Let the memory of Brian be with us forever
  • 31 years old
  • Born on June 13, 1979 in Oakland, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on May 29, 2011 in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Brian Hipp, 31, born on June 13, 1979 and passed away on May 29, 2011. Brian left this earth much too soon, but we will love him dearly and cherish his memory forever.  I encourage all his friends and family to share their memories, photos, and stories to help create a collaborative tribute to Brian's life.

Posted by Sara Hipp on 30th July 2012
I miss you dearly tears still fall, my heart is still shattered in pieces and it has been almost 14 months since we last talked how to said you loved everyone was so important I know you heart was so big. We love you so much your so dearly missed me and the two kids miss you and love you.
Posted by Sara Hipp on 15th June 2012
Happy Birthday Week and Happy Father's Day Daddy! Me, Skyler and Brian sends hugs and kisses your way!
Posted by Brianna Sprouse on 3rd June 2012
Hey Uncle Brian I Miss You Like Crazy, I Can't Believe My Bestfriend(You) Left Me To Take On the World By Myself.... We Were So Close Uncle Brian i love You
Posted by Sara Hipp on 29th May 2012
Honey, On this day last year we seen as your life drifted to heaven without us with you. God sure put so much on us too soon as such a young age with two young children suffering everyday. They just got there mommy and daddy back together and we had our whole wedding planned it was not fair God chose you! Sending love sara and kids
Posted by Judy Pyles on 29th May 2012
Bubby today makes 1 year since you left us and I am missing a very big piece of my life.I miss you so much. You are my baby boy and it just doesn't seem right that you're not here with us.I know that God had a reason for taking you home.I just have to believe that He knows what is best for us and know that we will see you when we get to heaven.Love you bubby
Posted by Candie Kelley on 24th March 2012
Bubby today makes 300 days (9 months and 24 days) since the day you left us..and its not getting any easier in 65 days you will be gone a whole year..i cant believe its been almost a year since i heard you voice, seen you smile,...bubby i miss you so much this pain i feel is very hard to bear..and im sure you see the crazy things thats going on down here on earth..i wish you was here cause things
Posted by Judy Pyles on 29th January 2012
hey bubby its been 8 months now since you left us to be an angel for jesus and i miss you so much.its really hard at times knowing that that i can't see you or call you on the phone.the only thing that keeps me going is that i will see you when i get to heaven.then this void in my heart will be filled..love you bubby.you will always be my baby boy
Posted by Candie Kelley on 22nd January 2012
I can't believe your gone. It hasn't even been a year yet. You were the strongest person I ever knew and we could really use you now more than ever. Mom could really use you to get through this. If you could, give us your strength to get through this because I'm not sure how much longer we can hold on. And the scary part is its just the beginning. Since you passed I've been waiting for some sign.
Posted by Karen Field-Whipkey on 13th January 2012
Not A Day Goes By. That We Don't remember how Special You were to the Field Family. You Brought Our Family such Joy And Happiness. You Were Called Homw So young. But we Know GOD Had A Reason. Maybe Things Would have been Much tougher Than Any Of Us Could stand. Only The Good Die Young. Your with Jesus And Momma. You Fought The Fight, kept the faith, Finished the race. Amen.........
Posted by Sara Hipp on 7th January 2012
Honey, I put Valentine's Flowers on the Marker the other day Red roses, Red Roses with Baby's breath and Red Glitter Heart picks the bouquet even has I love you Ribbon It looks amazing! I miss you so much, I so wish I could see you to say Skyler and Brian are doing amazing in there schools. They are growing up so quickly.
Posted by Judy Pyles on 27th December 2011
hey bubby it didnt seem right that you werent here with us for christmas this year.i miss you so much.its okay though because jesus needed you more than us and you spent christmas with jesus this year and with pappy and grandma.i bet you all had a lovely time.but i still have this emptiness in my heart.i love you bubby
Posted by Brianna Sprouse on 11th December 2011
Heyy Uncle Brian I Just Wanted To Say Good Night And I Love you and miss you dearly and every morning when i wake up i look at your picture and cry andi found the necklace that you got me last year for christmas and i love it... it is beautiful...Just like your heart and soul and your personality that i miss so much i love you uncle brian and i will always love you no matter what
Posted by Judy Pyles on 10th December 2011
hey bubby.i really miss those phone calls at 10pm every night.every night i look at the clock and wish that it would ring but it doesnt.i know that you are with everyone in heaven now and having the time of your life.but it doesnt replace that void in my heart that my baby boy is gone.i will see you in heaven when my time comes to join you.i love you and miss you so much.love mommy
Posted by Brianna Sprouse on 10th December 2011
I Miss you so much, I Ask God Every Day, Why Did He Have To Take You and He Never Replies... When I go to school I tell Everybody that i went to your grave and i talked to you.. They asked me why he is gone... I said maybe in your eyes he is gone but not in mine.. I asked god the other day If he could keep you safe for me.. I miss you so much uncle brian and I Love You
Posted by Judy Pyles on 1st December 2011
it has been 6 months since you passed away and i miss you more and more each day.i wish i could here you say mommy i need again but i know you are in heaven with jesus and grandma and pap.i will see you again when my time comes for me to go and be with you guys.i love you bubby.
Posted by Brianna Sprouse on 23rd November 2011
I cryed when you passed away, I still cry today... Although I loved you dearly, I couldnt make you stay, A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best I Love You Uncle Brian.. and I Miss You Too
Posted by Shelly Pitzer on 23rd November 2011
Hey bubby its me shelly i miss you so much i miss your phone calls at night, we will miss u tommon thanksgiving and every hoilday after that. we still ask god today why u why did he have to take u so early so young why why why we still have alot of unanswered questions and we will never know all the answers and one day the truth will come out why u left us all so soon i love u bubby :(:(
Posted by Sara Hipp on 15th November 2011
Honey, I added the new pics from the camera from all the days and nights I spent at the grave putting stuff in your honor! I love you and miss you love Sara Hipp
Posted by Sara Hipp on 15th November 2011
It has nothing but crying days and crying nights and missing you deeply! It has been so hard knowing that you got sick and God couldn't bring you back to all of us! I miss you so much and so does the kids. I need you more days then other's just to say I love you or Let you know your my heart and soul we were soulmates for Life and it is so hard living without you! Together Forever, Sara
Posted by Candie Kelley on 15th November 2011
Many people have passed away early - When we look at the sky, we LOVE the idea that they look back at us. We remember them often, at night, when we look at the stars ... a date ... a song ... a place ... a smell ... A memory of those who left us ... ALWAYS LOVED, deeply missed ...
Posted by Candie Kelley on 15th November 2011
It feels like it's been forever, since I've seen your face. I miss you so much, in my heart you will always hold a special place. ... All the good times we've shared, the memories we've made. Everyday I think about them all, From my mind they will never fade. How I wish we could walk arm in arm, hand in hand, heart to heart. If I would've known that it would end like this, I thought we'd

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