He had a magnetic presence, an easy way of making friends. From high school, to college and beyond, everywhere he went he made lifelong friends, many of whom I am so thankful to call my own friends and to be with today as we celebrate his life. He was always a welcome presence in my family’s home. My parent’s loved him; “He’s such a smart, well-mannered, wholesome boy“ my Mom would say. My sweet naive mother was mostly right. As only the best childhood friends are, Brian was the source of my inspiration and at times, my corruption. Whether it was sharing my first bottle of hard booze, composed of small, barely noticeable shots from every bottle in the Glassco’s liquor cabinet (sorry Brad and Ann). We thought we were so clever; or “borrowing” their old beat up Chevy Nova for a late night jaunt (sorry again); or helping me sneak girls over for a sleepover party where absolutely nothing inappropriate happened. Point is, Brian wasn't always the good Catholic boy but, as it often turns out, God had a plan for him. Several years worth of shenanigans later he met his counterpart and everything changed. I was there, working with Brian in Steve Becker’s office the very day Christina came into our lives. He was so immediately smitten by her, I remember joking that their first encounter must have been one of those “slow motion, saxophone playing in the background” moments. Well we know how the story goes from there... eventually they were blessed with two beautiful children. Brian always knew how to enjoy his life, but it was in the context of being a loving father and husband that Brian lived best. His faith in God grew and he endeavored to make his faith the cornerstone of his family. He loved to help others. He loved being a huge part of the scholarship foundation, the Knights of Columbus, the Game Feed or any other opportunity to strengthen his community. I’m thankful that he was able to live that life for a time. I’m thankful that when all the tears are done and life moves on, I will have a part to play, as will we all, in making sure that Will and Cora grow up in a foundation of faith, know exactly who their father was, and in reminding Christina that she’ll never be alone. God bless you all and Slainte."
Posted by David Clark on 12th January 2015
Posted by Sean Patrick on 11th January 2015
Good evening friends and family, My name is Sean Patrick, and I have been honored to know Brian for most of my life. As children and teens, We grew up directly across the street from the each other. As adults, Brian and I lived in the same city. I remember our daily basketball games in my lower yard, or a billiards game in Brian's game room. Unfortunately, I very seldom won either. For all of you who really knew Brian like I did, you also know how intelligent, gifted, and competitive he was. As we grew older, Brian and I became young men, each choosing our own paths in life. We both married, had children, and bought homes close to our hometown. Our wife's and children connected instantly, and we enjoyed many dinners and game nights at each other's houses. This will bring me to the best memory I have of Brian, which I'm sure a lot of you will smile about. Game night... If you ever played a game of Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit with Brian, I'm sure it ended up the same way as it did with me. Brian had this mysterious gift or knowing the weirdest answers to every question asked on either of those games. I remember many times double taking at the answer card as he pulled out some King of England from the 17th century that no 33 year old man from this day in age should ever know. His back for knowing the most random things was one of his strongest traits that I will cherish forever. Brian Glassco was a friend to all. He had more heart and love for anyone than I have ever met, and I feel sad every time I remember this is actually real life and he is gone. Luckily, God tells us that the end of this world is the beginning of something so much better. He also says that we will meet our loved ones again in Heaven and have a great celebration and reunion. I choose these words today so we can all reflect on the Brian William Glassco we know in our hearts, and not sorrow on his passing. I know Brian is looking down on us now, smiling and wishing he could have spent more time here with us all. If there is one thing I can promise to Brian now, as well as many other friends that I know feel the same way, is I will help fill your shoes in your absence. I will make sure Christina and your beautiful children are well taken care of. I will go out of my way, to the best of my ability, to make sure you memory, and everything you worked for, is exactly how you would have done it yourself. I also promise I am not alone with this. You leave behind amazing parents, siblings, and so many friends that would have done anything to change what has happened now. We love you very much and will miss you dearly. And in the words of Brian, Cheers...
Posted by Larry Waldorf on 26th December 2014
Sorry to here about your loss. Didn't work a long time with Brian but he was a nice person. He was always helpful. May the Lord give you peace.
Posted by Nick Williams on 22nd December 2014
I had the privilege of meeting Brian Glassco during my junior high years at the RHS Summer Basketball Camp. Brian and Pat McCarty were at the camp, although we didn't attend the same jr. high I remember quickly hitting it off with these two. As others have mentioned, Brian's outgoing personality and confidence beyond his years made it easy to do so. After the camp, I didn't see Brian for another year or so until we were riding the school bus home from the RHS freshman campus. I glanced over his way a few times and although I couldn't attach a name, I knew who he was and remembered him from camp. In the typical unconfident way of young adolescence, I didn't say anything. I thought "this person probably doesn't remember me", it's easier just to not put yourself out there. Apparently, 15-year-old-itis didn't afflict Brian, he reached out and said hello and that he remembered me from basketball camp with Pat. We picked right up where we left off. We talked regularly on the bus ride home. Topics were myriad important issues of the day; basketball, Punk Rock, politics, Star Wars and all the beautiful ladies of the RHS freshman campus. Brian was smart and engaging, a unique confident individual. Those were the qualities that drew me and so many others to become friends with him. We shared a lot of memories in high school, a lot. Some things that stand out are; heading up to basketball clinic at Stanford, playing music with each other, going to a Laker's game for his B-day, his State Farm basketball shoes, his voracious reading and of course my first time getting drunk, It was off Zimas, with a few other select individuals out in the orange groves behind the McCarty's carriage house, yes... Zimas... Brian and I both went to UCSB, over the course of the college years and after, as happens all too often, we lost contact, however he is someone who always stood out in my memory and I thought randomly time to time about what he was up to. I wish I would have remembered how Brian did it on the bus ride home freshman year and reached out to say hello again. I will take that away as a lesson learned from Brian. Rest in peace Brian, my heartfelt condolences go out to your family. Nick Williams
Posted by Catherine Garcia on 21st December 2014
I consider myself very fortunate to have known the Glassco family for my entire life, and have nothing but nice memories of Brian. I always admired what an exceptional brother he was to Elizabeth and Alicia, and know that his kind spirit lives on in Cora and Will. With love, Catherine
Posted by Susan Ibarra on 20th December 2014
Brad, Ann and Family, We are deeply sorry to hear about Brian. We will always have those wonderful memories of seeing him grow from a little boy into a handsome young man and a wonderful husband and father. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.
Posted by Sam Pstross on 20th December 2014
I must have been around 8 years old when I met Brian. He was Alicia’s cool older brother, who I have always looked up to (both literally and figuratively). I will always remember eating meals at the Glassco house or driving in the Glassco van and laughing with tears in my eyes at the jokes and witty comments Brian made. He was so funny and smart. As adults, Brain became such a confident and kind man who gave the warmest hugs. After Nick Carter passed away it was not surprising that Brian and his friends put together the poker night and scholarship in remembrance of Nick. Brian was just such a good guy. The last time I saw Brian was at Christmas Eve mass last year with our families. He was so happy and filled with life. My Mom even said after mass that she wished she had a son like Brian. My husband and I made fun of her a little, “Are we not good enough for you?!” But, we completely understood what she meant. Brian was just such a great guy, who wouldn’t wish they had a son or brother just like him? This tragic loss makes me angry at the universe. It’s just not fair. The world is a far bleaker place without Brian in it. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.
Posted by T L on 20th December 2014
I first met Brian in my 20s as the California and Illinois Lucas cousins got to know each other. As a son of Ann (Marge Lucas’ daughter), he joined us for many outings. Brian was easy going, friendly and eager to get to know me / my family. While there are many memories, one memory stands out. We were walking through an outdoor fair and Brian was excitedly telling me about his future plans. He was like a kid who couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive. Christina, Cora and Will filled that dream. Like many descendants of Nora and Bill Lucas, Brian knew how to belly up for a drink and enjoy a laugh or two. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed both with Brian. Christiana … You were clearly the perfect match for Brian: friendly, outgoing and strong. You’re adventurous spirit vibrated when you and Brian drove across country, your car broke down, and yet you both landed on my doorstep with huge smiles and hugs. While there is no solace with Brian leaving too soon, I envision Tom Milnes greeting him with open arms and a big bear hug. That vision provides me a sliver of relief during this difficult time. Hugs and Prayers, Theresa
Posted by Leslie Kootstra on 19th December 2014
Ann and family, We are heartbroken about Brian and we just want you to know that we are praying for all of you. May all the love your family shares give you the strength you need - one day at a time. With love and sincere sympathy, Leslie, Bruce and Chris Kootstra
Posted by Tom Atchley on 19th December 2014
Brian Glassco I tried mailing to the forevermissed site and it didn’t work. Brian was in my Advanced Placement United States History class in his junior year. Brian arrived self-motivated with a love for history already imbedded. This is a dream come true for a social studies teacher. Brian was a class leader spreading his enthusiasm for history to others. His athletic background and physical size placed him above the usual “nerd” stereotype for Advanced Placement students. Brian dominated class participation answering questions daily, which meant he kept up with his reading. Brian had a sense of humor that added to his essay writing pointing out hypocrisy and the irony of some history. His critical thinking skills were already present when he arrived in my class. His writing improved with each test to become specific with proof of each statement provided. Brian founded a political activist club in his senior year. I advised this club which brought students into contact with topical issues impacting high school students. Brian was a student leader that effectively decided the issue for each meeting and chaired the discussions. Brian received a “4” on my AP final exam second semester missing a “5” by a few points. He didn’t let this disappointment crush him. He used the week before the College Board Test to study and bring the score to a “5” on that test. I recall, with a smile of my face, his dancing into my summer school room at REV to announce his triumph. He deserved this grade and I was thankful the College Board reversed my appraisal. This was Brian at his best. I felt more pride in Brian when I read his obit that mentioned his desire to become a teacher. Brian would make an excellent teacher. If he could motivate teenagers as a teenager, then he had the right stuff to do it as an adult. The tragedy of his death hit me hard. He had so much to offer this world, his children, wife and others. Tom Atchley, AP United States History, Redlands High School
Posted by Mike & Ann Russ on 18th December 2014
Dear Christina, Cora, Will, Ann, Brad, Alicia, and Liz, Your loss is indescribable. Brian was such a great human at all stages of his life. Such kindness, compassion, perseverance, humor, courage, thoughtfulness, intelligence, faith, .... All those words together do not really hint at the wonderfulness that was Brian. From the days of his helping his sisters and later his cousins to the days of his helping his own daughter and son, it was always a joy to be with him. Our deepest sympathies to you each and all. ----- God bless Brian and his family. Brian had a way of bringing out the best in everybody. He will be missed so very much. Love to everyone. ----from the Mike Russ Family
Posted by Benjamin Hamm on 18th December 2014
I was terribly saddened by the news of Brian's passing. I got to know him well when he was studying abroad in Ireland. I have always admired Brian's passion, intelligence and his love for the little things in life. And his jump shot... Brian was a good, good man and I wish I got to know him even better. Christina, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I think back on those days in NYC with great fondness... You and your children will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Randy Reading on 18th December 2014
Brad and Ann, Please accept Our deepest sympathies. We admired Brain and commend you both for how he was clearly raised. Our memories about Brian are of a congenial young man who was engaging, courteous,helpful and respectful. Dianne recalls, speaking with Brian one day regarding insurance questions, how he went out of his way and how thorough he was to make sure she understood it all. One of my recollections was one night when he was hosting one of his "sizable" parties. At a point when it was getting a bit loud, I mentioned it to 'Brian by phone. He was his usual polite and respectful self. But more impressively, he had it handled in about 10 mins. It was obvious that He had a unique rapport with his friends, clearly liked and admired. I only ran into Brian occasionally, but he was always friendly, kind and helpful. Those are qualities that matter, and I will always remember Brian Glassco that way. ,
Posted by Saletheo Satterwhite on 18th December 2014
"I was profoundly saddened by the passing of my brother. I remember the times I would tag along with my dad to tackle a project with the guy's (the Glassco's) and I couldn't help but be excited about the days that Brian was there, because I know he was going to make this project into an adventure. No matter how much I slowed him down, he would chuckle and say "yeah this ones a little tricky, let me show you a easier way." Those were the words that lead into snacks, jokes and just good times.
Posted by Tom Nolin on 18th December 2014
The first time I met Brian. I was 11 years old and had just moved to Redlands ( on January 11th) from San Bernardino. My new, foreign home was in the zone for Kimberly Elementary but, because I came in halfway through the school year, I had to finish 5th grade at Crafton Elementary, owing to a paucity of space or chairs or something. I had no friends, aside from my sister, and everybody knows sisters are dumb when you're 11. My classmates at Crafton were all on the other side of town, practically inaccessible outside of school. So one day, I took my ordinary basketball and walked the mile or so to Kimberly on a nice weekday afternoon. There, I encountered another kid on the courts. He was 12 or 13. He was also a recent transplant to Redlands (this time from Lebanon or Iraq, I can't exactly recall), very nice, and, like me, also terrible at basketball, without any kind of need to be good. As we attempted a game of Horse, this blond kid strolled in from the other end of the campus, with a multi-colored ball, walking directly toward us. He had unremarkable clothes, and unremarkable (to me) blond hair. They were the non-regulation basketball and his expression that stood out. He walked onto the asphalt from the grass with an ease and confidence that, without thought, caused me and my acquaintance to turn toward him and see what he had to say. You see, Brian lived just across the street, over past the kindergarten section, over there on Myra street, and he plays 'ball' here all the time. He was friendly and tall, and his face was pure. His expression was that of a person with smiling eyes and a curiosity about what he saw, yet there was no apart-ness; there was no sense that he was unfamiliar with the situation. We were on his court. It was as if my transplant friend and I were caught playing Horse in his back yard and he, walking in mid-way, was about to offer us soda and snacks, and suggest we restart with a competitive field of three. And so we did. And Brian smoked us. He beat us both at Horse, Ox and (hehe) Ass (it's a real animal, so it's ok!). We even did a two-on-one game on the half-court, and he still won, spinning and dribbling better than two people. By the time the sun was getting low and we all knew we had to head back home, Brian had managed to befriend two strangers, take them to school in shots from the three point line, and impress me with his obvious intelligence and sagacity. He chatted us up in-between every basket. He walked away that late afternoon, with this red, white and blue basketball tucked under his right arm, his head up, and a bounce to his step that showed me he was looking forward to what was over on Myra, at home. I clearly remembered Brian when I saw him on the first day of sixth grade, when we both wound up in Ms. LaPorte's class at Kimberly, which mixed the GATE kids with the "at-risk" kids. (Aside: this was an ideal environment for the impish.) Brian, although popular and excellent, and knowing ALL of the sixth graders (including Mr. Hasset's class) remembered me, too. He introduced me to my friends. He supported me in both academic pursuits and in getting around Ms. LaPorte's regulations in the pursuit of adolescent hilarity. He got me in to reading more. He made me laugh. He made me think. He challenged me when he felt like it. I respected him, at an age when respect was something school administrators talked about when they said blah achievement blah future blah. But on the court, while the sun started at 40 degrees and dropped to five degrees, I met Brian Glassco. That was 23 years ago, and he has been, and continues to be, my brother. I have hours more of stories, and anyone is welcome to contact me and hear more. I'll remember them until it's my turn.
Posted by Eric Siess on 18th December 2014
My love and prayers are with you and your family. I sure have a lot of great basketball memories with Brian. My favorite basketball memory was our game against Fontana. We were trailing by one point with about 10 seconds left. I drove the ball to the hole and Brian cut to the basket from the corner got the pass and made the game winning shot. I was actually just talking about that game with Will Bell the other day. Brian will be very much missed.
Posted by Rose Morgan on 17th December 2014
Dear Brad and Family, I was stunned to just learn of Brian leaving this earth so very much to soon! I am so sorry for you all and our Prayers are with you all for strength and peace. Brian to me was such a cool guy, he made things happen with "no sweat"! God must have needed a really strong, and cool Angel sooner then anyone would have thought. Love and Hugs to you all, we are so sorry. Love, Rosie and Edward Morgan<3
Posted by Pamela Bibo on 17th December 2014
Dear Glassco Family, I am so saddened to hear of Brian's passing. I've only known him a few years but in that time I knew him to be so kind and funny. I enjoyed talking with him both as a donor and fellow parent. Your family is in our prayers. I pray for peace for your family and his friends. With deepest sympathy, Pamela Bibo and family
Posted by Jean Showalter on 17th December 2014
Brad, Anne & Christina This is such a heart breaking loss. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything, just ask.
Posted by Christina & Michael Katz on 17th December 2014
Dear Brad, Ann and Christina, Please accept our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy on your loss. May loving memories of Brian bring you comfort. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Kathy Michael on 17th December 2014
Dear Christina and family, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Brian. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you through this difficult time. Christina, I will be thinking of you and know that you have a shoulder to lean on here, anytime.
Posted by Trish Scott on 17th December 2014
Oh Dear has been years of raising children in our school and church community that holds me up at times like this. It calls us to gather ourselves under God's extended love for support and comfort. There just are no words. No words to share that sorrow or remove it's weight. I love that I was able to know the vigor and compassion Brian had. And I love that your family has an ever brilliant reflection of that in his children. Know my prayers are fervent and holding you close ! Not even death can seperate you from the love of God and family or friends. Prayerfully, Trish Scott
Posted by Jack Timmel on 16th December 2014
Brad , Ann and family . My thoughts and prayers go out to the Glassco family. I was deeply saddened to learn of Brians passing. I shall carry in my heart many pleasant memories of times past. May the Good Lord be a comfort to you and yours during this time of sorrow. The Timmel family
Posted by Jason Reyes on 16th December 2014
Dear Glassco family, I’m so sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Brian. My prayers and sincere condolences to you all during this difficult time.
Posted by Yolanda Vasquez-meier on 16th December 2014
Dear Brad, you and your family are in my prayers, my sincere condolences.
Posted by James Stuursma on 16th December 2014
Dear Brad and family, We are so sorry to hear about your loss. We will be praying for you and your entire family.
Posted by Marianna Raynor on 16th December 2014
Dear Brad, Ann and family, We are so, so very sorry for your loss. There's no way we can even imagine how you're feeling right now. Just know you are loved and are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Christina, we have never met you or Brian, but he sounds like a very special young man. You're very fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws, who I'm sure will always be there for you and your beautiful children. Our love to your entire family! Marianna and Wally Raynor
Posted by Caroline Rogers on 16th December 2014
Our hearts are broken for your loss, we love you guys and are praying for you for Peace and comfort. Please let us know if you need anything. Love, Kevin & Caroline Rogers
Posted by Aoife Ruth on 16th December 2014
Sincere condolences to all of Brian's family and friends. I first met Brian in 2001 when he studied in Ireland. He was always great craic, intelligent, funny, kind and generous. I will never forget the hospitality he showed me when I visited Redlands. I'm just so sad to hear of his passing and my thoughts are with all who knew and loved Brian. I bParthas na ngrást go rabhaimid. A chara, Aoife
Posted by Taylor Jordan on 15th December 2014
Brian Glassco was a beautiful soul and someone who is a part of many of my fondest childhood memories. I always considered Brian to be one of my wisest, funniest and competitive friends going up. I was fortunate enough to call Brian a friend and a teammate. My heart pours out to all in his family and those closest with him. I would like to share a fond memory. I took a road trip with Brian and his family to attend a Stanford basketball camp. On our way up we visited a Paramount Studios theme park and I was terrified to go on any of the big roller coasters, always had been. Brian said something like this to me, "I'm scared to, but if we do it together I think it will be all right." We went on together and made it through. I owe my love of roller coasters among other things to Brian Glassco. You were the best teammate I had growing up and you will be missed!
Posted by Randy Smith on 15th December 2014
Christina & Kids, Ann, Brad & Family. How can anyone know what a huge loss you folks are going through. When Brad called and told me what had happened I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. Brian was his own self in his thinking and his way about getting things done. He was a good and caring Father, Husband, Son & Brother and he cared about his Family and not just the blood ones but all of his friends that made up his extended family. He will be greatly missed by everyone who's life he touched. My prayers are with you guys in these sorrowful times. Randy
Posted by Jennifer Zelaya on 15th December 2014
My sincere condolence and deepest sympathy of the loss of Brian. May the outpouring of sympathy, the kind acts of friends and strangers and the comfort in knowing that your loss is felt by many, help you through this difficult time. With my deepest Sympathy - Jennifer Zelaya -
Posted by Martha Kennedy on 15th December 2014
Dear Friends--Brad, Ann, and Alicia--- I just heard yesterday from the Serros's about this tragic news. Brian was a very special person, and I am so sorry for your loss. I remember his outgoing personality, his tremendous talent and also his sense of humor. There aren't really words that help, but I wanted you to know my prayers are with all of you.
Posted by Jessica Gonzalez on 15th December 2014
Dear Brad, Ann, Christina & family, Our hearts break for your loss. I was privleged to work with Brian for a year and half and he was always so kind, thoughtful and always willing to help anyone and everyone. He had such a big heart, and I admired the way he loved Christina and his kids so much. He will be greatly missed. Sal and I are praying for comfort and an outpour of Love and peace during this time. We Love you. -Jessica & Sal Gonzalez He heals the brokenhearted and Binds up their wounds.- Psalm 147:3
Posted by Andrew Serros on 15th December 2014
I would like to give my most absolute, sincere condolences to the Glassco family. I felt privileged to call Brian my friend throughout high school and afterward, and I admired and respected him as someone who challenged me intellectually, musically, and personally. During my troubled years of high school, I was lucky enough to have Brian help provide a voice of reason, to help give some balance to an otherwise unbalanced adolescence. He was a caring soul, and I will forever remember him as someone who added compassion to this world.
Posted by Bonny Birch on 15th December 2014
Parents should never lose their children. While I didn't know Brian, I have a son of my own, and can't imagine the grief and loss you are enduring. I hope by sending my love through this note, it may give you a tiny moment of peace. Sincerely, A State Farm Family Member

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