This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Brigadier General Clement Apere, 54 years old, born on March 12, 1967, and passed away on October 2, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Muyiwa Oguntoyinbo on November 16, 2021
Our beloved ‘General’, the memory of our last meeting will stay with me for the rest of time. You were indeed an officer and a gentleman, and this sudden departure has left us speechless. You were that epitome of a gentle and quiet spirit. While this is tough for us to accept, we find peace in the truth that we shall meet again. Until then, Sarah and your beloved children will remain under the shadow of the Almighty

Posted by Oluromade Olusa on October 29, 2021
Devastating news! Dear brother you are sorely missed. The sweet memories you have left in the minds of many serve as a standard for us to follow. Rest on in strength and peace.
Posted by Achenyo Abutu on October 20, 2021
Gone too soon!
It was a privilege to have met you whenever you came over to Ireland to visit your beautiful family.
While many here may know you as a soldier, I know you as my dearest friend’s husband, a man who would move heaven and earth for his family, a father who believed in his children and do anything for them
May God grant your family the fortitude to bare this loss.
Posted by Grace Oduwole on October 20, 2021
With heavy heart and the belief that God knows best and can't be queried l write this. Captain Clement Dayo Apere, heavens gain and our loss, a very humble, amiable, caring husband and father. Rest in the bosom of our Lord and saviour till we meet to part no more. Adieu
Posted by Sylvester Joseph Bakut on October 19, 2021
My dear Dr Apere,our supervisor, Prof B. K. Jha, is grieving for loosing a fine academician in you. We also that had the opportunity of researching alongside you under same supervisor have lost a true friend. But we give glory to God, for our lost is heaven's gain. Rest on till we meet at Jesus feet to part no more.
Posted by Festus Ndukwe on October 19, 2021
Sir, i am appalled that i will be writing this so soon after paying you a visit just last September.
Words failed me because i honestly can't still come to terms that you have gone so soon. In you i saw a leader, father figure and a mentor who listens.
Death took you away when the nation needed you most sir. We cannot question God. He alone knows it all. Those who worked closely with you like me will always feel the pains of your demise sir.
A special forces general is gone. The special forces family will forever miss you sir.
Continue to rest in peace sir.
Adieu sir.
Capt FC Ndukwe
Posted by Bede Obioma on October 18, 2021
Oh death! You are wicked!! You thought you have succeeded in stealing a brother, boss, friend and mentor from us but you lie, for we have the assurance that our beloved General Clement Apere has reunited with his maker. Gone home to rest in peace, although sooner than we hoped and prayed for but very accomplished and eventful life that positively impacted all lives that crossed his path. May God rest your soul and give your family the strength to carry on. Adieu sir.
Posted by Deji Somolu on October 15, 2021
I heard so much about you from your brother Theo.

From the way he always spoke about you, it was clear that you were a big brother that he was VERY proud of.

You did him proud.

You did your family proud.

And you did the nation proud.

That's why your sudden demise is particularly painful.

At a time when the nation really needs you.

But what can we say?

We can only trust that the Almighty God will work out this tragedy not only for His glory, but for the ultimate good of all you have left behind - most especially your wife and your children.

Adieu gallant soldier.


May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Oni Olawunmi on October 14, 2021
Uhmmm God knows the best .May the lord comfort those he left behind amin
Posted by Aliyu Adekunle on October 13, 2021
What can I say what can I say what can I say what can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why!!! why!!!!!! it should not have been you not you no not you.
I can not understand God. I just refuse to take it that he has to go so soon.
I was looking at many things he could have done, prospects but ...
Posted by Johnson Abogan on October 12, 2021
Its hard to believe that you have gone to join the Saints. I remember the last time we met was in in 2016 when we hosted you to a dinner in Abuja to felicitate with you on your well deserved promotion to a General in the Nigeria Army. Your are such a versatile and eloquent officer and despite your position you remained very humble . May God grant you eternal rest and comfort the family left behind. Adieu, the people's General.
Posted by Michael Napoleon on October 12, 2021
My mentor, my general I started working with you since 2016, you personally choose me to be your orderly cus you new am capable of protecting you, you thought me a lot especially how to respect everyone around me, time conscious, you send me to South Africa for training as a father of a special forces, Sir am very sorry that I couldn’t protect you from the spirit of dead but God knows the best, Rest In Peace sir, I really miss you!
Posted by Sunday Babatunde on October 11, 2021
Dear Sir, Brother, Gentleman, Patriot,

You came , you lived, you served, you led. Thank you for the inspiration you were. May your legacy ring loud and very long after you. May your family and loved ones be comforted and consoled in our Lord Jesus. Rest in Perfect Peace. It is well
Posted by Audu Maryjane on October 10, 2021
Duty, decency, reliability, honour, dignity & respect, these are all the qualities that My Mentor not only held in high self esteem but practiced everyday during the time on earth, everyday after serving tea ☕️ at the office and sometime I see how exhausting work can be, Bt never has he ever complained, he does his work with pride and humility, if humility was human then that was him, when I called that I have been shortlisted and will become a lieutenant, I could feel the joy and happiness at the other end of the phone, all the memories are what I hold dear and will cherish for the rest of my life. am grateful for everything, he has always stood behind me and made it possible for me to get to the height I have attained today, he has always watched over me like a guardian Angel, he has led me on this journey of life like a father would, he has advised me, he has counseled me, i’m broken I’m sad, I’m in pain Bt I am grateful I met a rare gem like him. I promise to keep the fire burning , I lack the right words to say at this point , I just wished I could say goodbye to a man that cares a lot about me, I’m eternally grateful, rest on sirkeep resting in the Blossom of the Lord , till we meet to part no more Brig Gen CA Apere you are a HERO.
Posted by Otemuyilo Ayomide on October 10, 2021
Though we’ve not met in person, but when we spoke on phone first you spoke to me like a son, it’s so sad we didn’t get to see before your demise sir, I’ve always wished to be commissioned so I could pay you a proper compliments sir, but well God’s Knows best, Continue to rest your in perfect peace, Brigadier General Clement Apere
Posted by Ayodele Orimolade on October 10, 2021
My heartfelt condolences to the family and may the Almighty God grant repose to the beautiful soul of our departed General. Rest on in the bossom of the Lord my broda.
Posted by Dokun Olutope on October 9, 2021
The breaking news of your Unbelievable, unexpected & mysterious demise come as a shock to most of us and up till now, still seems you travelled or on duty as usual, to return soon.
But if truely.., You've.'fought your good fight, You have finished your course, & have kept the faith:." Then, I wonder who'll fill this great vacuum you're leaving behind.
But I only pray & trust God that your children 'll live & follow this humbly, cheerfully, friendly, lovely, peacefully, goodly & Godly *Legacy* you're leaving behind, in Jesus name!
We will surely or already missing u now! We love you, even in death, but seems Jesus loves you more & knows why your exit now!
Sleep on!
God's General! Army General!! People's General!
Pastor Banji Dokun
Posted by James Ajodo on October 9, 2021
Apere, I'm sad that you are gone. I feel It is just too soon for you to leave, but I surrender everything to the will of God.

My memory of you during our academy days remains very fresh. You were jovial and friendly, with great empathy. Your dedication to the military profession made me and our course mates to tag you, "Army Job Apere". Though I lost touch with you after our commissioning as officers, news of your excellent professional performance in the field was available to me.

Dayo, I'm just not composed yet to write enough tribute to you because I'm still in shock. Please bear with me.

May God forgive you of any shortcoming and grant your soul perfect peace.

Adieu, Apere.
Posted by Dokun Ibukunoluwa on October 9, 2021
Meeting you and knowing you made me truly understand that there are angels on earth, you played a vital role in my life and promised we were going to see and talk about the future, it hurts so much to come to the realization that you're truly gone. If humility was a person, it should be you... I texted you a happy new month message and awaited your reply, unfortunately, it was the news of your death I got you'll be greatly missed but trust me your legacy lives on️
Posted by Achilles Dibal on October 9, 2021
My dear friend, Dayo. I lack the words to say at this time. But the few I have, weigh me down with great emotion.
You were not only a wonderful coursemate, great friend, a great neighbor, but a true soldiers soldier, and above all, a fantastic Dad and husband.
I wish …… would not bring you back. But we are rest assured that you are resting at the bossom of the Lord Almighty .
Your legacy will live forever my friend.
We miss you sorely.
Farewell my friend. 
Posted by Ayo Ibikunle on October 9, 2021
Gone too soon. Apere Igbagbo Omo Baba Pastor you will surely be missed. You were a trail blazer, determined officer and an achiever. As your neighbour and colleague, the news of your passing away came as a rude shock because we talked few days before your demise. My wife was also shocked and could not believe the news until I confirmed it. I pray that God should grant your family the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss. Rest on brother in the blossom of the Lord. Adieu Brig Gen Clement Adedayo Apere.
Posted by Saka Jimoh on October 9, 2021
May your soul Rest In Peace sir and may God forgive your shortcomings. Ameen
Posted by Kolawole Olaninyo on October 9, 2021
Forever in our minds, humility personified person, heaven Gained. RIP Sweet brother general clement adedayo Apere. Rest on. Hnmm
Posted by Adejoke Makanjuola on October 9, 2021
I did not meet you in person but my husband Oga Mako told me a lot of good things about you sir. On the day we received the news of your death in fact my husband was turn apart throughout that day he was down because of the shock he cancel the sunday school lesson he was supposed to teach everyone on that date.

I just wanted to say continue to rest in peace beside God Almighty and don’t sleep too much sir, look back to check on your family and I pray God Almighty to comfort your wife and children in Jesus name amen
Posted by Wale Ogunmodede on October 9, 2021

Dayo, I am still trying to get to terms that you are no longer with us. I somehow believe that someone will just come and wake us all from this bad dream. You were indeed a friend for all season; much more closer than a brother. You epitomized hardwork, selflessness, integrity, presence, cerebral, a true professional soldier, loyalty to our nation and to our God. I sometimes imagined were you derived your energy and courage from. But now I know that you were indeed a man on a mission and you needed all the courage and decisiveness to accomplish your goals,,,yes goals are time bound. 

You were never afraid to voice out what you believed in. You were a voice for the voiceless, especially for your subordinates and those too weak to speak for themselves...and you paid the price. You were never happy whenever any of your friends were going through difficult and challenging situations, even though you might be going through the same situation yourself. You told me countless times that "Wale, don't worry; everything will be alright. Don't allow this setback to define you". You were a source of encouragement to us all. You gave us your all. With you there was never any dull moment. 

Apere Igbagbo. Omo Baba Pastor. People like you are scarce to find. You came, you fought the good fight successfully and I am confident you are now in a better place with your Saviour and Lord. There is no doubt that I will miss you very dearly. I am also confident that the Lord will preserve the wonderful family you left behind. You laboured for them and wanted the best for them. I know your labour will not be in vain.

I celebrate you now and always CLEMENT ADEDAYO APERE. Your legacies live on in our hearts. Rest in peace my dear brother and friend till we meet at Jesus feet, amen.

Posted by Temitope Olukoya on October 9, 2021
My dear Brigadier General Dayo Apere the news of your passing on to Glory was shocking n painful. We lost 2 PHD holders yourself n Biodun Bada within a month of each other. Our loss Heavens gain. May the God of all Comfort see your wife, children ,siblings and the larger family and us your childhood friends through the pain. Who are we to query or question God? He knows All things and everything He does is for our Good. He obviously do not want you to wallow in pain. Goodbye God's favorite. Shalom Shalom. We thank God for you
Posted by Ibukun Adetoro on October 8, 2021
A shocking news to all of us that are associated with the family. A great loss to the nation! Still trying to come to terms and wondering why, why and why? "Death, you breezed your
whispered breath and then took a precious soul
like a passing owl"
May the Lord console the family. Rest General.
Posted by Emmi Eliazar on October 8, 2021
Dear Brigadier General Clement Adedayo Apere. I never got to meet you in person after so much I heard about you. I went ahead to find details about you and since then I hoped and prayed that you'll be granted another chance so I'll get to meet you. All I'll say about you from all I heard is this "you're a brave man with a heart of true service". Live on general, God is still a good God! Amen.
Posted by Ishaya Mbaya on October 8, 2021
Dear Brig-Gen Dayo Apere, you were not only a man of timber and caliber but also a very great friend and coursemate that will forever be dear to our hearts. You were a man of great boldness and yet a man of gentle spirits. I feel sad that you have gone so early but I also rejoice because I know that you have not really gone but transcended to a greater existence. I am also glad because I know that it is not about how long but how well and you have done really well in all spheres of life and your legacy is transgenerational. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace ‘OMO PASTOR’ because YOUR LEGACY LIVES ON.
Posted by Dokun Olutope on October 8, 2021
Tribute to Brig. General Clement Adedayo Apere. Just like that, you're gone. It's unbelievable and just unexpected. But God understands better than we do. Though your departure was sudden and shocking, your impact on this earth will forever keep smiles on the faces of those who have met with you. As a family friend, we're saddened but take solace that you've gone to rest in the bosom of of your creator! We acknowledged that you can not read this tributes, but we do know that for those who will get to read the piece, Brig. Gen. C. A. Apere was a good man.
We will miss you, for ever in our heart. Rest in perfect peace.
Olutope Adegbite Dokun.
Posted by Bukky Bukky on October 8, 2021
Don't know what to say ...but God Almighty will accept your soul and grant you eternity in Jesus mighty name amen .
May God Almighty grant us the family the fortitude to bear the loss in Jesus mighty name amen.
Till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus
Posted by Gabriel Isioye on October 8, 2021
The last time we met was when you came to my Office in the Bronx, New York with your wife, two Sons and two daughters on Monday 04/24/2017 between 3pm and 4pm. Your death is a shock but God knows better.
Rest in peace my friend.
Col.(Dr.) Gabriel Isioye ( US Army )
Posted by Paul Adepegba on October 8, 2021
Egbon mi,we prayed earnestly that God should leave you with us, we had so much confidence that our prayers were answered so much so that we were thinking of your thanksgiving service, for the victory over the sickness that held a Brigadier General on his sick bed for days. You fought in different war zones countries and territories and came back, but alas! You surrendered to the cold hands of death in just few weeks of sickness. Little did we know that God said you were too good to be left here on earth that he needed you to be with him. We take solace in the comfort of the scriptures that says WE WILL MEET AGAIN. Sleep on egbon mi till we meet to part no more. Your beloved wife, children, brothers, sisters, friends and well wishers will certainly miss you
Pst Paul Adepegba
Posted by Joel Ekezie on October 8, 2021
My deepest condolence to the Aperes, please heart and take comfort in the RESURRECTION hope (John 5:28,29). Please be strong for all of us and the kids ESPECIALLY.
Posted by Juliana Igiri on October 8, 2021
This life is a stage.
General, gone to the great beyond?Only God will fill this vacuum that your absence has created.
May God give Sarah grace and wisdom in times like this.
Trully our times are in His hands.
Omalor, be strong for those beautiful children and trust God.
God knows best
Posted by Folorunso Mesele on October 8, 2021
Dear Gen. Clement Apere, you came, you saw and you conquered. May the memory of the good life you lived continue to be a blessing to the family and you left behind.
Posted by Abiodun Oyeleke on October 8, 2021
Dear Brig Gen Dayo Apere, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.
Posted by Lillian Akpet on October 8, 2021
Dayo, u were one in a million - yr kind is hard to come by. Sarah & the children are inconsolable....What would you have me do or say to them at a time like this??? It’s just like a dream to me still. You were a unique & good person, impeccable gentleman, fantastic husband to my sister, trusted friend, ‘big man’ yet very simple, dedicated to service of our nation, generous, compassionate & God fearing.
Rest In Peace & power gallant General!!!
Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Vera Ibukunoluwa on October 8, 2021
Dear Brother Dayo, Your legacy lives on, you will forever be missed, we love you but Jesus loves you more, continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus untill the resurrection day.
Posted by Olayinka Sarumi on October 8, 2021
Dayo, Dayo, Dayo... words fail me!
Be at rest, sleep in the Lord, until we meet to part no more!

When your wife and children call on you, make sure you look back and take care of their prayers.

You will be missed but will be remembered forever!
Posted by Akpananwa Omosun on October 8, 2021
Rest In Peace Sir. I wish this was a dream but I trust that you are in a better place. My prayer is that God should keep your wife, kids and family in Jesus name.
Posted by Oyinemi Gbeworo on October 8, 2021
So sad to lose you when we needed you most
God knows best and we take solace that you are resting peacefully in His bosom.
Goodnight General.
Posted by Olayinka Makanjuola on October 8, 2021
Clement words cannot express how much we will miss you.
Posted by Bukola Adeniyi on October 8, 2021
It's so heartbroken to know you departed this sinful world dear uncle. "How I wish it wasn't true". You left a vacuum in the family that only God can fill. You will forever be in our hearts uncle Dayo. Till we meet again
Posted by Goodluck Nwauju on October 8, 2021
I received the news of your demise with a rude shock. You were indeed a gallant Officer of the Nigeran Army. Your death is a colossal loss to the entire country but my consolation is that you have paid your dues to the nation. It's my sincere prayer that the Lord will give your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Rest on, the great general!
Posted by Tayo Ojeyemi on October 8, 2021
It's shocking and heart breaking to hear of your departure to the great beyond. You never showed any sign of sickness on the 13th of August 2021 when you called me and we spoke for 14 minutes 08 seconds. In fact, u had to call 3 times due network issues. A gallant officer and very friendly one indeed you were right from 1986 in Academy. May the Good Lord comfort your family and friends including the members of AFN and your troops in OPWS. Sleep on brother. I will surely missed your beautiful soul.
Posted by Akindeji Abiodun on October 8, 2021
Big brother and boss, you are such a wonderful man that always want progress of his junior. Sir, I will miss your word of advice. May soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Jimoh Adebare on October 8, 2021
"Tears fall freely over the death of a brother Weeping for eternity would not convey the depths of my feelings of loss." Continue to rest in peace brother. May almighty God give all of us the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
Posted by Joyce Onyeuko on October 8, 2021
With a heavy heart. So sad I am doing this. Writing this tribute is so heavy. But I want this to be the memory I have of you.
Back in the days... 1994/1995 we shared beautiful memories in Kaduna. Dalet barracks to be precise. You kept the the distance of your friend Ben in far away Liberia so close. You shared the beautiful experience of your passing out from the amphibious training in Jaji as a paratrooper when you finished as an Air borne trainee with me. You dragged me along to witness the passing out. Seeing you jump from the air is one lasting memory as long as that was, I will keep for ever.
You encouraged me to stay strong in the relationship telling me Ben will come. Even when I don't seem to understand how loving a military man could be so emotional draining.
Oga Apere... You are sorely missed.
I wished I had told you I appreciate you while you were here.
May the good Lord comfort your immediate family and loved ones.
Rest on sir.
Posted by Elijah Olasoji on October 7, 2021
I did not meet you in person but recieved a word from God Almighty concerning you a few years ago that prompted us to all pray for you, But I have been asking God why didn't he speak this time around BUT He alone knows it all.The pastor,church, your wife and children must all be asking the same question, In all this is one thing I know, you are back to your maker from you came from. I and my wife (peace Olasoji) join with everyone to say be at peace until we meet at the masters feet. Adieu The General, I pray God comforts all those you have left behind.
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Posted by Muyiwa Oguntoyinbo on November 16, 2021
Our beloved ‘General’, the memory of our last meeting will stay with me for the rest of time. You were indeed an officer and a gentleman, and this sudden departure has left us speechless. You were that epitome of a gentle and quiet spirit. While this is tough for us to accept, we find peace in the truth that we shall meet again. Until then, Sarah and your beloved children will remain under the shadow of the Almighty

Posted by Oluromade Olusa on October 29, 2021
Devastating news! Dear brother you are sorely missed. The sweet memories you have left in the minds of many serve as a standard for us to follow. Rest on in strength and peace.
Posted by Achenyo Abutu on October 20, 2021
Gone too soon!
It was a privilege to have met you whenever you came over to Ireland to visit your beautiful family.
While many here may know you as a soldier, I know you as my dearest friend’s husband, a man who would move heaven and earth for his family, a father who believed in his children and do anything for them
May God grant your family the fortitude to bare this loss.
his Life


Brig Gen Clement Adedayo Apere was born on 12 March 1967 in Tarkwa, Ghana. He hails from Share in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State. He attended Bishop Phillips’ Academy Ibadan for his secondary education and started his military career in September 1986 at the Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna as a member of the 38 Regular Combatant Course and was commissioned in September 1991 into the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps. 
Gen Apere attended all relevant career courses commensurate with his rank in the Nigerian Army.  
A few of them are: 
Young Officers’ Course Infantry, Airborne Course, Company Amphibious Operations Course and Special Warfare Course. Others are; Junior Staff Course, Senior Staff Course at Armed Forces Command and Staff College,  Jaji- Kaduna and Quetta Pakistan, he also had his Strategic Course at the National Defence College Abuja.
The senior officer’s career spanned across command, operational and instructional appointments.  Notably, he was Platoon Commander 29 Infantry Battalion Nguru Yobe State, Company Commander and Commanding Officer 149 Battalion Ojo Lagos State, Instructor Nigerian Army Amphibious School Calabar, Senior Instructor Special Warfare Wing Nigerian Army School of Infantry jaji Kaduna State, Directing Staff Armed Forces Command and Staff College Jaji Kaduna State, Chief of Staff Nigerian Army Directorate of Automated Data Processing Bonny Camp Lagos, Deputy Director Combined Services Doctrine, Training and Doctrine Command Minna Niger State, Chief of Staff 82 Division Nigerian Army Enugu State and Commander 27 Task Force Brigade Buni Yadi. Gen Apere was the Pioneer Commander 707 Special Forces Brigade in Makurdi Benue State, Commandant Nigerian Army Special Forces School Buni-Yadi Yobe State and he was a Deputy Director at Defence Space Administration Abuja before his last appointment as Force Commander Operation Whirl Stroke.
The Senior Officer served in several units and formations; notable among them are: 29 Motorised Battalion, 149 Battalion, Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Nigerian Army Amphibious School, Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command, Headquarters 82 Division Nigerian Army and Defence Space Administration.
During the course of his career, Gen Apere bagged several honours and awards.  These include the Forces Service Star, Meritorious Service Star, Distinguished Service Star, Passed Staff Course Dagger, Fellow Defence College, Command Medal and Field Command Medal. 
The senior officer was a veteran in operations having participated in several operations both within and outside the country.  These include United Nations Protective Force in the Old Yugaslavia, ECOWAS Monitoring Group in Sierra Leone, United Nations Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone, Operation Harmony in  Bakassi Peninsula, United Nations Mission in Liberia, Department of Peacekeeping Operations at United Nations Headquarters in New York and Operation Lafiya Dole.  It is worthy to state that while he was at the UN Headquarters in New York, he was responsible for all United Nations peacekeeping missions in Asia, Middle East and Western Sahara.
The erudite General Apere had a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, Masters of Science Degree in Art and Science of Warfare from the University of Baluchistan Pakistan, Masters in Strategic Studies from the University of Ibadan, Masters of Science Degree in Mathematics and Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
The senior officer had several academic publications to his credit.  He has published Series of Peer-Reviewed Papers in Several International Journals Focusing on the Flow of Electrically Conducting Fluid in the Presence of Magnetic Field.
The senior officer was happily married to Mrs Sarah Iquo Apere and the union was blessed with four children-Chesna Ademi Apere, Chemdiya Ayomi Apere, Chevonn Aanumi Apere and Clement Adedayo Apere II.
He is also survived by his brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nephews and nieces.
The General, popularly known among his peers as APĘRĘ IGBAGBO, ADEDAYO OMO BABA PASTOR enjoyed Photographing Nature, Listening to Classical Music and Computer Troubleshooting.
General Clement Adedayo Apere will be fondly remembered for his hard work, uncommon Intelligence, valour, erudition and being forthright. A great Warrior who was never afraid of taking calculated risks for the love of the Nation. 
"Great men never die, for the good works and good names they make will remain till eternity"
Adieu, GREAT GENERAL. Forever in our hearts, till we meet to part no more.
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Shared by Aderemi Allibalogun on October 7, 2021
The World made us believe you left us. But we take solace in the beautiful memories you left behind. You came, you prepared to give your best service to the Nation. But God knows best. Rest on  APERE IGBAGBO.  You will ever remain fresh in our memories.
Shared by Aderemi Allibalogun on October 7, 2021
The World made us believe you left us. But we take solace in the beautiful memories you left behind. You came, you prepared to give your best service to the Nation. But God knows best. Rest on  APERE IGBAGBO.  You will ever remain fresh in our memories.


Shared by Aliyu Abdullahi on October 7, 2021
"Omo baba pastor" as i fondly call you. It's still unimaginable that you are really gone. You were all bubbling and fun a few weeks ago. Even while you were in hospitalization, you told me you were going to pull through this and like a special forces soldier you are, I believed you bro. Nobody saw this coming and still shocking to all of us. I recall all our discussions about waiting to put your doctorate degree to good use for your family and humanity and being addressed as DOCTOR. All that is not to be. We take solace in the fact that you are in a better place. Journey well CLEMENT ADEDAYO APERE till we meet again. Sun re o.. Omo baba pastor, sun re.. I WILL MISS YOU