Let the memory of Brittany be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on August 28, 1985 .
  • Passed away on August 17, 2014 .

Brittany was loved by all who knew her and many hearts were touched. On Sunday, August 17, 2014, Jesus came and picked this rose from the rose garden.
Funeral Service: Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 12:00 noon.
First Missionary Baptist Church
106 Holcombe Avenyue East
Union Springs, AL 36089

Rev. Gary Lewis, Pastor
Rev. J.D. Upshaw, Pastor
Mt. Hillard Baptist Church
Interment with Military Honors
Mt. Hillard Baptist Church Cemetery


Final Services Entrusted to Carter Funeral Home in Union Springs AL.  http://www.carterfuneralhomeusa.com 

Posted by Jacqueline Gullette on 17th August 2018
Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since you became a beautiful flower in God’s Heavenly Garden. Our family miss your presence here on earth, but God wanted you there with Him where there will be no more hurt, pain or suffering. Rest In Peace my beautiful and beloved niece. Love ❤️ forever and always!! Auntie Jackie
Posted by Tiffini Levingston on 17th August 2018
Brittany there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I often take trips down memory lane during our wild college days at SU and all the fun we had, not knowing I’d need these memories forever. I went on your Instagram page which instantly made me cry when I saw CJ & Cree with the message you wrote about how much you loved them. It made me remember the time I went home with you and CJ was just so adorable, making us laugh and your dad was so attentive to me when I got sick lol! I thank you for sharing your life with me and showing me the meaning of true friendship. I hope I’m making you proud B! Love, Tiffini aka “Tiff” P.S. Can you please let the lord know I’m ready to be a mommy...I’ve been in a silent struggle praying but I know in his time his will will be done. I love you Britt!
Posted by Shree Bostick on 17th August 2018
Its been 4yrs since I lost you friend and it still hurts almost as bad as it did the day I found out!!! I hold on to one memory that's near and dear to me...Pensacola Beach in the screened balcony above the water that morning...we thought and said we were living the dream!!! The happiness we felt that morning and remember your smile brought tears to my eyes!! Friend we'll be 33 this year and we're getting old although Roshun is 34 now lol... I'll always remember friend and you'll never leave my heart!! Thank you for being one of my guardian angels cause lord knows I need you!!
Posted by Jacqueline Gullette on 20th August 2017
Happy "upcoming" Birthday my dearest niece. Although you are not here with us in the flesh you will ALWAYS be with our family in the spirit and in our hearts ♥️. The plant I received 3 years ago given to me by your mother continues to grow and is the Only plant in my home. Continue your Rest In Peace. Love Auntie Jackie
Posted by RA Andrews on 20th August 2017
I've been trying for 3 days to get this done. As I sit in front of the fire amidst the beautiful pine trees I can't help but think about you. Days aren't the same without you..no doubt about it. The great thing is I know you're walking with me. Three years..you will never be forgotten.
Posted by Tiffini Levingston on 17th August 2017
Wow I can't believe you've been gone for 3 years. I think about you often and miss you every day. It never gets easy but it's nice knowing you're in a better place. I have a friend named Coriana who came home early a year ago. I know you two are having a blast but please don't forget us here on earth. Please continue to visit me. P.S. Your tree Sharee planted is amazing B!
Posted by Jacqueline Gullette on 28th August 2016
Happy Birthday my dear niece. You are truly missed in our family. I know God does not make ANY mistakes when He chose you to be among the "beautiful" flowers in His garden. You will always be in my heart. When I think of you, I remember your beautiful "smile" and humble personality. Continue to rest in peace my sweet niece. Love - Auntie Jackie
Posted by Shree Bostick on 28th August 2016
Happy birthday friend!!! Funny thing is that I'm the baby between you and Roshun and I just think about all the funny things yalk use to say about me in general lol! Now we're turn 31 and the only thing I wish is that you were here and that I could just hear your voice one more time. Just hear you say shree you're crazy and hear you say friend I miss you! I yearn for that so much but I know I can't have it no matter how hard I closer my eyes and dream it! I love you man I probably didn't say that enough while you were here but I'll say it to you now and forevermore I love you and I know you're up there watching over me! Continue to a guiding light in my life I need it!
Posted by Tiffini Levingston on 26th August 2016
Hey Britt. I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy early Birthday. I miss you so much. The other night I cried myself to sleep thinking about you. Sad I never got to say goodbye. Sad because I couldn't call you to hear your voice and laugh. Sad to know my friend was taken away from me for no reason at all. In that moment I could hear some of our last conversation and time together. You just don't know how much that sleep over and trip to go see Roshone meant to me. We made memories we didn't know we'd cherish forever. I pray for Cree and CJ strength because you were the light in there eyes and the best big sister ever. I know you're watching over us and God needed you more. Please continue to visit me. I love you B. Foster!!!
Posted by RA Andrews on 18th August 2016
Posted by RA Andrews on 13th July 2016
You are forever in my heart. I love you. You are ONE of a kind.
Posted by RA Andrews on 19th August 2015
I look and observe these pictures and more and more I realize how much of a heavenly angel you are. The amount of words can never express the love I have for you and the way you've touched my being. You left a light within me, you left your voice, your presence. I love you friend and thank you for EVERYTHING, your friendship. I love you Britt.
Posted by Tiffini Levingston on 18th August 2015
I know angels are real cause you've shown me you're with me everyday. Yesterday was hard but after my tears comes a smile. From the awesome memories we have together at Southern, you leaving to go into the reserves and most memorable is our last time together in Baton Rouge when we just talked, laughed, had a sleep over and just took that moment in not knowing it was our last together. I miss you terribly Brittany. I will never forget you, that smile and great laugh you had. Continue to visit me and I promise to listen to T.I. song You don't know me when you come through on the radio. Rest well my friend. I love you.
Posted by Shree Bostick on 18th August 2015
I will always love you my friend thank you for being who you are and making me a better person I will never forget you!

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