Posted by Karen Bailey on November 10, 2019
I remember all the times I would come over to stay a couple of days with Tammy, she would always give her bed for me to sleep in. She was always kind to me. I will never forget that Rest in Peace my dear Britt. love you.
Posted by Tammy Brovold on November 2, 2019
My Sweet Princess:
It's taken 9 months to come here.
Not a second goes by I don't think of you.
I love you so much and always will to infinity.
As you know I am carrying out things you wanted. We talk to you regularily to make sure Twyla says.
Missing you so much.
Mom, Twyla and Granny.
Posted by Marie Bigsbee on February 2, 2019
The best memory I have with Britt was it had just started snowing and she was driving... (I'm terrified of cars and can't drive any more) and the music was blaring in tipical Britt fashion and I was having a lot of panic attacks and saying over and over, "omg omg" and just as the song started to play there were sirens!!!! They were from the song.... Anyways as we hear the sirens we hit a slippery spot and almost fly into the car next to us.... U can emagin how I was... I braced myself and kept going "omg omg omg!!! please don't let us die." After britt got over the shock she just was laughing hard at me and the situation well the ride to her house was a tense one on my end... Britt kept telling me I was ok to calm down and she was laughing.... Needless to say by the end of the ride she stated "never again will I drive with u in the car again..." And laughed at me.... It scarred me but it was one of the best times I had had in a while cuz she just always could make a bad or scary situation seem funny and less scary... And then of course there was her obsession with pizza lol don't get me started on that... Lol she could put pizza me and I love pizza...

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